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France, united himself to them, and was their arm, Selah! And the troops of Pope Clement were in Parma at that time. And Francesco, duke of Urbino, the chief of the Venetian host, led his troops to Verona in the month of May; and they abode there during the year one thousand five hundred and twenty-six.

665. And Antonio Leyva and the Marquess del Guasto, the chiefs of the emperor's troops, heard it; and they also gathered the captains of the armies which were spread throughout Piedmont; and they came in haste to Milan and abode there.

666. And all the people of the country from every side arose, and shut the folding doors of the gate, and cried with a loud voice, “ Duke ! Duke!” and the earth was rent at their voice; and the Germans feared, and they gathered themselves also, and set the battle in array against them; and the city of Milan was in consternation. And the men of the city threw stones at them through the windows. And the Germans slew them with a great slaughter. And they fought with the Germans and the Spaniards, during the night and the next morning until noon.

And they rang the bells which were in their prayer-houses, and the earth was rent at their voice. And when the duke saw that evil was determined against

[blocks in formation]

them, they ran to the fortress, he and the nobles with him.

667. And Antonio Maria Crebilo and Francesco Visconti, ran into the streets of the town, and spake kindly to the men of the town, and they went about with their lives in their hands all that day; and they said to them, “ We beseech you, brethren, do not so wickedly*; why will

you make this city desolate?” And also Antonio Leyvat, and the Marquess del Guasto, filled their hand at that time; and the country had rest. And many of the inhabitants of the city fell in that slaughter. And houses, filled with every good thing, were given up to pillage; and Milan became very poor.

668. And the troops of the emperor besieged the fortress; and it was straitly shut up; none went out, and none came in : and they took all the cities of the duke. There was nothing left in the hand of the duke at that time, save only the citadels of Cremona and of Milan.

669. Then the commanders of the army of Pope Clement spake one with another; and the duke of Urbino, the chief captain of the Venetian host, marched from Verona by the way of the river Aviof; and they were united at that time. And Malatesta marched to Bayonne, and two thousand

* Gen. xix. 7.

.אנטוניאו ליווא +

IUN (?) Aviano.




infantry and one thousand cavalry with him, and he encamped against Lodi, and Ludovico Vistarin* who was one of the principal men of the city, delivered it into his hand; and he gave it up to pillage at that day. And it came to pass, after another eight days, that the troops of the pope and the Venetian army came and encamped at Marignano; and they removed thence, and marched to Milan, and they besieged it, and cast up trenches against it, and the city was blockaded.

670. And by all this the wrath of the imperial troops was not turned away from the fortress, and they had warfare within and without; and the city of Milan was in consternation.

671. Now the duke of Bourbon, the viceroy of the

emperor, came at that time to Genoa in ships, as the eagle would fly, and four hundred men with him, and he marched to Vigevanot, and passed the river Tessino in the darkness of the night, and the marquess went out against him ; and he came to Milan with a high hand. And it came to pass, when he came, that he spake kindly to the men of that desolate city; and their spirit revived when he spake to them. And the men of the emperor girded themselves with might; and they threw great stones into the camp of the enemies, and his fear fell upon them, and they

[blocks in formation]




went from the city, and returned to Marignano; and the famine was heavy in the fortress at that time.

672. And Duke Francesco and the nobles who were with him, being in want of every thing, assembled, and surrendered the fortress to the chiefs of the imperial troops, and had liberty to go on their way. So Duke Francesco went into the camp of the confederates which were on the river Ambra*, and he came into the tent of the duke of Urbino, and they assembled there. And Chirarinot, the chief captain of the imperial host, was at Cremona at that time, and two thousand five hundred Germans and one thousand Italians with him.

673. Whilst they were still at Amras, the marquess of Saluzzis and Frederico Gonzaga of Busilo|l, came there from France with a mighty hand : so they became confederates, and they encamped there. And they removed from thence, and went to Cremona ; and they offered to them peace, but they would not hearken. And the Germans which were there, besieged the fortress. And the miners made trenches round about, and put a garrison into it. And it came to pass, in the darkness of the night, that the Germans passed

.אמרה *

.קירארינו +

.אמרה *

.שלצי $

.בוזילו |




secretly through them into the heart of the fortress, and made a great slaughter in the garrison ; and the rest fled for their lives. And the chiefs of the confederated army assembled, and Duke Francesco passed over to Cassano*, and he encamped against the city with the troops of Venice. And he offered to it conditions of peace. And they hardened their hearts, and would not hearken. And they set forty pieces of cannon round about, and battered its walls. And the earth was rent at their noise ; and before one could know his neighbour, they battered its walls a second time; and the earth was moved. And Corradinot sent to them, saying, Make a covenant with us, and I will deliver up the city and the fulness thereof.” And they made a covenant with them and went their way. And the duke came into the fortress, and he set a guard in the midst of it at that time; and the troops of Venice removed from Cremona and went to Trumellof, for there were the troops of the confederates at that time.

674. On the sixteenth day of the month of August, in the year one thousand five hundred and twenty-six, seventeen ships of King Francis came and took [iv] Savona ; and they united themselves with seventeen Venetian ships, and



.קאשאן *

.קוראדינו +

.טורמילו :

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