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638. And Solyman sent the generals of his host unto the borders of Hungary, and made much spoil. And they besieged Sereno*, the fortress, which is on the banks of the river Danube; and they took it, and set a watch in the midst of it. And also on the other side of the river, Solyman builded a strongly fortified castle, and the Turks dwell there until this day.

639. In those days, the Jews returned to dwell at Genoa, for the Adorni were men of kindness towards the Jews; and they brought my brotherin-law, the Rabbi Joseph, the son of David, thither, contrary to the law of that perverted cityt; and he abode there many days, and was a physician unto them.

640. And there was a plague in Lombardy, and in all the corners of Italy; and much people died. And the Lord sent wolves also upon them. And they devoured the women and the children in the field, and the travellers on their way; and there was none to deliver from their paws. And the plague was also at Lirmaf, my dwelling-place; and I went out from thence, and sat under one of the bushes until forty days were completed; and I kept there my bed, until there was but one step between me and death. And I cried unto the

.זירינו *

.עיר טוככה +

לירמה :


Lord, and He heard me from the dwelling of His holiness. Therefore I said, “ I will praise thee, O Lord, with my whole heart, in the assembly of the upright and in the congregation; and to thy name I will sing*.”

641. And when the nobles of the hosts of the emperor, saw that the nobles of the king could not prevail against them these three times, they made


their mind to go to France to war against him there. And the duke of Bourbon went with them, and was to them instead of


And the men of England, and of Spain, thought also to make war against France in those days. And they gathered also a host of horsemen and weapons of war in abundance.

And they passed the mountains in the year one thousand five hundred and twenty-four, and besieged Marseilles, and the days were the days of the ripening of the grapes. And Rienzos from Zirit, saved them from their hands, and they did nothing in those days. And Francis, the king, gathered together many soldiers, and went against them; and they went away from it, and returned to Italy in haste by the way of the sea-shore; and Francis went before them another way, and came to Milan as swift as the eagle would fly, and took it in

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the month of October; and the report went over the whole earth : and the men of the emperor fled before him; and all the troops of Cremona and Pavia were scattered, for they said, “The French will become tired of watching against these fortified cities, and in the mean time the Germans will come to aid us." And the ships of the king came to the borders of Genoa, and they took Savona and Arzi* in those days.

642. And the men of the emperor fortified themselves in Pavia, and Antonio Leyvaf was over the host in those days. And King Francis went against Pavia on the tenth day of October, in the year one thousand five hundred and twenty-four, and he pitched his camp round about it, and they cast up trenches against it, and its walls fell to the ground. And Pavia became besieged, and all the city was moved, for the fear of the French fell upon them. And the battle was strong between them at that time, and much people of them fell. And Pavia was straitly shut up, none went out, neither did any come in. And they ate in her every unclean thing, by reason of famine, all those days. And they warred against it daily, but could not prevail against it, and

.ארצי *

.ליוא and ,ליווא but afterwards ,ליבה IIere spelled +




the king said, Let us sit here until the bread cease;" and they died of hunger.

643. And the marquess of Saluzzi* was at Savona in those days. And he sent about three thousand men to Vareset, which is on the borders of Genoa, and they abode there. And it came to pass, one day, that Antoniato Adorno, the doge of Genoa, sent there four thousand men with fifteen ships of war, with Don Hugo Moncadať, the chief captain of the host of the emperor at their head; and they went on shore between Varese and Savona, and encamped before the city. And Don Hugo gave command, and they brake down its walls by the cannons which were in the ships ; but he effected nothing, for they fortified themselves in the midst thereof. And the king's ships came to Vareseg at that time, and the ships of Genoa drew back with shame; and Don Hugo and the men who were with him passed over the ford of Varese, for they regarded their lives. And they pitched their camp on the sea-shore; and the ships of the king drew nigh, and they went away from the city; and the soldiers, who were at Varese, chose Gigante Corso over them for captain, and they went out from the city and pursued

[blocks in formation]




after them. And the men of Don Hugo were smitten before them; and they fled for their lives. And also the men of the king's ships filled their hands, and shot with stones upon them, between the rocks when they passed, and there fell of them about five hundred men. And Don Hugo, and the nobles who were with him, were taken alive, and they put them in prison; and the ships of the king came against Genoa, and they took a great ship which was there; and the whole city was moved because of them.

644. And Pavia was straitly shut up, and the French warred against it, and many fell slain to the ground daily. And Antonio Leyva* spake kindly to the inhabitants of the city, and their spirit revived when he spake unto them: and it came to pass, on the tenth day of the month of January, in the year one thousand five hundred and twentyfive, that the hosts of the emperor went out from the city; and they fell suddenly upon the French, which were over the battering ramst, and slew them with the edge of the sword; and two were taken alive, and they brought them into the city. And on the twenty-seventh day of the month came the duke of Bourbon to Lodi, and with him were sixteen thousand Germans, who were exercised

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