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625. In those days died Kari Bey*, the viceroy, whom Selim left in Egypt; and Solyman sent in his stead Achmed Pasha, and his heart was much lifted up.

And Achmed revolted against Solyman; and he exalted himself, saying,

saying, “I will reign in all the land of Egypt.” And he called the Jews, and spake to them roughly, and said that he would destroy them from being a people, if they would not give him all their property; and it was a time of straitness for Jacob at that time. And they ordained fasts, and girded themselves with sackcloths, and prayed to the Lord God of their fathers, who heard their cries from the dwelling of his holiness. And it came to pass, that one day he called them, and said to them, 6. When I come out from the bath, you shall see that evil is determined against you, and the name of Israel shall be remembered no more. And it came to pass, before he went out from the bath, that the Turks made a conspiracy against him, and slew him, so that he died; and they trampled upon him, like one of the vain fellows. And the Lord brought back on his own head that which he had devised to do to his people: therefore I praise thee among the heathen, O Lord, and will sing unto thy name.

626. The couriers went outt and hastened to go

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to the gate of the king; and they went and told Solyman the conspiracy, which Achmed had conspired, and what he had devised to do.

627. And Solyman sent Ibrahim Pasha to Egypt, because of Achmed who had revolted against him, and had devised against the Jews to destroy them. But he was overturned, and his evil device returned upon his own head. And the city of Egypt rejoiced and was glad.

628. And Ibrahim abode in Egypt several days, and he spake kindly to the people of the country, and to the Turks who were in the midst thereof. And he appointed a viceroy within it ; but the King Solyman wrote to him to return, and Ibrahim returned to his master at that time.

629. And some of the Jews who were in the cities of his kingdom, Solyman sent to Rhodes, and they abode there in security until this day.

630. And Philip Villers went on his journeyings as far as Civita Vecchia, which is on the banks of the sea, and they removed thence and went to Rome, to see Adrian the pope, and found him on the bed of languishing; and they* bowed themselves before his face to the ground. And Philip cried, and supplicated the pope, who spake kindly to him, and comforted him, and Philip said that he would do great things for i.e. The grand master and his suite.

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him and his brethren*, and then he blessed him, and went out from him, and he spake to him no more; and his sickness became heavy upon him, and Adrian died in the month of September, in the year one thousand five hundred and twenty-three. And they chose Giulio di Medici on the nineteenth day of the month of November, and they called his name Clement until the day of his death.

631. And there was strife between the duke of Bourbon (the constable), and the mother of Francis, the king, about the cities which she had taken from him; and he sought to lift up his hand against the king. And the thing became known : when he was at Lyons the king sought to kill him, and Bourbon fled from before him in the month of September ; and he went to the emperor, who received him with gladness. And the nobles who turned after him were taken alive; and they put them in prison.

632. And Geronimo Adorno went to speak to the nobles of Venice in behalf of the emperor, in that year, for the covenant was completed which they made with King Francist, and they made peace with the emperor, and a covenant between

And Geronimo died there, being then forty years old; and they embalmed him, and he

i.e. The knights. + This may mean that the time of their treaty was expired.





was put in a coffin ; and the nobles of Venice honored him much: he had acted wisely, and moved these battles, in order to return to his house at Genoa, for he was one of its nobles ; but the counsel of the Lord standeth sure. They brought him to Genoa and buried him in the sepulchre of his forefathers.

633. And Francis gathered again many soldiers when at Lyons, and he sent them to Italy, and the admiral, the commander of his host, at their head ; and their numbers were thirty thousand. And there gathered to him more men of valor, and his camp increased much; and they went to Novara, and took it in the month of October, in the year one thousand five hundred and twenty-three. And they removed thence, and went to Milan (it would not be believed if related), and they besieged it many days. And Milan was straitly shut up, none went out and none came in. And the men of Venice sent the duke of Urbino, their general of the host, to assist the men of the emperor with a mighty hand, and they also drew nigh unto the city.

634. And the French saw it, and went off from the city; and the men of the emperor girded themselves with might, and went out to war in the field, and set the battle in array against them day by day. And it came to pass one day, that they




fell upon them suddenly, and the French were slain before them at Garlasco*, and at Binascot, and at Rivicof, and at Mortara 5, and at Vigevanol, and on the banks of the river; and they left the battering rams, and fled, as before the sword, for they feared before them; and also in Alessandria, the remnant that escaped were slain, and they went to Novara and were saved there. And they removed from Novara at the end of the month of May, in the year one thousand five hundred and twenty-four, and returned to France; and the land had rest four months.

635. And the duke of Bourbon came to Genoa, and went also to Milan, and was to the nobles of the hosts of the emperor instead of eyes, and to the host of the king as an offence, and a stone of stumbling in those days.

636. And Prospero Colonna, the general of the host of the emperor, died in the same year; and it was grievous in the eyes of the emperor, for a very lively and active man he was in his generation.

637. And the Sophi, king of Persia, died also in the same year, and his son reigned in his stead; and he was young, and Solyman the Turk was

very glad.

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