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993. And the pope returned to Rome, and came into the city on the twenty-fourth day of the fifth month ; but his garments and the rest of his men which he had sent by way of the sea*, the Lord gave into the hands of the Ishmaelites, who carried them into their own country.

994. And Marco Grimanit, the chief captain of his host, went unto Corfus on the eleventh day of the month of August, and his ships were thirty-six; and he went to war against Prevesaß, which is on the seas of Artal. And they went on shore, and brought down from the ships two of the battering-rams. And the Turks who ride upon swift horses fell upon them, and slew many with the edge of the sword; and the uncircumcised were smitten before them, and fled for their lives, and left the battering-rams, and returned unto Corfu with shame.

995. And Andrea Doria did not tarry, but journeyed from Genoa with fifty galleys on the twelfth day of August, which is the sixth month. And he went unto Messina, and found the ships which the emperor had sent and the men of the host; and they became one in his hands. And he journeyed * Is. ix. 1; (viii. 23.)

+ . # 1977.

§ 712'12, a town in Albania. ll 70785, Larta or l’Arta, a town in Albania.

I i. e. They were united in one fleet under his command. Comp. Ezek. xxxvii. 17.

.מארקו גרימאני +




from thence and went into the seas of Corfu on the fifth day of the month of September, which is the seventh month. And it came to pass, on the morrow, that the chief captain of the pope's host, and the chief captain of the host of the lords of Venice went out to meet him, and they honored him much; and they returned unto Corfu together, and they journeyed all from Corfu as one man, on the ninth of the month, and went about thirty miles, and tarried there. And the large ships of Andrea Doria came on the twenty-second of the month, and they took provision unto themselves, and set captains at the bead of the people; and Don Ferrand Gonzaga to be head over all who went out on shore at that time. And when they heard that Barbarossa was come into the seas of Arta, the large ships they drew behind them, and went against him. And Andrea Doria sent fifteen galleys before him to espy; but Barbarossa sent after them twenty-five galleys, who pursued them; and the uncircumcised fled, and brought back word to Doriat.

996. And they thought to make war against Barbarossa, on the twenty-seventh of the month; and sent thither two of the galleys to espy, which brought them back word. And Barba

TANZ UND 717, the viceroy of Naples. Sleidanus (Lib. x.) writes Ferrandus; others write Ferdinand. See Von Hammer III. p. 216.

† Num. xii. 26.


rossa went out from Prevesa with a strong hand. And Andrea Doria and two of the captains of the host went out to meet him nigh unto the shore, to bring him out unto the place where the large ships were. And there came the large ships of the lords of Venice, and two of the ships of Andrea Doria, and gave the signal for battle; and they put fire into the rams, and their smoke went up toward heaven. And the Lord led the sea to go back by a strong north wind*, and they were at their wit's end, and reeled to and fro like a drunken mant; and the wind abated; so that the large ships upon which their soul trusted, could not


947. And Barbarossa said, “ This is the time to laught;" and he drew nigh, and discharged guns against them all that day; and also the men in the ships filled their hand at that time. And the Lord put faintness into the heartş of the viceroy of the emperor, and into the heart of Andrea Doria, and of the captains of the host, so that they did not come to help them; but turned their neck, and returned unto Corfu with shame. And against the large ships which remained there, Barbarossa made war; some of them he took, and two of them he burned with fire; and those who escaped from the burning were taken alive. And also some of * Exod. x. 13; xiv. 21.

+ Ps. cvii. 27. I Ecc. iii. 4.

$ Lev. xxvi. 36.




them returned back; for the Turks could not prevail against them by reason of the multitude of the rams; and the soldiers who were upon them could withstand one against a hundred, and one hundred against a thousand. And also some of the galleys, which were feeble behind them, he took, and pursued after them until sunset, and it was a reproach unto the uncircumcised.

998. Yet the men of Ragusa did not remember their covenant with the Turk, but forgot it*, and said, Come on; let us deal wisely, lest the men of the confederates lick up all that are round about ust; and we all become servants unto tribute for ever.” And they chose men, and sent a present by their hands. And they put a word in their mouth, saying, “ Thus shall ye speak unto the viceroy, and unto the officers of the host. Behold, this city belongeth unto the Turk, Castel Nuovoş, which is on our side of the Adriatic, her merchants are princes, and also silver and gold she has multiplied, and many garments||, beside the fifty loads of money which belong to those who do the king's work, which bear rule over the people. Make haste** to come thither, and ye shall eat its preytt. Neither * Gen. xl. 23.

+ Num. xxii. 4. # Num. xxii. 5.

§ 1213 Soonp, in Dalmatia. || Hos. ii. 10.

1 Kings v. 30; xi. 23. tt Deut. xx. 14.

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** Joel. iv. 2.


shall there be any that can deliver it out of

your hands* And unto the chief captain of the host which the Turk had therein, they sent with subtlety, rising up betimes and sendingt, saying,

Behold, a people cometh out of Corfu; and behold, it covereth the face of the seas, and they come against you: consider what


shall dog." And now we advertise theel to march out into the fields, thou and the horsemen who follow thee, lest thou be consumed [217] in the city**, and suffer them not to go on shore, and thou shalt save the city. And he hearkened unto their voice; for he knew not that they did it with subtlety. And he went out, and the money he sent out before him; and there were no more left in the city than four hundred Turks, who drew the swordtt.

999. And Andrea Doria, and the viceroy11, and the officers who followed them, journeyed from Corfu in the month of October, and went unto the seas of Cattarogợ, and remained in the

• Deut. xxxii. 39.
+ 2 Chr. xxxvi. 15. i. e. continually and carefully.
# Num. xxii. 5.

§ Comp. Gen. xxxi. 28. || Num. xxiv. 14.

Gen. xxvii. 3. ** Gen. xix. 15, 17. ++ Comp. Jud. xx. 25, effective men. 11 Gonzaga. $8 1780xd, a town of Dalmatia.

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