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destroyed ?* The men of Martin Luther have bereaved me of my childrent; also the king of England has joined them, and they thrust away many that follow mef unto this day, and no man layeth it to heartş. Also the Turk warreth against Venice this day; and of the kings of the uncircumcised there is not one with the Venetians; for the children are come to the birth, and there is not strength to bring forth|l, all these things are against me.” And they hardened their neck**, and refused to heartt, but said they would not war against Piedmont and the rest of their royal cities for ten years, and every one should go to his place in peaceff. And they made a covenant between themselves on the eighteenth day of the fourth month, in the high place of Francis , in the presence of Paul and the nobles who were with them; and all the people were very glad ; and the commandment was given publicly unto all people|||| in all the cities of their kingdoms in those days.

988. And they journeyed thence, and the emperor and the pope came unto Genoa on the * Exod. x. 7.

+ Gen. xii. 36.
I Deut. xii. 10.

§ Is. lvii. 1.
Il 2 Kings xix. 3; Is. xxxvii. 3.
Gen. xlii. 36.

** Neh. ix. 16, 17.
++ Jer. xi. 10.

If Exod. xviii. 23.
SS i. e. The church of St. Francis,
NI!! Esther iii. 14; viii. 13.


sabbath-day, on the twenty-second day of the fourth month ; and the elders of the city and its judges and its priests, and all the people of the land, went out to meet them; and the earth was rent at the voice of the rams, and their smoke went up toward heaven. And the city of Genoa rejoiced and was glad*, and both of them came into the city with gladness. And King Francis returned unto his own place.

989. In those days the rest of the king's ships returned from Turkey; and Italy had rest for some days.

990. And the Turks besieged Napoli di Romania, and Malvasia, which belongeth unto the lords of Venice, in the Morea, many days; and they came in sieget, and the lords of Venice sent soldiers thither, and put a garrison in the midst of them. And Barbarossa went out from the seas of Constantinople, and one hundred and fifty galleys with him, and one gallant shipt. And they took spoil in the isles of the sea, which belonged unto the Venetians in the Archipelagos, whose inhabitants were Greeks; and he drave them into another land as it is this dayll. And the emperor

* Est. ix. 15.

+ 2 Kings xxiv. 10. # Is. xxxii. 21.

$ . || Deut. xxix. 28.

ארציפילאנו 6




remembered his covenant which he had made with Paul and the lords of Venice to war against Solyman; and they made ready at Genoa great ships, and put soldiers into them, who went with the rest of the ships along the coast of Sicily, by command of the emperor, at that time.

991. And the emperor journeyed from Genoa, and went away with his ships by the way of his own country, and the messengers of the king met him, and said unto him, “ Thus saith thy brother Francis*, Come, I pray thee, unto Aigues [8°p] Mortest, for I long to see thy face as to see the face of God, and thou shalt be pleased with met. And when thou comest past Marseille, avoid not to enter the city, for it is given unto thee.” And the emperor returned unto them under shoutings, of 'Grace! Grace! S' and he accepted their persons at that time. And he passed Marseille ; but into the city he did not come, for he made haste to get awayll. And there went out twenty ships of the king to meet him; which honored him, and the sea trembled at the voice of the battering-rams, and they went with him unto the islands of Pomegues, and encamped there. And many went unto Marseille and bought

.אקווי מורטי ,Aquae Mortuae +

* Gen. xxxii. 4.
I Gen. xxxiii. 10.
ll i Sam, xxiji. 26.

† , .

ş Zech. iv. 7. YO10. Pomponiana, opposite Marseille.

8 CHARLES & FRANCIS AT AIGUES MORTES. 293 themselves provision, and returned unto the camp*. And they journeyed thence, and went on toward Aigues Mortes but a little wayt, and abode there; and the high constable went out to meet him, and they drew nigh unto the city; and the earth was rent at the voice of the battering-rams. And the king and the nobles who were with him went out in a small ship to the emperor, and he went to meet him, and they bowed one before the other at the head of the ship until sunset; and the king took off his ring and gave it into the hand of the emperor; and the emperor put a golden chain round his necks, and spake unto the heart of the king, and they rejoiced together on that day, and the king returned unto the city.

992. And the emperor and the nobles who were with him went unto the house of the king in the city on the fifteenth day of the month of July, which is the fifth month, and the king and the queen went out to meet him, and brought him into the palace which he had prepared for himş, and the king slew sheep and oxen and fatted calves in abundancell, and they ate and drank and were merry with him there. And the king inquired of Andrea Doria, and he came as a deaf

i. e. Squadron. § Esther vi. 4.

+ Gen. xlviii. 7. 1 Gen. xli. 42.

ll 1 Kings i. 19, 25. 9 1 Kings iv. 20.




adder*, and bowed before the king to the ground. And the king said unto him, “ Be a son of valorf, but do not unto my friend, the emperor, as thou hast done unto me, when there was no injustice in my handsf; the lord look upon you and judges.” To the ships also the king gave presents, five casks of wine to each, and two kine and twelve sheep; and unto the emperor he said, Behold, my land is before theel; pass by the way of my land, for no man shall lift up his foot;” but he would not hearkens. And the king and the queen entreated him, so he tarried there all that night, and they rejoiced together; and it came to pass, on the morrow, that the emperor kissed his sister, the queen, and the king and his children, and they bowed one before the other, and separated themselves the one from the other**. And the emperor returned unto his ships, and went his way into his own landtt.

* i. e. He was on his guard against the flatteries of Francis. Ps. Iviii. 4 (Heb. 5). Ibi Cæsar, Andream Auream, classis prefectum, principem Melphitanum, qui ante annum decimum a rege defecerat per Granvellanum accersit, salutandi causa regis, ubi venit, rex, quia Cæsaris inquit, es familiaris et administer, Andrea princeps, eique visum est ut Te conveniam, gratificari sane ipsi volui, quem fratris loco habeo. Sleid. lib. xii. + 1 Sam. xviii. 16. # Job. xvi. 17.

§ Exod. v.

25. 11 Gen. xx. 15. | Is. xxviii. 12. ** Gen. xiii. 11.

tt Exod. xviii. 27.

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