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and the reeds decayed and dried up* for three miles, because of the multitude of stones which came out daily. That heap is a witness, and the pillar is a witness, until this days that it was the finger of God I.

981. Nading, which is upon the mountains of Dalmatia, is a fenced city, and the men of Venice had a garrison in the midst thereof; and it happened when the Turks came, that the Venetians gave the signal unto Zara, lest the Turks should come suddenly upon them. And it came to pass, one day, that the governor betrayed it into the hands of the Turks on the seventeenth day of the second month, which is the month of April. But they drave him away from them; and he fell into the hand of the Venetians, who smote off his head. [P] So are the ways of every one that is greedy of gain||.

982. And Paul, the pope, was content to make peace between the king and the emperor in those days; and he sent messengers unto them, saying, “Come, I pray you, let us look one another in the face at Nizza**, which is in Provence, that we may make a covenant between us;” and the thing was very pleasing in their sight. And Andrea Doria went unto Barcelona, and the emperor went

* Job xiv. 11; Is. xix. 5. + Gen. xxxi. 52. Exod. viii. 19. § 1978), a castle near Zara. See v. Hammer III. 213, 214. n Prov. i. 19. T 2 Kings xiv. 8 ; 2 Chr. xxv. 16.

** 1732.




to sea, after their own passover; and they went on their journeys. And it happened when they came, that they removed from the isles of Pomizzi* on the first day, the fifth day of the month of May, and went their way. And they lifted up their eyes, and beholdt, the ships of King Francis came from Turkey against them. And the imperialists pursued, and overtook, and captured four of them; and gave them up to be plundered at that time. And they let the Spaniards and the men of Genoa, who were therein, go free; and they went their way. And the emperor commanded, and they brought the ships back unto the king, who gave them four thousand pieces of gold; behold, this was unto them a covering of the eyesf, for the prey which the men of the ships had caught every one to himself.

And the emperor and his nobles came to Villa Franca, and abode there about a month of days, until the king and his nobles came, for they delayed to

And the pope drew nigh to the coast of Nizza, for he sorely longed to make peace

between these kings.

983. And the counsel of the king of Muscovy, which is situated before Tartary, came unto Genoa in the third month, and in his hand


* Y'09, perhaps the group of Ponza, in the gulf of Gaeta, as Pontia has been formed of Pometia. + Gen. xxxvii. 25.

I Gen. xx. 16.




was a present, because his master had sent him unto the emperor to bow before him, and to beg of him to go to war against the Turks, for they vexed them* ; and he went to sea, and the Lord gave him into the hand of the Ishmaelites on the seventh day of the month; and they led him unto Marseille, for there was peace between them. And they ransomed him there, so he returned unto the emperor, and went unto his own country.

984. And when the emperor heard that Paul drew nigh unto Savona, he sent thither some of his own ships to bring him unto him. And it came to pass,

when he came to Villa Franca, that the rest of the ships went out to meet him, and they honored him; and the sea and the land trembled at the noise of the battering-rams, and at the high-sounding trumpets. And on the third month Paul went on shore, and removed to the high place of St. Francis, which is out of Nizza. And it came to pass, after yet other three days, that the emperor went unto him, and did obeisance and kissed his foot, and embraced him, and they asked each other of their welfaret, and communed together, and no stranger passed between them; and they bowed one unto his brother; and the emperor went from him in peace. Num. xxv. 18.

+ Exod. xviii. 7. Job. xv. 10.




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985. And the king, and his wife, and his sons, came unto the borders of Provence with much people, and with a strong hand. And he sent the Cardinal Lorenzo, and the Grand-master, to speak unto the emperor ; and also the emperor sent messengers unto him; and they communed with them, and returned unto their master. And the king came to Nizza on the second day of the month of June. And Paul sent to meet him, so he came unto him. And he bowed, and kissed his foot, and Paul also bowed before him, and honored him much. And the king said unto him, “ Let it not be grievous in the sight of my Lord, that my occurrences and my wars have brought thee hither, which is not according to the law. For this thing did not happen according to my heart.” And Paul spake also words of peace and truth* unto his heart; and they removed to the chamber, and communed together until sunset, and bowed one to another, and separated themselves one from the othert.

986. And there came the queen Eleanora also, and her princesses and her maidens, clothed with broidered garments, and pleasant to look upon and fatfleshedt, and making a tinkling with their feets.

* Esther ix. 30.

Gen. xli. 2.

+ Gen. xiii. 11.
$ Is. iii. 16.


And she went with twelve galleys unto Villa Franca, on the eleventh day of the fourth month. And they made a great bridge in the sea* ; and she came with her maidens on the bridge, and her brother, the emperor, also came to meet her, and embraced her, and fell on her neck and kissed her; and they rejoiced togethert. And those who came on the bridge after them were many, and the bridge brake under them, and they fell both of them into the water and the nobles with them; but the men of the ships brought them up unto the shore, and there lacked not one of them. And she communed with her brother, the emperor, for about three hours, and bowed herself to the ground, and went out from him in peace, and returned unto Villa Nuova; for the king and his nobles resided there in those days.

987. And it came to pass, after some days, that these two kings spake one to another, and Paul also spake to their hearts at that time, and said unto them, “ Turn


your nation shall not lift up sword against nation, for the eyes of the rest of the uncircumcisedŞ are upon you.

Know ye not yet, that our faith is

evil ways,

* A kind of pier.

+ Gen, xxxiij. 4. | 2 Kings xvii. 13; Ezek. xxxiii. 11. $ Is. ii. 4; Micah iv. 3. VOL. II.


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