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month, and went away from it and passed over to the coast of Bastia, and returned unto their own country. And Solyman went unto Constantinople, the city of his kingdom, and abode there many days; and the ships also went their way.

972. And Gerolamo di Pesaro, the chief captain of the Venetian host, fed from the face of Barbarossa, before he came and spake with Juan Vittore*, the chief captain of the host in Mortarat, and they assembled there. And Gerolamo went to war against Scardonaf, which is about ten miles from the sea; and they besieged it, and cast up banks against it from morning until noon; and they took it with a strong hand. And in the midst thereof was an Ethiopian, a mighty man of valor, who could shoot with a gun at a bair's breadth, and not missg; and he did great things on that day. And many they slew with the edge of the sword when they came into the city; and they slew the Ethiopian, beside the rest of them that were slain ; and the

cry of the city went up toward heavens, and there was none to deliver; and they gave it to be plundered : and Gerolamo commanded, and they cast down its houses to the ground, and it became a heap for ever until this day. And Juan Vittore

.מורטארה +

.ויטורי * .סקארדונה :

I .
| Num. xxxi. 8.

Jud. xx. 16.
Josh. xxviii. 28.

282 ELEONORA & THE QUEEN OF HUNGARY. EP Signatriards with the stroke of the sword* ; and tuae fell of the many slain unto the ground on that day,

975. And the men of the emperor journeyed thent, and yathered themselves together into the fenced citicst; are they not Chierit and ASH, Vercelli, Casale, and Alessandria? and they were quiet theres. And the French besieged Chieri in the middle of the month of November, but could not do anything, and returned back

, $70, And there murmured again a part of the Mpaniards against the marquess, saying, lis our money; why should we die of hunger ?” And hospake unto their hearts; but they hearkened but moto him for anguish of spirit|l; so he gave them their money, and they returned unto the

اررر در راه را از رو

- Give

177. Aud Eleonora, the queen of France, and the queen of thungary, the widow, said one unto theo cothers "bow long shall the sword devours ?” Meet they pakp to the heart of the emperor and the Ritet i and the pope tuttillend their words**; e these things hesukoned unto their voice,

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and made an armistice for three months, in the ninth month. Then went the Marquess del Guasto to bow before the king at Montcalier. And the king and his nobles honored him much. And he bowed before the king unto the ground,

, and went from him in peace. And the king and his son returned unto France, but the marquess returned unto his place*.

978. Then Giovanni Battista, the captain of the Venetian host journeyed from Zarat, and three hundred footmen and one hundred and fifty horsemen with him. And they went unto Ostrovizzas about the morning watch ; and they climbed suddenly upon its walls, and called with a loud voice, and set the houses on fire, whose smoke went up toward heaven. And the Turks awoke from their sleep, and went out abroad, and the uncircumcised slew them with the edge of the sword; and there died of them by the sword and by the great fire about seven hundred men at that time; but of the uncircumcised there died only three who were slain by the stoness of those in the fort; and they took the prey, and returned unto Zara with gladness. And the booty which the men of war had caught, was three thousand sheep and beeves||,

* Gen. xviii. 33.


.אוסטרוויצה +

+79x, a town of Dalmatia.

$ D'IJN, balls of stone. U Num. xxxi. 32.


and their heart was lifted up very much*. And I went down to Genoa to dwell there, even I and mine household in those days.

979. And the emperor and the king prolonged the covenant of peace in the month of January, one thousand five hundred and thirty-eight, for three months, by the word of the pope and those compassionate queens; and they fortified the cities on the borders, and the land had restt.

980. And the earth opened her mouths as a burning oveng at Pozzuoloi, which is nigh unto Naples, in those days. And the people feared

and the inhabitants of Pozzuolo fled before the great flaming fire, and before the stones, which were constantly cast up towards heaven. And the heat and the darkness, and the ashes of the furnace waxed greater and greater far abroads,and their hearts melted, and became as water**, for the nations were dismayed at it, and many drew nigh unto the thick darkness to behold itft; but the great fire consumed themff, and the rest fled at their cry$$, for they feared lest some evil should overtake them|l. The sea also saw it and fedt,


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and the reeds decayed and dried up* for three miles, because of the multitude of stones which came out daily. That heap is a witness, and the pillar is a witness, until this day† that it was the finger of Godt.

981. Nading, which is upon the mountains of Dalmatia, is a fenced city, and the men of Venice had a garrison in the midst thereof; and it happened when the Turks came, that the Venetians gave the signal unto Zara, lest the Turks should come suddenly upon them. And it came to pass, one day, that the governor betrayed it into the hands of the Turks on the seventeenth day of the second month, which is the month of April. But they drave him away from them; and he fell into the hand of the Venetians, who smote off his head. [P] So are the ways of every one that is greedy of gain|l.

982. And Paul, the pope, was content to make peace between the king and the


in those days; and he sent messengers unto them, saying,

Come, I pray you, let us look one another in the face at Nizza**, which is in Provence, that we may make a covenant between us ;” and the thing was very pleasing in their sight. And Andrea Doria went unto Barcelona, and the emperor went

Job xiv. 11; Is. xix. 5. + Gen. xxxi. 52.

Exod. viii. 19. Ś P'TNI, a castle near Zara. See v. Hammer III. 213, 214.

Prov. i. 19. T2 Kings xiv. 8 ; 2 Chr. xxv. 16.

** 1732.

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