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chief captain of the host journeyed from Alba and went thither; and he turned and passed over, and went unto Bosco, and encamped against it; and they cast up banks against it. And they cast its walls down to the ground, and arrayed a battle against it. They were yet fighting, and behold, there came man, and spake unto the chief of the host, saying, “Stand fast and prepare thee*, for twelve thousand Germans have reached the camp of the emperor, and his camp is increased much; and behold, they journey against thee.” And the man trembled, and went off from the city and went unto Pinerolot, and abode there.

966. And it came to pass, when the Germans reached the camp of the marquess, as he was at Astiţ, that his heart was much lifted up. And he journeyed thence, and went unto Chieriş, and encamped against it; and he cast up a bank against it on the first day of the week, on the twenty-fifth day of the month of August, and its walls fell down to the ground. And they warred against it, and the city was broken upll, and every one that was found therein was pierced with the sword, and the women were lain with; and there died that

.פינארול +

* Jer. xlvi. 14.

il Jer. lii. 7.

Sap. See p. 282.




day much people. And many went down by the way of the walls, and the Lord gave them into the hand of those cruel Germans; and their eye

had no compassion upon men or women on the day of the Lord's anger*. And they journeyed thence; and the marquess and his men went against Cherasco; and in the midst thereof were about two thousand men; and they cast up a bank against it; and there fell of the men of the emperor multitudes slain to the ground in that battle. And it came to pass, after some days, that the men of King Francis delivered it into their hand, and made a covenant with them, and returned into their own country. And the imperialists went also unto Alba, and the garrison did as they had done at Cherasco, and delivered it into their hands, and made a covenant with them ; so they went their way. And the marquess turned his face towards Turin and Pinerolo; and they took the tower which was on the other side of the river Po. And the men who were in the midst thereof, they sent bound in fetterst unto the sea; and Turin was straitly shut up, none went out, and none came in. Against Montcalierf also, the Spaniards went, by command of the Marquess del Guasto, on the

* Lam. ii. 22.

t Job. xxxvi. 8.

.מונקאליר ?

276 BARBAROSSA IN THE LAND OF OTRANTO. np second day of the month of September; and they battered its walls, and took it by force, and gave up the city to be plundered, and took much spoil* ; thus there was war in Piedmont many days.

967. And the wrath of Solyman was kindled, because of that which Andrea Doria did. And Solyman sent Barbarossa after him with eight galleys, but they found him nott. And Barbarossa returned from chasing after him, and went unto the land of Otranto, and brought out on shore, about eight thousand Turks riding on swift horses, and footmen in multitudes; and the heart of the inhabitants of that country melted, and became like water. And a mixed multitude went up also with them from the men of those cities, which the land spewed outş; and they went unto Castro, and besieged it, and cast up banks against it. And the horsemen went to run to and fro in the land, and slew many with the edge of the sword, and took much spoil. And the men of Castro went out against then and made a covenant with them. And the Turks came into the city, but remembered not their covenant, and broke what went forth from their lips|| ; and gave it up to be plundered at that time. And the Pope Paul was content to

* 2 Chron. xxv. 13.

+ 1 Sam. xvii. 53. # Exod. xii. 38.

§ Levit. xviii. 28. || Comp. Ps. xxxix. 34 ; Deut, xxiii. 23.




make peace with the uncircumcised at that time, fearing lest the Turks should come unto Rome; and he called unto his son Pietro Luigi*, and made him chief captain of his host. For this pope had children by his wife, who died before he was made priest. And Pietro Luigi came into the city with a mighty hand. And they fortified the city round about, for the fear of Barbarossa fell upon them. The viceroy of the emperor also, who was at Naples, hired soldiers, and put a garrison into the midst of his city.

968. And Barbarossa returned unto Avlonat, and made the savor of the men of Venice to be abhorredf; and brought their evil report unto Solymang, whose wrath was kindled against them. And he put it into his heart to make war against Corfu, and brought over his hosts which were in the land of Otranto; and they came unto him, and when he heard what they had done in Castro, which was not according to the law of the covenant||, his wrath was much kindled against them. And he sent the captives away free; but the men who had violated the covenant he brought down to the grave in blood. 969. And Solyman, and all the people who

• Exod. v. 21.

Gen. xxxvii. 2.
Il Comp. Esth. iv. 16.

.פידרו לואיז 4

.הוילונה +




were with him, went and passed over the river Viosa* ; and he went unto Bastia, which is over against Corfu, with only the sea between; and he pitched his tent there; and also Barbarossa came by the way of the sea unto Corfu, on the twentyseventh day of the month of August; and they went on shore and burned the houses and destroyed the best part thereof. And the rest of the ships came; and the houses which were in Sorpha and Potamof they burned with fire, and their smoke went up toward heaven.

970. And Solyman passed over his army unto Corfu with about twenty-five thousand men in ships; and they encamped there. And Solyman himself passed not over thither, but sent Ayas Pasha, his vezir, day by day; [up] and they besieged Corfu round about. And they shot upon them great stones, and destroyed much people. And in the midst of the city were two nobles of Venice, and six captains of the host; and they stood on their ward, and filled their hand in those days.

971. And when the Turks saw that they had no power in their hand to take it, they pulled down their tents on the fourteenth day of the seventh

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.ואיוסה *


+ IONU191 7970. Sorfa is perhaps S. Onofrio. I WN'X. Comp. v. Hanmer's Gesch. d. Osmanischen Reiches III. 186–188.

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