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the ear.

and Montaigne*, were the captains of his hosts at that time; and they took all the cities of Savoy from the hand of the duke, as one taketh the tip of

And they took also Turin, his metropolis, and fortified it; and it belonged to the French until this day. And Antonio Leyva, the chief of the imperial host, went out to meet him, and encamped on the river Dorat, and his men were but few in number} in those days. And it came to pass, after some days, that they sent unto him about eight thousand Germans to help him; and his host increased much.

912. From Turin the French went unto Vercelliş; and they drew back, for the pope sought to make peace by the hand of the cardinal Lorenal; but they tarried, and did nothing. And the generals of the imperial host went after them, and encamped near Turin. They went not far off from the city, and the river was between ; and they remained there many days.

913. And when the emperor heard the report of Francis, the king, he journeyed also from Naples in the month Abib, and there gathered themselves unto him many nobles and honorable mens; and they came unto the gates of Rome, and encamped

.מונטייאן *

Gen. xxxiv, 30.

, .

.דורה + .וירצילי 6

$ .

Num. xxii. 15.

.Lorraine ,לורינה




there. And it happened on the fifth day of the month of April, that they entered the city, and the earth was rent at the voice of the batteringrams. And they came into the street of the city*, and the pope Paul sat upon his throne on the pillar of the temple of their God. And the pope came down to meet him, and the emperor bowed before him, and was content to kiss his foot. And Paul bowed himself also unto the ground, and embraced him. And both of them came into the cathedral, and worshipped their God. And they came out, and went to the castle, and bowed one before the other, and retired to the chamber. And the emperor remained there several days. And it came to pass, one day, that the emperor spake a word unto the

pope and his cardinals, sayingt,“ Ye have seen that which I have done in Tunis, for I was envious at the foolisht. And that the king has hindered me from still continuing in war against the enemies of our law, as it was in my heart. May the Lord judge between me and him this days; and may

the Lord give to every one according to his ways,

and according to the fruit of his doings||. And now I will

go and see what will become of his dreams, * Esth. iv. 6; vi. 9. 11. + Comp. Sleidanus, Sandoval, Robertson and Raumer, to the

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year 1536.

# Ps. lxxiii. 3.
|| Jer. xvii. 10; xxxii. 19.

8 Gen. xvi. 5.

Gen. xxxvii. 20.




and let God do what seemeth good in his sight.” And Paul and his cardinals honored him, and blessed him; and he went out from them in peace.

914. And he went on his journeys to Sienna, and entered the city on the twenty-third day of the second month, which is the month of April. And the nobles of the city honored him much; but he stayed not many days there*, but departed thence and went to Florence, on the twenty-eighth day of the same month; and the duke and the inhabitants of the city honored him much; and the earth shook at the voice of the battering-rams and of the high-sounding trumpets. And he journeyed thence, and went to Lucca; and the principal men of the city went out to meet him, and brought him into the city with gladness on the eighth day of the month of May; and all the people were very glad.

915. And Henry, the king of England, divorced his consort, Catharine of Aragon, and took Anna Boleyn to himself to wife. And it came to pass, when they were at Greenwicht, in the month of May, joyful and with glad heartsf, that a spirit of jealousy came upon himą, and he hated her. And he went away from her unto London, his metro

† . # Esth. v. 9.

§ Num v. 14.

Gen. xxvi. 8.

.גראמאזי +

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polis, and commanded, and they put her brother and his friend into prison; and he sent to Greenwich also, saying, “ Put the queen Anna in prison:” and they did so. And all the people trembled much. And it came to pass, after some days, that they brought her to London, and put her in the Tower, and set a watch over her. And it came to pass, one day, that they smote off their heads from them, so that all three died in one day; then was the king's wrath pacified*.

916. And when the chief of the king's host heard that the emperor was come, he rode on a horse, and went to speak unto the king; and he found him at Lyons, and communed with them theref. And the king departed thence and went unto Avignon, and sojourned there many days.

917. And the emperor journeyed from Lucca on the tenth day of the month of May, and went on his journeys to Asti, a city on the uttermost part of Piedmont, and abode there. And he gathered both a host and horsemen, Spaniards, Germans, and Italians, and his host increased much, and they went out into the field; and the French gathered themselves unto the fenced cities, for they could not stand before them, for they were a great multitude. And the men of the emperor besieged

* Esth. vii. 10.

+ Gen. xxiv. 8.

I Comp. Judges xi. 14.




Turin, and also the walls of Fossano* they battered many days. At Asti, the emperor and his nobles held council together, and they made a covenant against the king of France, to war against him by sea and by land, and his ships went out to the coast of Provence: now the time was the time of the first ripe grapest.

918. And many of the men of Tunis were wroth against their king, and they sent to inform the Turks that they would bring them into the city. And the men came; and with them were about two thousand Arabians, able to draw the sword. And behold it happened when they came, that about four hundred Arabians dwelling in tents were spread abroad on the surface of the field at the eventides, with their wives and their children, and all their substance with them, dwelling carelesslyl. And they shouted with a loud voice, and fell upon them suddenly, and the Arabians fled unto the mountain, and left the women, the children, and the tents as they were; and they became captives before the enemy, and their cry went up toward heaven. [7P] And it came to pass, in the

XU3, Fossanum, a fortified town in Piedmont, on the river Stara, south of Turin. + Num. xii. 20.

I I Sam. xxx. 16. $ Gen. xiv. 63.

|| Judges xviii. 7.

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