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bound*, and brake the bars of iron in sundert, and said unto the prisoners, “Come ye out; gird yourselves with weapons of war; why will ye tarry, when

your brethren, the men of the emperor, have set themselves in array at the gatet;” and the watchmen fled, and became as though they were not.” And he brought them out from the prisonhouse, and they warred against the Turks, who had not hearkened unto the voice of their brethren, with pieces of wood and with stones; for there was not found among them a shield or a spears, and they caused them to flee before them; and they shut the gates of the fortress.

896. And they climbed up the walls, and gave the signal, and called, “God save the emperor||!" and raised a banner on the wall. And Barbarossa ran when he heard this evil report, and spake unto their hearts, but they would not hearken. And they mocked him from the wall, and cast stones upon Barbarossa. When he saw that they warred from heaven against him, and that the war was against him from within and from without, then he laid hold on his own beard**, and cried with a loud and exceeding bitter cryft. And he went

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out from the midst of the city with his whole army, and the emperor knew not that he had fled*. And he went on his journeys into the city of Bona; and thence he went to his metropolis, Algiers, unto his fifteen ships which he had there. And the ships of the emperor pursued him, but found him not; and also in the city there was not found any who pisseth against the wallt, for the fear of the uncircumcised fell upon them, and they escaped unto the mountains. [ap]

897. And the emperor sent up his men into the fortress, and the captives went out with great substances. And the rest of the men of the host he placed until noon at the entrance of the gate of the city until he should see what would become of it. And many of the inhabitants of the city fled by the way of the desert, when they saw that evil was determined against them. And many died of thirst; and many were slain with the sword by those who pursued them, who pitied neither man nor woman. And the emperor gave the city of Tunis to be plundered upon that bitter day, which is the twenty-first day of the month of July. And they divided the spoil in the midst

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thereof*, and the women were lain with, and one half of the city went into captivity. And in their prayer-houses, the Germans slew and destroyed there about six thousand souls of men and children and woment: their eye had no compassion upon them, for they are cruel, and their sword devoured flesh, and their arrows were drunken with blood 1.

898. Also of the Jews who were there in multitude, some of them fled into the desert, and some of them were slain in the day of the Lord's anger with the edge of the sword, and some of them went captive before the enemys, and they were sold for bond-men and bond-women|| into the four corners of the earth, and in Naples and in Genoa, the congregations ransomed about one hundred and fifty souls; may the Lord, my God, remember unto them this for good!

899. And the decree was given at Tunis* * command of the emperor on the twenty-third of the same month, that all the soldiers should march out; and they did so. And the emperor made Muley Hassan king as at the first; and he was unto him a servant unto tribute all the days. Goletta


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alone was given into the hand of the emperor, and he put into it a garrison of about two thousand Spaniards, who held swords, being expert in war*; and they abode there.

900. On that day the uncircumcised captives, who were there in multitudes, went out with a high hand. And of the inhabitants of the city, some went captive before the enemy hither and thither, beside the many who fell slain within and without; and the cry of the city went up toward heaven, and the king commanded, and they cleansed the city, for it stopped the passages with the blood of the slain and the captivest. And also of the men of the emperor there died a great many in that battle. For many the sword devoured, and many the time destroyed by famine and thirst, and by sickness which could not be healed f.

901. And the emperor removed thence with his ships, and came to Messina on the thirtieth day of the month of October, and the great of the city went out to meet him, and honored him much. And the royal priests went out to meet him, and they brought him into the city; and the earth trembled at the voice of the battering-rams.

Cant. iii. 8. t i. e. The carcases obstructed the passages by putrefaction. Comp. Ezek. xxxix. 11; Deut. xxxii. 42.

| Deut. xxviii. 27. 35.


And he was content to send Andrea Doria again to Africa, to the metropolis of Barbary, to give it back unto the king of Tunis, for it was his border, and accounted his country. And the man went, but he could do nothing, because of the raging and the noise of the sea; and he returned back. And he sent him unto Utica which is in the Syrtis*, for this alone was left unto Barbarossa of all the districts of that kingdom, and also the sons of the king of Tunis went against it with much people, and with a strong hand. And when the Turks saw that there was no power in their hand to save it, they delivered it into the hand of the king's son; for they chose him, rather than that they should give themselves up into the hand of those uncircumcised in the flesh: and the Nazarenes returned unto their own country.

902. And Barbarossa avenged his vengeancet, when he returned unto Algiers; and executed his judgments. And he went against the isle of Minorca, unto a quiet and secure peoples, with subtlety. And while they who were therein abode securely, he took it and cut off from the city all the menş; and the fairest of the women and the children they took captive; and they plundered after their souls' desire, and the rest they slew with • 7070, Syrtis. † Comp. Numb. xxxi. 2; Ezek. xxv. 15. # Judges xviii. 27.

§ Deut. ï. 34; iii. 6.

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