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and some of them fled to the mountain*, and their life was unto them a preyt. And also Fondif and Isprolongos and Garigliano|| the Lord gave into their hands, and they did unto them according as they did unto the rest of the cities, and the priests they slew with the edge of the sword. And the best of the women and the children they took captive, and their riches, their silver and their gold they plundered, and there was no one to save them. And the Jews who were at Fondi they took away with them, for they knew them; and their spoil, and the ransom for their souls they took. And four great ships they found on the way** ; nevertheless, the seamen rowed hard to come on shoreft, and they left them as they were, for they feared for their lives. And the Turks came into the ships, and there was no man, and they took what was good in their sight, and burned them with fire; and they went their way. Then fled Calabria, and the inhabitants of Naples fortified themselves. The inhabitants of Messina were amazed before Barbarossa, and trembling laid hold upon the princes of Palermo,

.אישפרולונגו 6

.פונדי *

.גאריליאנו //

* Gen. xiv. 10, † Jer. xxi. 9; xxxyiii, 2. $ .

. 4 They recognized them to be Jews, and expected to obtain a ransom for their release from other Jews. ** i. e. Sailing

++ Comp. Jonah i. 13.




the seamen of Genoa melted away*, fear and dread fell upon thems, and they fled, when there was none to pursuef, for the dread of Barbarossa fell upon them; and his fame went throughout the whole worldg.

869. In the same month, which is the month Elul, two hundred and ninety-four, the men of Genoa fortified the walls of the city, and set the battering-rams of brass round about it. And they set up watchmen every day and night, for the man Barbarossa went on increasing, and his fame went throughout the whole world.

His dread fell upon them. And they said, let us build unto us a fortified wall, and towers round about it; and let us make us a name, lest we be scattered abroad upon the face of the whole earth||," and they did so. And Genoa builded a fort for herself, and gathered silver like dust, and their heart was much lifted up.

870. And Barbarossa sailed to Africa and took Tunis, like a man who taketh the tip of the ear, and he abode there. And Muley Hassans the king, and her hired men who were in the midst of her like fatted bullocks, fled away together; they did not stand, because the day of their calamity was

• Go to,

i. e. They lost their courage. + Comp. Exod. xv. 14–16.

Comp. Lev. xxvi. 36, 37; Prov. xxviii. 1. $ Esther ix. 3, 4. ll Gen. ix. 4.


מולי האסין |



come upon them, the time of their visitation*. And he went unto another country; and the war was strong between them in that year.

871. And Andrea Doria went unto Messina after he had passed over, to see what the day would bring fortht, and he hastened and returned to Genoa, but did not prolong his days there.

872. And the Pope Clement fell sick, and he died on the 26th day of the month of September on the day of the new year two hundred and ninety-five, and they buried him in the sepulchres of the popes. And the king's ships went to carry the cardinals to Rome, and they chose the cardinal Farneses, and he was a Roman; and they called his name Paul the Third until the day of his death. He builded the walls of the fortified city of Placentia||; and he set up her gates, and was highly exalted.

873. Also Alfonso, duke of Ferrara, ended his days on the last day of the month of October, and all the people of the country wept over him, and they buried him in the sepulchre of the dukes, and chose Hercules | his firstborn son. And they made him to ride through the streets of the # Jer. lvi. 21.

+ Ps. xxvii. 1. I DO OMI, the full moon, Ps. Ixxxi, 3 (4); but among the modern Jews it is the name of the festival of the new year. $ .


.פלאסינציאה |

.פירניסי 8 .אירקוליש |




city*, and they called before him, “ Bow the knee !t” And all the people of the country rejoiced, and he was unto them a shepherd all his days.

874. And unto the oppressed, which fled from Portugal, he gave leave to dwell in his country.

875. And Girolamo Laskitoş went unto Solyman the Turk, and found favor in his sight, who made him woywode, and governor over all Transylvania; and he went out from him in

peace. And it came to pass, when he returned, that the waiwode John bound him, and he set a watch over him, and the Turk sent Ludovico Gritti, a man of Venice; for Ludovico was great in the eyes of the Turk, and his fame went throughout all the provinces, and his heart was much lifted


And Ludovico went to put Zibak|| the bishop of Waradin into the prison-house, and brought him down to the grave in blood; and it grieved Transylvania much, and they made a conspiracy against him, and killed him, and the men who went with him; so the wrath of the Turk was kindled against them.

876. And Muley Hassan**, king of Tunis, sent messengers unto Charles the emperor, saying, * Esther vi. 11.

† 772N, Gen. xli. 43. I i. e. The Jews who had been compelled to feign Christianity. $

. | 2 Chron. xxv, 27.

** .

.יירולאמו לאסקיטו 8

.ציבאק || .מולי האסין *




“ Save me, I pray thee, from the mouth of Barbarossa, and deliver me from the horns of the Turk, and I will surrender unto thee the city and the fulness thereof*. In my land thou mayest build a fortress as it pleaseth thee, and I will pay the garrison of thy men therein with my own treasures, and we will be called by thy namet, and I will be a servant unto thee, bringing presents all my days. And the thing was pleasing in his sight, for he feared lest a fire should come out from Tunist, and devour all the maritime cities, both those which were nigh, and those which were afar off. And he gathered about thirty thousand men who made war with strength and valor, Spaniards, Italians, and Germans; and two thousand horses, and weapons of war and gunpowder, and corn and bread and victuals in abundance, and he led them down to the sea into ships, in Spain and Italy, and gave them provisions for the ways. The king of Portugal also filled his hands, and he also sent unto the emperor ships and soldiers, and there was not one stumbling person in his camp. And the ships which went out from Spain were three hundred,

* Amos vi. 8.

+ i. e. We will recognize thy sovereignty. Comp. Is. iv. 1. Dan. ix. 18, 19. # Judges ix. 20. Numb. xxi. 28.

s Gen. xlv. 21. ll 179 xha, i. e. He took up the matter. Ps. cv. 37.

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