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into the hand of the Turks, by command of the emperor at that time; and the men of the host who were in the midst of her, went down to the sea in ships and returned unto Italy; and the war ceased.

865. And the Duke of Würtemberg went in the same year, and took back to himself with a strong hand from Ferdinand, king of Hungary, every city which the emperor Maximilian had taken. And there fell of the men of Ferdinand about twelve thousand men slain to the ground in that war. And Ferdinand strengthened himself to go to war against him, and there went out against him the cardinal of Mayence* and the duke of Saxonyt, and they said unto him, “How long will the sword devour? I” and they made peace between themselves. The copy of the treaty of

peace was, that the duke of Würtemberg and the Landgrave his friend should go to cast themselves down before the emperor and his brother. And they would forgive their sins, and the sins of those who were joined unto them, neither should they learn war any moreş. And the cities which he had taken should be for the duke, and to his male children after him unto all generations. Only that he must return unto the king the battering-rams .

I Comp. 2 Sam. ii. 26. § Is. ii. 4; Micah iv. 3.


.שאגשוניאה *


which he had taken froin his hand at Inspruck* and other cities, and that they should not spread any further the new belieft which they have among them. And every one should return in peace unto his place: and his country was quiet.

866. And Solyman went out to war against the Sofi in the same year, and he sent before him Ibrahim Pasha in the month of August, and with him was a very great host. And he went on his journey, and reached Tabriz, and came into the city. And when the Sofi, king of Persia, heard it, while he was warring against the green turbanst which were nigh at that time, he sent thither his brother and thirty thousand horsemen, warlike men, with strength of valor. And he said unto him, “ Be a son of valor, and I will go unto the Turk, and we shall see what will be

ne of his dreams." And he set his face toward Tabriz, and with him were eighty thousand chosen men, and five thousand artillerymen riding on horses, and three hundred waggons of batteringrams; the like was not seen in Persia until this day. And they arrayed a battle there, and there fell many of the Turks slain to the ground, and the rest drew back, for they were confounded before them. And when Solyman saw that the Lord had delivered his host into the hand of the

.איספרוק *

+ Protestantism.

# The Sunnites.




king of Persia, he returned unto his country with no advantage in that year. And the rest of the particulars of the war, are they not written in the Book of the Chronicles of the Kings of Persia and Media ?

867. Then sent Andrea Doria two large ships to the east country to plunder and to spoil, for he was greedy of gain : this was his manner all the days. And there gathered themselves unto him every man who was in distress, and every man who was in debt, and every one who was discontented; and he became a captain over them. And they were about four hundred men*; and they went and returned in the month of January, two hundred and ninety-five, in the year of the Christians one thousand five hundred and thirty-five, bringing captives Turks, and Ishmaelites, and clothes, and things which they plundered ; and most of them died on the road, by the sword and by famine, and also of the captives who were with them died many.

868. And the emperor gave Christorgat, the daughter of the king of Dacia, his sister's daughter, unto Francis, duke of Milan, to wife in that year.

And the woman came to Milan on the third day of the month of May two hundred and

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ninety-four, with gladness and songs, and tabrets, and harps. And the earth was rent at the voice of the tabrets, and of the dancings, and of the highsounding trumpets, and of the battering-rams. And there came with her many princes and honorable men*; and the mighty of the land went out to meet her. And all the people from one end to the other, rejoiced, saying, • She will comfort us from the toil and troubles which came over ust; therefore she shall be called Commanderess, for she was taken by command of the emperorț; certainly she is his bone and his flesh, and he will not walk contrary unto hers, and we shall be guiltless from iniquityll."

866. And the galleys of Andrea Doria came back from roving in the seas at the end of the fifth month, unto Genoa, with gladness. For the Lord had given into their hands three ships of the Ishmaelites, upon which were about one hundred and fifty Turks, all men, besides the captives which were with them; and Andrea Doria was very glad. While he was yet speaking, there came also anothers, and Doria's gladness was turned into mourning**, for they told him, saying,

“The ship which thou hast sent unto the emperor has * Numb. xxii. 15.

† Gen. v. 29. I Comp. Gen. ii. 23 ; xxix. 14. § Lev. xxvi. 21, 23, 24, 27, 28, 40, 41. || Num. v. 31. Job. i. 16, 17, 18.


** Lam. v.

[blocks in formation]



been taken in the pits* of the Ishmaelites, and their men were but few in number, for some of them went on (0%) shore, and she had no deliverer. And the heart of Andrea Doria was turnedt, and his face gathered blackness, for he began to fall before thems; and the Lord will have him in derisions.

867. And Haradin||, that is Barbarossa, went out by command of Solyman, with his ships from the haven of Constantinople, in that year. And their number was eighty-three, small and large, and they came unto the island of Zante which belonged to the Venetians, and they passed into the seas of Italy with a high hands. And in Calabria the Lord gave Santa Nogita** into their hand, and they cast down many slain, and their eye did not spare them. And they took the

captives and the prey, and the city they burned with fire, and their smoke went up toward heaven. And also the Jew who was there was taken among the captives, and his household were slain with the edge of the sword.

868. And they found at Zitrarott six new cruisers and they burned them with fire, and the watchmen thereof they slew with the edge of the sword,

* Lam. iv. 20.
# Comp. Esth. vi. 13.



† Exod. xiv. 5.
$ Comp. Ps. ii. 4.
| Exod. xiv. 8.

.האראדין || .האנטה נוגיטה

.ציטרארו ++

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