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a reproach among the nations. The Lord is righteous*.

854. In that month, which is the month Elul, two hundred and ninety-three, the ships of Barbarossa, the king of Algiers, came into the seas of Piombino, and they found there seventeen ships from Genoa, and they took them and burned them with fire, and their smoke went up toward heaven. And of the men who were in them, some fled before they came, and some they slew with the edge of the sword; some also were taken alive. And other ships were there; but the fortress of Piombino saved them, and they went their

way. 855. And after he came back, there went three galleys which belonged to Andrea Doria, to bring bales of silk which belonged to the merchants of Genoa and Lucca. And the Lord delivered them at Calabria into the hand of those who sought their life, into the hand of the eight galleys which belonged to the Ishmaelites; and they brought them unto their country. And the uncircumcised cast many down slain, as they fought; and there remained one of the eight galleys as a cottage in a vineyardt in that war, and the captives who were upon her escaped, and fled unto Naples; and their life was unto them a prey.

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856. And Barbarossa went his way unto Turkey; and Solyman, the Turk, made him chief of his host.

857. And Francis, the king of France, again sent ships unto Leghorn, to fetch the Pope Clement who was there, at the end of the seventh month, two hundred and ninety-four. And they went, and they came unto Marseilles, and the pope entered the city on the third day of the month of October, and the earth was rent at the voice of the battering-rams. And the king came also into the city on the next morning; and he bowed before the pope

unto the ground, and kissed his foot and his knee and his mouth, and they asked each other's peace, and went each unto his own house. And it came to pass, after some more days, that Eleanora, the queen, came also into the city with numerous people and with a mighty hand, and the two daughters of the king with her; and they went also to kiss the feet of the pope, and he saluted them; and they came into the chamber, and they remained there several days, and they spake face to face; no stranger passed between them*, and they returned each one unto his place.

858. And Rome was a den of robbers until Clement returned, and they shed innocent blood in the midst of her; for the viceroy whom he had left there died. And the inhabitants were in

* Job xv. 19.




those days, as sheep which have no shepherd*, and blood touched bloodt.

859. And the men of Genoa sent messengers unto Francis, the king, while he was at Marseilles, to see whether he would be reconciled unto them while his heart was merry, but his wrath was kindled against them at that time also; and he would not hearken unto them. And they returned unto Genoa with shame in the month of November, which is the ninth month two hundred and ninety-four, in the year one thousand five hundred and thirty-three.

860. And Augustino Granada, the Genoese, spake into the ears of the King Francis, saying, “ If thou art inclined unto my counsel, O king, my lord, thou wilt come with thy ships unto Genoa [173] securely, and no man shall deliver it from

For according to the power of my handt, I will sink two ships into the depth at the entrance of the port, where the galleys are in winter time, and they shall not be able to come out, and we will take them alive, and thou shalt come into the city. And the thing was pleasing in the eyes of the king, and he shewed him kindness, and gave him money to do according to all he had spoken. And the thing was known at Genoa before they came; and when he returned

thy hand.

2 Chron. xviii, 16.

+ Hos. iv, 2.

* 1 Kings xxii. 17. I Gen. xxxi. 29.




unto his house, they put him into the lowest prison. And he acknowledged all the evil which he spake of doing unto his people, and they cut off his head, and they rent him as one would have rent a kid*, and his violence came down


his own headt.

861. And the Pope Clement returned unto his place. And in the month of January in the year one thousand five hundred and thirty-four, the French took a large ship which came from Spain, bringing goods from the men of Genoa; because they had revolted against the king to go a whoring, after the stubbornness of Andrea Doria ; and they spoiled her, and the ship went her way; and all this was of the Lord, because they had injured his people Israel.

862. And one of the chiefs of the ships sinned against the king, who found that he had discovered what Augustino Granada, the Genoese, had devised to do. And the king commanded, and they took off his head from him, and they brought him down in blood into the grave: such are the ways of those who are greedy of gain; their master taketh their life, that they may do no more presumptuouslyş.

863. And the Turks besieged Coron during the whole winter, and would not let any thing come into the city. And the Spaniards went out * Judges xiv. 6.

+ Ps. vii. 16 [Heb. 17.] | Prov. 1. 19

§ Deut. xvii. 13.



daily to plunder, and to make spoil for themselves. And it came to pass, one day, that they went unto Androssa, for they were called with subtlety, and about two thousand Turks were in the midst of it; and it is thirty miles distant from Coron, And they found its gates open, and heard no voice of an oppressor* ; for the Turks hid themselves in the houses before they came into the city, and remained upon their guard. And it came to pass, when they came, they kindled fire in the first houses, and their smoke went up toward heaven, and all the city was moved about them. And the battle was strong against the Spaniards from within and without. And the chief of their host died at the entrance of the gate, and there fell of them to the ground about eighty men, beside the wounded who were smitten in multitudes. And some of the Turks also the sword did devour, and many of the houses were burned. And the Spaniards gave the signal, and they returned back; for evil was determined against them. And the Turks pursued after them about eighteen miles, and they returned embittered and wounded unto Coron; and they were about one thousand men.

864. And the uncircumcised could not abide at Coron, and could not send thither provision as they had sent time after time; and they delivered it

* Job. iii. 18.

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