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in the sea.

847. And the emperor removed from Bologna in the month Abib, and came unto Cremona, passed through Pavia, and laid up his carriages at Milan* And he saw the cities which were appointed to be overturned; namely, most of the cities of Italy, those which were nigh, and also those which were afar off; and he went on his journey unto Genoa in the second month, two hundred and ninety-three. And he went down to the sea in ships, and turned his face unto Barcelona. And also his spouse, the queen, came thither before they arrived; and the greater part of the nobles of Spain she brought with her at that time. And the men of Barcelona made a great and exceedingly fine piert

And it came to pass, one day, when the ships arrived there, that they went out to meet him; but he was not there to be foundt, for he had come into the city three days before they arrived, and they knew nothing of it. And he lay down on the bosom of the queen in her chamber, and they rejoiced in love ; for bread eaten in secret is sweetş.

848. In that month, Giovanni Giorgio, the marquess of Montferrat, took to wife the daughter of the king of Naples, whom Ferdinand, the king of Spain, had put away by command of the emperor. And the woman came unto Casale, the

* Isa. x. 28.
† wwa, a bridge, here, according to the context, a pier.
Gen. i. 24.

§ Prov. ix. 17.




chief city of his dominion, with tabrets and dancing, and the earth was rent at the voice of the cannons and the high-sounding trumpets, and all the people of the country rejoiced greatly. But in a little moment* their joy was turned into mourningt, for his servants made a conspiracy against him before he went in unto her; and he died, and left the principalities unto the emperor in those days.

849. In that year went Galeotto Pico, the prince of Concordia, which is on the uttermost borders of Mantua, into the fortress of Mirandola in the darkness of the night, and took it; and her sentinels he slew with the edge of the sword. And he went into the chamber where was the Signor Francesco Pico [18) his uncle, and brought him down into the grave in blood, and one of his children also; and Mirandola has been his until this day.

850. Now Coron was straitly shut upt, before the oppressing swordş. And they sent messengers unto the emperor for assistance ; for without, the sword bereaved|| ; and within, the young

children were asking bread, and no man brake it unto them; and the famine was sore. And Andrea Doria sent one of his ships, to see what could be done for it. And the rest of his ships went alone * Is. xxvi. 20; Ezra ix. 8.

+ Comp. Lam. v. 15. Joshua vi. 1. § Jer. xlvi. 16; 1. 16. || Deut. xxxii. 25; Lam. i. 20. | Lam. iv. 4.


CORON, A.D. 1533.-MESSINA, A.M. 5293.

unto Sicily, and lay at anchor by the border of the


851. And Francis, king of France, and his wife und his children, came in the third month unto Lyons, and abode there many days; and they removed thence and went to Avignon; and those days were the days of the first-fruits*. And he sent his ships on towards Pisa, to fetch the sister of the Duke of Florence, whom he had taken for his second son to wife. And they passed by Genoa on the twenty-ninth day of the sixth month, and the men of Genoa sent a present unto them; and they went their way.

852. And the ship which Andrea Doria had sent, went unto Coron; and she returned back on the fourth month in the year one thousand five hundred and thirty-three. And the ships of the Turk pursued her, but they reached her not, and they were very wroth. And Andrea Doria went unto Naples in the beginning of the fifth month, for they sent unto them, saying,

“ Coron is straitly shut up; and the soul of the inhabitants fainteth for want of bread.” And he went thence unto Messina, but there he tarried not many days; and he removed from Messina on the second day of the month of August two hundred and ninetythree, and twenty-six galleys with him, and

D'7271. Di, dies primitiarum, occurs also for the feast of Pentecost. Num. xiii. 20; xxviii. 26.

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other large ships which brought soldiers, and corn, and wine, and oil, and weapons of war, as many as they could carry; and they reached Coron on the eighth of the month, and there were the ships of the Turk standing on their guard : and it came to pass, when the chief captain of the Turkish armament heard the report concerning Andrea Doria, and that he approached with his ships unto the shore, and that their number was sixty-eight, small and large, and that Andrea Doria passed on before them, that the Turks discharged against them cannon-balls in multitudes; and the sea and the shore shook at their noise, and their smoke went up toward heaven. And the ships of the uncircumcised moved not before them, and gave them no answer, and they went on their

approached unto the city. And two of the larger ships remained alone in the midst of the sea, for the wind ceased to drive them on towards the city; and some of the Turkish ships went out unto them, and they took one by force, and slew her men with the edge of the sword. And also unto the other the Turks came, and fell upon her. And when Andrea Doria saw that they were set on mischief*, he went out with his ships like a bear bereaved of her whelps, and set the battle in array against them, and took the ships from their hands; and about two hundred and fifty Turks who were

* Exod. xxxii. 22.

way and




upon her they slew with the edge of the sword ; and some of them they took alive at that time, and the ships of the Turk returned back, for they were terrified before them, and went unto their former place; and they removed thence, and went unto Modon. And there fell of the men of Andrea Doria about two hundred men in that battle ; also of the Turks, they slew many with the edge of the sword; and the rest were taken alive.

853. And the men of the city went out among the rest, to war against the men of the Turks who besieged them on land. When the Turks saw it they turned their backs, and left the clothes and tents and other things as they were.

And the men of Modon pursued after them, and spoiled their camp; and nine battering-rams, which they had left there in their haste* they took, and returned unto the city with gladness. And Andrea Doria brought unto Italy a part of the men of the host who were at Coron, and left some of those who went with him in their stead. Also of the men of the city, and their children, who were burnt with hungert, he brought with him ; and they went as fugitives and vagabonds begging bread in Sicily and Calabria, because they said, Aha! Aha! against the children of Israel; and they were also

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