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man, the experienced Doctor Rabbi Jacob

Mantin, at Venice, and he said unto the Jews “ who were there, "Now I will arise and go to

Rome, and pursue the man Solomon to injure

him, until he return unto his manner*, or else - he shall be burned with fire.' And the Doctor “ Jacob Mantin came to the city of Rome, and " went first unto the house of the ambassador of

Portugal, and said unto him, 'Why art thou not “ zealous to honor the king, thy master; because or of that man who standeth in the court of the

pope, who was a scribe in the house of the king

as one of his servants, and now he is a Jew?And " the ambassador answered him, That is not our

way, and thus shall not be done in our placet, to go about slandering, and to follow such as slander privily, and this was never my manner.' And he went out from before his face with a burning

wrathş; and he went before the judges, the great “ men of the city, who knew law and judgment, “ with a voice the voice of Jacob, and the hands " the hands of Esaul, &c., and with all the “ forces of his strengths. And the judges an“ swered him, saying, • We can do

do nothing " without witnesses: when it is in the power 17705, i. e. to his Christianity.

† Gen. xxix. 26. I Ps. ci. 5; Levit. xix. 16; Jer. vi. 28. § Exod. xi. 8. || Gen. xxvii. 22, i. e. like a wolf in sheep's clothing. | Job. xxxvi, 19.




“ of thy hands to bring witnesses, we will fulfil “all thy desires.' And he went out to and fro, to “ seek witnesses of the men of Portugal, who were “then to be found in Rome, to inquire of them if “ they knew me; and he sought diligently, and “ found witnesses, and brought them into the

judgment-hall. And they wrote an accusation

to condemn me in judgment, and they called me “ before them, to know of me, how and what the

thing was, and upon what I claimed to be a Jew, “after having formerly belonged unto another

people, and moreover, because I preach to many “ concerning the law; which thing ought not to be “ done. Then I shewed unto them the security of

the pope, written and sealed, how he had given me power and permission to do according to


de“sire ; and no men should gainsay it in my hand. And they took the security from my hand with “ an overwhelming wrath, and went before the pope “ with a great anger, and said unto him, "Why “ doth anything like this proceed from thee? And “if thou pervertest the judgment, why hast thou “ made us judges?' And he returned them this

answer, 'I know it also; be silent, for I have a

secret with him; not that the right is so; but “ the time requireth it so.' And when the man “saw that he could not prevail against me, he

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“ took with him the first vision, which I sent to “ the Doctor Joseph Titsak*, the copy of the “ whole mattert, which was stolen, and he trans“lated it into the Nazarene languages, and shewed “ it to many cardinals that they might be ashamed, “ and blush at that which the pope suffered against

their own law; until the end of the words was, “ that because of their much enticing and urging, “ the pope gave permission unto the nobles of the

judgments, to do what the law requireth ; and “ unto me he said, “Stay thou with me here, lest “ the men who seek thy life should lay hold on “ thee. For being anxious about my honor, I “ have said, “Seize him, and burn him, for there “ is no deliverer.' And the most high God, for “ the sake of his mercies and loving-kindness

which have not ceased, caused to meet them a man in

my form and in my likeness, clothed in garments like mine, and they took him sud

denly, and hastened and burned him in fire. “ And they came unto the house of the pope,

saying, “The man in whose honor thou de

lightest is become a burning fire.' And I was “ hid in the most secret chambers. And when I “ came before him, he was surprized at the sight “ And he called the chief of the judges, and said,


+ Comp. Ecc. xii. 13. I The Italian.

.טיטסק IIere spelled *




""What deed hast thou done? Behold! there is • Rabbi Solomon with us, and thou hast burned “ another in his stead; and now, hasten and “ write in the judgment-place, that the man “ who was burned, had reviled and blasphemed, “ and cursed his king and his God, so that it may « not be known that he was burned instead of “ Rabbi Solomon, lest the world go astray after “ him.' And they hastened so to do. Then I said “ unto the pope,

· Thou hast already seen the “ stars with thine own eyes, according as I have told “ thee from the beginning, and thou knowest what “shall happen unto thee, according as these stars “shew, that weeping may endure for a night, but joy cometh in the morning*; send me away, I

pray thee, for I have no permission to stay any “ longer here upon trial.' And he dismissed me “ in peace, and I rode upon a swift horse in the

night, and with me a goodly company, sent by “ him. And all the things which I have related "unto you, ye will recognize, and know that

they are true, from the contents of the certificate “ of the heads of the congregations of Rome and “ the rabbanim, which I send unto you, and many “such and such thingst of the travail which hath “ come upon me; I am weary of writing them, for * Ps. xxxiii. 5. (Heb. 6.]

† 2 Sam. xii. 8.


“ no book can contain them. And also to spare “ the shame of the children of our people, lest I “ should uncover their shame and contempt, in all “ the abominations which they have done unto me:

peradventure ye shall hear part of them from “ the mouth of wayfaring men. And now, behold, I dwell here, and remain in this district to ex

pect the hour and time of which the Lord hath “ assured me to deal wonderfully with me accord‘ing to his desire and pleasure; and he will be “ with me, and keep me, according as he hath

helped me until now, and from him will my help come, to complete what is incumbent upon me

to do. For there is yet a vision for the appointed “ time*, and a time for every purposet, until the

Holy One, blessed be He, shall surely make “ known unto his people the power of his works; “ for surely, with power nd the works of the “ Lord were made in twenty-eight timesf; viz.--

833. (1.) “ First: A time to be born :- When the

Holy One (blessed be He!) had created heaven “ and earth, the world conceived, and bare the first

man, and the Lord blessed him, and left him in “ the garden of Eden, to keep his commandments :

* Hab. ii. 8.

† Eccl. iii. 1. See Eccl. chap. 3, where the word ny occurs twenty-eight times. as power, might, contains the number 28. J= 20,

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