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“ am I, that I should be taught a high matter

over which there is a watcher* ; if it was not by

thy good and great hand, to shew the good unto “ criminals which thou hast shewn me this day, “ not according to the work of mine hand, but ac

cording to thy righteousness, O living God, that I “ have seen what I have seen, and my soul is pre“ servedt; blessed be the Lord who sheweth good

ness unto debtors !'

831. “ And it came to pass, in the morning, “ when the dawn arosef, that I went unto the “ house of the commander of the camp, and “ took the clothes which I had left there. And as “ mine hands were weak, and my body was sorely

fatigued, I besought the Lord in my heart, that “ I might recognise a Jew man of the children of Israel among the Gentiles; and I placed myself “at the parting of the way where much people

pass by, and the Lord gave me according as it

was in my heart; and I called unto one of “ those that passed, and separated him from the “ rest of the people, and I asked him, “What is

thy name ?' And he said, “ Menachem. And I

said, “Are there rabbanim among you?' And “ he said, "There are.' And because he answered

† Gen. xxxii. 30.

* Namely, to guard its mystery. # Gen. xix, 15. Joshua vi. 15.



· Let me



“me with a feeble voice, I knew that they were
• not upright; and I said unto him,
“know their names, that I may know the good.'
And they were expressed by name from his

mouth; and I considered them, and behold,

among the number of their names, was a man, “ whose name was Judah, the son of the Rabbi “ Shabthi* (may his remembrance be for a bless“ing !) in whom I recognized that there was an“ cestorial piety for his salvation, and I said, or • Call him unto me;' and he called him, and he

And I said unto him, I am the servant “ of Solomon, who remaineth in the city of Pesaro “ with the duke of that city, and he sent me about “ his affairs. And behold, I am much fatigued “ from the way; therefore, bring me, I pray thee, “ into the house of one of the children of Israel, “ that he may give me bread and relisht to eat, “ to relieve my soulf. And he led me into the

synagogue, and commanded one of his ac

quaintance to honor me with all his power. “ And the slanderers knew my dwelling-place, “ and they slandered me unto judgment, and “ set watchmen at the gates of the city to lay o hold on me.

But because the pope was not in “ the country, I leaped over the wall of the city

.שבתי *

top i. e. obsonium, saporetto. See the Zemach David, of David de Pomis. Also the Kehilath Jahacob of Moreira, p. 63. :

Lam. i. 11. 16.





him passed

and went to meet him, and the horse was left in “ the city; and after I had secured myself, I “ went into the synagogue on the Sabbath-day, “ and waited until the time when the book of the “ law was brought out, for they were not aware of

my return; and I went up into the pulpit, and I began to preach on the verse, · Blessed is the

man that trusteth in the Lord *.' And so I did “ from Sabbath to Sabbath, from day to dayt. And this was my manner until I removed thence, “ for fear of the waters of the flood, accord

ing as it had been commanded me. And in those

days I heard them say that the prince David “ was come into Italy, and also

upon “ the cup of slandering from the wicked sons of our

people. And I purposed, that when I should see “his face he should teach me knowledge; but it

was the reverse of this, for he inquired of me. “ Yet I do not believe but that he is a very wise “ man; and when he saith, that he does not know “ the law and wisdom, it is only to steal the mind “ of the people, and also to see how I would behave “ towards him. And this being my intention, I “ was constantly with him, like the servant before “ his master. And when I was at Venice, whither “ I went to speak unto the printer, to print for me “ wonderful and deep things from the mysteries of “our holy law, to encourage every one that studies Jer. xvii. 7.

fi. e. Many succeeding Sabbaths.






“ therein; there was there a physician, and he

appeared in my sight as a man of faith, and his

name was Doctor Rabbi Jacob Mantin*, and he “ had strife with another physician, the son of an * Ephrathite, and his name was Doctor Elias

Chalphonf; and I would make peace between

them, but he would not. And he was minded “ to go to Rome, but I would not let him; when I told hini, that the day of their destruction by “ the waters of the flood was night, he went to “ another city, saying, “That he would not stay “ in a country with his enemies.' And when he saw that I had friendship with the physician “ aforesaid, he turned out an enemy toward me. “ And during these events, the flood was upon the “ land of Rome. And they said unto him, “Why “ doest thou recompense evil for good ?' He an“swered, that this knowledge was like the

knowledge of sorcerers; and he spake of me a “great many things before the government, to “ fulfil the saying of our rabbies of blessed me mory,

• The mustard burns the man who wrought “ the spoons. For had not the Lord been my .

, . # The famous inundation mentioned by Benvenuto Cellini in his Life, cap. xi., and by other cotemporary writers.

$ , sit artifex eo urit sinapi, scil. os artificis. Berach. fol. 28. 1. Sic opus noxium redit in caput artificis. Buxtorf, Lex. Talmud.

.מאנטין *

.a changer of money ,חלפון +

-Cochlear quod sculp ,כפא דחט נגרא בגוויה גשרף לחרדלא 8




“ help, they had almost done me wrong. And

by the hand of Jews, they gave me deadly “poison; but from that also the Lord delivered me. “ And after I was healed, I went to Rome, to ob“ serve the stars and their appearance, and before

they came, I told it all unto the pope, and to some “ of the cardinals belonging to the great of the court, " written in a letter. And I also wrote unto the

king of Portugal by the hand of his ambassador, “ for I spake to him in his chamber*. And when the

earthquake came, they marvelled much. And “ the ambassador said unto me, 'If the king had “ known before thou removedst from Portugal, that “thou art so very wise, he had given thee permis“sion to act by every law thou wouldst.' And

daily he and his servants honored me much at “ his house, and before the pope. And the cardinals “ held meetings upon meetings, and assemblies upon “ assemblies. When they beheld the honor be“ stowed upon me by the pope, some said, “ He “should be killed, because he has despised the “ waters of baptism which passed over him in Por

tugal;' and some said, “He should not be killed, “ for he is a very wise [78] man, and he told us

things to come ;' and they honored me before the “ multitude of the people with their words and “ their deeds. 832. “ And the report was heard by the wise

• i. e. A private audience.

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