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over, he heard the report of Lotric, the viceroy, who remained behind them; and he departed from the city, and turned back, and went to Brasilo*. And he passed the river Po, as far as Castel Maggiore. There they found the Swiss and the Germans who had brought Leo, the pope, to Italy. Then the Cardinal Giulio di Medicit (who is that Giulio whom they made pope after Adrian, and called his name Clement the Seventh), went to review his troops. Then were the generals of the army astonished at his acuteness, judgment, good counsel, and valor; so that they went at his bidding, and turned not to the right hand nor to the left. And the French also passed over the river Po, and went on to meet them, to fight against them; howbeit, the Swiss who were with Lotric, would not war against their brethren, and every one returned to his own house. Prospero, general of the armies of the emperor, went as far as Corte di Fera, and he met the horsemen of the French and their light-horse; and they were discomfited before him and fled.

604. And when the French saw this mighty host, and heard the divers tongues among them, they were afraid, and passed over the river Adda, to watch till the enemy should pass over ; but their hope was vain, for they are a nation void of

. + Julius de Medicis, the Chasmonite, "347"83 97 18957 punt.


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counsel. And Prospero stationed eight hundred Swiss in Caravaggio*, and went before them to Rivolta. And he gave command with subtlety to make a bridge across the Adda, that the people might pass over from afar off. Of all this the French knew nothing. Wherefore they turned back and went to Milan with the Venetians, and fortified it. Also, the French who were in the fortress, strengthened themselves much. And Prospero went on his way, and halted at Marignano, until the artillery came. And it came to pass, on the nineteenth day of the month of November, that they drew nigh unto the city, and went to the forts and set the battle in array against them; and much people died. And Lautric placed Teodoro Trivulzio at the gate, which is called Roman, to watch it; for he feared the men of the city; for he spilled the blood of their princes like water. But Teodoro was smitten before them, and they took him alive on that day. And the men of the city made a conspiracy against the French; for their soul was embittered against them. And during the night, they brought the army of the emperor and the pope into the city. And Prospero walked in its streets all the night, and spake kindly to the inhabitants of Milan, saying unto them. “ Fear not.” And the French

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gathered themselves together to the park*, which was a garden of the fortress, and deposited there all their vessels, and went to Como with the artillery, and set guards there. And it came to pass, after three days, that Prospero sent the marquess Pescara and much people of the Spaniards to Como; and they warred against it, and much people died. And they battered the walls, and cast them down to the ground. And when the French and the inhabitants of the city saw that they had no strength, they went out to the marquess, and he made with them a covenant for peace, and they gave the city into his hand. And it came to pass, when the Spaniards came into the city, that they plundered it, which displeased the marquess and Prospero very much, because that for fury and for wrath they did it.

605. Then Cremona revolted against the king; and Monsieur del Iscur, the brother of Lautrec, went thither with a mighty hand, and cast up trenches against it. Also, the French, who were in the fortress, proceeded with strength day and night; and the whole city was moved. And the French entered the city by the way of the tower, and set a watch therein.

606. And Prospero and the marquess of Mantua removed from Milan to go to Cremona, and lo! it

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was told them, that Leo, the pope, was dead, in the night of the first day of the month of December, in the year one thousand five hundred and twentyone; and their courage failed them, and they returned back. And it came to pass, whilst they were at Milan, that the nobles of Placentia gave their hand to the emperor, and they sent to Prospero for help; and he sent to them the Swiss who were at Caravaggio, and they abode there. And when the princes of Parma heard of it, they also gave hand to the emperor, and also sent thither warlike men, and the French no more returned to that place.

607. And the cardinals chose Adriano Fiamingo* to be pope, while he was in Spain, and he knew it not. And there was a plague at Rome, and in the places round about and throughout all Italy, in those days; and there was no town too high for itt, and much people died in the same three years. [V]

608. And Gasilif said, in the year when Selim, the Turk, died, “ I am free from the oath which I sware unto him;" and he exalted himself, saying, “ I will reign in all the land of Syria, for his son Solyman was not experienced in all this y.” And he made for himself chariots and horsemen, and

.באדריאנו פיאמינגו *

.גאזילי *

† i. e. Preserved from it.
§ i. e. In the art of war.



gathered to him the remnant of the escaped mamluks, and spake kindly to the princes of the Arabians, who also turned after him, and he exalted himself. And his words were with the priests who were at Rhodes. And he asked of them weapons and ships of war. And also to the viceroy, Kari Bey*, who was in Egypt, he sent, saying, “ This is the time to laugh, for the man is dead who sought our lives, and who spilled our blood like water: and now come on ; let us be wise in our hearts, lest he increase, for mine is the vengeance of a bloody house.” But Kari Bey trusted not Gasili, but gave command; and they slew the man whom he had sent to him. And to Solyman, the Turk, he sent, saying, “ These words spake thy servant unto me.”

609. And Gasili went and subdued Beyrout and Tripoli, and the cities and fortresses which belonged to the Turks, and they brought the inhabitants thereof down to the grave in blood.

610. And when Solyman heard the report of Gasili, he sent thither Paratt Pasha with a mighty hand; and Gasili hearing it, was greatly afraid and distressed, and returned to Damascus. But Parat proceeded on his journey and encamped over against the city. And Gasili went out against him

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