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* (" he spake unto his lad Run 79* ;') when about “ the middle of the night, a deep sleep fell

upon met, and behold, the old man, whom “I had seen before in a vision, came unto “me and said, “My son, I am come to make “ thee understand what will happen unto the na“ tions in the midst of whom thou art. Come with “me unto the ruins of Jerusalem, where thou wast • at first.' And he took me, and led me unto a

place of two mountains, which are in the plea“ sant land, between Mount Zion and Jerusalem, “ and between Zephaths and Damascus; for I “ had already seen them in a vision long ago, and “ their likeness is upon my seal above the two “ lameds which are in my nameş and surname|| ; “ for from the day I had seen them, I put them

* Rabbi Joseph quotes here 1 Sam. xx. 36, p? inga? Nay, but P7 is the only word which contains the number.

[blocks in formation]

290 + 5000 = 5290 = A.D. 1529, See ante, p. 154, note.

+ Comp. Job iv. 13.

# nas specula, a rad. 123 " And Judah went with Simeon his brother, and they slew the Canaanites that inhabited Zephath, and utterly destroyed it. And the name of the city was called Hormah.” Jud. i. 17. § Salomo.

|| Molcho, or as Jost writes: Malchu. VOL. II.






upon my seal for a sign. And the right one of “ these two mountains, which is over against Ze

phath and Damascus, is the smaller; and the left one, which is over against Mount Zion and Jerusa

lem, is the larger. And as we were there, he “ made me to stand upon my feet upon the top of “ the right mountain, and said unto me, · Lift up “ thine eyes, I pray thee, towards the left moun“ tain, and tell me what thou seest.' And I said, “I see a man clothed in white raiment, in whose “ hands are the balances, and above him, a man “who is greater than he, clothed in linen, whiter “ and costlier than that which I saw first. And the

man in whose hands were the balances was upon “ the top of the mountain, and above him the second

man, according as it had been in the first vision; “ and as I spake with him, the mountains ap

proached one unto the other, and the taller man “ was left between the earth and the heavens above “ our heads. And as I was upon the smaller moun

tain, the legs of the man who was upon the top “ of the left mountain lengthened, until my

head “ was between his knees. And the old man said “unto me, “ Open thy mouth, and thou shalt

speak unto him, and ask him what will be the judgment of the nation, whence I have taken “ thee.' I said unto him, “How can the servant of my Lord speak with this, my lord, since I





am unworthy? for what am I, and what is my

life, or what is the righteous and upright work “ of mine hands, that I should come and intrude

• myself to ask from before the face of my lord, a “ small or a great thing?' But the man said unto

* Fear not, peace be unto thee, my son; “ ask of me, and I shall give it*, for therefore am “ I come.' And I bowed down and worshipped “ with my face toward the ground. And I said,

To-day thy servant knoweth that I have found “ favor in the sight of my lord; I pray, let my lord

speak in the ears of his servantt, and tell me the judgment of the nation, among whom I was upon the bridge.' And he answered and said

unto me, . This is the book in which is written “ what shall happen in time to come, because of all “ the evil which is done. Speak unto the old “ man, and he will tell it unto thee.' And he

gave the book into the hand of the old man, and “ who would gives that I had permission to write “ the vision of that book! And he read therein, “and he gave it back unto the man, and the man “ said unto him, “Go, and tell the young man “ who is with thee what thou hast read.' And “ he took me by the hand, and said, “Let us go

* Ps. ii. 8.

+ Gen. xliv. 18.
I i. e. Would that I had liberty to write, &c.




“ to the place where thou stoodst;' and we went “ unto the bridge, and I sat down in my place as “at the first. And as I was there, I lifted


mine eyes, and saw a great beast, and her likeness “ was that of a winged fowl of many colors,

flying over the earth. And it came up from “ the salt sea, and rested upon the citadel which “ is on the river side. And I said unto the old

man, • What is this, my lord ?' And he said “ unto me, · This is the mother of the great sea“ monsters which sitteth in the cities of the sea, “ whose name is C'rum*, which causeth vilenesst to the sons of men, and she receiveth strength “ from the end of all fleshf; and when this bird “ removeth, the windows of the heavens are

opened, and the rains come on all the places “ over which she hovers. And were it not for the “ covenant, which God hath made between him

* The Rabbi makes a name of the word in Ps. xii. 8. (Heb. 9). 017 fuligo. Berach, fol. 6. 2. legitur : est quædam avis in urbibus maritimis, 190 01731, et Kerum nomen ejus est, quæ quando sol oritur mutatur in varios colores. Præterea est lapidis pretiosi nomen, cæruleam vel vel aquæ marinæ colorem referentis, unde vocatur NO: 1,7? Turcicus marinus Thalassius. Chrysolitum, Septuaginta reddunt. Legitur pro Hebræo 2, Exod. xxviii. 20. Forte est Amethystus. Extat et Esth. viii. 15.” Buxtorf Lex. Chald. Talmudicum et Rabbinicum, s. v. 07).

I i. e. This bird feeds upon dead carcasses.

זלות +




“self and all flesh, when they were sinners on the

earth, the world would return into nothingness*. “ And as I stood, I saw again the likeness of a “ small bird, in fashion like unto the first, of a “ white color, exceedingly beautiful. And it went “out from the great ocean, and rested above its

fellowt, the other bird ; and I said, “What is

this, my lord ? and he said unto me, .This is “ the beast of the field], which sitteth upon “ the wonderful rocks which are sunk in the “ deep; whence issue sweet showers, and rains “ of blessing and life, and every good thing. And there the birds make their nests, that there

might be deliverance on earth, and to satisfy

man with fruit of the work of God. It is con“stantly against the fowl, which cometh up from “ the salt sea to break her strength; and under “ both of them are smaller and greater animals. “ And at the time when God judges, the one

becometh lower, and the other higher; when “ he judgeth with justice, the smaller is lowered; “ and when with mercy, the greater is lowered. “ But now they both are lifted up, to work out

righteousness and judgment; righteousness to “ Israel ; and judgment to all the nations: for the * unn, chaos.

+ Companion. I '70 may mean either field or Almighty ; but field in Ps. viii. 8; 1. 11; lxxx. 14,

§ Ps. civ. 17.

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