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And the number of the soldiers whom Solyman brought with him, were three hundred thousand men, and thirty thousand bearers of burdens and tillers of the ground*. And of all the languages of the uncircumcised, there went with him about eight thousand men, and in the midst of them four hundred Italians, all men of valor : and he loved them much.

816. And when the emperor heard it, he went to Ratisbon, and gathered a host, also horsemen in Italy and Germany, and he went the way of the river Danube in ships unto Lientz; and he abode there several days. And he removed thence, and went the way of the river unto Vienna before they came, and spake unto his brother the king of Hungary; and Antonio Leyva [8] went thither also, with the rest of the princes of the host, and they fortified themselves. And they gathered all the men of battle, and his camp increased much. And they encamped in Vienna, and its environs, in those days. And most of the nobles of Italy and Germany, and the pope, and the

ships of Solyman, which were in the Grecian sea, to bring him back from Hungary; for his fear had fallen upon them*. And the hand of the Lord was upon Genoa at that time. And a fire was kindled in the gunpowder which was near the palace, and the houses which were round about fell down; and the whole city was shaken because of thems. And there died under the ruins about twenty-five souls of men, besides those who were slain on that day, which was the third daył, on the second of the month of July two hundred and ninety-two, and the men of the city were greatly astonishedş; it was not known who kindled it.

818. And Andrea Doria, by command of the emperor and of the pope, departed from Genoa with all his ships, at the end of the fifth month||, and went to Sicily to carry off the soldiers whom they had hired there for marching. They thence departed, and went to Greece, and during several days besieged Coron, which is on the uttermost part of the borders of Greece. And the Turks who were in the midst thereof delivered it into his hand, on the day of Hosanna Rabbas, of the year two hundred * Est. ix. 23.

| Ruth i. 19. In or, i. e. Tuesday. $ Gen. xliii. 53.

|| Ab, i. e. August. 1177 7017, the 21st of September, the last day of the Feast of Tabernacles, next in importance to the 71227 0, or Day of Atonement. The name originated from the word opwin salva quæso, at the commencement of most prayers for that day.

Venetians, helped the emperor; but the king of France helped him not in that war.

817. Then Andrea Doria, by the emperor's command, prepared seamen to fight against the



* 770777 '70W, probably miners.

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and ninety-three; and they made a covenant with them ; and there were saved by that covenant the Turks only with their children, and all their goods; and there, at that time, the Jews were given up to be plundered; and because of their sins, they went captive before the oppressor*, and there was no deliverer for them; and this cruel

oppressor divided them among the troops. According to the deeds of his hand, requite him, O Lord !

819. They went also to Patras, and took it, and took great spoil, and cannons in multitudes. And the Jews also, of whom there was a great congregation in that place, went captive on that day before the oppressor.

And some of them were ransomed in Zante, but the rest were sold for slaves and handmaidens, into Sicily, Naples, and Genoa; and into all places whither the fleet went : some of them the congregation of Italy ransomed for the full money. May the Lord remember this to them for good, and plead their cause !

820. Also to Avellinot went those sinful meni to make spoil; and there went out against them the men of the city, Turks and uncircumcised, and slew them with the edge of the sword; and there fell there about three hundred men, And the rest were gathered into the ships; and their life

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was a prey unto them. The Lord is a God of vengeance.

821. And Solyman heard the report of the emperor, and that much people were gathered together at Vienna, and he changed his mind and returned back, and turned unto Vienna the back and not the face; and it came to pass, while they were in Terra Nova, that Micalogilif Pasha said unto the king, “ Let thy servant go into the countries of these uncircumcised to make spoil;" and he said unto him, “ Go in peace.” And the man went, and fifteen thousand horsemen with him. And they ran unto Lientz, which is on the other side of Vienna, and destroyed every goodly part thereof. And it came to pass, when they returned, that about two thousand horsemen went out against them, Hungarians and Croatians, and four thousand Germans, and four hundred Spaniards, raisers of bulwarkst, who shut up their way. And the Spaniards fell upon them first, and set the battle in array against them; and there fell one hundred Spaniards, and five hundred Germans at that time slain unto the ground : and the battle ceased. And Micalogili feared ; and he chose two hundred horsemen, and said unto the men of war, “ Be

.מיקלונילי +

* Ps. xciv. 1.
I nibbio '910, sappers ; comp. 2 Sam. xx. 15.



strong and of good courage *; be not afraid of them, for God hath given them into our hand : and I and my men, we will go on the other side of the river ; and we will turn round and take them in the midst, and will fight against them before and behind.” And he passed the river, and they fled before them, and he returned unto the camp; and the rest fought until sunset, and many fell slain to the ground; and many were taken alive on that day.

822. And Solyman returned unto Turkey; for he could not remain, because of the dreadful cold which is in the north country, and because he heard the report of Coron and Patrast.

823. And when the emperor saw that Solyman was gone from him, he sent the troops, every man unto his own home. And when the Italians returned back, they destroyed, laid waste, and burned with fire all the cities through which they passed in Germany; for Charles had given them no money, and their soul was embittered against thems. And the emperor sent to speak to their heart, but they would not hearken, for they were hungry and grieved in soul; and they listened not to the voice of the teachers. S

* Deut. xxxi. 6. Josh. i. 9. + See pages 145, 146. I i. e. The emperor and his subjects.

s 'n bp yow x59, i. e. they became mutinous against their commanders.



824. A Jew-man, whose name was David, came from a distant country of India unto the court* of the king of Portugal in those days, and said unto him, “I am a Hebrew, and I fear the Lord, the God of heavent; and my brother, the king of the Jews sent me unto thee, O king, for help; and now, be a helper unto us, and we will go to war against the Turk Solyman, and will take the Holy Land from his hand.” And the king said unto him, “ Be thy coming with peace;

and now go, I will send thee unto the high priests; and whatsoever he shall say, I will do.” And he went out from him, and abode in Lisbon several days. And the forced Christiansø believed his words. And each said unto his neighbour.

• He is our deliverer, for God hath sent him ;” and they gathered themselves unto him, and honored him much. And the man departed thence, and passed through Spain; and in all the places through which he passed, many flowed unto him of those who were scattered there; and he was unto them a stumbling-block. And he passed over to France and went unto Avignon. And he departed thence, and came to Italy; and he made banners of

* Jyo, gate, porte, comp. Ottoman Porte. + Jonah i. 9. # The patriarch of Lisbon.

$ D'DWX7, the compelled ones, i.e. Jews who had been driven by the inquisition into an outward conformity with ecclesiastical


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