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the Lord is just, and Rome became very poor

in those days. And it was told me that there died not one of the children of Israel, the mercy of the Lord being upon them, except one old woman; may her rest be glorious ! It was the finger of God.

802. And in Flanders also, the Lord fulfilled his wrath in the year five thousand two hundred and ninety-one, and he caused to rain upon them an overwhelming rain, whose like never was; the waters covered their heads, I said, “ They are cut off.” And much people of them fell on the second day of the month of November, one thousand five hundred and thirty; and as to the cattle which perished, there was no number.

803. In those days there was a great storm at Lisbon, in Portugal; and all the people trembled, and they feared a great fear; and they said, “We must all die."

804. Then the councillors of Genoa sent messengers to Francis, king of France, to call for peace, and to fall down before his feet, and to speak concerning the rebellion which they had rebelled against him ; but he hardened his heart, and forgave them not. And they abode at Paris many days, and returned unto Genoa on the fourth month, in the year one thousand five hundred and thirty-one. And all the merchants

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of Genoa, as they returned, the king of France drave entirely out from his country.

805. In that year came a Turk, a man of Belial, and spake to the heart of the grand-master of Rhodes*, and to his brother, saying, Arise, let us go unto Modon, and let us make a breach for us therein, for the land is very good. And ye are quiet; be not idle to go, and I will give the tower into your hand; and as ye come, ye will come to a quiet and secure people, and these, God has given unto you; why do ye tarry.” And it came to pass, one day, that they hearkened unto the voice of that man, and sent thither a ship bearing wine; and in the lowest part of the ship about eighty men. And the ship came securely into the haven of Modon, and six galleys which they had came after her, no man knew of their coming. And there went upon the first vessel some of the Turks, of the watchers of the city, and they asked at random, for they prophesied and then ceasedt, Are there here any Nazarene dogs ?” And they said, No; we are true ment; the ship bears wine, as much as she can carry; behold, and see. And they gave them to eat and to drink, as much as their soul desired, until their



* The knights of St. John retained the title of Rhodes after their expulsion. +

# Gen. xlii. 11.

.בטגעון 4




hearts were merry with wine; and they became drunken with them* at that time. The wine was yet in their throat; and the man who spake to them, slew the post-captain of the Turks, who was on the citadel. And he gave the signal, and the men who were in the ship went out swifter than the leopards, and stronger than the lions. And they slew the watchers of the gate with the edge of the sword, and they came into the city of Modon upon that quiet and secure people, according as he had told them. And they slew all whom they met in the markets and in the streets with the edge of the sword; and their wives and their children, and all their property they plundered, and there was none to deliver from their hands, for they were terrified before them. And when the thick smoke ascended from the houses which they burned with fire, the galleys came, even those which were at a distance of ten miles, as an eagle flieth. And they came against the city with two hundred men, and filled also their hands with their swords devouring flesh, and their arrows were drunken with blood; and they stretched their hand unto the spoil. And many of the inhabitants of the city fled at their voices, and were put to flight by the sword, and stayed not; for they knew not whence this great evil came unto them.

* Gen. xliv. 34.




And many gathered themselves into the palace which was in the midst of the city, whose doors were of brass; and they fortified themselves there, and their lives were unto them a spoil. And it came to pass, at eventide, that two thousand Turks riding on horses gathered themselves, and came also into the city with anger, and with wrath, and with a great noise; and the earth was rent at their voice. And the uncircumcised fled before them, and they gathered themselves unto the ships with the spoil and the plunder; there were not missed of them more than twenty-five men. And the captives, whom the ships could not carry, they slew with the edge of the sword. And they returned unto Malta, which the emperor gave

them to dwell in, [60] after their expulsion from Rhodes, to abide there. And the wrath of Solyman was greatly kindled against them, and against those who joined them. And of the children of Israel, there was not taken even one, for when they heard their voice they filed unto the mountain ; and their lives were unto them a prey. Only their riches and all their property the men of Modon plundered, for they were oppressors unto them.

806. And Louise of Savoy*, the mother of the king, died on the seventeenth day of October, in the year one thousand five hundred and thirty-one.

.אלוסיה מסאבוייא



And she was buried at Paris, without the city; and the king wept over her, and honored her greatly.

807. And Solyman would return to war against Vienna, and he commanded Zay*, the chief of his armament at sea; and his ships went out from the haven of Constantinople on the second day of the month of May, one thousand five hundred and thirty-one, with joy and with singing, with tabrets and high-sounding trumpets; and the earth was rent at the noise of the cannons. And their number was fifty light galleys, and sixty heavy ones; and they went to the coast of Corfu, for so the king had commanded him, and they met there the rest of the galleys, and they were one in the hand of Zayt.

808. And the Sofi, king of Persia, sent messengers unto him, and they spake to him on the sixth of the month; and Ibrahim Pasha went with them to accompany them.

809. And they went into the high place on the tenth of the month, and paid the bullocks with their lips. And they blessed the great banner, which is the banner of Mohammed : and they brought it into the palace with gladness, and with

+ i. e. They were united under his command. # Hosea xiv. 3, offered the calves of their lips : i. e. They offered the sacrifice of prayer.

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