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776. And the pope sent also Alessandro Vitello* and his men, to watch the road. For there stood the priest of Parmat, and it happened that he killed every one that passed by. And the report was heard at Florence, and they put it into their hearts to go out over the rest of the camp suddenly. And Stefano Colonna went out in the darkness of the night, and seized the guard and fell upon them suddenly, and slew among them with great slaughter. And all the people trembled, and arose from their sleep, and they gave the signal for battle. And the chiefs of the host went to the prince, and he sent them one hither and one thither, where the storm was; the men went and remained upon their ward. And Stefano Colonna placed the artillerymen upon their ward, and they took the fords; and the battle waxed strong at that time. And when Maria Orsino saw that the men of the emperor had compassed Stefano Colonna, they put fire into the two cannons, as he commanded; and Ottaviano Signorelloş, and the nobles who were with him, went out to his help; and the war increased, and their voice was heard from afar.

777. And when the prince heard it, he ran also with his sword drawn in his hand, and they fought

.אליסאנדרו ויטולו

† . # 10 ind, to surround, to encompass.

.פארפה * .סינייורילו 8




from one end of the camp unto the other, and much people died; and the earth shook at the voice of the sons of death. And Malatesta saw that the men who went out of the city had filled their hands. He sounded the trumpet; and when the men heard it, they returned into the city with subtlety. And the prince wondered much; and he commanded, and they fortified the camp round about, lest they should come out once more against them.

778. And it came to pass, one day, that Hercules Rangon*, the chief of the host of Florence, encamped against Fizaolot, and in the midst of it were fifty horsemen. And it came to pass, as they were fighting, that the Don Peros, with one thousand five hundred men came to their assistance. When they drew nigh to the city, they made a noise with tabrets, and shouted with highsounding trumpets; and Hercules trembled and went off from the city, and Pero pursued after them, but they had set up an ambush against him, and they fell upon him suddenly, and much people died. And Pero fled on foot into the Florentine tower, and thirteen of his host were taken alive. And the report was heard in Florence, and all the people of the country were glad; and two of the

.ראנגון •

.פצאולו +

I 179.




chiefs of their hosts went to fortify the walls, and the artillerymen* shot, and brought them down with blood to the grave; and their joy turned into mourning at that time. And they buried them in their coats, and honored them much,

779. In that day, the men of Florence chose Malatesta, and gave him the great banner; and he was to them a head, and a Satan. In those days, Don Vitellot destroyed and broke the power of the priest of Parmas, under the tower of Montechiog; and they gave the city into his hand, and pursued after him, and they warred the second time; and they made peace between themselves, and the priest returned not to war any


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780. And when Pero|| heard that the men of Florence were at Forcolil, he went there. And they went out against him and fell before him; and twenty-five men were taken alive. And they said, “Send us free; and we will send twenty-five men of those who are in the hand of Hercules Rangon** in our stead ;” and this was pleasing in his sight: and they did so.

781. And it came to pass, on the 'morrow, that

,ויטילו +

.פירו |

D'912, archers; here probably artillerymen or gunners.

$ .
. ** .

.פרפה *

.פורקולי |

,מונטיקיו 6 .אירקוליש ראנגון *


Pero returned to war with Palæa*, and his men fell slain to the ground; but Pero and the rest fled for their lives, and he returned into the camp.

782. And the men of Florence went out to hew wood; and the prince fell upon them suddenly, and they arrayed a battle there, and much people died; and the hewers of the wood fled, and the rest returned into the city.

783. And the nobles of Florence gathered four thousand men of the inhabitants of the city exercised in war, and Stefano Colonna was at their head. And the bishop of Faenza came to speak unto Malatesta in the name of the pope, in those days: and it came to pass, when he came, that the nobles of Florence envied him, and said to him, Why is this man come to thee; let us know his speech.” And he said, To make

peace with us, he came ; fear not.” But it seemed evil in their sight; and they trusted Malatesta, the chief captain of their host, no more. And he feared also, and from that day forward went no more into the palace; for he was afraid for his life. And he went to dwell on the other side of the river, in the Roman gate, opposite the camp; and it came to pass, that this gate, and three gates





which were close to it, were in his hands until the day the land came into captivity. And Malatesta went not unto war all those days, saying, “I fear, lest mischief would befall me, and I shall be unto the city a stumbling-stone.” And he went after the lusts of his heart, and turned not himself to the words of the nobles in those days.

784. And Alessandro Vitello went to give back the royal cities under the government of the Medici, and he reached Volterra* at eventide, and said to them, Give ye also this city into the hand of the Medici, according as the rest of the cities have done through which I passed, and ye shall eat the good of your land.” And they returned unto him an answer, saying, . It is better for us to die upon the walls, than that we should serve one of the merchants of the city.” And all the captains were in the midst thereof at that time, besides the soldiers. And Francesco Corso was at the head over them; and he spake hard things unto them, and he turned and passed over, and went with San Dalmaziot, and he took those cities; and Fabricio Marataof came also, and they encamped the second time against Volterra; and they betrayed the city into their hands. And

.סאן דאלמאציאו +

.פאבריציאו מאראטאו *

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