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came into the city; and the men of Vienna received him with gladness.

757. And the emperor went to Bologna, which is in Lombardy, on the fifth day of the month of November, in the year five thousand two hundred and ninety; and also the Pope Clement of Medici went thither; and the nobles of Bologna received them with gladness, and honored them much. And they bowed one to another, and greeted each other, and rejoiced in love in those days. And they took also sweet counsel together, and the emperor vowed to Clement to bring back himself and the men of his family into Florence, as before; and the pope was very glad.

758. And they sent men to war against Florence, for its people had stiffened their neck; and they besieged it many days; and the nobles of Florence fortified the city round about, and the night was to them for watching, and the day for labor; and Malatesta Baglioni* was the head over them, and they brought into the city about eight thousand Italians, and fortified themselves strongly. And the men who warred against Florence were about fifteen thousand, and the prince of Oranget was the head over them. And they gathered themselves, first by Ispilof, and warred against it; and Juan d’Urbinog, the chief captain of the Spanish

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host, died : and the Prince Leon delivered Florence from their hand that time.

759. And it came to pass, after some days, that they delivered the city into their hand, and made a covenant with them; and they went away free with their property. And the men of the emperor warred against Cortona, and the besieged gave this city also into their hand, and went their way. And also Rizo* was given into their hand (and the imperialists weariedt not their hand on it) but they made a covenant with them.

760. And the prince of Orange, the chief of the host, drew nigh unto the city, and the city was invested. The host of the pope encamped also against Scarparias, and there was no peace for him that came out, nor for him that went in, at that time. And they warred against Florence fifteen days, day after day.

761. And the nobles of Florence put soldiers into Pratos and Pistoia, and fortified those cities; and they remained on their ward many days.

762. And Francesco Sforza, the duke of Milan, went to cast himself down before the emperor when he was at Bologna; and the emperor accepted his person, and restored him unto his former office.

,ריצו .סקארפאריאה *

+ i. e. Rizo surrendered without resistance. .

$ .

.פראטו 8




And he gave to the emperor nine hundred thousand denari of gold; and Lombardy was quiet, except that Sforza surveyed the country to give the gold by command of the emperor, every one according to his taxation : he extorted the silver and the gold of the people of the land to give it to the emperor; and Lombardy became very poor. 763. Then the men of Venice made


with the emperor; and the law was given at Venice at that time. And when one of the eunuchs of the Turk Solyman saw that they had made peace, he returned to his master into Turkey, and told him what was done in Italy; and the Turk was very wroth.

764. And in the year five thousand and two hundred and ninety after the smaller date, which is the year one thousand five hundred and thirty, the hand of the Lord was against Genoa, to disturb and destroy them. And a fire was kindled in Genoa, and devoured in one [72] night eleven galleys, and who kindled it was not known ; and all the city was moved, and their faces gathered blackness. It was a night of bitterness to them; that night was the night of the third day*, the twenty-second of February; and the nobles trembled much.

765. And on the twenty-fourth day of the month of February, the pope and his cardinals,

* i. e. Tuesday, ", DI', the third day of the week.




and nobles, unanimously assembled themselves at Bologna which is in Lombardy, and none disturbed them. And they set the imperial crown upon the head of Charles, the son of Philip, the son of Maximilian, after their manner* in the high place of San Petronius, as the emperor's soul desired. And the pope and the nobles of Italy, and Spain, and Germany, honored the emperor much on that day, and they went out from the high placet with gladness, rejoicing. And the emperor helped the pope to mount his horse, and he would have gone before him on foot, but the pope declined ; so the emperor rode also, and they went both together through the streets of the town. And as for the priests and the nobles who walked behind them, the first-born went according to his birthright, and the youngest according to his youthf; they were numberless. And there walked before the emperor, the Marquess Montferrat, with the golden sceptre in his hand; and the duke of Urbino, with bis sword drawn in his hand; and the duke of Bavariaş, with a globe|| in his hand, and the duke

* i. e. The manner of the Christians.
t i. e. Cathedral.
I i. e. Every one according to his rank; Gen. xliii. 33.

. || 997, i. e. The apple of the empire belonging to the regalia

.באבירה 8

of the German emperors.

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of Savoy*. And after them went two cardinals; and they had with them sacks filled with coins of gold and silver; and they scattered them as they passed through the markets, and the streets : and all the people of the land were glad. And they returned every man to his house. And it happened, when the emperor reached the open place of the city, they put fire into the ramst, and discharged the guns; and the earth was rent at the sound. And the emperor came into his house; and they sat down to eat bread, and he made a very great banquet; and what was left of the meat and bread they cast out through the windows; and all the people were glad, and said, “ Let the emperor live for ever!”

766. And had it not been for the mercies of the Lord, which never fail, the Jews would have been soon given up to pillage on that day. For the men of the emperor gaped with their mouths, hissed and gnashed with their teeth against them; but the Lord delivered them.

767. And the emperor and the pope abode at Bologna some days; and the emperor said, that he would make Alessandro di Medici duke of Florence; and they parted one from another. And the pope returned to Rome, and the emperor

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