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until they came.

And he fled into the midst of the city, for his house was close to the wall, and they shut the gates of the city, and spoiled his house; yea, they left no gleaning at that time. While they were yet fighting at the entrance of the gate, there came ships from Spain bearing soldiers, and he was to them for

eyes. 733. And the French returned to Lombardy, for they were afraid of them, and abode in Alessandria, and Novi and its villages, many days. And the Spaniards who came from Spain pursued after them, and abode in Botavio*, and Saravallet, all the days of that wintert. And it came to pass, in the month Abib, that they went through by-ways towards Milan with the aid of Antonio Leyva; and they sojourned there.

734. In those days, in the year one thousand five hundred and twenty-nine, the armies of the king were gathered together again, with the Venetians and Duke Francesco in the beginning of the barleyharvest. And they arose to march towards Milan, and Saint Pol, the commander of the king's army, divided the people who followed him into two bands; and the Count Guido of Anjous, the first commander of the host, went before him, and Saint

.בטיאויר *

.שאראבאלי + .גווידו דאנגון 8

.הסתיו *






Pol marched behind with the artillery. And he marched heavily*, for the wheels of the great cannon came off, and the count knew nothing of it, and they put a space between drove and drovet. And Antonio Leyva came out against them with the soldiers who were with him, and he pursued after them all the night, and the imperialists came up with the French near Adriano; and he said, “ This is the time to laugh, for they are confounded before my face.”

735. And they fell upon them suddenly, and slew them, and dashed them to pieces; and Monseigneur Saint Pol was taken alive, and they brought him to Milan, and his men they slew with the edge of the sword; and all their property, with the cannons, they took as spoil. And when the Count Guido heard it, he turned into Pavia, he and all the people who were with him; and the Duke of Urbino, the chief captain of the host of the Venetian lords, marched to Casanof, and fortified themselves there.

736. And the marquess of Saluzzi had three brothers; the name of the first was Jean Louis and the name of the second was Monsignore Francesco, and the name of the third was Gabriel; and Jean Louis turned after the emperor; and his mother bound him when he was at

Exod xiv. 25.

† Gen. xxxii. 16.

.קאסאן *




Doil*, and set a watch over him : and it came to pass, when the men of Saluzzi heard that his brother was dead, they brought him out of the pitt, and made him king over them. And it came to pass, when he was scarcely come out, that he put his mother into the same pit in which he had sitten, and sought to slay her; but the people delivered his mother, and she returned unto the cities of Gascony, even to her native country. And the king sent to call Jean Louis, and his brethren. Francesco was chief captain of the king's host in Asti, in those days; and Jean Louis went to France confidently, but the king bound him and set a watch over him, and his allowance was a continual allowance given him of the king, a daily rate for every day. And Francesco, his brother, went to Saluzzi, and they shut the gates against him, and they could not speak peaceably with him. And he commanded, and they battered its walls; but they would not hearken unto him, unless his elder brother should go out free. And Jean Louis, the priest, went out free; and the men of the city received Francesco as prince over them.

737. And Andrea Doria went to Spain with his cruizing ships, to bow himself before the emperor,


+ 912, subterranean prison. Gen, xxxvii. 28.

# 2 Kings, xxv. 30.




and to bring him to Italy. And the emperor and the nobles honored him.

738. And it came to pass, in the fifth month, that the hosts of the men of Genoa, and the hosts of the emperor went against Novi, which is on the borders of Genoa, and is accounted their country*. And their number was about six thousand men; and in the midst of Novi were about five hundred men, in the name of the king, at that time, and they brought up against it rams of brasst, and the men of the city feared greatly. And when its inhabitants saw that evil was determined against them, [29] they went out to sue for peace, and made a covenant with them on the thirteenth day of the month Ab; and Novi belonged to the men of Genoa unto this day. The men of Tortona also trembled for fear and called to them for they set in the midst of Tortona men of valor in the name of the emperor at that time.

739. In those days, Andrea Doria sat in the gates of the emperor at Barcelona, which is in the kingdom of Catalonia, and the king loved him much. And he went down with him to the sea into ships with all his nobles and servants going to Italy, and ten thousand men with him. And they came to the borders of Genoa in the sixth month,

peace: and

Artillery. † The king of Spain ; i. e. The emperor Charles,

I i. e. Novi is in the territory of Genoa.




in the year one thousand five hundred and twentynine, and remained at Savona several days. And the men of Genoa made a great bridge* upon the sea, fifty cubits long and fifteen cubits broad, and they covered it with white, green, and red coverings; and the beginning of the bridge was like a great gatet, ornamented with artists' work, and they did the same in two wide places of the city. There was not the like made in Genoa, since she became a nation.

740. And on the twelfth day of the month of August, they reached Genoa, and the sound of their rams of iron and brass shook the earth, and the fulness thereof; and their smoke went up towards heaven, and it covered the eye of the sun, which withdrew its shinings all that day; and the earth was rent at their voice. And the emperor Charles, the son of Philip, the son of Maximilian, went upon the bridge, and the nobles of the city and her elders received him, and they honored him much. And in the city of Genoa was splendor and gladness, and they came with him into the palace; and he resided there several days.

741. And the emperor, and the King Francis, and the king of England, made peace; and the king of Hungary, and the king of Portugal, and

* A sort of pier.


+ A triumphal arch.
§ Joel ii. 10.

.מצוייר *

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