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IV. The connection between the believer's character and duty; or

between receiving Christ, and walking in hin, opened, 91
The connection viewed with the context,

92 How the parts of the text stand connected,

g6 The order of the connection confidered,

ibich Why there must be a receiving before a walking in Chrift,

97 Why there should be a walking in him after the reception

of him, V. The application of the subject, in a variety of uses,

106 Use 1. For information, to instruct us in some precious truths, 107 Use 2. For reproof, to convict us of fome errors, both doctrinal and practical,

Six doctrinal errors refuted,

117, 125
Ten practical errors reproved;
Use 3. For examination, to try our faith and obedience,

Faith, as it receives Christ, tried,
How faith is wrought by the Spirit,

How it was acted when Christ was received,

134 Gospel-obedience, as a walking in Christ, tried, 140 By the feripture qualities of it,

141 By the gospel provision for it,

143 Use 4. For exhortation, to excite and direct us both to receive and walk in Christ,

(1.) Unbelievers exhorted to receive Chrift,

1. Who may be denominated unbelievers,
Twelve signs of unbelief,

2. Six motives to persuade to receive Christ,

161 Eight considerations to engage thereto,

164 An eight-fold generation who reject bin,

168 Eight blessings received along with Christ,

171 Four evil things received by the rejecters of him, 175 The malignity of unbelief in rejecting Christ, 178 Its finfulness, in six particulars,

Its hurtfulness, in four particulars,

The excellency of faith in receiving Christ,
3. Directions offered exciting to receive Christ, 196
The sad state these are in without him,

The right use of the means of faith to be studied,
The obstructions of faith to be removed,
Six of these iinpediments mentioned,

Four things unbelief induces to build on,

205 The art of pleading for grace to receive Christ, 206 Six things that may be pled,

ibid. 4. Ten objections removed against receiving Christ, (2.) Believers exhorted to walk in Christ,

224 Eight considerations offered for clearing this walk,

225 Ten properties and qualities of this way,



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Molives and persuasives to walk in Christ,

258 Ten concoinitants fhewing the excellency of this walk, ibid. The effe&ls of the walk, pointing out the neceffity of it, 264 Arguments exciting to a Christian walk,

ibid. The glory of God, Father, Son, and Spirit,

ibid. The advantage of man,

269 The credit of the gospel,

274 Directions in order to walking in Christ,

277 The impediments that hinder it to be avoided,

ibid, Ten of these mentioned,

277,-280 Let every action in life be a stepping in this way,

281 Improve the means that tend to advance it,


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The Main Question of the Gospel Catechism, What


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Mat. xxii. 42. IVbat think ye of Christ?

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" } 301-314, 384

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After an introduction to the words, the connection traced, the occasion

of propounding the question afcertained, the words themselves divided, explained, their emphasis pointed out, and the scope of them fummed up in a doctrinal proposition, the following general heads of method

are illustrated, vis. 1. Some general remarks premised for clearing the doctrine, 295 II. The import of the question pointed out,

301 J. Objectively, with respect to Christ, in twelve

· particulars,
2: Actively, with respect to the act of thinking,

384 3. Forinally, respecting the quality of the act,

324 4. Subjectively, respecting the persons to whom the question is put, 329 III. The reasons of the doctrine alligned, why this is the leading question in the Christian Catechism,

336 IV. The application of the point, in a variety of uses,


344 Uje 1. For information, in four useful inferences,

ibid. 2. For conviction and reproof,

351 Who think little of Christ,

352 Six cause's why the world think little of him,

353 3. For trial and examination,

359 Ten qualities of right thoughts of Christ,

ibid. Twenty positive evidences of them,

366 4. For lamentation, over Christ-despisers,

379 5. For exhortation, to think much of Christ,

380 6. For advice, highly to esteem and commend him, 382



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S E R M O N LII,_LIII. The Gradual Conquest; or, Heaven won by little and littlę,

385 Deut. vii. 22. And the Lord thy God will put out these

nations before thee, by little and little. Having divided and exp ained the words, viewed them in their spiritual

ineaning, and wrapt them up in a doctrinal observation, the following

general topies are illustrated, wiz. 1. Who are elie truc Ifrael of God, enquired into,

397 11. The heavenly Canaan, which they are brought to the possession of, viewed,

389 1. Viewed in its types,

ib d. 2. Considered in its epithets,

၁၄၁ 3. Viewed in its parts,

391 4. Considered in its properties,

392 III. What nations of enemies oppofe them in their way to the heavenly Zion, enumerated,

393 IV. The mighty Conqueror, The Lord their God, described, 400 V. The manner of the

conquest, by little and little, considered, 407 VI. The reafons of this gradual conquest, aligned, VII. The application of the whole in several uses,

436 Use 1. For dehortation and caution,

ibid, 2. For information, in six particulars,

439 3. For examination and trial,

4. For exhortation, addressed to two forts of persons, 451

(1.) To unbelievers, wlio are at peace with the nations, 452
(2.) To believers, on the field, making war with them, 455




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The Female Preacher; or, the Woman of Samaria's

Sermon to the Men of the City, &c.
John iv. 29. Come, see a man that told me all things

that ever I did! Is not this' the Cbrist ?
The context being viewed, the connection traced, the words analized

and explained, and wrapt up in a general proposition, the following

general topics are discoursed, viz. 1. What is to be understood by Christ manifesting himself to a person, 469 II. What are these sin-discovering and soul-debasing cili ets of Christ manifesting himself,

476 III. What are these Christ-exalting commendations wherein such disco

veries of Christ vent themselves, IV. The reasons why saving discoveries of Christ have such felf-debaling and Chrift-exalting influence,

487 V. The application of the whole in fundry uses,


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PRACTICE; or, The great Duty of Receiving
CHRIST, and Walking in him, opened *.

Colos. ii. 6.

As ye bave received Christ Jesus the Lord, fo walk ye in bim.



have here such an ordinary text, that perhaps

there are few present but have heard fermons preached upon it; and yet it is such an extraordinary text, that we can never hear enough upon it; nor ever reach to the bottom. There is more in it than ever yet we saw or felt. It contains a sum of heart and life religion, and of all that concerns, either faith or manners ; a Gospel-ÞRINCIPLE, which is believing in Christ; and a GOSPEL-PRACTICE, a walking in him: As ye bave received Christ Jesus the Lord, so walk ye in bim.

The apostle here, in this epistle, gives a good copy to all the ministers of Christ to follow in their preaching and teaching, 1. To inform the judgments of people, and lay a good foundation in the knowledge of Christ.

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* This subject was entered upon on a thanksgiving-day, after the celebration of the facrament of the Lord's fupper at Kinglasse; and afierwards finished in a series of ciscourses, in liis own church in Dunfermline, in the year 1724.

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2. To

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2. To excite their affections after Christ, and to rouze and awaken them to a walk and conversation suitable to their knowledge and faith; knowing that there can be no fure building erected in a gospel-walk, unless there be a fure foundation laid in a gospel-principle. That the believing Colossians were well informed and instructed, the apostle obferves, to the commendation and praise of free grace; and he exhorts them to persevere in the doctrine wherein they were taught by Epaphras, a faithful minister of Christ, chap. i. 7.: However, there were falfe teachers that had crept in among them who were ready to beguile thein with enticing words, chap. ii. 4. and that had actually seduced and carried away the Galatians from their true faith which they formerly profesfed, Gal. i. 6, 7,; vet he would have the Colossians to stand fast in their faith, and in that doctrine which had been truly and honeitly delivered to them. The apostle commends the Colossians for their stedfastness, as you see in the verses preceding our text; and yet he exhorts them more and more to this duty, as you fee from the verse following the text; which may let us in to sonething of the intent of the text itself; intimating, that the doctrine of Christ had been brought to them, and they had believed it, and received it, and Christ in it, and that though this was well, yet it was not all; they were therefore, thro' grace, to perfevere in tliat doctrine, to walk forward in the knowledge of Christ, and his gospel, and in the prac. tice of what they knew.

The verse that goes before the text sets before us two things, that denote the good conftitution and temperament of a right church, fuch as the church of the Colossians was. i. The first is its order; but it makes a beautiful church when all things in it are ordered according to the pattern feen in the mount, with respect to the doctrine, worship, discipline, and government! When the doctrine is found and lively ; the worship, pure and spiritual ; discipline, powerful and impartial; and the government, beautiful and regular : but it is a very unpleasant appearance in a church, when confusion, with respect to all thefe, doth take place. 2. The second was fiedfastness in the faith. The apostle rejoiced to behold, in the church


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