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of Colosse, not only their order, but their stedfastness in the faith of Christ, in the doctrine of the gospel ; for, when a church fails in this, then all goes to wreck. If the apostle Paul were on earth, and to write an epistle to the church of Scotland, would any think that he would have this to commend us for, our order and ftedfastness in the faith? O for such a prospect of affairs in this island, that we who have been Corinthians, in re. spect of our disorders and divisions, and Galatians, in respect of our unstedfastnefs in the right faith of Christ, and the revolt of many from Reformation-truth, may become Colossians in respect of our order and stedfastness in the faith; “ I joy to behold your crder and stedfastness,” faith the apostle.

Now, as there are two things in that preceding verse that shew the good constitution of a church in general ; fo, in this text, there are two things that show and set forth the good state of any church-member in particular, or of a true Christian ; the first is, the receiving of Christ Jesus the Lord; the second is, a walking in him. And we may conceive these two as having a reference to two things mentioned in the preceding verse, namely, order and stedfastness ; for, as there is no order, but all in confusion in that foul where there is no faith, or receiving of Christ; so there is no stedfastness in faith, where there is no walking in him.. And as the text stands properly connected with the former verfe by the particle TIIEREFORE; As


bave THEREFORE received Christ Fesus the Lord, so walk ye in bim: From the connection of these two verses, I say, you may observe, “That ·

churches of the best constitution, both for the order

and stedfastness of their faith, had need to be exhort‘ed to hold fast their principles and to keep their way.' This observation, I think, may be obvious to you at the first view; it is the scope of the apostle all along in the chapter to fortify this church against swerving and declining from the truths of Christ; and why does he fo? even because truth is but one, and when received is all reduceable to this one word, the receiving of Christ Jesus, the Lord, who is the centre of truth. Truth, I say, is but one, let all the men of the world say what they can


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Above One Hundred and Fifty SERMONS,

besides his POETICAL PIECES,


To which is prefixed, An Account of the Author's Life and WRITINGS,

with an Elegiac Poem, and large ContentS.

Cbrist is all, and in all, Col. iii. II.

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CO N. T E N T S.


46, 80

SERMON XXXIV,-XLVI. Gospel-Principle the Foundation of Gospel-Practice ;

or, the great Duty of receiving Chrilt, and walking in him, opened,

7 Col. ii. 6. As ye bave received Christ Jesus, the Lord,

so walk"ye in him. After a copious introduction and succinct division of the words, shewing

the scope of the apostle, and sense of the versc, the following general

topics are liandied at great length, viz. 1. The believer's character and dignity, as a receiver of Christ Jesus the Lord, delineated,

14 1. The act of faith, as it is a receiving Chrift, opened, ibid. What is supposed in it,

ibid, That Christ is offered in the gospel,

14, 15 To whom he is offered

15 Upon what grounds

18 For what ends,

In wiat capacitiesą
What the act of faith consists in,

27 Its nature and qualities opened,

28 2. The object of this act, viz. Christ, confidered,

35 Both doctrinally and personally,

35, 37 3. The capacities Christ is received in,

40 As a Jesus and as a Lord,

41, 42 II. The believer's duty, viz. to walk in Christopened, 1. The denomination of the duty,

47 It denotes practice, · It imports progressa

51 It implies permanency,

52 2. The qualifications of the duty, What this walk fuppofes,

55 * What it excludes,

57 What it includes,

59 What it iners,

64 III. The rule of the believer's duty, and the proportion it should bear to the reception of Chrift, evinced,

66 1. The proportion of this walk considered, both as to the act and manner of the reception,

ibid. 2. The proportion of it as to the object received, in the text,

70 As the Cbrift, doctrinally and personally,

71 As a Jesus, to walk in him before God and the world, 73 As a Lord, the Lord of your life, time, graces, comforts, ordinances, duties, &c.

74 The proportion of the believer's walk is to be suitable to all the particulars deduceable from these three generals,





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