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· Sect. XXXIV. Solomon's sacrifices at Gibeon. His dream.

He prays for wisdom. - - - page 153

Sect. XXXV. Solomon's instructions concerning the value of

.: wisdom. - - - - 161

Sect. XXXVI. Solomon's wise judgment between two women. 163

Sect. XXXVII. Solomon's great wisdom. His princes. The

daily provisions of his household. The extent of his

kingdom. His wonderful power and riches, . - 165

Sect. XXXVIII. Hiram, king of Tyre, sends to congratulate

Solomon. They make an alliance. . -


Seet. XXXIX. The building of Solomon's teinple. .. 173

Sect. XL. The dedication of the temple. . . . . 179

Sect. XLI. Solomon's prayer at the dedication of the temple.

He blesses the congregation. The Lord sends fire from

heaven. - - - - - - 184

Seet. XLII. The Lord gives a testimony of his accepting So-

lomon's prayer. Solomon appoints the courses of the

priests, &c.

• 196

Sect. XLIII. Solomon builds a house for himself. The house

of Lebanon. The house for his queen, Pharaoh's daugh-

ter. His throne, &c.

- - 198

Sect. XLIV. The queen of Sheba pays a visit to Solomon. His

great wisdom, power, and riches.


Sect. XLV. Solomon multiplies wives to himself. He wore

ships idols. God threatens to rend the kingdom from his .

son. A prophet in the name of the Lord gives ten tribes

to Jeroboam. Solomon dies.

Sect. XLVI. The Israelites assemble to crown Rehoboam the

son of Solomon. Ten tribes revolt to Jeroboam,and make

him king over Israel. Rehoboam reigns over Judah. War

betwixt the divided kingdoms. -

- 214

Sect. XLVII. The reign of Jeroboam king of Israel. He sets

up two golden calves. He offers incense. His hand is


withered, but restored on his repentance. Abijah pro-

phesies destruction to the house of Jeroboam. page 222

Sect. XLVIII. The reign of Abijam king of Judah. War be-

tween him and Jeroboam. The Lord assists Abijam. 229

Sect. XLIX. The reigns of Nadab and Baasha, kings of Israel.

They sin against the Lord. A prophecy against the house

of Baasha. -

- - -


Sect. L. The reign of Asa king of Judah. He is helped of the

Lord. He makes a league with Benhadad king of Syria.

A prophet sent to reprove him. - - - 235

Sect. LI. The wicked reigns of Elah, Zimri, and Omri. - 242

Sect. LII, The beginning of the reign of Jehosha phat king of

Judah. The Lord helpeth him. - - • 245

Sect. LIII. The beginning of the reign of Ahab king of Israel;

and the history of Elijah the prophet. Ahab marries

Jezebel; and brings idols into Jerusalem. Elijaħ sent to

him to prophesy that there would be a drought. Elijah

fed by ravens at the brook Cherith. - - 247

Sect. LIV. Elijah commanded to go to Žerephath. He meets '

with a widow, Her barrel of meal and cruse of oil are

multiplied. She sustains the prophet. Her son is restored

to life.




- - 250

Sect. LV. Elijah is sent to Ahab to foretel rain. He assembles

the people of Israel, and the prophets of Baal, to prove

who is The God. The prophets of Baal slain. - • 258

Sect. LVI. Rain sent, `Jezebel seeks to kill Elijah. He flees

to Bethsheba He desponds. An angel comforts him.

The Lord reveals himself by a small still voice. Elijah is

sent to anoint Jehu to be king, and Elisha to be a prophet,

Elisha follows Elijah, - - - 266

Sect. LVII. Benhadad king of Syria makes war against Ahab.

The Syrians defeated. - - - - 273

Sect. LVIII. The Syrians return and are again defeated. Ahab

desires the vineyard of Naboth. Jezebel causes Naboth to


Sect. LX. Jehosha phat reproved for making alliance with

Ahab. He brings the people back to their duty, and

reforms the corruptions of public worship. . . 287

Sect. LXI. Jehoshaphat makes an alliance with Ahaziab king

of Israel. They send trading vessels to Tarshish and Ezion-


- - - - . - 289

Sect, LXII. The wicked reign of Ahaziah king of Israel. His

fall from a lattice. Elijah prophesies his death. Elijah-

calls for øre from heaven upon those who were sent to

destroy him. Ahaziah dies. - - - 290

Sect. LXIII. Elijah the prophet taken up to heaven in a fiery

chariot. Elisha receives his mantle. Succeeds him in

e his prophetic office. . -

- - 295.

Sect. LXIV. Elisha heals the waters of Jericho. He is mocked

by the children of Bethel. They are slain by bears. 302

Sect. LXV. The beginning of the reign of Jehoram, or Jeram,

king of Israel. He makes an alliance with Jehoshaphat

king of Judah. They go against the Moabites. - 305

Sect. LXVI. The conclusion of the reign of Jehoshaphat king

of Judah. A great victory over the Moabites and Ammo-

nites. A solemn thanksgiving. Jehosha phat dies. 310

Sect. LXVII. Naaman the Syrian general goes to Elisha the

prophet. He is cured of his leprosy. Gehazi the servant

of Elisha is struck with leprosy. - . - 316

Sect. LXVIII, The reign of Jehoram king of Israel continued.

Ben-hadad king of Syria seeks to destroy Elisha. His

people are struck with blindness. - - 321

Sect. LXIX. Ben-hadad besieges Samaria. A famine in Sa-

maria. · The Syrians defeated. Great spoils taken, 325

Sect.LXX. The widow's oil multiplied. The son of the Shu.

namite raised to life at the prayer of Elisha. Deadly


pottage healed. Barley loaves multiplied. The lost axe



- page 331.

Sect. LXXI. Ben-hadad sends a message to Elisha. Elisha

foretels his death, and the succession of Hazael. Ben-

, hadad killed by Hazael. ' • . . - 339

Sect. LXXII. The wicked reign of Jehoram king of Judah.

He slays all his brethren. The Edomites revolt. He

dies miserably.

• 343

Sect. LXXIII. The wicked reign of Ahaziah (called also Aza.

riah and Jehoahaz) king of Judah. -

· 346

Sect. LXXIV. The reign of Jehu king of Israel. Elisha sends

one of the children of the prophets to anojnt himn Je-

horam slain by Jehu. Ahaziah mortally wounded. Jew'

zebel thrown from a window. Dogs lick up her blood. 348

Sect. LXXV. The wicked reign of Athaliah queen of Judah,

She destroys all the seed royal except Joash, who is saved

in the temple, and concealed by Jehoiada the priest.

Joash proclaimed king. Athaliah slain. - - 356

Sect, LXXVI. ' The reign of Joash, or Jehoash, king of Judah.

Jehoiada dies. Zechariah the son of Jehoiada siain. Ha-

zael king of Syria wars against Judah. Joash dies. : 359

Sect. LXXVII. The wieked reign of Jehoahaz king of Israel.

The kingdom of Israel reduced. Jehoahaz djes. • 362

Sect. LXXVIII. "The reign of Jehoash, or Joash, king of Israel, .

He visits Elisha in his sickness. Elisha dies. The Sy .

rians defeated. Jehoash dies. : - -

- 364

Sect. LXXIX. The reign of Amaziah king of Judah. He

numbers his people. War with the Edomites. War with

Israel. Amaziah taken prisoner by Joash. His death. 369

· Sect. LXXX. The reign of Jeroboam II. king of Israel. Israel

delivered by his hand. .. . , 374

Sect. LXXXI. Part of the prophecy of Amos, concerning a

famine and an earthquake. The people of Israel called

upon to repent.

- 375

Sect. LXXXII. The reign of Uzziah, or Azariah, king of


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Judah. His great prosperity. He burns incense, and is

struck with leprosy. His death. : - - page 380

Sect. LXXXIII. Part of the prophecy of Isaiah. The peopie

of Israel and Jadah called upon to forsake their sins, and

turn unto the Lord. - -

• 383

Sect. LXXXIV. The reigns of Zachariah and Shallum, kings .

of Israel. Their death. - . - - 385

Sect. LXXXV. The history of the prophet Jonah. The Lord

commands him to go to Nineveh. He disobeys and is

swallowed up by a fish. The Lord delivers him. - 387

Sect. LXXXVI. Jonah again - sent to Nineveh. The people

· repent at his preaching, and are pardoned. Jonah dis-'

pleased, · He is made sensible of his error o - 390

Sect. LXXXVII. The reigns of Menahem, Pekaiah, and

Pekah, kings of Israel. Hoshea succeeds to the throne. 393

Sect. LXXXVIII. Part of the prophecy of Hosea. The pro..

phet foretels the downfall of the kingdom of Israel. He

calls upon the people to repent.. ." - . - 396

Sect. LXXXIX. The reigns of Jotham and Ahaz, kings of

Judah." Jotham's great prosperity. The Ammonites
become tributary to him. Syria and Ephraim con- ' -
federate against Judah.' Isaiah encourages Ahaž. The

miraculous birth of Emanuel predicted. The defeat of

the Assyrians foretold, &c.



Sect. XC. The wickedness of Ahaz. Numbers of the people •

of Judah carried into captivity by the Syrians. ' . . 405

Sect. XCI. The impiety of Ahaz. He sends part of the

treasure of the Lord's house to the king of Assyria. He

setteth up an altar to idols, burns incense thereon, and 1

commits abominatious. His death,

- 407

Sect. XCII. The beginning of the reign of Hezekiah king of

Judah. He cleanses the temple, and reforms public

worship. A covenant made with great solemnity. « 411

Sect. XCIII. Part of the prophesy of Isaiali. The prophet

denounces woes against the people of Israel. He invites

thein to turn unto the Lord.

- 415


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