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Published with the approbation of the Most Rev. Archbishop.

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When the Religious CABINET was undertaken, - the following promise was made by the publishers:—“The Religious Cabinet will be an eclectic periodical, containing chiefly selections from the most approved Catholic Reviews, Magazines and other repertories of useful knowledge. Having for its aim to advance the interests of religion, it will embrace all such information as may tend to confirm the Catholic in the principles of his faith, to vindicate its doctrines and practices, and to promote the willing observance of its precepts. Hence the publication of controversial and moral essays will occupy a large share of its pages, while an ample proportion of other matter will be furnished, to diversify its contents and render it acceptable to the general reader...... To enhance the interest and utility of the periodical, a few pages will be devoted to miscellaneous matters, a summary of ecclesiastical intelligence, and occasionally a notice of the Catholic works that are successively issued frow the press.” How far the publishers have succeeded in the execution of their plan and in realizing the expectations of the public, it is for others to decide. They will merely observe that the patronage which has been extended to the work, and which they gratefully acknowledge, is a sufficient inducement to continue its publication, n otwithstanding the numerous difficulties with which it has been attended. The periodical was commenced with the hope of rendering a service to Catholicity, and with the same view will we enter upon another volume, trusting in the zeal of the Catholic community for the honor and diffusion of that religion which should awaken a common feeling among us all,

The publication of the Cabinet was undertaken by the Rev. CHARLES I. White and the Rev. James Dolan, upon their own responsibility, the latter having suggested the utility of such a work and assumed a considerable portion of the labor connected with it, and the former yielding to the principal onus of the editorial department. Hereafter the proprietorship of the Journal will be vested in Mr. John Murphy, whose enterprise, energy and acknowledged taste, are a sufficient guarantee to the public, that the work under his management will be deserving of patronage. Rev. Mr. White will continue to discharge the editorial duty.

In looking back upon the year that has elapsed, we recall with gratitude the friendly aid of those who have taken a practical interest in our efforts. First of all, we are indebted to the editors of the different journals who have kindly noticed our undertaking, and for whose assistance in introducing us to public regard, we return our sincere acknowledgments. Our thanks are also due to the Rev. clergy and others who have been instrumental in procuring subscriptions to the periodical. feel particularly grateful to our literary collaborators, all of whom we could not mention in a notice like this, nor would their modesty permit us to do so; we cannot, however, overlook the names of Rev. M. J. SPALDING, Rev. J. P. DONELAN, Rev. E. Kright among the clergy, and Wm. Geo. Read, M. C. Jenkins, Wm. A. STOKES, Esqs., Prof. Walter, and B. U. CAMPBELL, Esq. among the laity, the last mentioned of whom has, by his interesting sketches, given evidence of an able and popular pen, and acquired a lasting claim to the gratitude of the Catholic community. We fervently hope that the co-operation from these various sources will be continued. As to ourselves, we shall endeavor not to be unworthy of it; for we are convinced that a union of talent and of effort, while it demands little from each one individually, will lead to vast and important results for the good of religion.


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