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Three editions were issued in the first year, and it was soon reprinted in England by Nisbet & Co., of London, followed by five other houses in England and Scotland at later dates.

Dr. Goulding was the author of “ Little Josephine," published in Philadelphia (1848); “ The Young Marooners” (1852); “ Confederate Soldiers' Hymn - Book,” a compilation (1863) ; “ Marooner's Island,” an independent sequel to “Young Marooners" (1868); " Frank Gordon ; or, When I was Little Boy" (1869), and “The Woodruff Stories" (1870). With the exception of “Little Josephine" and the “Hymn-Book,” they have all been republished abroad. Born near Midway, Liberty County, Georgia, September 28th, 1810, he died August 21st, 1881, and is buried in the little churchyard at Roswell, Georgia.




Na vine-covered piazza of the sunny South, a

company of boys and girls used to gather round me, of a summer evening, to hear the varied story of my early years. As these boys and girls grew larger, I found it necessary to change my plan of instruction. There were many facts in nature which I wished to communicate, and many expedients in practical life, which I supposed might be useful. To give this information, in such shape as to insure its being remembered, required a story. The result has been a book; and that book is “The Young Marooners”—or, as my young folks call it, “Robert and Harold.”

Their interest in the story has steadily increased from the beginning to the end; and sure am I, that if it excites one-half as much abroad, as it has excited at home, no author need ask for more.

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The story, however, is not all a story; the fiction consists mostly in the putting together. With very few exceptions, the incidents are real occurrences; and whoever will visit the regions described, will see that the pictures correspond to nature. Possibly also, the visitor may meet even now, with a fearless Harold, an intelligent Robert, a womanly Mary, and a merry Frank.

Should my young readers ever go marooning, I trust their party may meet with fewer misfortunes and as happy a termination.

F. R. G.

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