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Page 90 - O my soul, come not thou into their secret; unto their assembly, mine honour, be not thou united! For in their anger they slew a man, and in their self-will they digged down a wall. Cursed be their anger, for it was fierce, and their wrath, for it was cruel. I will divide them in Jacob and scatter them in Israel.
Page 96 - Church, part with them, telling them that they leave them to the devil, who Is standing at their elbow to receive their souls, and carry .them with him to the flames of hell. On this a great shout is raised, and the cry is,
Page 197 - I was received into the house of Captain Schuyler, the British resident. The British force here is commanded by Colonel Adams, of his Majesty's 78th regiment, with whom I was formerly well acquainted in Bengal.* Next day I was introduced by these gentlemen to the viceroy of Goa, the Count de Cabral. I intimated to his Excellency my wish to sail up the river to Old Goaf (where the Inquisition is), to which he politely acceded.
Page 210 - If after all that has passed, father, you resist this reasonable request, I shall be justified in believing that you are afraid of exposing the real state of the Inquisition in India.' To these observations the Inquisitor made no reply ; but seemed impatient that I should withdraw.
Page 49 - I would myself carry wood to burn my own son, were he such a wretch as thou.
Page 201 - The day was now far spent, and my companions were about to leave me. While I was considering whether I should return with them, Major Pareira said he would first introduce me to a Priest, high in office, and one of the most learned men in the place. We accordingly walked to the Convent of the Augustinians. where I was presented to Joseph a Doloribus, a man well advanced in life, of pale visage and penetrating eye, rather of a reverend appearance, and possessing great fluency of speech and urbanity...
Page 211 - You cannot, you say, show me the captives and the dungeons; be pleased then merely to answer this question ; for I shall believe your word : — How many prisoners are there now below, in the cells of the inquisition ?' The inquisitor replied, ' That is a question which I cannot answer.
Page 79 - He shall then seem as if he read, and to the end that the prisoner may know no belter, he shall fold down the leaf, and, after reading some moments longer, he shall say to him, ' It is just as I have said, why, therefore, do you deny it, when you see I know the whole matter?
Page 209 - I afterwards understood, were the familiars, and attendants of the Holy Office. They bowed very low to the Inquisitor, and looked with surprise at me. The Great Hall is the place in which the prisoners are marshalled for the procession of the Auto da Fe. At the procession described by Dellon, in which he himself walked barefoot, clothed with the painted garment, there were upwards of one hundred and fifty prisoners. I...
Page 58 - Scriptures — that the sun is the centre of the world and does not move from east to west, and that the earth moves and is not the centre of the world...

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