The Royal Military Calendar, Or Army Service and Commission Book: Containing the Services and Progress of Promotion of the Generals, Lieutenant-generals, Major-generals, Colonels, Lieutenant-colonels, and Majors of the Army, According to Seniority: with Details of the Principal Military Events of the Last Century, Volume 5

Front Cover
John Philippart
A.J. Valpy, sold by T. Egerton, 1820

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Page 41 - the Prince Regent, in the name and on the behalf of his Majesty, has been pleased to command, that his displeasure upon this flagrant act of misconduct, shall be marked by erasing the names of Lieut.
Page 43 - This officer served as a marine on board ship, and was present at Lord Bridport's action of the 23d June, 1795 ; he was in the expedition of 1807 to Copenhagen; in Portugal in 1808; and present at the battles of Roleia and Vimiera; in 1809 he served in the expedition to Walcheren, and was present at the siege of Flushing.
Page 123 - to the Prince of Orange, and was with him in the battles of Quatre Bras and Waterloo: after the Prince of Orange was wounded, the Duke of Richmond joined the Duke of Wellington as extra
Page 41 - Ring, from the list of the army. The Prince Regent, in the name and on the behalf of his Majesty, has also been pleased to
Page 441 - have received the Prince Regent's commands to desire that your Lordship will at the same time explain to the officers, that it has been adopted as a general measure of expediency, and not intended as an imputation against any individual: and that your Lordship will assure
Page 41 - officer, on the grounds of his conduct towards them in his official capacity during the time they were serving under his command, they will not fail to draw upon themselves the royal displeasure, to the same extent as is hereby expressed against the individuals to whom this order
Page 41 - Frederick, appears to have been equally culpable, his name shall in like manner be erased from the list of the army. The Commander-in-Chief has received the Prince Regent's .commands to promulgate to the army, the above declaration of HRH's pleasure on the subject of Lieut.
Page 73 - at the battle of Salamanca, for which he has received a medal. After leaving Burgos, and at the end of the campaign of 1812, he returned to England with the 2d
Page 91 - in Sicily, and on different services on the coasts of Calabria and Naples, as also in the expedition to the Bay of Naples, under Sir John Stuart, and at the taking of
Page 15 - of Malta, and subsequently served in Sicily and Spain; he was present at the battles of Nivelle and Orthes, for which he has received

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