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“By the good hand of the Lord our God upon us,” we now complete the fifth year of our editorship. As to the future, we shall not indulge in vague promises. We intend to persevere in the course which has already obtained the cordial approval of men, to whose judgment we attach the highest value. As during the past year, but more fully, we propose to discuss subjects which bear directly on both the spiritual and the organic improvement of the Congregational body. The Congregational histories, which have been suspended during the past year, will be resumed. Provision will continue to be made for our Young Friends, and for general readers. We hope to have still more than heretofore from the pens of lady contributors. The Quarterly Supplement, containing histories of foreign Christian work, will be continued. It would be an easy thing to append the names of not a few brethren, both old and young, known and unknown, who are prepared to use their pens in the service of our readers. But we forbear. We think we are justified in raising the expectations of our friends. But we prefer that they should judge us by the fulfilments of the past, rather than by the promises of the future. We ask the prayers and the practical aid of all who value the Christian Witness. And we commend our work to the benediction of Him, without whom nothing is strong, and nothing holy.



November 20th, 1869.


Adkins, Late Rev. Thomas, 138.
Africa, Latest Missions in South, 369.
America, How Congregationalism is

worked in, 171.
Among the Secularists of the Metro-

polis, 129, 398.
Anchor of the Soul, The, 44.
Anchored fast to Christ, 120.
Apostle of the Indians, 161.
Arguments, Modern, from Mission His.

tories, 57.

Atheist, An, 44.

Banker, The Dublin, 28.

Being Somebody, 585.

Bible in Japan, The, 542.

Bible, A History, 12.

Bill, Irish Church Disestablishment, 303.
Binney, Rev. T., Retirement from the

Weigh-House, 417.

Bishop and Presbyter,” 31.

Biography, Olympia Morata, 385.
Book Notices, 45–47, 107-111, 156–159,

205–207, 269–270, 317–319, 366,

Boot on the Wrong Foot, The, 586.
Brockway, Rev. T., Kafir Mission, 529.
Brown, Rev. James, B.A., on the Con-

gregationalism of our Fathers, 225.

Entrance to the Ministry,&c., 494.

Early Nonconformist Ordina-
tions, 568.
Bruges, The Sculptor of, 189, 247, 273,


Busy People, Golden Words for, 44, 103,

266, 361, 424, 473, 522, 585.

Calcutta, The Growth of a Mission in, 215.

Catholic Apostolic Church, so called, 84,

125, 185.

Chapel-Building Society, London, 181.

Childish, more than my child, 585.

Children's Balls, 44.

Christ and the Controversies of Christ.
endom, 291.

What we owe to, 152.

Christ's Interpretation of the Law of

the Sabbath, 499.

[blocks in formation]

Falsehood, Conventional, in Devotion,502.
Fairbairn, Dr., on the Law of the Sab-

bath, 499.
Farmer, The Dying, 521.
Fison, Rev. Thomas, B.A., on Church

Communion, 238.

Foundation Principles on Church Mem.

bership, 65.

Fuller, Andrew, the Gospel its


Homily, A, 89.

Honour, The Highest, 473.

House of Lords, A Night in the, 411.
Huguenot, The, Dublin Banker, 28.
Incident in Convent Life, 477.
Independent Churches, The Independ.

ence of, 225.
Indigestion, Spiritual, 510.
Infidel, An, agreeing with Paul, 361.
Infidel, The, and the Quaker, 425.
Israel, Have I been a Wilderness unto,

Insurance of our Denominational Pro-

perty, 299.

Irvingites, The, 84, 125, 185.

Japan, The Bible in, 542.

Jews, Is any good being done among

the, 220.

Joe, Old Blind, 521.
Jones, Rev. William, on Missions in Sin.

growli, 53.

Joys of the Christian, 266.

Jerusalem, Diggings in, 451.
Kafirland and the Kafir Mission, 529.
Krummacher, Early Life of, 560.
Laborious Duties among the Poor, 35.
“Lancashire," Contributions from Dr.

Halley's, 455.

Laymen, Training for, 573.

Law, Rev. Palmer, Broad Way and the

Narrow, 40, 104.

Little Lady in Red, 523.

A Wonderful Tell-Tale, 362.

Lightfoot, Dr., on Bishop and Presbyter,


Lord's Supper and Church Member-
ship, 70.

Teaching of the Esta-
blished Church respecting the, 392,

433, 487, 552.

Madagascar, Recent Events, &c., 372.

and the Romish Priests, 374.

Madge, Travers, 133.
Macaulay's Funeral, 153.
Malan, Cæsar, First Days and Last of,


Witness, 481.

Furnishing, My First, 401.

Future, The, State, 44.

Fund, Congregational Sustentation, 76.

God is Love, 44.

God's Religion Indestructible, 44.

Grace in Dying, 152.

Gunn, Rev. H., on the Term Congrega-

tional, 201.

Obituary of Rev.John James

Waite, 94.

Golden Words for Busy People, 44, 103,

152, 266, 361, 424, 473, 522, 585.

Hallet, Rev. John, On Early Noncon.

formist Ordinations, 615.

Mannering, Rev. B., Address, 181.
Man's Life, The Ten Sevens of, 266.
Margaret, Sister, 447.
May-day Lecture at Stepney, 280.
Meditation, A, 89.
Membership, Church, and the Lord's
Supper, 70.

Foundation Principles, 65.

Exceptional Cases, 145.

Merops, 473.

Message of Mercy, The, 512,

Ministerial Support, 4.

Mission, The Tahitian, 375.

Arguments, &c., 57.
in Kafirland, 529.
in Shanghai, 209.
The growth of a, 215.

in South Africa, 369.

Missionary Society, Home, 197, 357, 518.

Colonial, 147,310, 470.

Success, 538.
Miscellanies, by Rev. John Todd, D.D.,

Miller, Rev. Josiah, M.A., on Training

for Laymen, 573.

Mother's “Yes," "No," 266.

Morris, Rev. A. J., Original Poetry, 289.

the Bible, a History, 12.

Morata, Olympia. 385.
Muirhead, Rev. William, on Missions in

Shanghai, 209.

My First Furnishing, 401.

Narrative, A True, 254.

Native Female Education in India, 380.
Neander, Joachim, and his Song of Sum.

mer, 355.

Night, A, in the House of Lords, 411.

is Coming, 102.

Nonconformity, The Grounds of, 305.
Nonconformist Early Ordinations, 568,

Notes on the Reading Case, 517.

on Spain, 63.

Notices of New Books, 45, 107, 156, 205,

269, 317, 366, 425, 478, 526, 635.

Obituary, Rev. A. J. Morris, 37.

Rev. John James Waite, 94.

Rev. Thomas Adkins, 138.

Old, The, Town and its Associations, 576.

Olympia Morata, 385.

One Hundred Years to Come, 261.

Operas and Theatres, 152.

Ordinations, Early Nonconformist, 615.

Pages for our Young Friends,

The Broad and the Narrow Way,

40, 101.

A Talk about being Contented, 153.

On Faults I have seen, and how to

Correct them, 203.

Hetty's Talk with her Mamma, 267.
A Talk with Children about Flowers,

A Wonderful Tell-Tale, 362.
A Talk about being Christ's Epis.

tles, 474.
The Little Lady in Red, 523.

The Boot on the Wrong Foot, 586.
Pastorate, The Congregational, in Chan-

Pastor and People, 406.
Pastors, Rights of, and of Churches, 410.
Penhydd, Shenkyn, 17.
Pillans, Rev. John, on Church Member-

ship, 70.
Pictures, Two, of Death, 585.
Poetry-Important Queries, 26.

The Doom of the Papacy, 27.
The Enemy in the Gate, 27.
Cui Bono ? 88.
Christmas, 614.

Work, for the Night is coming,

The Soul anchored fast to Christ,


Little Eyes and Little Hands,


Waiting, 254.

The Dying Christian, 260.

One Hundred Years to come, 261.

Paradoxes, 289.

Follow On, 290.

The Heart, 290.

God is Light, 290.

Song of Summer, 355.

The Unbolted Door, 424.

There Remaineth a Rest, 469.

The Message of Mercy, 512.

What Then ? 522.

The Manger-Throne, 614.

The Moon that now is Shining,615.

Pounds, How many, in a Ton? 474.
Prayer in Death, 474.

Intermittent, 585.

Meeting, Go to the, 522.
Professor Lightfoot on Bishop and Pres.

byter, 31.

Protestantism in Spain, 376.
Proverbs, West African, 425.
Priests, The Romish, and the Queen of

Madagascar, 374.
Quaker, The, and the Infidel, 425.
Ragged School Rate-Exemption Act, 516.
Reading Case, Notes on the, 346, 406,


Recent Events in Madagascar, 372.

Resolutions, Our Own, 103.

Relation of Creeds to Christian Life, 284.
Religion, Common Maxims applied to,

Responsible, Who is, for Ministerial Suc-

cess ? 113.

Ritualism, 36.

Childish, 44.

-St. George's in the East, 241.

-The Rehearsal, 442.
Robjohns, Rev. H. T., B.A., on Diggings

in Jerusalem, 451.
Rod, A, for the Fool's Back, 280.
Romish Priests and the Queen of Mada-

gascar, 374.
Sabbath, The Doctrine of the, 465.

The Law of the, 429.
Sacramental, The, System, 394, 433, 487.
Sculptor of Bruges, The, 247, 273, 321.
Secularists, Among the Metropolitan,

129, 398.
Shalders, Rev. E. W., B.A., on Conven-

tional Falsehood in Devotion, 502.

Shanghai, Our Mission in, 209.

Shenkyn Penhydd, 17.

Singrowli, Our Mission in, 53.

Sister Margaret, 447.

Smith, Dr. George, on the Term Con.

gregational, 151.

South Africa, Our Latest Mission in, 369.

Spain, Notes on, 60.

Protestantism in, 376.

Christian Work in, 222.

Spiritual Indigestion, 510.

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