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Military History

A Library Of Confederate
States History, In Twelve
Volumes, Written By Distin-
Guished Men Of The South,
And Edited By Gen. Clement



Atlanta, Ga.
Confederate Publishing Company

Copyright, 1899,
By Confederate Publishing Company.




CHAPTER.I. Virginia in i860—Her Seven Grand Divisions-

Geological Characteristics, Climate and Agricultural Prod-

ucts—Her Population—Political and Historical Importance 3

CHAPTER II. Slavery in Virginia—The Agitation of the

Slavery Question—Distribution of Slaves in the State—John

Brown's Invasion 17

CHAPTER III. From John Brown's Execution to the Federal

Invasion—The Election of President Lincoln—Meeting of

the Virginia Convention—Governor Letcher's Reply to the

Call for Troops—Seizure of Harper's Ferry—Union with the

Confederate States 32

CHAPTER IV. The Plan of Invasion—Northwestern Virginia

—Grafton, Philippi and Rich Mountain—May to July, 1861 43

CHAPTER V. The First Kanawha Valley Campaign, April to

July, 1861 57

CHAPTER VI. The First Shenandoah Valley Campaign,

April to July, 1861 63

CHAPTER VII. The Bull Run, or Manassas, Campaign,

January to July, 1861 91

CHAPTER VIII. Operations about Norfolk and Yorktown—

Battle of Big Bethel—Burning of Hampton 123

CHAPTER IX. The Tygart's Valley and Cheat Mountain Cam-

paign—Battle of Greenbrier River, or Camp Bartow—Battle

of Alleghany Mountain 152

CHAPTER X. Operations along the Potomac—From First

Manassas to Battle of Leesburg 178

CHAPTER XI. Battle of Leesburg—Operations on the Lower

Potomac and East Shore—Action at Dranesville 187

CHAPTER XII. Stonewall Jackson's Romney Campaign 197

CHAPTER XIII. Review of Military Conditions, Spring of

1862 208

CHAPTER XIV. Stonewall Jackson's Valley Campaign of

1862 214

CHAPTER XV. The Peninsula Campaign of 1862—Yorktown,

Williamsburg and Seven Pines 269

CHAPTER XVI. The Seven Days' Battles before Richmond.. 281

CHAPTER XVII. Stonewall Jackson's Cedar Run Campaign 304

CHAPTER XVIII. Lee's Campaign against Pope in Northern

Virginia 315

CHAPTER XIX. The Maryland Campaign against McClellan 335

CHAPTER XX. The Fredericksburg Campaign 360

CHAPTER XXI. The Chancellorsxille Campaign and Death

of Jackson 375

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