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of a son.

long.-17. Indiana, Webster, from London and 16. At Mynpoorie, the lady of W. P. Andrew, Hobart Town. - 18. General Hewitt, Bankier, Esq., M.D., of a daughter. from Mauritius ; and Dover, Austin, from Bos- At Calcutta, the lady of R. S. Homfray, ton.-20. Lord Althorp, Sproull, from Liverpool; Esq., of a daughter. Indian Oak, Durward, from Mangalore and Cey- In Fort William, the lady of Lieut. Righy, lon; and Waterloo, Cow, from Sydney, Mauri. engineers, of a son. tius, and Madras.--22. Zenobia, Owen, from Lon- At Digha, Dinapore, Mrs. Daniel Penheadon; and Helvellyn, Boadle, from Liverpool and row, of a son. Penang.-24. William Wilson, Miller, from Cey- 17 At Patna, the lady of J. H. Crawford, Esq., lon.-25. Edward, Heaviside, from Mauritius and civil service, of a daughter. Hambantotte.--26. Victoire and Lise, Vellebogard, 20. At Benares, the lady of Wm. Parker Goad, from Bourbon.-27. Emerald, Johnson, from Port Esq., civil service, of a daughter. Louis.-MARCH 1. Alfred, Tapley, from London, At Kidderpore, Mrs. H. Leopold, of a son. Madras, and Marcanum; Bussovah Merchant, 21. At Calcutta, the lady of Charles Hogg, Esq., Moncrief, from Madras; and Propontes, Pratt, of a daughter. from Boston.-2. Resolution, Seager, Frances, - At Pumeah, the lady of R. B. Perry, Esq., Serge, and George and Mary, Roberts, all from Madras.-3. Caravan, Brays, and Apthorp, Bridges, At Calcutta, Mrs. R. Le Clerc, of a son. both from Boston.-4. Eclipse, Perry, from Salem ; 23. At Calcutta, the lady of J. Becher, Esq., of and Elizabeth, Blenkinsop, from Bombay and twin sons. Madras. - 5. Bolton, Fremlin, from London, 24. At Calcutta, Mrs. Andrew Liddle, of a son. Algoa Bay, and Madras; and Burrell, Metcalf, 28. At Calcutta, the lady of A. G. Roussac, from London, Mauritius, and Point Pedro.-6. Esq., of a daughter. Edina, Norris, from Madras. - 11. Parsee, Mac- March 1. At Serampore, the lady of w. W. kellar, from Greenock.

Baker, Esq., of a daughter.
Departures from Calcutta,

2. The lady of John Cowie, Esq., of a son. FEB. 11. Argyle, McDonald, for Madras.

4. At Calcutta, the lady of George Dougal, Esq.,' 12. Duke of Argyle, Bristow, for London.-13.

of a daughter. Isabel, Gounal, for Liverpool.-17. Hall, Hughes,

6. Mrs. H. J. Frederick, of a daughter. for Liverpool; and Protector, Buttanshaw, for

Lately. At Kursaul factory, district Allahabad, London.-18. Arabian, Boult, for Mauritius.-19

the wife of Mr. W. Jones, planter, of a son. Adelaide, Guthrie, for Mauritius. – 20. Sophia, Thornhill, for London ; D'Auvergne, Le Hoguet,

MARRIAGES. for ditto; Laura, Taylor, for Mauritius; and Emulous, Wellbank, for ditto. — 22. Malcolm,

Jan. 18. At Dinapore, William James Parker, Eyles, for London.-24. Edward Barnett, Rose,

Esq., eldest son of Sir William George Parker, for Madras and Ceylon; Virginia, Hullock, for

Bart., of Hamhouse, Richmond Hill, Surry, to Madras; Spartan, Webb, for ditto; and Childe

Phoebe Marshall, eldest daughter of Mr. SuperinHarold, Greenfield, for London.-25. William

tending Surg. John Marshall, Saugor division. the Fourth, Eales, for Socotra.--26. Edmonstone,

Feb. 3. At Agra, Lieut. A. H. E. Boileau, of enMcDougall, for Bombay.-28. John Adam, Roche,

gineers, to Miss Hanson. for Ceylon; and Exporter, Anwyl, for Mauritius.

4. At Calcutta, Mr. David Parsick, junior, to MARCH 1. Severn, Braithwaite, for London ;

Miss Mary Martin. Minerva, Estave, for Madras; and Diadem, Croft,

6. At Kurnaul, Lieut. and Adj. Wm. Cookson, for Liverpool.-2. Angelica, Almeida, for Macao;

9th L.C., eldest son of Maj. Gen. Cookson, royal and Frances Ann, Hay, for Liverpool.-3. Albree,

artillery, to Miss Eliza Lucy Tucker, second Ward, for Boston; and Jason, Legrand, for

daughter of Col. John G. P. Tucker. Havre de Grace.—4. Thomas Dougall, Brown, for

8. At Lucknow, Wm. Gilbert Don, Esq., adjuMauritius. - 5. Yare, Fawcett, for Mauritius.-7.

tant, HillRangers, to Georgiana K. Elliot, youngest Roxburgh Castle, Fulcher, for London. - 11.

daughter of the late George Elliot, Esq. Barretto Junior, Saunders, for London.

At Calcutta, Capt. Wm. Cubitt, 18th regt. Sher burne, Corbyn, for London,

N.I., to Miss Harriet Harcourt.

10. At Cawnpore, Capt. Edward Baker Bere, of Freight to London (March 10)- Dead weight,

H.M. 16th Lancers, to Elizabeth Arabella, eldest £2. 15s. to £3. per ton; light goods, £3. to £4.

daughter of Harry Pigou, Esq., late of the 3d 10s. ; bullion, 5 per cent.

Dragoon Guards.

Mr. Wm. J. Collett to Miss Caroline George.

12. At Nusseerabad, Major John Herring, comBIRTHS, MARRIAGES, AND

manding 37th regt. N.I., to Eliza Anne, third

daughter of Major Gen. Loveday, Bengal army. DEATHS.

- At Allyghur, Lieut. Chas. c. Pigott, 18th

regt. N.I., to Mary Madeline Fraser, third daughBIRTHS.

ter of the late Henry Hannay, Esq., Elgin, and Feb. 15. At Neemuch, the lady of Capt. Os- grand daughter of the late Capt. Simon Fraser, of borne, of the commissariat, of a daughter. Ďaltulic, Inverneshire, Scotland.

21. At Monghyr, the lady of W. Duff, Esq., in- 14. At Calcutta, M. J. Athanass, Esq., to Miss digo planter, of a daughter.

S. Britchod. 24. In Fort William, the lady of Lieut. Hart, 15. At Dum-Dum, Frank Graham Fulton, Esq., H.M. 49th regt., of a daughter.

to Harriett Frances Georgiana, daughter of the 29. At Mozufferpore, Tirhoot, Mrs. H. G. late George Morse, Esq., M.D., of Clifton. Hampton, of a daughter.

- At Agra, Lieut. J. C. L. Richardson, artilFeb, 4. At Chittagong, Mrs, A. R. Smith, of a lery, to Charlotte, third daughter of the late James daughter.

Bruce Laing, Esq., Bengal civil service. 6. At Neemuch, the lady of Lieut. J. G. W. At Calcutta, Mr. John Wise, of the ship Curtis, interp. and qu. mast. 371h N.I., of a Sherburne, to Miss Hannah Craven. daughter.

17. At Howrah, John Howell, Esq., second son 7. At Seebpore, the lady of E. Thompson, Esq., of Thomas Howell, Esq., of Cardigan, South of a son.

Wales, to Charlotte, eldest daughter of Marma- At Allahabad, Mrs. E. H. M, Paschoud, of a duke Stalkart, Esq., of Calcutta. daughter.

19. At Barrackpore, Capt. J. Graham, 50th N.I., 9. At Nagpore, the lady of Capt. W. Warde, to Harriette Anne, only daughter of Major Gen. 5th Bengal cavalry, of a son.

James Watson, C.B., commanding the presidency 12. At Meerut, the lady of J. O. Burridge, Esq., division of the army. H.M. 11th drags., of a daughrer.

20. At Chandernagore, E. Coignard, Esq., to - 13. At Cherra Poonjee, the lady of W. Walter, Helene, daughter of A. Le Franc, Esq. Esq., civil service, of a son.

22. Mr. H. J. Tonson to Miss Ellen Goade. 14. At Delhi, the lady of the Hon. Henry Gor- 25. At Kurnaul, Charles Raikes, Esq., civil serdon, of twin daughters.

vice, to Sophia Mary, eldest daughter of T. M. - At Calcutta, the wife of Mr. C. L. Vaillant, Mathews, Esq., paymaster of H.M. 31st regt. Sadipore factory, of a daughter.

26. At Calcutta, John Erskine, Esq., of Soorool, -Mrs. M. A. Pereira, of a daughter.

to Julia, daughter of the late Capt. H. P. Shortt, At Berhampore, the lady of Wm. Dyer, Esq., 20th regt. N.. surgeon, 720 N.I., of a son.

27. At Calcutta, W. M. Dirom, Esq., civil ser. 16. At Cawnpore, the lady of Charles Havelock, vice, to Mary, eldest daughter of R. H. Tulloh, Esq., 16th Lancers, of a son.

Esq., civil service.




March 3, * At Calcutta, Mr. Alexander Howat- made use of the following expressions : son to Miss Caroline Shouldham. Lately. At Calcutta, Mr. E. G. Dubois, indigo

“ As to conviction, I still think I may planter, to Mademoiselle Malrina Latour de Ville safely calculate on it; but I shall obtain

it on testimony such as, be assured, no

English court will receive,” thereby avow. DEATHS.

i ing his intention to obtain a capital conDec. 28. At Hurnee, David Shaw, Ess., M.D. Jan. 16, 1834. At Delhi, Mirza Mahumud Khan,

viction upon false and insufficient evi. the king's buxee.

dence, from the said native special court19. At Rangoon, at his brother's residence, Capt. martial, before which the said Pedda Jug. Wm. Crisp, of the country service.

24. At Futteghur, Mrs. Isabella Gamisse. giah was, then and there, about to be - At Lucknow, aged 20, of fever, Elizabeth arraigned on a charge affecting her life. Louisa, wife of Capt. George Templer, 22d N.I. 26. At Chandernagore, Mr. Lewis D'Cruz.

3d Instance.- In having, at the same 29. At Calcutta, Mrs. Louise Landeman, aged 69. place, on the 25th of the sane month, Feb. 7. In camp, at Secrole, near Benares, Col. Lionel Hook, commanding H.M. 16th Foot.

when officially employed in conducting 9. At Allahabad, Mrs. Alex. Botellho.

the prosecution upon the trial of the said 10. At Hameerpore, Caroline, wife of R. M.

Pedda Juggiah, before the said courtTilghman, Esq., aged 35 years.

At Benares, Mary, wife of Mr. George Tut- martial, and when permitted by the said tle, firm of Tuttle and Charles, aged 29.

court to examine in private Pasoomurty 14. At Calcutta, Mr. John James Palmer, indigo planter, aged 40.

Seetaputty, vakeel, aforesaid, then and 18.'At Dacca, Mrs. S. Gibson, aged 73.

there a witness upon the trial of the said 22. At Calcutta, Mr. John Hendrick, aged 75. 24. At Deegah, in Dinapore, of a severe bilious

Pedda Juggiab, with the understanding attack, James Havell, Esq., one of the proprietors and upon the pledge that if what he, Pae of Decgah Farm, aged 36.

soomurty Seetaputty, said, proved of a 27. Madame Sophie Latour, aged 60. March 1. Mrs. Bridget Morton, aged 25.

nature to establish the falsity of the signa5. At the General Hospital, Mr. W. Nunn, son ture to certain letters brought in evidence of the late - Nunn, Esq., of Ferayten Hall, coun

against the prisoner, he, Lieut. Sprye, ty Essex. Contradicted. The death of Mr. J. Davis, of

would call him before the court to repeat Benares.

the same, broken the pledge so given to the court, inasmuch as the said Pasoo

murty Seetaputty then and there declared Madras.

to Lieut. Sprye that the whole was a

conspiracy and a forgery, and that if fair COURT-MARTIAL.

course of trial was `pursued it would all

be so discovered ;” and he, Lieut. Sprye, Headl- Quariers, Choullry Plain, Jan. 6, notwithstanding, and without regard to the 1834.-Extracts from the proceedings of pledge given, informed the court that it an European General Court-Martial, holden was needless to coinmunicate, and that he, at Masulipatam, on the 15th Oct. 1833; Lieut. Sprye, was not bound to commupresident, Lieut. Col. F. Bowes, 12d regt. nicate to the court what Pasoomurty SeeN.I.

taputty. had said. Lieut. Richard Samuel Mare Sprye, 4th Instance.--In having, at the same 91h N.I., late dep. judge advocate general, place, on the same day, when officially placed in arrest by order of the Comman.. employed in conducting the prosecution der-in-chief, at the requisition of the Right aforesaid, prolonged the sitting of the Hon, the Governor in Council.

said court, upon the trial, after nipe at Charge. For scandalously infamous be- night, although the sitting had extended haviour, unbecoming the character of an from nine in the morning, with intent, inofficer and a gentleman, in the following so doing, to the manifest denial of justice, instances :

to save, by means of the lateness of the 1st Instance - In having, at Viziana- hour, the remaining witnesses in support gram, on the 23d May 1833, when offi. of the prosecution from the cross-examicially employed as judge-advocate, in ato nation to which the other witnesses for the tendance upon a native special court-mar- prosecution had been subjected. tial, then and there assembled under the 5th Instance. In having, at the same provisions of a proclamation of martial place, on the 29th of the same month, Law, endeavoured, by threats, to prevail when officially employed in conducting upon Pasoomurty Seetaputty, vakeel of the prosecution aforesaid, endeavoured surPalcondah, to give false evidence, con. reptitiously to obtain, through the presi. trary to his conscience and his belief, upon dent of the said court, Subadar Major Abe the impending trial of Pedda Juggiah,' doolruhman, of the 8th regt. N.I., the dancing girl and concubine of Venket- opinions of the court on the case as it then putty Raze, late zemindar of Palcondah. stood, although the evidence on the de

2d Instance.--In having, at the same fence had not been concluded. place, on the 24th of the same month, 6th Instance.-In having, at the same when officially employed as above stated, place, on the 30th of the same month, in a letter bearing a corresponding date, when officially employed in conducting the and addressed to William Mason, Esq; prosecution aforesaid, tampered, to the ma. collector and magistrate of Vizagapatam, nifest denial of justice, with the president


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of the court, the said Subadar Major Ab- Sprye is manifestly unworthy to continue doolrubman, in order to obtain a verdict of to hold a cominission in an honourable conviction against the prisoner Pedda service, and it will become my duty, in Joggiah.

transmitting the proceedings to the home The above being in breach of the articles authorities, to bring the particulars of the of war.

case before them for their ultimate deci- , Finding. The court having most ma- sion. Lieut. Sprye will be released from turely weighed and considered the whole' arrest, and forth with proceed to such staof the evidence adduced in support of the tion as he may select south of Madras, prosecution, as well as what the prisoner, there to reside pending the reference to the Lieut. R. S. M. Sprye, 9th N. I., hath ad. Court of Directors. vanced in his defence, and the evidence in (Signed) R. W. O'CALLAGHAN, support thereof, is of opinion.

Lieut. Gen, and Com.-in-chief.' Finding on the 1st, 2d, 3d, 4th, 5th, and 6th instances of charge, that the pri. CIVIL APPOINTMENTS. soner is not guilty.

Feb. 22. S. Nicholls, Esq., to act as 2d judge of The court doth therefore most fully and

provincial court of appeal and circuit for western most honourably acquit the prisoner of all division. and every part of the charge.

M. Lewin, Esq., to act as a judge of provincial

court of appeal and circuit for centre division, The court begs to remark, with refe

until Mr. Casamajor joins. rence to its finding on the 2d instance of

T. V. Stonhouse, Esq., to act as a trustee for St. charge, that although the writing of the George's Church, during absence of Mr. Clerk. letter alluded to is therein proved, yet, as

J. A. R. Stevenson, Esq., to act as Canarese

translator to Government. it attaches no criminality whatever to the

W. Lavie, Esq., to act as collector and magissame, it has recorded a finding of not trate of Guntoor until further orders. guilty thereon.

R. Cathcart, Esq., to act as sub-collector and (Signed) F. Bowes,

joint magist ate of Ganjam. Lieut. Col. and President,

W. U. Arbuthnot, Esq., to resume duties of

sub-collector and joint magistrate of Vizagapatam. Disapproved. The court, upon this

J. G. S. Bruere, Esq., to act as assistant judge trial, has obscured its better judgment, by and joint criminal judge of Rajahmundry. admitting on the record and taking as evi- P. B. Smollet, Esq., to act as sub-collector and dence a mass of irrelevant matter, which joint magistrate of Nellore.

C. R. Baynes, Esq., to be senior assistant to has caused the proceedings to extend to a

accountant-general, in suc. to Mr. Hallett. length probably unparallelled, by illegally R. D. Parker, Esq., to act as government agent receiving and recording a series of un- at Chepauk, during absence of Major Hodges on

duty, in attendance on Right Hon. the Governor. proved and garbled writings, in great part

R. D. Parker, Esq., T. H. Davidson, Esq., and extracted from a private diary, and by G. F. Beauchamp, Esq., to be commissioners for allowing the prisoner unjustifiably to at- drawing of government lotteries of present year. tempt his own vindication by throwing G. F. Beauchamp, Esq, to be second assistant

to accountant general, in suc. to Mr. Baynes. odium upon the parties not before the

S. N Ward, Esq., to act as register of zillah court, thereby unjustly admitting the ac. court of Combaconum, until further orders. cused to become the accuser. Nothing can 25. W. Douglas, Esq., to act as secretary to be more simple than Lieut. Sprye's case,

board for college and for public instruction, during

absence of Lieut. M. J. Rowlandson on duty. divested of the collateral considerations with which, for sinister purposes, and through the culpable indulgence of the court, it has

MILITARY APPOINTMENTS, been mixed up. The narrative contained

PROMOTIONS, &c. in the letters addressed by him to Brig, Fort St. George, Feb. 22, 1834.--Lieut. Col. J.

S. Fraser, 36th N.I., to act as secretary to governGen. Taylor, upon which the charge was

ment in military department, during absence of founded, cannot be misconstrued or mis. Mr. Clerk on sick leave, and to accompany Right taken ; it exhibits a succession of illegal,

Hon. the Governor on tour of duty. premeditated, and underhand practices,

· Lieut. Col. Thos. Maclean, Madras Europ. regt.,,

to act as special agent for foreign settlements employed with the deliberate purpose of during absence of Lieut. Col. Fraser. obtaining conviction, upon a capital trial, Capt. Henry White, 7th N.I., to act as deputy against the consciences of the court. Either secretary to government in military department. Lieut. Sprye has so acted from the very

Major Limond, town major of Fort St. George,

to accompany Right Hon. the Governor to Bangamotives which in his letters he attributes to

lore on duty. himself, and then he is guilty to the fullest Lieut. Col. Walpole, to be military secretary to extent of all that has been charged against Right Hon. the Governor, and to act as town

of Fort St. George, during absence of Major bim; or, otherwise, he must knowingly Limond. have misrepresented his own actions, under Maj. Limond, until further orders, to act as milithe flagitious belief that the government of tary secretary to Right Hon. the Governor, for

Lieut. Col. Walpole. Fort St. George could deliberately intend

Lieut. Thomas M'Goun, 6th N.I., to be a deto take away life contrary to justice, and

puty judge advocate general, to complete establishwith the diabolical desire of recommend. ment. ing himself as the ready instrument of a

Capt. James R. Haig, 34th N.I., to act as assisti

adj. gen. of army, v. White. government by him supposed so nefarious

Lieut. George Balfour, of artillery, to act as ly to intend.

In either event, Lieut. deputy assist. adj. gen. of army, v. Faig. Asiat. Journ.N.S.Vol.14.No.55,

(2 M)

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Cadet of Infantry P. H. Johnston admitted on

Bombay. estab., and prom. to ensign. Assist. Surg. James Chalmers permitted to resign

GOVERNMENT ORDERS, &c. service of Hon. Company.

SERVICES OF SURG. MAXWELL. Head-Quarters, Feb. 22, 1834.- Ens. P. H. Johnston to do duty with 5th N.I., till further orders.

Bombay Castle, Feb. 7, 1834. - AgreeFeb. 24.—Lieut. M'Goun, deputy judge adv.

ably to Article 53, sec. 57, p. 254, of the gen., to proceed to Trichinopoly, and conduct du- second supplement to the code of Military ties of VIII. district.

Regulations, Surg. J. A. Maxwell, M.D., Lieut. T. J. Fisher, 4th N.I., to join his regt. on 14th March (his period of suspension awarded president of the Medical Board, will, on by a general court-martial terminating on the pre- the 11th inst., complete the period of five vious day).

years' service as a member of the Medical Feb. 25. -- The following orders confirmed :Lieut. W. Russell to act as qu. mast. to 18th N I.,

Board, when he will become entitled to during absence of Ens. Haines on sick certificate; the retiring pension of £700 per annum, date 1st Feb.-Lieut. F. Ditmas to act as adj. to

and cease to be a member of the medical sappers and miners, during absence of Lieut. Var. don on duty; date 18th Feb.

establishment of this presidency. Assist. Surg. W. Beauchamp, from native infir- The Right Hon. the Governor in Counmary, to do duty with H.M. 57th regt.

cil has much pleasure in signifying in Go

vernment General Orders, his high opi. Fort St. George, Feb. 28.-Infiintry. Lieut. Col.

nion of the services of Surg. Maxwell, G. L. Wahab to be col., v. Smith dec.; and Maj. Hugh Kyd, from left wing Madras Europ, regt., during a period of thirty-two years, in the to be lieut. col., in suc. to Waliab prom. ; date of various situations in which he has been coms. 21st Feb. 1834.

placed. Europ. Regt. (left wing). Capt. B. S. Ward to be major, Lieut. T. A Duke to be capt., and Ens. C. R. Young to be lieut., in suc. to Kyd prom. ;

SERVICES OF SURG. D. CRAW. date of coms. 21st Feb. 1834.

The services of Maj. B. S. Ward placed at dis- Bombay Caslle, Feb. 26, 1834. With posal of Com.-in-chief for regimental duty. reference to the G.0., dated 3d inst., an

Returned to duty, from Europe.--Feb. 28. Ens. nouncing the retirement of Surg. Craw, W. M'G. Carden, 31st L.I.

late president of the Medical Board, the FURLOUGHS.

Right Hon. the Governor in Council has To Europe.-Feb. 22. Capt. A. Munsey, 1st L.C., much pleasure in signifying in General for health.-Capt. G. T. Pinchard, 3d L. Inf., for Orders, his bigb opinion of the services of liealth (permitted by acting governor of Penang,

Surg. Craw, in the various situations in &c.-28. Lieut. W. H. Pigott, 46th N.I., for health.

which he has been placed. To Cape of Good Hope.-Feb. 28. Lieut. R. Cannan, 40th N.I., for one year, for health.


Marine Department. - Bomlay Castle, SHIPPING.

March 5, 1834. · The Right Hon. the Arrivals.

Governor in Council has been pleased to FEB. 24. Orient, White, from Calcutta.--25. Isabella, Brown, from Van Diemen's Land (with a

permit Capt. John Crawford, I.N., to detachment of H.M. 63d regt.).-26. Haidee, Tay- proceed on private affairs to Europe, and lor, from Marcanum; and Ganges, Burgess, from Trincomallee and Covelong.

to resign the office of officiating superin

tendent of the Indian Navy, from the date Departures. FEB. 27. Bolton, Fremlin, for Calcutta ; Ganges,

of his embarkation on board the H.C. Burgess, for Ennore and Calcutta; and Pascoa, brig of war Tigris, proceeding to Cosseir. Morgan, for Bombay.-28. Belhaven, Crawford, His Lordship in Council has much pleaforCoringa.-MARCH 3. Orient, White, for London.

sure on this occasion in recording the high

sense he entertains of Capt. Crawford's BIRTHS AND DEATHS.

valuable services, in the several situations, BIRTHS.

afloat and ashore, which during his loog Feb. 2. At Kamptee, the lady of Ens. Byng Gi- professional career he has filled, and esperaud, 22d N.I., of a son.

cially in the important situation of offi4. At Kamptee, the lady of Quintin Jamieson, Esq., M.D., horse artillery, of a daughter.

ciating superintendent of the Indian Navy, 8. At Bangalore, the lady of Dr. Ricks, of the the duties of which he has discharged since artillery, of a daughter. - 16. At Masulipatam, the lady of the Rev. W. S.

January 1833, to the entire satisfaction of Aislabie, chaplain at Secunderabad, of a son. this government.

18. At Vellore, the lady of Capt. A. S. Logan, paymaster of stipends, of a daughter.

19. At the French Rocks, the lady of Lieut. CIVIL APPOINTMENTS, &c. Wilton, 36th N.I., of a daughter. - At Madras, the lady of Maj. Wm. Bradford,

Territorial Department - Revenue. of a son.

Feb. 25. Mr. W. Andrews to be sub-collector of

Sholapoor, from 1st. Feb. 1834.

Mr. H. W. Reeves to be first-assistant to collecFeb. 21. At Pondicherry, Col. H. F. Smith, C.B.,

tor and magistrate of Ahmednuggur; from Ist

Feb. 1834. 42d regt. N.I. 22. At Dindigul, Ens. William Buckley, 18th

Mr. John Webb to be second-assissant to ditto regi. Native Infantry.

ditto, from Ist. Feb. 1834. - At Guindee, Jane, wife of Mr. W. Eling,

Mr. H. A. Harrison to be sub-collector of Bagul. aged 19 years.

cotta, from 30th Nov. 1833. March 1. At Madras, Johu Mitchell, Esq. of the Mr. A. Campbell to be assistant to principal colcivil service, aged 24.

lector in Southern Mahratta country.

March 5. Mr. H. P. Malet to be acting fourth Feb. 14.--Artillery. Ist-Lieut. F. J. Pontardent assistant to priucipal collector of Poona.

to be capt., and 2d-Lieut. H. L. Brabazon to be Mr. T. H. Baber, to be collector of Rutnagee

1st-lieut., V. Fraser retired. -2d-Lieut. E. J.

Blake to rank from 7th Feb. 1834, v. Brabazon ree.

prom. Furloughs, &c.— Jan. 31. Mr. E. H. Baber, to The following temporary arrangements conNeilgherry Hills, for six months, for health. firmed :-Lieut. T. Whittle, adj. of artil. in GuFeb. 5. Mr. J. A. Forbes, to Europe, for three zerat, to take charge of commissary of ordnance years, for health.

department at Ahmedabad, from date of departure of Capt. Falconar for presidency, on leave.

Lieut. S. Parr, 23d N.I., to act as qu. mast. to MILITARY APPOINTMENTS,

that regt., during absence of Lieut. Liddell, or

until further orders.--Ens. R. P. Hogg to act as PROMOTIONS, &c.

interp. in Hindoostanee to Europ. regt., from 1st Bombay Castle, Jan. 30, 1834.-Assist. Surg. P.

to 27th Jan.-Lieut. C. Threshie, Tóth N.I., to W. Hockin to be relieved from duty in Indian act as adj. to that regt., during absence of Lieut. Navy.

Adams on leave to Deccan. Feb. 3.--Surg. David Craw, 2d-member of Me- Feb. 15.-The following appointments and prodical Board, having furnished a medical certificate motions made, consequent on retirement of Surg. of necessity for his proceeding to Europe, and

D. Craw, president of Medical Board ;_to have having served upwards of three years as a mem

effect from 16th Feb.:-V. C. Kemball, Esq., 2dber of Medical Board, permitted to retire from

member, to be Ist-member of Medical Board ; service from 15th Feb., on regulated pension of

F. Trash, Esq., 3d-member, to be 2d-member of £700. per annum.

ditto. ; Superintending Surg. R. Wallace to be 2d-Lieuts. T. Gaisford and C. Yorke to act, for

3d-member of ditto.; Sen. Surg. G. Smyttan to

be a superintending-surg. on estab., and Sen. Asmer as interp., and latter as qu. mast. to Golun. dauze bat., as a temporary arrangement.

sist. Surg. J. Patch to be surgeon.

Feb. 26.-Assist. Surg. Kays, M.D., to be sur. Ens. H. P. H. Hockin to rank from 24th Dec.

geon to county jail (the separate appointment of 1833, and posted to 6th N.I., v. Burt dec.

surgeon to House of Correction being abolished). Col. H. Sullivan, commanding Poona brigade, to command Poona division of army, in suc. to

Assist. Surg. Cadogan Graham to be surgeon to Maj. Gen. Sir J.S. Barns, K.C.B.

coroner, in suc. to Surg. Smyttan. .

Lieut. W. Purves, 9th N.I., confirmed in app. Col. T. Willshire, H.M. 2d or Queen's Royal

of adj. to that regt., from 12th Feb., v. Skinner regt., to command Poona brigade, in suc. to Col.

proceeded to Europe. Sullivan. Feb. 4.-Col. L. C. Russel, regt. of artil., to pro

Ens. J. Ashe, 20th N.I., to take charge of ord

nance store-department at Rajcote, during absence ceed to presidency and assume charge of his duties

of Lieut. Ash, of artillery, on duty. as commandant of artillery, in suc. to Col. Strover proceeded to Europe.

Lieut. R. Leach, of engineers, to be second asLieut. A. F. Bartlett, 26th N.I., to be capt. by

sistant to superintending engineer at presidency. brevet from 4th Jan. 1834.

March 1.--Lieut. J. Pope, 17th N.I., to be asLieut. W. Brett to be adj. and qu. mast. to 2d

sistant-commissariat officer in charge of military

bazaar at Poona. troop_horse brigade, V. Rowland" prom. ; date 26th Dec. 1833.

March 3.--Ens. Augustus Price to take rank

from 21st Feb., and posted to 4th N.I., v. HodgFeb. 6.-Capt. J. W. Fraser, regt. of artillery, permitted to retire from service on half-pay of his rank.

FURLOUGHS. Feb.7.-Lieut. E. Whichelo to be acting deputy commissary-general, and Lieut. J. D. Smythe, To Europe.-- Feb. 4. Capt. G. Thornton, 19th 4th N.I., to be acting third-assistant ditto, during

N.I.-5. Lieut. H. Hart, 6th N.I.--ll. Lieut. P. period Capt. Reynolds may be employed as a K. Shinner, 9th N.I., for health. member of a special committee.

Cancelled.- Jan. 23. The furlough to Europe reThe following appointments made on personal

cently granted to Lieut. J. Hobson, Europ. regt. staff of Commander of Forces; to have effect from 2d Feb.:--Capt. W. Greenville, 2d or Queen's MARINE DEPARTMENT. Royal regt., to be military secretary; Ens. F. Janvrin, H.M. 20th Foot, to be interpreter; and

APPOINTMENTS. Lieut. Sidney Powell, H.M. 40th Foot, to be acting aide-de-camp, until pleasure of Commander

March 5.-Commander Cogan, I.N., senior offiin-Chief in India is known.

cer at presidency, to officiate as superintendent of

Indian Navy, on departure of Capt. Crawford to The following promotions and appointir ents Europe. made, consequent on retirement of Surg. J. A.

Lieut. Peters, I.N., to act as controller of dockMaxwell, M.D., president of Medical Board ; to take effect from 12th Feb:--David Craw, Esq.,

yards, for Commander Cogan. 2d-member, to be 1st member of Medical Board;

Lieut. Clendon, I.N., to act as assistant conV. C. Kemball, Esq., 3d-member, to be 2d-mem

troller, for Lieut. Peters. ber of ditto. ; Superintending Surg. F. Trash to be 3d-member of ditto.; Surg. J. Orton to be a superintending-surgeon on estab.; and Sen. Assist.

SHIPPING. Surg. J. McLennan to be surgeon.

Arrivals. Feb. 8.-Assist. Surg. Bourchier, M.D., to succeed Assist. Surg. W. R. Deacon, in medical

FEB. 8. Lord Castlereagh, Tonks, from Cal

cutta, Madras, &c.-9. Asia Felix, Wood, from charge of Auxiliary Horse in Cutch.

Calcutta and Cannanore.-10. Glenelg, Langley, Feb. 11.-Lieut. H. Stiles, Europ. regt., to be from China and Singapore.-11._Huron, Hardy, interp. in Hindoostanee language, v. Brodhurst from Liverpool; and Cora Nelly, Etcheverry, from proceeded to Europe; date 5th Jan. 1834.

Bordeaux and Mahi.-12. William Rodger, CrawLieut. and Interp. A. Shepherd to act as adj.,

ford, from the Clyde; and Duncan Gibb, Donald, and Capt. J. E. G. Morris as interp. to 24th N.I., from Dublin.-13. Amizade, Compos, from Rio from departure of Lieut. Durack, until arrival of de Janeiro and Mosambique.-18. Ospray, SalLieut. Ramsay.

mon, from Greenock. - MARCH 4. Caledonia, Feb. 13. The following appointments con

Stroyan, from Liverpool; and Eliza Stewart, firmed:Assist. Surg. J. Mearns, 2d Gr. Regt., to

Miller, from Greenock. perform duties of civil surgeon of Sholapore, va-,

Departures. cant by death of Surg. J. L. Cameron, M.D.Lieut. Hobson, 20th N..., to superintend repairs

FEB. 9. Clarence, Traill, for London.—16. Lady

Nugent, Percival, for London; and La Nymphe, of public buildings at Rajcote, from 8th Jan.

Briole, for Tellicherry, Colombo, and Bordeaux.Lieut. Clarkson, 12th N.I., to take charge of ord- 19. Egyptian, for London.-27. Isabella, Maugnance store-department at Baroda, from 10th Jan.

ham, for Malabar Coast and Mauritius.--28. SeAssist. Surg. J. A. Lawrence to be civil surgeon vern, Dixon, for London.- MARCH 12. Ospray, of Sholapore.

Salmon, for Greenock.

son dec.

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