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ray; Mr. and Mrs. Murray; Lieut. and Mrs.. pany's naval service, to Isabella Anne, only daughJervis; Capt. Blood; Capt. Mair; Ens. Ximenes ; ter of the late Francis Beaudet, Esq. Rev. Mr. M‘Evoy; Mr. Christie; Mr. Dewar ;

7. At St. Mary's Church, Henry Robert, only Mr. Mowbray; Mr. Sutherland; Mr. Malony. son of the late John Addison, judge in Bengal, to

Per Boyne, for Bombay : Mrs. Morgan; Miss Grace, youngest daughter of Maj. Gen. Robert Smith; Rev. Mr. and Mrs. Jackson; Mr. Stuart, Burton, late of the 2d Life Guards. C. S.; Mr. Blakiston, ditto; Mr. Mansfield, ditto; 11. At Dalchully, Inverness-shire, Charles GorMr. Davis ; Mr. Woodhouse.

don, Esq., Madras

army, to Jessie, second daughter of D. M.Nab, Esq.

At St. Mary's Church, Maj. Gen. Robert Bar. LOSS OF SHIPPING.

ton, late of the 2d Life Guards, to Marion Colette,

second daughter of the late John Addison, judge in The ann Jameson, Alexander, from London, Bengal. was blown up and burnt to the water's edge at

12. At Edinburgh, Robert M'Nair, Esq., of the Sydney, N.S. Wales, on the 30th Nov., with about

Hon. East-India Company's service, to Catherine, 200 tons of cargo on board, little of which is ex

second daughter of J. S. More, Esq., advocate. pected to be recovered. Mr. Gillespie (chief mate) and eight men lost their lives.

17. At Ufford, Suffolk, George Larken, Esq.,

solicitor, Somerton, Somersetshire, to Emily, seThe Rose, Mellors, from London, was totally Jost in the South Seas on 1st January. Crew saved.

cond daughter of the late Lieut.-Col. Cotgrave,

chief engineer of the Madras army. The New Jersey, Williams, from Gibraltar to China, was totally lost on the Louisa Shoal, in the

21, At St. Mary's, Bryanston Square, Lieut.-Col. China Sea, on the 9th Nov. Crew and about 15,000

De Lacy Evans, M.P. for Westminster, to Josette, 19. At Gloucester, George S. Hepburn, Esq., Morier, relict of Isaac Morier, Esq., late consul late captain in the Indian Navy, and of Underdean general at Constantinople. Larches, in the Forest of Dean, in the same county.

relict of Philip Hughes, Esq., of the Hon. Eastdollars saved.

India Company's service, daughter of the late Col.
Robert Arbuthnott.

Lately. At Dublin, F. Brodigan, Esq., of DroBIRTHS, MARRIAGES, AND

gheda, to Anna Maria, only child of the late R. A. DEATHS.

Campbell, Esq., of the Hon. E. I. Conipany's ser.

vice, and niece of P. Campbell, Esq., of Annefield, BIRTHS.

county of Dublin. March 4. At sea, on board the Catherine, on the

At Ashmore Cottage, Perthshire, C. B. Hanpassage from Bengal, Mrs. Henry Hailes, of a son.

dyside, Esq., M.D., Bengal establishment, to Ame

lia, second daughter of Mrs. Anderson, of Ellishill, May 31. The lady of Frederick Ayrton, Esq., Aberdeenshire, widow of the late Capt. Wm. AnBombay army, of a daughter.

derson, of the 96th Foot. June 1. At Walthamstow, the lady of Edward Wigram, Esq., of a son.

DEATHS. 8. At Hillend, Scotland, the lady of James Christie, Esq., late of the Madras army, of a son.

Feb. 22. On board H.M. ship Isis, off the Coast 12. In Upper Gloucester-place, the lady of Lieut.

of Africa, James Harene Edmonstone, midshipCol. James Tod, of a son.

man, aged 14 years and eight months, youngest

son of N. B. Edmonstone, Esq., of Portland Place. 18. At Brighton, Mrs. Henry Grifhths Bright

March 29. At the Cape of Good Hope, on his man, of a daughter.

return from India to England, after a long proLately. At Strabane, Ireland, the lady of Adam tracted, and distressingly painful illness, William Ogilvie, Esq., Bengal Civil Service, of a son. Howard Peach, Esq., late of Cuttack, in Bengal,

aged 60.

April 3. In the Island of Jamaica, Mrs. Isabella MARRIAGES.

Watson, widow of John Cullen, Esq., of the Ben

gal Horse Artillery. May 13. At St. James's Church, Thomas Colt

21. On board the Royal Saron, on the passage man, Esq., of the 10th Hussars, and of Hagnaby

from Calcutta, George Lycke, Esq., late of Sussex Priory, in the county of Lincoln, to Mary Anne, widow of D. H. Dallas, Esq., son of Lieut. Gen.

Place, Regent's Park. Sir Thomas Dallas, G.C.B.

May 25. At Stornaway, Ross-shire, aged 36, 20. At All Soul's Church, St. Marylebone, Capt.

Mary, wife of Murdock Mackenzie, Esq., late of

Murray, of the Hon. E. I. Company's service, to
Sophia Ann, eldest daughter of the Rev. James

- At Plymouth, of pulmonary consumption, Lynn, M.A., vicar of Keswick, Cumberland, and aged 18, Sarah, daughter of William Braddon, Esq., grand-daughter of the late Bishop of Carlisle. of the Bengal civil service, and late of Skisdon

Lodge, Cornwall. 27. At Croydon, Henry Rogers, Esq., of Lower Clapton, to Sarah Ann, daughter of the late Col.

26. At Abele-Grove, Epsom, F. C. Crotty, Esq., Robert Ogle, Hon. E. 1. Company's service.

major of H. M. 39th regt. of Foot, quartered at 28. At Fulham, Capt. J. H. Ffrench, 46th regt.,

Bangalore, Madras, whence he lately returned by to Charlotte Sarah Willor, eldest surviving daugh

the ship Wellington. ter of W. Gore, Esq., of Artarmon-house, Austra

At Paris, James Hardie, Esq., assistant surlia, and widow of the late W.B.Lamb, Esq., Royal

geon, Bengal medical establishment. Navy.

June 3. At Ipswich, Anna Maria, relict of John 29. At Weston Super Mare, C. P. Layard, Esq.,

Torlesse, Esq., of the Bombay civil service, aged of the Ceylon Civil Service, to Louisa Ann, eldest

68. daughter of the late Lieut.Col. C. M. Edwards, of Suddenly, at Adamton, Frances Isabella, inthe 1st Ceylon regt., Chairman of the Colonial fant uaughter of Maj. Wm. Cunningham, Bi ngal Audit Office.

army. At Bath, P. Cazalet, Esq., late of the Hon. 6. At Brook Lodge, Youghal, in his 77th year, E. I. Company's Madras civil service, to Rachel, Lieut. Col. Marsden, late of the Hon. East-India only daughter of the late Rev. H. Davies.

Company's service. 31. At Edmonton Church, John Gerrard, Esq., 8. At Greenhill Bank, Scotland, W. C. Chisof the 45th regt. Madras N.I., to Louisa, youngest holme, Esq., formerly of the Hon. Company's daughter of the late James Wilson, Esq., of Smea- medical establishment, Bengal. ton Castle, Whitby, and Cane Grove, St. Vincent's.

At Springfield Lodge, Surrey, Francis, eldest June 2. At Bargy Castle, C. M. Lecky, Esq., of son of David Hill, Esq., of the East-India House. the city of Londonderry, late Captain in the Bom

9. Suddenly, at Hodhet, aged 83 years, Mary bay army, to Anne, youngest daughter of John Har

Helen, widow of the late Rev. Reginald Heber, of vey, Esq., of Bargy-castle, county of Wexford.

Hodnet Hall, Salop, and mother of the late Dr. 3. At. Ulverston, H. W. Fell, Esq., to Martha, Reginald Heber, Bishop of Calcutta. eldest daughter of the late Wm. Fell, Esq., and

| 13. At Southampton, Rear-Admiral Manby, relict of R. W. Smith of the H. C. service.

aged 64. The deceased gallant officer was one of 5. At Trinity Church, Marylebone, John Tem- the companions of Vancouver in his voyage round pleton, Esq., óf Canton, late of the Hon. Com- the world.

- At Kilburn, Margaret, wife of E. Allingham, - At Edinburgh, aged 21, Alexander Colvin Esq., of the Hon. East-India Company's service. Fraser Tytler, eldest son of the late Alex. Fraser

- At Wexford, retired Rear-Admiral Alexander Tytler, Esq., of the Bengal civil service.

Wilson. This officer was promoted from a common 21. At his house, 2, South-crescent, Bedford seaman. Square, Mr. Sandford Arnot.

- At Florence, Vice Admiral Plampin. He was 23. At Edinburgh, Mr. William Cook, late sur- formerly commander-in-chief on the St. Helena geon of the ship Sir David Scott.

and Cape stations. Lately. In Devonshire Street, aged 76, Mrs.

[blocks in formation]

Henry St. Gro. Tucker, Esq. (Chairman) 3, Upper Portland Pl.
WM, STANLEY Clarke, Esq. (Deputy), Elm Bank, Leatherhead.
Campbell Marjoribanks, Esq. 3, Upper Wimpole Street.

Hon. Hugh Lindsay, 22, Berkeley Square.
RJL John Morris, Esq. 21, Baker Street.

John Thornhill, Esq. Blackheath.
RJL George Raikes, Esq. 19, Warwick Street.

Sir Robert Campbell, Bart. 5, Argyll Place, Argyll Street.
Wm. Astell, Esq. Everton.
John Goldsborough Ravenshaw, Esq. 9, Lower Berkeley Street.
John Loch, Esq. 18, Upper Bedford Place, Russell Square.
Josias Du Pré Alexander, Esq. 7, Grosvenor Square.

Neil Benjamin Edmonstone, Esq. 49, Portland Place.
RJL Charles Mills, Esq. Camelford House, Oxford Street.

John Masterman, Esq. Nicholas Lane, Lombard Street.

Henry Alexander, Esq. Wickham Park.
RJL Sir William Young, Bart., 24, Upper Wimpole Street.

Robert Cutlar Fergusson, Esq. M. P. 17, Gi. Cumberland Strect.

John Forbes, Esq. 15, Harley Street.
RJL Henry Shank, Esq. 62, Gloucester Place.

Russell Ellice, Esq. 5, Great Cumberland Street.

Richard Jenkins, Esq. 19, Upper Harley Street.
RJL John Cotton, Esq., 26a, Bryanstone Square.
RJL William Butterworth Bayley, Esq., 39, Upper Harley Street.

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Finance and Homé.

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Years' to serve.

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Patrick Vans Agnew, Esq. C.B. 26, Upper George Lyall, Esq. M.P. 17, Park CresHarley Street.

cent. James 'Rivett Carnac, Esq. 21, Upper John Petty Muspratt, Esq. 9, New Broad Harley Street.

Street. James L. Lushington, Esq. C.B. 13, William Wigram, Esq. 56, Upper Harley York Street, Portman Square.


EAST-INDIA COMPANY'S DECLARATIONS. For Sale 1st July-Prompt 26th Septembera – Tortoiseshell--Bamboos--Whanghees--Mats-Table Mats-Partridge Canes-Bamboo Canes and Sticks--Floor Mats.

For Sale 15th July-Prompt 3d October.-Indigo.


LIST of SHIPS Trading to INDIA and Eastward of the CAPE of GOOD HOPE.

1834. Madras

Aug. 15 Madras
527 Charles Beach

Charles Beach .. W. I. Docks Thomas Haviside & Co.
Cape and Madras

18 Wellington
500 Gustavus Evans

James Liddell... W. I. Docks Mac Ghie, Page, & Smith, Exchange-buildings.
Bengal (Passengers only)
Portsm. July 26 London

620 Money Wigram ... John Wimble E. I. Docks John Pirie & Co.
Cape and Bengal ....

5 Lord Hungerford 724 Charles Farquharson. C. Farquharson .. E. I. Docks Cockerell & Co., or Thomas Haviside & Co. Madras & Bengal

Sept. 10 Catherine
523 Bernard Fenn

Bernard Fenn... E. I. Docks Tomlin, Man, & Co.
July 2 Asia

523 John Jacob & Sons .... John Biddle...... St. Kt. Docks Arnold & Woollett, and Tomlin, Man, & Co.
Graves. 4 Fergusson 554 George Frederick Young Adam Young .... W. I. Docks Domett & Co. 7, George-yd.
Portsm. Aug. 1 Duke of Bedford. 720 Sir C. Cockerell & Co... William A. Bowen E. I. Docks Sir Charles Cockerell, Bart. & Co. Austin-friars.
2 Malcolm

650 R. W. Eyles..... James Eyles. . Expected Thomas Heath, & Thomas Haviside & Co.

5 Roxburgh Castle 600 Green, Wigram, & Green William Fulcher.. Expected John Pirie & Co.

Duke of Nor-
1 thumberland ..S

650 Thomas and Wm. Smith William L. Pope W. I. Docks John Pirie & Co.
July 20 Lady Flora ... 756 Robert Ford

Robert Ford ....W. I. Docks Tomlin, Man, & Co.
25 Orient
596 Thomas White

Thomas White .. Expected Thomas Haviside & Co.
7 Morley

493 Josh. A. Douglas Josh. A. Douglas W. I. Docks Thomas Heath, & Thomas Haviside & Co.
5 Hero of Malown. 483 Henry Richmond ....

James Smith W. I. Docks Lyall, Wyllie, & Co. Billiter-sq., & Thomas Haviside & Co.
28 Lady Raffles. 647 Richard Green

Robert Pollok.... E. I. Docks John Pirie & Co.
Aug. 15 Victory

712 Christopher Biden .... Christ. Biden E. I. Docks W. H. Hunt, Crown-ct., Cheapside, & T. Haviside and Co.
-Lady Nugent 532 Lucas Percival

Lucas Percival Expected Capt. Thacker, 4, Leadenhall-st., & Capt. Barber, 1, ditto.
20 Buckinghamshire 1369 Capt. Thacker & Mangles Wm. F. Hopkins E. Î. Docks Capt. Thacker, Leadenhall-st., &Capt. Mangles, Austin friars
Graves. July 15 Favorite

319 Beadle & Co..... William Cobb.... St.Kt. Docks John Pirie & Co.
Singapore and China

Sept. 1 Australia

390 Walter Buchanan John Lobban .... Expected Walter Buchanan, Leadenhall-street,

July 20 William Money 834 Henry Templer

John O'Brien .... Expected John Pirie & Co.
Aug. 15 Moira.

650 Henry Templer Thomas Johnson Expected John Pirie & Co.
July 10 Iris
300 William Tindall

Wm. Mackwood.. St. Kt. Docks John Lyney.

15 Achilles .........

300 William Tindall. Charles Duncan .. St. Kt. Docks John Lyney. 25 Eleanor ....... 300 Godwin and Lee

William Havelock St. Kt.Docks Godwin & Lee.
4 Blenheim
374 Thomas Brown

James T. Brown Cork Lachlan, Sons, & Mac Leod,
New South Wales
Convict ships 5 George Hibbert 328 Thomas Heard

G. N. Livesay Woolwich Lachlan, Sons, & Mac Leod.
465 Buckles and Co.

George Bailey Portsmouth Buckles & Co., Mark-lane.
Launceston ...

220 Robert Brooks

s. c. Hurst Lov. Docks Buckles & Co. Hobart Town and Launceston

300 Thomas C. Matheson T.C. Matheson St.Kt. Docks John Masson, Lime-street-sq. Hobart Town

5 Eveline .........

301 James Gale & Son. John Friend. St.Kt. Docks Buckles & Co. Launceston and New South Wales

4 William
350 J. Williams ..

H. Sowerby ...... St.Kt. Docks John Masson, and Lyall, Wyllie, & Co.

20 Nimrod

274 Thomas Hepburn .... Fr. Wm. Hepburn St.Kt.Docks George Bishop, Jewry-st. 4 William Stoveld. 230 Buckles and Co........ Alex. Davidson .. St.Kt. Docks Buckles & Co.

10 Guardian ....... 220 Henry Leese ......... Henry Leese .... St.Kt.Docks Godwin & Lee and George Bishop. New South Wales

5 Children

300 Godwin and Lee........ William Durocher St. Kt. Docks Godwin & Lee, Bishopsgate-street-within.
10 David Scott ...... 773 Mungo Gilmore ........ Samuel Owen .... Lon. Docks John Marshall, Birchin-lane.
20 John Craig

374 John Craig ......... John Currie...... St. Kt. Docks Godwin & Lee.

6 Margaret ..... 500 Thomas Lewis ........ William Johns St. Kt. Docks Arnold & Wollett. Van Diemen's Land & N.

15 Thomas Harrison 500 Thomas Harrison Thos. O Harrison St. Kt. Docks Godwin & Lee. 20 Thames 1423 John R. Pidding ....., Robert Fox

.. Lon. Docks Edmund Read & Capt. J. R. Pidding.

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N.B. The letters P.C. denote prime cost, or manufacturers' prices ; A. advance (per cent.) on the same ;

D. discount (per cent.) on the same ; N.D. no demand.--The bazar maund is equal to 82 lb. 2 oz. 2 drs., and 100 bazar maunds equal to 110 factory maunds. Goods sold by Sa. Rupees B. mds. produce 5 to 8 per cent. more than when sold by Ct. Rupees F. mds.-The Madras Candy is equal to 500lb. The Surat Candy is equal to 7469 lb. The Pecul is equal to 133} lb. The Corge is 20 pieces.

CALCUTTA, January 16, 1834,


Nails .......

Rs.A. Rs. A.

Rs.A. Rs. A. Anchors

Sa.Rs. cwt. 16 0 @ 22 0 Iron, Swedish, sq...Sa.Rs. 3 12 @ 3 13 Bottles

..100 10 0
10 8

flat 3 12 3 13 Coals .B. md. 0 51 0 61 English, sq.

.do. 23 2 5 Copper Sheathing, 16-32 32 8

- 32 14

flat 2 2 2 4 Brasiers', do. 33° 0 32 4 2 4 2 8 Thick sheets ido.

Sheet 4 0 5 0 Old Gross

.do. 27 4
27 8

.........cwt. 10 0 14 0 Bolt

.do. 33 0 33 8 Hoops. 2 10 3 0 Tile 26 12 27 8


...cwt. 0 12 0 13 Nails, assort..' 26 0 33 0 Lead, Pig 4 8 Peru Slab........Ct. Rs. do. 300 31 0


4 10 4 11 Russia ..........Sa.Rs. do.


50 D. and A. Copperas 16 1 6 Shot, patent

.bag Cottons, chintz


Spelter ............Ct.Rs. F. md. 4 5 4 6 Muslins, assort. 14 13 0 Stationery

10A. and P. C. Yarn 16 to 170

.mor 04

075 Steel, English. .....Ct. Rs. F. md5 14 6 0 Cutlery, fine...

Swedish 6 2 6 4 Glass... 10D, 12D. Tin Plates

Sa.Rs. box 22 8 23 0 Hardware.


Woollens, Broad cloth, fine...yd. 30. 8 4. Hosiery, cotton.... . . 200. 25D.

coarse and middling.. 10 8 8 Ditto, silk

Flannel fine....


1 10

... 30A.

[blocks in formation]

Rs. Rs.


Rs. Anchors .....

........cwt. 15 @ 18 Iron, Swedish, bar......Şt. candy 52 Bottles .............


English, 22.4
...ton. no demand


..........cwt. 4.8 Copper, Sheathing, 16-32 ....cwt. 50

Nails 13 Thick sheets


Sheet 5.8 Plate... 50

Rod for bolts ...... St. candy 20 Tile 52

do. for nails 30 Cottons, Chintz, &c., &c.........

Lead, Pig.....


7.12 Longcloths....

9.4 Muslins


no demand Other goods

Shot, patent ......

.cwt. 9 Yarn, Nos. 25 to 60 0.93 0.18 Spelter


6.12 Cutlery, table.....................

P. C.

10D. Glass and Earthenware

30 D.
35D. Steel, Swedish

..tub 10.8 Hardware........................ P.C.

Tin Plates

.. box 16
Hosiery, half hose.......
........ P.C.

Woollens, Broad cloth, fine ..yd. 4

Flannel, fine ................ 1


CANTON, January 28, 1834.

Drs. Drs.

Drs. Drs. Cottons, Chintz, 28 yds... • piece 2 @ 43' Smalts

pecul 50 @ 90 Longcloths
6 Steel, Swedish, in kits.


43 Muslins, 20 yds....

2 2 Woollens, Broad cloth .......yd. 1.50 -1.60 Cambrics, 40 yds

5 do. ex super

.........yd. 3.50

4 Bandannoes .... it 2 Camlets..

.....................pce. 15 21 Yarn, Nos. 16 to 50..... • pecul 40 50 Do. Dutch

......... do. 25

27 Iron, Bar

.do. 1.30 1.40 Long 9 12 Rod 23 Tin, Straits............

.......... pecul 154 Lead 4 41|Tin Plates 9 10

SINGAPORE, February 6, 1834.


Drs. Drs.

Drs. Drs. Anchors

•pecul 7 @ 9 Cotton Hkfs. imit. Battick, dble...corge 6 @ 8 Bottles

..100 3
do. do Pullicat


2) 3 Copper Nails and Sheathing, · pecul 35 -40 Twist, 24 to 42

pecul 45 50 Cottons, Madapollams, 25yd. by 32in. pcs. 11 3 Hardware, assort. ...... (over stocked) P. Imit. Irish ......25. 36

do. 23
2) Iron, Swedish

pecul 5 Longcloths 38 to 40 36-37 do. 4 6 English 24 do. 38-40 do. 5 - 71 Nails

do. 3
do. do. 44 do. 5 - 8 Lead, Pig 5
50 do. 6 8

54 do. 11 - 12 Shot, patent

.bag 1 60 do. 11 - 12 Spelter

.......(none).... pecul 4 Prints, 7-8. single colours .do. 2 3 Steel, Swedish

.do. 4
.do. 3 51 English

do. 6) Cambric, 12 yds. by 42 to 45 11 21 Woollens, Long Ells .......... pcs. 10 Jaconet, 20 44 .. 46 1) 4

Camblets 20 Lappets, 10 40 .. 44 1] 13 Ladies' cloth (Scarlet). .........yd. 1}

REMARKS. Calcuttu, Jan. 16, 1834.–There has been a fair which have lately been made, and at present amount of business done in Piece Goods and Twist

making, to pay for Indian produce, are entirely at during the week, but prices have not undergone an end. The recent sales of metals, amounting to any material alteration. Copper of most sorts, has upwards of 1,500 tons, have reduced the stock in advanced on our last quotations : in other descrip- first hands, but as that quantity has been purtions of Metals no change.-Jan. 27. Extensive de- chased by a number of dealers who are now remand for Piece Goods appears to have obtained in taining it at the least possible profit, no improvethe past week, particularly for Lappets, Jaconets, ment can be calculated upon for some time. A and Cambrics : of the first, sales of upwards of considerable quantity is also, we understand, on 11,000 pieces are reported. The market for Twist board the ships daily expected.-Pr. Cur. continues rather favourably disposed than other

Canton, Jan. 28, 1834.-Woollens and cotton wise ; prices keep firm. In Metals, the market

yarn maintain the rates quoted, under a moderate may be considered as under improvement.

demand. For white piece goods the demand conBombay, Feb. 8, 1834. British produce conti- tinues, but prices are rather lower. nues selling in Bombay, at lower rates than was Manilla, Jan. 12, 1834.-Cambrics, firm; stock ever known-whilst Indian produce, on the con- 14 to 15,000 pieces. Chintz, large flowered, in partrary, is unusually high. This unnatural state of tial demand.' Ginghams, in demand. Long cloths, the market, however, cannot be of long duration ; grey, in first hands, about 7,000 pieces: white a change must soon take place, and British manu- goods, none in first hands. Lappet muslins in de. factures, we have no doubt, will again rise, at least mand. White handkerchiefs, stock heavy; imito a remunerating price, so soon as the forced sales tation Madras ditto, in much demand.

1 12 ...

Prem. O 4{ Nexos per Cent from


Calcutta, Feb. 4, 1834.

lic Securities, viz. 106. Madras Rs. per
100 Sa. Rs. ...

2 Disc. Government Securities. Buy.) Rs. As.

Rs. As. Sell.

Bengal Five per cent. Loan of 18th Aug. 1825. Prem. 24 0 Remittable

23 0 Prem. At the Rate of Subscription, viz. 106)
2 of 1st, or Old 5.

Madras Rs. per 100 Sa. Rs.
1 Class 1 8
p. Cent. Loan )
Bonds, No. 1 to 1,000

Ditto .... 2 do. 04

Ditto, above No. 1,000,...... from $.to 14 Prem. 06 .... Ditto ....3 do. Par

Bengal Five per cent. Loan of 15th Jan. 1830.
Ditto ....4 do.

At the Rate of Subscription, viz. 1064
No. 251 to 1 150....

Madras Rs. per 100 Sa. Rs.

2 Prem.

Exchange, Dec. 18.
p. Cent Loan

0 4 Prem. On London, at 6 mo. sight, ls. 9d. per M. Rupec. 2 4 3d, or New ditto 1 12 Disc. 0 8 4 per cent. Loan dis...l 0 Disc. 4,000 Bank of Bengal Shares-3,900.

Bombay, Feb. 8, 1834.
Bank of Bengal Rates.

Exchanges. Discount on private bills ...... 6 0 per cent. On London, at 6 mo. sight, ls. 11d. to ls. 11/d. per Ditto on government and salary bills 4 0 do.

Rupee. Interest on loans on deposit . 4 0 do. On Calcutta, at 30 days' sight, 1061 to 1063 Bom. Rate of Exchange, Jan. 29.

Rs. per 100 Sicca Rupees. Bills on Court of Directors, at 12 months' date, to On Madras, at 30 days' sight, 102 to 1023 Bom. buy, ls. 11d.; to sell, 2s. per Sa. Rupee.

Rs. per 100 Madras Rs. Private Bills on London, 6 months' sight, to buy,

Government Securities. 2s. Id.; to sell, 2s. 2d. to 28. 3d. per Sa. Rupee.

Remittable Loan, no transactions nominal. 130 to

131 Bom. Rs. per 100 Sa. Rs. Madras, Feb. 18, 1834.

5 per cent. Loan of 1822-23, first, second, and third

classes, 1064 to 108 per ditto.
Government Securities.

Ditto of 1825-26, 107 to 110} per ditto.
Six per cent. Bengal Remittable Loan. Ditto of 1829-30, 110 to 110) per ditto.
At the Rate of Subscription, viz. 350
Madras Rs. per 335 Sa. Rs.

29 Prem. At the Rate prevailing among Merchants

Canton, Jan. 28, 1834. and Brokers, viz. 106. Madras Rs. per

Exchanges, &c. 100 Sa. Rs. .....

.27 Prem.

On London, 6 mo. sight,-48. 9d. to 4s. 10d. ; per Five per cent. Bengal Unremittable Loan.

Sp. Dol. At the Rate of Subscription, vis. 350

On Bengal, Cos.,

30 days', Sa. Rs. 207 per 100 Sp. Madras Rs. per 335 Sa. Rs.


Drs. - Private Bills, 209 to 212 per ditto. At the Rate prevailing among Merchants

On Bombay, ditto Bom. Rs. 220 per ditto. and Brokers in buying and selling Pub

Sycee Silver at Lintin, I to 14 per cent. prem.

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