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Postscript to Asiatic Intelligence.

The only papers we have received since

appears a letter, which had been refused the aforegoing Asiatic intelligence was di- admission in the Hurkaru, wherein the , gested, are a few Calcutta journals want.. writer shews that the estate of Mackintosh ing in the sets, and Madras papers to the and Co. is managing at a loss to the cre-, end of February, which, however, com- ditors, as appears in the items of the, municate no information of importance. published accounts. He asks, for whom

The Hurkaru of February 11 states these concerns (that of indigo, for inthat accounts had reached Calcutta, which stance) are carried on? If the accounts were considered authentic, that Shah mean any thing, he says, they shew the Shuja ul Moolk had gained a decisive concerns to be losing ones, and the comvictory over the Sind forces, and with plicated misery and starving condition of their treasures he is likely to establish thousands at the presidency, occasioned himself in Kabool.

by the failure, require the attention of A report of an indigo sale, at Tulloh's the Court to a subject, of which the assigauction-mart, Calcutta, on the 10th Fe- nees are not the proper judges. bruary, states that 160 chests had run off A circular of the Bengal new steamfreely at fair prices, for cash without dis. fund has been forwarded from Calcutta count; viz. 35 chests Nụddea (Deverell) to the merchants of London, for the pursold from 184 to 210 rupees, per f. m.; pose of pointing out to them the outline 38 chests Hansi (Skinner), 150 to 170 of a plan which they consider best calcu. rupees.

lated to carry into effect the proposed A correspondent of the India Gazette steam communication between the Eaststates a curious fact, indicative of the Indies and Europe, and calling upon the rapid decay of native prejudices amongst capitalists of the metropolis to use their the rising generation at Calcutta :"A best exertions in securing the ultimate gentleman, at his departure from Calcutta, success of the undertaking. According is going to give a farewell dinner to all his to this scheme, it is proposed that a capi. friends at the garden of Baboo Rajkissen tal of twelve lacs of rupees (£120,000) Sing, on the 4th March, at which a great should be raised, and four steamers of 200number of Hindoo youths of respectabi- horse power each to be built ; one to run lity, laying aside their prejudices of reli- between England and Alexandria, and gions and customs, will attend. Reform the other three to be employed on the is now rapidly spreading over this long eastern side of the isthmus, one at Bom-' benighted land. Who will not rejoice to bay and two at Calcutta, The steamer see a number of young Hindoos, nursed from Bombay is to be despatched so as in the very bosom of superstition, not to arrive at Socotra two days previous to regarding the abominable distinctions of that from Calcutta, which is to call at caste, publicly, nay boldly, joining this Madras and Ceylon. On the arrival of party? This will, no doubt, leave behind the steamer from Calcutta, the Bombay them a worthy example.".

steamer having had two days to clear the The Durpun states, that a series of boilers, &c., the passengers will be imrogueries has been carried on for some mediately transferred to that vessel, which time past in the Serampore post-office, is to start without delay for Suez, and information of which having been given there receive the passengers from Alexanto the postmaster-general, he repaired dria by the Mediterranean steamer, as the to that town, and obtained possession of departure of the vessel from England is all the papers and documents connected proposed to be so arranged as to ensure with the office. From a careful examina- a punctual arrival. The Bombay steamer tion of these it appeared that, while the is then to return to Socotra, there transdawk moonshee had been in the receipt fer the passengers for Ceylon, Madras, of more than 100 rupees a-month for the and Bengal, into the other vessel, and postage of letters, he had seldom or never then pursue her course with those for transmitted more than thirty or forty ru- Bombay. The communications are inpees monthly to the general post-office; tended to be quarterly. A contract for the rest he had appropriated to his own the conveyance of despatches, mails, &c., use. He was immediately dismissed from is proposed to be entered into with the his office, and delivered pro tempore to Government for five lacs of rupees for five the charge of the magistrate, and another years, Government receiving the postage moonshee substituted in his stead.

of the letters. The affairs of the insolvent firms con- - The English school, which Government tinue to be the subject of animadversion recently established, upon a broad scale, in such of the papers as admit the com- at Allahabad, is to be removed, with the plaints of sufferers. In the Englishman newly-formed. Board of Reyenue and

Sudder Adawlut appointed for the western he only wants settlers. Fish were abunprovinces, from thence to the seat of the dant. A ship had been in the Sound new presidency. The school has been with sheep for sale. opened, and a course of study com- Accounts from the Cape of Good Hope, menced ; but it has not as yet taken with to the 12th April, state that a meeting of the natives, and the students, bitherto the slave-owners had taken place at Cape admitted and in attendance, are not of Town, and the propositions of the Gothe same elevated rank in life as those vernment, with respect to slaves, liad been who attend the Hindoo College in Cal. accepted by a large majority. The Lecutta.

gislative Council had held its first sitting, Letters have been received from Capt. at which the non-official members were Sir Richard Spencer, R.N., Governor sworn in and took their seats. Several of the new settlement at King George's regulations were submitted to and sancSound (Western Australia), dated 4th tioned by the Council; amongst otliers January. Every thing was going on well, that of giving each member the right of The Honiton colonists had arrived in presenting public bills, provided four safety. The family reached Australia in days' notice is given. The meeting of four months without a gale. Sir Richard the legislative body had given generał las some land in cultivation; he says satisfaction.




the Chairman stated, had been submitted

to the Board, and Mr. Grant had intimated . NEW GOVERNOR OF BOMBAY.

that the Lords of the Treasury had not had On the 18th June a Court of Directors

time to consider the question as to the was held at the East-India House, when

amount of the deposits; that with respect the Right Hon. Robert Grant was ap

to the duties, there was no determination pointed Governor of Bombay, vice the

to alter the duties as regarded teas sold at Earl of Clare, who retires.

the present sale : as to the private trade teas, that question was under considera,

tion; as to the tare of teas, that was a The General Assembly of the Church question which rested solely with the of Scotland, on the suggestion of the Board of Customs. Rev. Dr. Bryce (who returns to Calcutta), The trade expressed dissatisfaction, and, have constiiuted the clergymen of the the Chairman of the Court (Mr. Tucker) Scotch church at Calcutta, with the

came into the sale-room ; he stated that ordained ministers of the assembly's mis- the Court of Directors had done all in its sion, and two lay elders to be chosen by

power to effect the wishes of the trade, the Kirk Session of St. Andrew's Church, and had even framed a short bill for that into a kind of presbytery, having powers purpose, which was before the Board. * to employ native converts, under the autho

The sale then commenced, but no bidrity of the Church of Scotland, as religious dings were given ; and, after some delay, instructors of their countrymen.

Mr. Tucker again entered, and attempted

to proceed with the sale. BOARD, OF SUPERINTENDENCE AT CANTON. After some discussion, the sale was

The officers appointed to superintend, suspended, to allow the committee of the the trade to China are-Lord Napier, first tea-trade to consider what course should superintendent, £6,000 a-year; Mr. W. be followed. The committee reported as H. C. Plowden, second do., £3,000 ; follows :-" That the trade did not wish. Mr. J., F. Davis, third do., £2,000; Rev. to interpose any impediments to the pro. G. H. Vachell, chaplain, £1,000; Capt. gress of the sale, which could be in any, C. Elliott, R.N., master attendant, £800. degree inconvenient or injurious to his

Majesty's Government, the revenue, or the THE TEA-TRADE.

public; their sole object was and is to At the quarterly sale of tea, on the 2d bring it under the immediate attention of June, the first since the extinction of the his Majesty's Government, in order to Company's mercantile character (the sales obtain an early, and they trust, a favourbeing under the superintendence of the able decision." Board of Control), the presiding di.

The sale then proceeded. In the course rector (Mr. Masterman) stated that the of the discussion, Mr. Antrobus stated, Court had received letters from the trade * This bill, which has been brought into the which were read. They requested infor

House of Commons by the Governm-nt, repeals

the laws which prescribe the making deposits to a mation respecting certain points which, certain amount on bidding for teas.

the loss to the trade, if the new laws as to

May 15. tares were followed, would be £20,000 a

Hon. Richard Moore, on his return from India.

Capt. J. J. Underwood, on ditto. year.

Capt. Burslem, on ditto.

May 27.

. At Liverpool a vessel from Dantzic is Capt J. P. Ellis, on his return to India.

Lieut. Charles Peirse, on his return from India.. reported with about 2,000 qr. chests of

June 5. tea: the importers (Messrs. Rathbone and

Rear-Admiral Campbell, on appointment to the Co.) claim their introduction, under the

Cape of Good Hope. late act, as being from a port eastward of Rear-Admiral Sir Bladen Capel, on his appoint

ment as Commander-in-chief in the East-Indies. the Cape of Good Hope, and Dantzic is

Lieut. Metcalfe, on his return from India. fifteen miles to the eastward of the Cape. Cornet Hon. C. Powys, 16th Lancers, on going

out to India. The teas have, however, been seized, and it

June 18. is not decided whether the importation is

Cornet Hughes, 4th Madras L.C. legal or not,

Mr. W. H. C. Plowden, late president of the SeMr. Nicholson, in his Gazette, speaking lect Committee, on his return from China. of this importation, says:

66 We happen

Lieut. Col. Bagnold, on returning from a service

of thirty-two years in India. to know that 40,000 chests of stuff, con. Rev. Dr. Wiight, late chaplain at the Cape of sisting of various sorls of leaves and grass,

Good Hope.

Maj. Burroughs, on his return to India, were preparing, last December, at Canton,

Lieut. J. Bunce, ditto. for the Yankees, and it is possible this may Lieut. Power, ditto.

Capt. B. Justice, ditto. be a part of it."

Capt. D'Arcy Wentworth, on his return from New South Wales.

Capt. George Grant, Indian Navy. NEW COLONY IN SOUTH AUSTRALIA

A bill is before Parliament for the furtherance of the plan of the new colony in

HIS MAJESTY'S FORCES IN THE South Australia, and a company or association is projected to carry the project

EAST. into effect.


4th L. Drags. (at Bombay). Cornet J. Vernon to THE KING'S LEVEES.

be lieut. by purch., v. Blake who retires; and H.

St. G. Priaulz to be cornet by purch., v. Vernon The following were presented to his (both 6 June 34). Majesty :

11th L. Drags. (in Bengal). Cornet C. P. Parker

to be lieut., v. Ahmuty dec. (11 Nov. 33); Cornet February 21.

and acting adj. H. J. Denny, from cavalry depôt Mr. Gordon on being appointed secretary to the

at Maidstone, to be cornet, v. Parker (23 May 34;. India Board.

-Edw. G. Swinton to be cornet by purch., V. Rose Mr. Philip Stewart, Bombay Civil Service.

who retires (6 June). Col. Campbell, C.B., 46th regt:, on his appoint- 13th L. Drags. (at Madras). Cornet M. J. Robert ment as aide-de-camp to the King, and return Earl of Roscommon, from h.p. Ist Dr. Gu., to be from India.

cornet, v. Stock dec. (23 May 34).--Jas. Hussey to Maj. Gen. Sir Hugh Fraser, on his return from be cornet by purch., v. the Earl of Roscommon, India, and being appointed a Knight Commander app. to 2d Dr. Gu. (13 June). of the Bath. Lieut. J. Alfred Stoddart, 5th Madras N.I., on

16th L. Drags. (in Bengal). Lieut. M. Jones,

from 15th L. Drags., to be lieut v. Key who return from the campaign of Malacca. Lieut. North, Madras army.

exch. (6 June 34). Thos. Pattle to be cornet by

purch., v. Roden who retires (13 do.). February 26.

2d Foot (at Bombay). Ens. M. R. Pilfold to be Cornet Forrest, on his departure for India.

lieut., v. Hesse dec. (16 March 34); J. G. D. Milne

to be ens., v. Pilfold (23d May).-R. K. Newcome March 5.

to be ens. by purch., v. Lighton who retires (20 Gen. Sir Lowry Cole, G.C.B., on his return from June). the government of the Cape of Good Hope.

16th Foot (in Bengal). Ens. Thos. Crawford to Capt. Irwin, on his return from the govern- be lieut., v. Archer dec. (14 Jan. 34); Cadet M. F. ment of Western Australia.

Ximenes to be ens. v, Crawford (6 June). Capt. Clarence Dalrymple, on his appointment

39th Foot (at Madras). Capt. Jos. Wakefield to as master-attendant at Madras.

be major, v. Crotty dec. (27 May 34); Lieut. J. Ens. C. M. Macgregor on his return from India.

Fitz Gerald to be capt., v. Wakefield (27. do.); April 16.

Ens. J. Leslie, from the 45th F., to be lieut., v.

Fitz Gerald (6 June); N. W. Fraser to be ens. by Mr. Henry St. George Tucker, chairman of the Hon. East-India Company.

purch.,v. Stretch who retires (6 do.).--Geo. Martin Mr. Wm. Stanley Clarke, deputy-chairman of

to be assist. surg., v. Mair app. to staff (13 do.). the East-India Company.

Ens: J. Harvey to be lieut. by purch., v. Child Sir J. Woolmore, on being appointed a Knight

who retires; and Wm. Munro to be ens. by purch., Commander of the Royal Hanoverian Guelphic

v. Harvey (both 20 June). Order.

44th Foot (in Bengal). R. Stuart to be ens. by Rev. John M‘Evoy, on being appointed chap- purch., v. Corbet who retires (23 May 34):--Ens. lain to the Hon. East India Company.

B. Riky to be lieut., v. Young prom. in 55th F. Rev. G. H. Vachell, M.A., on being appointed (30 do) ; Ens. R. H. Gordon, from h. p. 83d F., to chaplain to his Majesty's Superintendents at Can

be ens. (repaying dif. which he received upon ton.

exch. to h.p.), v. Riky (30 do). April 23.

45th Foot (at Madras).

Cadet R. Bates to be ens., Lieut. James Chambre and Lieut. Frederick V. Leslie prom. in 39th F.' (6 June 34). Horne, on their return to India, overland.

54th Foot (at Madras). M. Barbauld to be ens., May 1.

v. Brabazon dec. (23 May 34). Lieut. Josiah Wilkinson, 44th Madras N.l.

55th Foot (at Madras). Ens. T. S. Clarke, from

33d regt., to be ens., v. Stuart who exch. (23 May May 8.

34).- Lieut. D. Young, from 44th F., to be capt. Mr. Jas. Weir Hogs, on his return from ludia. v. Brockman dec. (30 do.).


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57th Foot (at Madras). Euis. F. H. Worsley to be Feb. ; both at Deal.-- Diadem, Airth,

from Cape ; lieut. by purch., K. Patullo who retit es ; and Jas. in the River.-Amity, Scott, from Bombay 30th Allan to be ens. by purch., v. Worsley (both 13 Jan.; off Liverpool.-16. Leslie Ogilby, Hogg, from

V.D. Land 23 Jan. ; off Margate.-18. Funchall, June 34).

Ascough, from N.S. Wales 26th Jan.; at Deal.-19. 61st Foot (in Ceylon). T. W. Walker to be ens.

Fergus, Mason, from Bombay 1st Feb. ; in the by purch.,. v. Gerard prom. (23 May 34). .

Clyde.-21. Abberton, Shuttleworth, from Bengal 62d Foot (at Madras). Lieut. G. A. Hatton, from 28th Jan., and Madras 27th Feb. ; off Falmouth. 37th F., to be lieut., v. Story, whose app. has not . -23. Bland, Callan, from Bengal 10th Feb., and taken place (23 May 34).--Lieut.-col. Thos. Reed, Cape 10th April; at Liverpool. --Mary Ann, Hornfrom h. p. unattached, to be lieut.-col , v. J. D. blow, from _Madras 16th Feb., and Cape 15th Tovey, who exch., rec. dif. (30 do.) -F. E. Sco- April ; at Deal.-Eliza, Sutton, from Bengal bell to be ens. by purch., V. Palmer who retires 15th Feb. ; off Portsmouth.-Wave, Goldsmith, (20 June).

from V.D. Land 15th Feb. ; off Hastings.-Rubi78th Foot (in Ceylon). Lieut. J. R. Lamert, from con, mith, from N.S. Wales 6th Feb. ; off Fal. 70th F., to be lieut., v. R. McBeath, who retires mouth.-Lady M'Naghten, Faith, from Madras on h. p. unattached, rec. dif. (6 June 34).

10th Feb., and Cape lòth April; off Plymouth, 87th Foot (at Mauritius). Lieut. D. Walsh, from John Heyes, Worthington, from Bengal 28th Jan.,

and Madras 13th Feb. ; and Mary Catherine, 22d F., to be lieut., v. Preston who exch. (30

Jones, from Bombay 16th Feb.; both off LiverMay 34).

pool.--24. Alexander, Waugh, from Bengal 5th 99th Foot (at Mauritius). Ens. Macdonald, from

Feb., Madras 26th do., and Cape 26th April ; 2d W. I. regt., to be qu. mast., v. Collins retired

Royal Admiral, Fotheringham, from N.S. Wales (13 June 34),

28th Jan.; and Lochiel, Millons, from N.S. Wales Ceylon Regt. 2d-Lieut. Alex. Johnstone to be 1st- 3d Feb.; all off Portsmouth.- Lord Eldon, Dawlieut. by purch., v. Lawder who retires; and Wm. son, from Bengal 3d Feb. ; off the Wight.-Cla. Price to be 2d-lieut. by purch., V. Johnstone (both rence, Trail, from Bombay 10th Feb., and Cape; 13 June 34).

and Surrey, Veale, from V.D. Land; both off Unattached.-Ens. A. Gerard, from 61st F., to be

Dover.-Esther, Clarkson, from N.S. Wales 20th lieut. by purch.-(23 May 34).

Feb.; and Kerswell, Haswell, from Cape 10th

April ; both off Plymouth.—Sir John Rae Reid, Brevet.-Col. E. G. Stannus, of Hon. E. I. Com

Haig, from V.D. Land 15th Feb.; off the Wight. pany's service, and lieut.-governor of seminary at Addiscombe, to be colonel in army whilst holding

Ida Aleda, Sipkes, from Batavia; off Brighton.

Emperor Alexander, Hurst, from Batavia 3d Feb ; that appointment under Court of Directors (23

at Cowes --David Clarke, Rayne, from China; at May 34,

Deal.-25. Jane, Tupper, from N.S. Wales 18th
Feb. ; at Deal.--Statta, Scales, from Mauritius

16th March ; off Falmouth.-Seringapatam, HamINDIA SIIIPPING.

mer, from N. S. Wales 14th Feb.; at Deal.-26.

Tyne, Brown, from Mauritius 10th March; off St. Arrivals

Maw's.--27. Universe, Brock, from China 8th JUNE 4. H.C.S. Buckinghamshire, Shea, from Dec., and Singapore 15th Feb. ; off Dover.China 3d Feb.; off Falmouth.-5. Emma, Eden- Thomas and Alfred, Pasley, from Mauritius 12th borough, from N. S. Wales 28th Jan.; off Do. March ; off Romney. ver.-Lawrence, Gill, from Bengal 22d Jan. ; at Liverpool.-Lady Flora, Ford, from Madras 10th

Departures. Feb. ; and Reform, MacBeath, from China 12th

MAY 26. Andromeda, Gale, for N.S. Wales (with Jan. ; both oft Falmouth.-Victory, Biden, from

convicts); from Cork.-28. Roslin Castle, RiBombay 2d Feb. ; off Bantry Bay.-Catherine, chards, for N.S. Wales (with convicts); and BriFenn, from Bengal 2d Feb., and Cape_30th

tannia, Ferris, for Cape; both from Deal.-28. March ; and Duke of Northumberland, Pope, Gulnare, Bulley, for N. S. Wales; from Liverfrom Bengal 4th Feb. ; both off the Wight.

pool.-31. Coromandel, Boyes, for Madras and -H.M.S. Curlew, Trotter, from Cape station; at

Bengal ; from Portsmouth.-JUne 1. Medora, Piymouth.-6. Albion, M'Leod, froin Bengal 220 Jan. ; Royal Saxon, Renner, from ditto 228 Jan.;

Tweedie, for V.D. Land and N.S. Wales; from

Liverpool.-5. Cygnet, Rolls, for V.D. Land; and and Magnet, M Minn, from Mauritius 23d Feb.;

Favorite, Young, for Cape; both from Deal. all off Liverpool.-Warrior, Stone, from Bengal

6. Concordia, Blackadder, "for Cape ; from Tor. 8th Jan., and Madras 21st do. ; and Bengal Mere chant, Campbell, from Bengal 1st. Feb. ; both at

bay.—7. Boyne, Stockley, for Bombay ; from

Portsmouth.— Miranda, Hopper, for Rio and N.S. Deal. --Auriga, Chalmers, from N.S. Wales 25th Jan.; off Brighton.-Eleanor, Lyons, from Cey

Wales.-8. Clarinda, Antram, for St. Helena, AsIon 21st Jan., and Cape 12th March ; off Poole.

cension, and Mauritius; from Deal.-10. Cestrian, "Madras, Beach, from Madras 11th Feb., and Cape

Kellock, for Bombay; and Emerald, Crawford, for

Mauritius; both from Liverpool.-12. Britannia, 3d April ; off Portsmouth.—7. Elizabeth, Anlaby, from N.S, Wales 9th Nov., and Cape 9th March;

Short, for Bahia and Canton ; from Liverpool.oft Portsmouth.--Elizabeth, Deans, from New

20. Arab, Sparkes, for Bombay; James, Brown, Zealand 4th Feb. ; at Gravesend.-9. Trinculo,

for N.S. Wales; Abel Gower, Munro, for Manilla; Hesse, from Bengal 15th Feb. ; at Liverpool.

Coldstream, Burt, for Madras and Bengal (with -Golden Fleece, Greaves, from Bengal; Annan

troops); Elphinstone, Domett, for Madras and

Bengal (with do.); Mansfield, Williams, for N.Ş. dale, Hill, from Bombay 9th Feb. ; and William, Wales ; Adams, Mills, for Cape and Swan River; Hutchinson, from Mauritius ; all off Liverpool.

Bombay, Kellaway, for China; Diana, Dudman, Achilles, Weatherby, from Mauritius 15th

for Batavia and China ; and Jean Graham, WarFeb.; off Hastings.- Resource, Smith, from V. D. Land 10th Feb.; off Folkstone.-Henry

ren, for Singapore; all from Deal.-21. John Porcher, Baxter, from Batavia Ist. Jan., and

Marsh, Clucas, for Bombay: from Liverpool.Cape 13th March; at Cowes.--Walmer, Robins,

22. Intrepid, Robinson, for Ceylon; and Prince from South Seas; at Deal.-Penyard Park, Mid

Regent, Aiken, for N.S. Wales; both from Deal. dleton, from Mauritius 16th March ; off Ports

-24. Gilmore, Lindsay, for Bombay; and Fatima, mouth.-Susanna, Walker, from Mauritius and

Fethers, for Bengal ; , both from Liverpool.
Cape; at Plymouth.-10. Elizabeth Taylerson,
Saunders, from Mauritius 14th Feb. ; and Elea-

PASSENGERS FROM INDIA. nor, Havelock, from Mauritius 23d Feb., and Cape 230 March ; both at Deal.---Lotus, Summer- Per Lady Flora, from Madras : Lady Adam; son, from Batavia 21st Jan.; off Portsmouth.

Mrs. Courtland ; Mrs. Taylor; Mrs. Burridge ; William, Dobie, from Manilla 29th Jan., and Sin. Miss Albana ; Maj. Singleton, H.M. 48th regt. : gapore 8th Feb.; at Liverpool,-11. Margaret, Maj. Caldwell, Bengal Army; Capt. Rochfort, Řoper, from Bombay 21st. Jan. ; at Liverpool. 27th N.1. ; Capt. Lewis, 24th N.l.; Capt. Kerr, -12. Andrew M'Kean, Hutchinson, from Mau. Madras European Regt.; Lieut. Lewis, H.M. 620 ritius 14th Feb., and Cape 12th March; at Graves

Regt. ; Lieut. Shirreff, 2d N. I.; Lieut. Orr, arend.-James Grant, Hough, from Bombay 4th tillery; Lieut. Bourdieu, artillery; Dr. Kellett, Jan. ; off Dover.- Indien, Morin, from Bengal

medical service; Rev. Mr. Lewis; six children; 15th Feb.; off the Wight (for Havre). Andrew

60 invalids, &c. Hammond, Cuttell, from South Seas; off Mar- Per H. C. S. Buckinghamshire, from China: gate.-14. Solway, Proctor, from Bengal 3d Feb.; Major Richard Benson, 11th Bengal N.l.; W. E. and Caroline, Tregurtha, from V.D. Land 9th Browne, Esq. late of the Duke of York.

Per Catherine, from Bengal and Cape : Mrs. Per Abberton, from Madras: Lieut. Col. J. P. Francis; Mrs. Woolley ; Mrs. Ginders ; Mrs. James, 24th N. I. ; Capt, Geo. Gray, 21st do. ; Hailes and four children; Mrs. Riley ; Mrs. Wal- Capt. W. M. Short, H. M. 62d regt. ; Capts Munker; Mrs. Hardiman Mrs. Dykeman ; Capt. C. sey, 1st L. C.; Capt. M. Beauchamp, 2d reģt. i Newbery, 9th Bengal L. C. ; Lieut. W. C. Carter. Lieut. Sprye, 9th regt. ; *three invalid soldiers. 34th Bengal N.I. ; Mr. Durant ; Mr. Riley ; Mr. Per_Bland, from Bengal : Mrs. Col. Taylor ; Clout ; Mr. Hardiman ; Mr. Carfrae ; several Mrs. Dundas ; Mrs. Bristow; Mrs. White; Mrs. children ; sundry invalids, &c.-(Dr. Robinson, Crofton; Mrs. Wilson ; Lieut. Col. Dundas, 47th Bengal Medical Board, and Mrs. Robinson, were N. I. ; Capt. Younghusbaud, H.M. service; Lieut. landed at the Cape.)

Wilson, 25th N. 1. ; Lieut. Goldie, engineers; Per Duke of Northumberland, from Bengal : Lieut. Pigott, H. M. 31st regt. ; R. Livingston, Mrs. Col. Watson ; Mrs. Davies ; Mrs. Thompson; Esq.; H.J. Phalk, Esq.; ten children. Mrs. Shaw; Mrs. Warden ; Mrs. Atkinson ; Miss

Per Mary Ann, from Madras : Lady Serestre: Watson ; Capt. Davies, 57th N.I.; Capt. Meade; Mrs. Davies ; Mrs. Bowdler; Mrs. Gahagan; Mrs., Dr. Shaw; Rev. T. Proctor, chaplain ; J. Mid- Brockman; Mrs. Reeve; Mrs. Herklots; Mrs. dleton, Esq. ; C. Warden, Esq., H.C. marine ; L. Marr; Mrs. Peglar; Mrs. Faith; Col. Bowdler; Watson, Esq.;. 18 children.--(Lieut. Laurence J. Paternoster, Esq., C.S. Capt. Wahab, 16th N.I. ; died at sea.)

Lieut. Clarke, H. M. 41st regt. ; Lieut. Du PasPer Childrens, from New South Wales : Mr. and quier, 17th N. 1.; Rev. W. Řeeve; Mr. Magrath; Mrs. Powell.

Masters Bowdler (3), Gahagan (3), Reeve, Herk

lots, Currie (2, Purlon, Mead, Calder, Warner, Per Bengal Merchant, from Bengal: Hon. Mrs. Lindsay ; Mrs. Hunter ; Mrs. and Miss Wolton ;

Hughes, and Thompson; Misses Pearson, Warner (2),

Senior (2), Reeve (2', and Whannell.--- From Miss Low; Mr. Hunter; Capt. Clements; Lieut. Wolton; Lieut. Lawrie ; Lieut. Gooday ;

the Cape: Mr. Young; Mr. Kidd ; several charterMr. M.Cartney ; 41 invalids, H.M. service ; four

party passengers. servants.

Per John Heyes, from Bengal: Sir R. ArbuthPer Cabotia, from N.S. Wales : Mr. and Mrs.

not; Lady Arbuthnot and two children; Dr. Lindsay; Mr. H. Perrier,

Strachan, inspector of hospitals ; Dr. Morgan,

R. N.; Mrs. Cook and two children ; Mrs. WorPer Warrior, from Bengal and Madras : Mrs.

thington ; Miss McLeod. Burlton and three children; Mrs. M‘Donald ;

Per Alexander, from Bengal: Mrs. J. ). Smith Brev.-Capt. Burlton; Lieut. M‘Donald ; Lieut. Johnson Lieut. Wheeler; Lieut. Child; Lieut.

and family; Mrs. King; Mrs. Waugh ; Miss SimGodfrey ; Mr. Winckler ; three servants.

kins; Capt. Squire and four children; Miss Wood

cock and Master Hampton, children.- 'rom Ma. Per Madras, from Madras : Mrs. Gray; Mrs. dras : Mr. Bannerman, C.S.; Capt. Sheaffe, H.M. Alexander; Mrs. Lister; Mrs. Carthew ; Mrs.

55th regt. ; Lieut. Mann, H. C. service.-From the Pope; Capt. Daviniere; Capt. Weir; Capt. Cape: Mrs. P. Y. Lindsay ; Miss Lindsay; Miss Boardman; Capt. Carthew ; Capt. Bedingfield ; Ellen Lindsay ; Mr. Venning. Capt. Smith; Lieut. Bingham; Lieut. Thompson; Lieut. Vine, Cavalry; 11 children ; several ser

Per Eliza, from Bengal : Mrs. Thompson ; Mrs. vants. From the Cape: W. Thomas, Esq., Madras

Wood; Mrs. Macpherson; Mrs. Frances; Mrs. C.S.; Mrs. Thomas ; Capt. Edwards, H.M. 98th

Vincent ; Mrs. Rind; Mrs. Pitts; Miss Liddell ; regt. ; 33 soldiers, &c.-(The following. were

Rev. A. Macpherson ; Dr. Angus; Masters Thom

son (2), Wood (2), Henderson, Spencer, Bowers, landed at the Cape: Mrs. Cotton and two children; Mrs. Stratten and two children ; Major Cotton,

Vincent (2), and Pilts; Misses Cowles, Vincent (3),

and Pitts (4). H.M. 41st regt.; Lieut. Bullock, Madras army; Lieut. Pope.)

Per Royal Admiral, from N. S. Wales : Col.

Graham ; Lieut. Brooke, 4th regt. ; Dr. Dixon,” Per Eleanor, from Mauritius : Mrs. Havelock ;

R. N.; Joseph Salter, Esq. Mr. and Mrs. Rey ; Mr. and Mrs. Blyth; Mr. Ju. lian ; Mr. Maclouse, &c.

Per Rubicon, from N.S. Walcs : Dr. Watson,

R. N.; J. Smith, Esq.; Mr. D. Spillane. Per Achilles, from Ceylon: Capt. Fisher, H.M. 58th regt. ; Miss Lemoyne.

Per Sir John Rae Reid, fronı V. D. Land: Dr.

Thompson; Mr. G. Wood; Mr. Kemp, jun. ; Mr. Per Lady M'Naghten, from Madras ; Mrs. Murray ; Mrs. Vibart and child; Mrs. Atkinson and

C. Anstey; Mr. Scott, &c. ditto ; Mrs. Duval and four children ; Mrs. Sla- Per Thomas and Alfred, from Mauritius : Mr. den and five ditto ; Mrs. Cooper and three ditto;

and Mrs. Portalis; Mr. and Mrs. Riviere; Mrs. Mrs. Maj. Jones and child ; Mrs. Turner and four May; Miss Clement ; Mr. Daruty ; Mr. Portalis. children; Dr. Atkinson ; H. Vibart, Esq., C.S. ; ; Major Murray, 46th N.I. ; Col. Cooper, Madras N.I. ; Capt. Turner, 35th do. ; Capt. Sandford,

Expected. 22d do. ; Lieut. Duval, 27th do.; Lieut. Maynor, per Duke of Argyle, from Bengal; Lady Barnes ; 26th do.; Misses Warrand, Pinson, and Campbell; Mrs. Churchill; Mrs. M‘Ritchie and child; His Masters Pinson and Atkinson; eight servants. Exc. Gen. Sir Edward Barnes, G. C. B. ; Wm. J.

Per Resourcè, from V.D. Land : Mrs. Somer- Robertson, Esq., C. S.; Capt. E. J. Tronson, ville; Mrs. Morrison; N. Somerville, Esq.; T.

H.M. 13th Foot; Lieut. Deverill, H.M. 16th indley, Esq.; E. M'Pherson, Esq. ; Mr. Lindley.

Lancers; Arthur Wood,M.D., H.M. 11th L.Drags. ;

Ens. W. E. F. Barnes, H.M. 16th Foot; Emanuel Per Auriga, from N.S. Wales : Capt. D'Arcy Wentworth, H.M. 63d regt. : Mrs. Wentworth;

Berges, Esq. ; Aug. Borelly, Esq.; Miss Barnes;

Masters Edward and Richard Barnes; Master G. Miss Lethbridge ; Dr. Roberts, R.N.; Mr. W.

Fisher; Miss and two Masters Lyons.
Per Victory, from Bombay: Lady Halkett; Mrs.

Per Isabel, from Bengal; Mr. and Mrs. Platt

and five children. Col. Strover and three children ; Mrs. Tufnell and child ; Mrs. Græme and child ; Mrs. Williams

Per Orient, from Bengal: Mrs. Bishop ; Mrs. and child; Mrs. Capt. Pennyfather and child; Lamb; Mrs. Harper; Capt. Somerville; Lieut. Mrs. Col. Baumgardt and three children; Mrs.

Evans; Misses Harper, and three Misses Fell; Fox; Miss A. Compton; Sir C. Halkett, K.C.B.,

Masters Harper and two Masters Bishop; 32 charlate commander-in-chief at Bombay; H. Tufnell,

ter-party passengers. Esq.; Col. S. R. Strover, Artillery ; Col. Baum- Per Protector, froin Bengal: Mrs. Rawlins; Mrs. gardt, Queen's Royals; Maj. W.K.Lester, artillery, W. Buttanshaw; Mrs. Matthews; Miss Barwell; and child; Capt. Hibbert, H.M. 40th regt.; Lieut. Col. Murray; Colonel Williamson ; Major Wardlaw; Schnell, H. M. 6th do. ; Dr. Fox, Queen's Royals; Capt W. Buttanshaw; Rev. Mr. Rawlins; Lieut. Ens. H. Halkett, ditto.

Graham, Infantry ; and 8 children. From the Per Indien, from Bengal : Mr. Faudon.

Cape: Dr. Mathews; and Lieut. Smith, Cavalry, Per Caroline, from V. D. Land : Capt. and Mrs. Wood and four children; Mrs. Paterson ; Miss Murdoch; Miss Rowe; Dr. Henderson ; Messrs.

PASSENGERS TO INDIA. Kermode, Sloane, Sinclair, Williamson, Harrison,

Per Macqueen, for Madras and Bengal : Mrs. and Bryant, Rowe, Ward, and Murdoch.

the Misses Plowden ; Mrs. Col. Jackson; Mrs. Per Funchal, from N. S. Wales : Mr. Saul Mason; Mrs. Cox, Miss Maidman; the Misses Lyons,

Smith; Dr. and Mrs. Simm ; Capt. and Mrs. Mur. Asiat, Juurn.N.S. VOL.14.No.55.

(2 F)

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