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of the 59th N. I., charged with conduct the acting adjutant, who was sent to his disgraceful to the character of an officer and quarters for the purpose on the evening of a gentleman in the following instance : that day, he Lieut. J. M. Mac Gregor be

Having, on or about the month of ing also then and there in a shameful state January 1833, fabricated, or been actively of intoxication and wholly incapacitated instrumental in adducing, a charge of the from performing the duty on which he had most false, foul, and criminal nature been ordered. against Capt. J. R. Talbot, of the same 3d Inst. For frequent neglect of duty, regiment, asserting that Capt. Talbot had particularly on the following dates, having attempted to procure abortion in a female absented himself from public guard mountalleged to have been pregnant by him.” ing on the morning of the 3d June 1893,

Finding. The Court is of opinion, that and from the target practice of his compthe prisoner is guilty of the charge alleged pany No. 5, on the morning of the 8th of against him, with exception of the words the same month. “ fabricated, or,” of which he is acquit- 1st Additional Charge. For being in a ted."

shameful state of intoxication at his quarSentence. The Court having found the ters on the 12th of June 1833, from about prisoner guilty of the charge against him, twelve o'clock of the day till eight o'clock with exception of the words before men- P.M., and consequently incapable of making tioned, does sentence him, Lieut. T. S. over the papers and money of the Company Fast, of the 59th N. I., to be suspended of which he had charge, and then on the from rank and pay for the space of six ca- eve of march, he Lieut. J. M. Mac Gregor lendar months.

having the previous evening been placed Revision. The Court adheres to its for. in arrest for disgraceful intoxication inca. mer finding, and on revising its

sentence, pacitating him from the public duty then awards that the prisoner, Lieut. T. S. Fast, required from him. of the 59th N. I., be discharged the service. 2d Additional Charge.-For highly disDisapproved.

graceful conduct in returning a public let(Signed) W. C. Bentinck, ter addressed to himn by the acting adju

Commander in Chief. tant of the regiment, by my orders, on the Remarks by the Right Hon. the Com

22d of June 1833, he Lieut. J. M. Mac mander-in-Chief.

Gregor having written upon the margin The sentence of the Court has been viti.

thereof several impertinent remarks, and ated and rendered invalid, by an illegal knowledged nor answered by him.

which public letter was in no other way acdivision of the votes of the members upon the finding.

(Signed) James MacLAREN, Lieut. Fast is to be released from arrest,

Major, Comg. 16th Regt. N. I. and directed to return to his duty.

Finding and Sentence. The Court is of opinion that the prisoner is guilty of the

first and second instances of the charge, and LIEUT. J. M. MAC GREGOR,

of the third instance, with the exception of Head-Quarters, Calcutta, Dec. 30, 1833. -At an European General Court Martial, acquit him; that he is guilty of the first

the word “ frequent," of which they do assembled at Mhow on the 16th Sept. 1833, of which Col. R. Hampton, of the 36th

additional charge, substituting the words

“ between twelve o'clock of the day, and Regt. N. I., is President, Lieut. James Melville Mac Gregor, of the 16th N. 1., eight p. m,” for the words " from about

twelve o'clock of the day, till eight o'clock was arraigned on the following charges :

P. M. ;" and that he is guilty of the second Charges.--- For conduct highly unofficer

additional charge, with the exception of the like, to the prejudice of good order and

words “highly disgraceful,” of which it military discipline, and in breach of the Articles of War, in the following in

acquits him ; but the Court is of opinion

that the conduct alleged is highly disrestances :

spectful and unofficer-like, and does there1st Inst. For not having attended on

fore sentence him, the said J. M. Mac the evening of the 11th June 1833, at or about six o'clock P.M., the parade of a de

Gregor, a Lieut, of the 16th regt. N. J.,

to be dismissed the service of the Hon. tachment of the regiment for treasure

Company. escort duty, of which his company No. 5 formed a part, and for having subsequently,

Approved and confirmed,

(Signed) W. C. BENTINCK, on the evening of the same day, abused an

Commander in Chief. orderly sepoy, who was sent to his quarters by the acting adjutant of the corps

Remarks by the Right Hon, the Comto warn him that the detachment was on

mander in Chief. parade.

Lieut. J. M. Mac Gregor is to be struck 2d Inst. For having refused to state his off the strength of the army from the date reasons in writing, for absenting himself on which this order may be published at from the detachment parade of the 11th Mhow, and to be directed to proceed with: June 1833, when called upon for them by out delay to Fort William, where the Town Major will take the necessary steps on his to Europe, for health.-Mr. H. Sargent, to Cape arrival to provide him with a passage to

of Good Hope, for eighteen months, for health.

Hon. J. C. Erskine, to proceed from Mauritius to Europe.

Europe, for health.-30. _Messrs. Adam Ogilvie

and J. A. F. Hawkins, to Europe. CIVIL APPOINTMENTS, &c.

Judicial and Revenue Department.

Furloughs.-Dec. 2. Rev. J. T. Jones, chaplain Dec. 23. Mr. J. W. Templer, additional judge at Penang, to proceed to Madras on private affairs, of Tirhoot.

for six months.-16. Rev. A. Hammond, to Eu. Mr. G. P. Thompson, ditto ditto of Goruck- rope, for health.-23. Rev. T. Proctor, to Europe, pore.

for health.-30. Rev. A. Macpherson, to Europe, Mr. W. T. Robertson, civil judge of Dinage

for health. pore. Mr. Robert Barlow, civil and session judge of

MILITARY APPOINTMENTS, Rajeshahye. Mr. T. Richardson, magistrate of 24 Pergun

PROMOTIONS, &c. nahs, superintendent of Allipore gaol, and a ma

Head-Quarters, Nov. 25 to Dec. 6, 1833.— The gistrate of Calcutta.

following removals and appointments of Assist. Mr. James Shaw, civil and session judge of Tip- Surgeons made :-H. Taylor, from 68th to 62d perah.

N.I.; H. Sill, of 42d do., to rejoin his regt. ; T. Mr. G. Gough, magistrate and collector of Sha- B. Hart to 56th do.; J. Eccles, M.D., to artillery habad.

at Saugor; A. Walker (1st) to 4th N.I.; F. FlemMr. W. Cracroft, civil and session judge of zillah

ing from European Regt. to 64th N.I. ; D. Gullan Dacca.

to medical charge of left wing 14th N.I., at Shah

jehanpoor ; A. Keir, M.D., to place himself under 30. Mr. R. Hampton, assistant under commis

superintending surgeon at Cawnpore; C. M'Curdy sioner of revenue and circuit of 9th or Goruck

to do duty with H. M. 49th regt., in room of Assist. pore division.

Surg. Grant detached with H.M. Foot proceeding Jan. 6. Mr. P. E. Patton, commissioner of 13th from Chinsurah to Ghazeepore; J. Anderson, M.D., or Bauleah division.

to doduty with artillery ai Dum Dum. Mr. C. R. Martin, to officiate as an additional The following removals and postings in Regt. of judge of 24-Pergunnahs, until further orders. Artillery made :-Col. K. Hetzler, c.B., from 5th Mr. C. G. Udny, to officiate as civil and session

to 2d bat. ; Col. C. Parker (new prom.) to 5th bat.; judge of Dinagepore.

Col. S. Shaw (new prom.) to 5th do.; Major Isaac

Pereira from lșt to 3d bat. ; Maj. Geo. Everest from Financial Department.

2d to lst bat. ; Maj. R. B. Fulton (new prom.) to Doc. 30. Mr. A. Dobbs, a member of Committee 5th bat.; Maj. T. Chadwick (new prom.) to 2d of Management of Government Savings Bank. bat.

Jan. 6. Mr. F. McClintock to officiate as assistant The following division and regimental orders to accountant general, until further orders.

confirmed :-Surg. T. C. Brown, M.D., of 74th General Department.

N.I., to perform medical duties of civil station of

Mirzapore, during absence, on leave, of Assist. Dec. 30. Mr. H. M. Parker to officiate as second

Surg. D. Campbell, date 19th Nov.-Lieut. D. member of Board of Customs, Salt and Opium, T. Caddy to act as adj. to 70th N.I., during aband of Marine Board, during absence of Mr. Sar- sence, on leave, of Lieut. and Adj. P. Harris; and gent.

Capt. G. W. Hickman to act as interp. and qu. Mr. W. R. Young to officiate as secretary to mast. to regt.; date 21st Nov.-Lieut. and Adj. Board of Customs, Salt and Opium.

W. Anderson to act as second in command of 2d Mr. J. W. Alexander to officiate as sub-ac

local horse, from date of Lieut. O'Hara's deparcountant-general, accountant in Judicial, Reve

ture, on leave of absence, from Ajmere; date 16th nue, Commercial and Marine Departments, &c.

Nov.-Capt. A. R. Macdonald, of 4th N.I., to

officiate as deputy assist. adj. general of Saugor diJan. 6. Mr. G. Gough, to be deputy opium

vision, from ist Dec., on departure, on leave of agent at Shahabad.

absence, of Capt. Douglas.-Lieut. Codrington, Political Department.

49th N.I., to be station staff at Loodhiana, in room

of Lieut. Rickards, 14th N.I.; date 19th Nov.Dec. 27. Major Alex. Speirs received charge of office of agent to Governor-general for states of

Lieut. John Hunt to officiate as adj. to left wing

of 22d N.I., under orders for escort duty. Rajpootana from Lieut. Col. Lockett on 29th Nov. 1833.

Dec. 7 to 12.—The following removals and postMr. N. B. Edmonstone received charge of office

ings made:-Lieut. Cols. J. Simpson from 23d reof superintendent of Ajmeer from Major Speirs on

posted to 22d N.I.; T. Murray from 22d posted to 29th Nov. 1833.

12th do. ; T. Taylor from 12th posted to 6th do. ;

Robert Rich from 6th posted to 23d do. ; E. F. Capt. H. J. G. B. Cathcart, 5th regt. N.I., to be Waters from 47th posted to 63d do.; C.W. Brooke junior assistant to Governor-general on north-east from 63d posted to 47th do., subject to further frontier.

orders; T. Dundas (new prom.) posted to 8th do. ; Jan. 3. Capt. Paton received charge of Lucknow A. Hardy (on furl.) from 8th posted to 13th do. ; residency from Major Low on 16th Dec. 1833. H. L. White (new prom.) posted to 36th do.

Lieut. Matthie received charge of offices of ma- Major J. Harris, 63d, to command 47th N.I., on gistrate and collector of Durung division of Central departure, on leave of absence, of Lieut. Cols. Wa. Assam from Lieut. Rutherford on 18th Dec. 1833. ters and Dundas, late of the 47th N.I.-Major H.

Ross, 42d, to command 33d N.Í. The Hon. E. Drummond, writer, has been re

Ens. J. T. Wilcox removed from Sylhet light inported qualified in two of the native languages for

fantry, and directed to rejoin his corps, the

49th N.I. the public service. Messrs. H. C. Metcalfe, H. M. Pigou, and Ri

Ist-Lieut. P. W. Wills to act as adj. to corps of chard Macan, have reported their return from Eu

engineers during absence of lst-Lieut. c. S. Guthrope.-The Hon. J. E. Elliot has reported his re

rie, and to take charge of detail of sappers and turn from the Cape.

miners at Fort William; date of order 4th Dec. Messrs. John J. Schanks and Edward Latour 2d-Lieut. A. Cunningham, of engineers, to do have reported their arrival as writers on this esta- duty with corps of sappers and miners at Delhi. blishment.

The following division and other orders con-, The Provincial Court of Appeal for the division

firmed :-Ens. C. Ralfe, 3d N.I., to act as adj. to of Patna is ordered to be abolished.

detachment proceeding on duty to Pokheer; date 28th Nov.-Assist. Surg. J. Esdale, M.D., attached

to the Benares division of artillery, to afford meFurloughs.- Dec. 16. Messrs. R. C. Hepburne dical aid to whole of European artillery and public and A. C. Heyland, to Europe, for health.–23.establishments, &c., to assemble in camp at SulMr. N. Smith, to Europe.-24. Mr. Joseph Reid, . tanpore, Benares, for annual practice; date 1st medical charge of 11th N.I. and artillery details at Head-Quarters, Dec. 19. The undermentioned Chittagong, during absence of Assist. Surg. Rose; unposted Ensigns are appointed to corps speci- date 16th Dec.Lieut. D. Ogilvy to officiate as

Dec.--Lieut. A. Cardew to act as adj. and qu mas- fied, and directed to join ;-G. S. H. Browne to ter to three European companies and detail of Go- 14th N.I. at Moradabad and Shajehanpore; T. W. lundauze, assembled for practice in camp at Sul- Oldfield to 74th do. at Mirzapore; H. E. S. Abbot tanpore Benares; date 2d Dec.- Ens. w. Carnegy to 13th do. at Bareilly ; G. N. Greene to 70th do. to act as adj. to a wing of 58th N.I. detached on at Banda ; R. Hay to 50th do. at Barrackpore; treasure escort duty under command of Capt. A. E. Dick to right wing European regt. DinaOrr; date 1st Dec.--Assist. Surg. J. Morice, M.D., pore; P. G. Cornish to 38th N.I. at Benares; P. of 9th N.I., to afford medical aid to civil station of D. Warren to 19th do. at Barrackpore; R. Inglis, Agra on departure of Assist. Surg. Duncan; date to 37th do, at Neemuch; T. C. Richardson to i8th 30th Nov.

do. at Baitool; J. Murray to 36th do. at Mhow; Unposted Ensigns G. N. Greene and P. G. Cor- S. Pond to 46th do. at Neemuch.-Ensigns Old. nish to join and do duty, former with 19th and

field and Abbott permitted to exchange corps. latter with 24th N.I., at Barrackporc.-Unposted Ens. J. H. Fergusson, at his own request, reEns. G. H. Davidson to join and do duty with 63d moved from 19th to 33d N.I.--Ens. W. M. Roberts, N.I. at Mullye.

of 18th, at his own request, posted to 30th regt.The following removals made in Regt. of Artil

Ens. W. H. Tombs to do duty with 55th regt. lery :-Lieut. Cols. J. F. Dundas from Ist to 5th 15th N.I. Lieut. J. V. Forbes to be adj., V. bat., and S. Shaw from 5th to 1st do.

Evans permitted to resign appointment. Dec. 14 to 17.-Lieut. Col. F. A. Weston, of in- The following regimental orders confirmed :valid estab., to cominand European invalids at Lieut. S. W. Fenning to act as adj. to 7th bat. of Chunar.

artil. during Lieut. Ludlow's absence date 4th 37th N.I. Lieut. Interp. and Qu. Mast.W. Love

Nov.-Lieut. D. Downes to act as adj. to 30th day to be adj., in room of Lieut. Spottiswoode, per

N.I. during indisposition of Lieut. and Adj. M. J. mitted to resign appointment.--Lieut. J. G. W.

Lawrence; date 2d Dec. Curtis to be interp. and qu. master, v. Loveday. Assist. Surg. A. Gilmore, M.D., to do duty with Assist. Surg. Thos. Clemishaw to do duty with

Ramgurh battalion during absence of Assist. Surg. 7th N.I., and directed to join.

Harpur, on leave to Calcutta. Lieut. G. P. Brooke, of 68th N.I., to be adj. of

Dec. 21. — The following removals and postings detachment of five companies of that corps pro

made :-Cols. T. P. Smith, from 18th N...,

posted ceeding on escort duty with his Exc. Gen. Sir Ed

to left wing European regt. ; and W. H. Perkins ward Barnes; date of regt. order 5th Dec.

(on furl.) from left wing European regt., posted to

18th N.I. - Lieut. Cols. J. Aubert, from 70th, Supernum. Cornet A.W. C. Plowden to do duty with 5th L.C. at Muttra, at his own request.

posted to 18th N.I.; D. Presgrave, from 18th N...,

posted to left wing European regt.; P. C. Gilman Supernum. Ens. F. D. Atkinson to do duty with (on furl.), from left wing European regt., posted 55th N.I. at Barrackpore.

to 70th N.I.

Major J. Thompson, of 31st N.I., to rejoin his Fort William, Dec. 19.—50th N.I. Lieut. Joseph

own corps on being relieved from command of Graham to be capt. of a comp., from 12th Dec.

European regiment. 1833, v. W. W. Rees transf, to invalid estab. - Artillery Regt. Lieut. S. W. Fenning to be adj. Supernum. Lieut. Geo. Gordon brought on effec- to 7th bat., V. Ludlow proceeded to Europe on tive strength of regt.

furlough. · Capt. Henry Lawrence, 67th N.I., to command Lieut. H. Righy, corps of engineers, to do duty Ramghur local battalion, v. Wilkinson.

under orders of Capt. Fitzgerald, garrison engi, Infantry. Major Alex. Speirs to be lieut. col., v.

neer and executive officer of Fort William, and

civil architect at presidency. W. Swinton retired, with rank from 26th Sept. 1833, v. S. P. Bishop dec.

50th N.I. Lieut., Interp., and Qu. Mast. J. Saun

ders to be adj., 46th N.I. Capt. Alex. Horsburgh to be major,

Graham prom.-Lieut. K. Young Lieut. Wm. Brownlow to be capt. of a comp., and

to be interp. and qu. mast., v. Saunders. Ens. H. S. Grimes to be lieut., from 26th Sept. The following station and division orders con1833, in suc. to A. Spiers prom.

firmed :--Lieut. and Adj. C. Fowle, 65th N.I., to Dec. 23.-Brigadier Wm. Richards, C.B., app. to

act as station staff at Mhow during absence, on general staff of army, from 24th Dec., with rank

duty, of Capt. and Brigade Major Parker ; date 3d of brigadier general, in room of Brig. Gen. O'Hal

Dec.-Supernum. Ens. T. T. Tucker to join and loran, whose tour on staff expires on that date.

do duty with 66th N.I.; date 12th Dec. Col. J. W.Fast, of 24th N..., to be a brigadier posted to Agra magazine.—Lieut. the Hon. H. B.

Capt. T. D'Oyly, commissary of ordnance, on estab., from above date, in room of Brigadier Dalzell,

deputy commissary of ordnance, to offiRichards.

ciate till return of Capt. D'Oyly. Dec. 24.-Col. C. H. Churchill, of H.M. service,

Lieut. C. Dallas, officiating commissary of ordto be a brigadier on estab. in room of Brigadier Murray, c.B., dec.

Nance, app. to charge of Chunar magazine. Assist. Surg. Fred. Fleming app. to medical du

Dec. 24 to 30.--Assist. Surgs. H. Taylor, from ties of civil station of Shahjehanpore, in room of

62d, re-posted to 68th N.I.; A. C. Gordon, of 49th, Assist. Surg. Brett, removed to northern division

appointed to 620 N.I., and directed to join; J.H. of Moradabad.

Dallas, M.D., to do duty with H.M. 16th Foot,

and R. Christie with H.M. 3d Buffs. Regt. of Artillery. 2d-Lieut. Robert Waller to be Ist-lieut., from 30th Nov. 1833, v. W.C. J. Lewin

The following removals and postings made :

Cols. Sir A. Knox, K.C.B. (maj. gen.), from 7th invalided. Lieut. Col. Thomas Taylor, 6th N.I., per

posted to 5th L.C.; J. Kennedy, from 5th posted

to 7th do.; H. Thomson, from 3d posted to 6th mitted, at his own request, to retire from service

do.; J. Tombs, from 6th posted to 3d do.-Lieut. of Hon. Company, on pension of his rank.

Cols. A. Duffin, from 7th posted to za L.C.; T. Dec. 27.-Col. F. J. T. Johnston, 8th L.C., to Shubrick, from 2d posted to 7th do. ; S. Smith, command Benares division of army, with rank of from 9th posted to 3d do. ; J. Caulfeild, c.B. (on brigadier, during absence of Brig. Gen. White, on furl.), from 3d posted to 9th do.; J. A. Hodgson, leave to hills.

of 42d, posted to 33d N.I.; H. Hall, of 33d, postThe following removals and postings made in

ed to 42d do.; P. M. Hay, of 56th, posted to 24th department of public works:- Capt. E. Sanders,

do.; F. Walker, of 61st, posted to 56th do.; J. corps of engineers, from 7th to 10th or Agra divi

H. Cave (on furl.), of 24th, posted to 6lst do.; A. sion; Capt. J. T. Boileau, of ditto, from 10th to

Spiers (new prom.) posted to 14th do. 8th or Rohilcund division; Lieut. G. T. Greene, Brigadier Gen. W. Richards, C.B., to command of ditto, from 8th to 7th or Cawnpore division. Dinapore division.-Brigadier E. Cartwright, C.B., Lieuts. J. W. Robertson and R. S. Master, corps

removed from Delhi to command of Agra and of engineers, to be assistants to executive engineer

Muttra frontier.-Brigadier J. W. Fast to comof Agra division of public works.

mand at Delhi.-Brigadier C. H. Churchill posted

to station of Cawnpore. Cadet of Engineers James Spens admitted on estab., and prom. to 2d-lieut.

The following station and other orders confirmed : - Assist. Surg. D'Dwyer, civil surgeon, to take

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adj. to right wing 15th N.I., v. Forbes; date 18th Lieut. Mills detachment of artillery drafts proDec.- Lieut. E. T. Erskine to act as adj. to 63d ceeding to Upper Provinces by water N.I., and station staff at Mullye, during absence

Jan. 8.-In conformity to Gov. G. O. of Jan. 3d, of Lieut. R. Houghton; date 31 Dec.

the undermentioned majors to proceed to join

their own corps as below directed :-Major w. Fort-William, Jan. 3, 1834.-Assist. Surg. W.

Pattle, Ist, to rejoin his own regt. on being relievS. Dicken app. to medical duties of civil station of

ed from command of 6th L.C. by Col. H. Thom. Balasore, in room of Assist. Surg. Clemishaw,

son.-Majors W. H, Hewitt, of 4oth, and H. Ross, placed at disposal of Com.-in-chief.

of 42d, to respectively return to their corps on beAssist. Suurg. G. N. Cheek app. to medical du

ing relieved from command of 49th and 33d regts. ties of civil station of Burdwan, v. Assist. Surg.

by Lieut. Cols. Hodgson and Walker.-Major C.

F. Wild, of 24th, to continue in command of 42d Donaldson, who has resigned that situation.

regt. until his promotion to lieut, colonel. 41st N.I. Capt. David Williamson to be major, and Lieut. and Brev. Capt. H. C. McKenly to be

Supernum. Ens. A. M. Becher to do duty with

33d N.I. at Cuttack. capt. of a comp. ; from 18th June 1833, in suc. to J. C. Odeli dec.---Supernum. Lieut. Charles Ap

Lieut. Thomas Simpson, 57th N.I., to be atthorp brought on effective strength of regt.

tached to Ramghur battalion. Cadet of Infantry A. M. Becher admitted on es

Ens. G. Hutchings, 69th regt., to act as interp, tablishment, and prom. to ensign.

and qu. mast. to 71st N.I. during absence, on Jan. 6.-Assist. Surg. Wm. Stevenson), sen., app.

leave, of Lieut. G. W. Bishop. to medical charge of civil station of Cuttack, v. Surg. W. S. Stiven posted to 331 N.I. · Surg. W. S. Stiven, who has resigned the appoint- Jan. 9.—Lieut. H. C. Wilson, 25th N.I., perment.

mitted to resign adjutancy of corps. Assist. Surg. Charles McCurdy to take temporary medical charge of station of Burdwan till re

Fort William, Jan. 10.-Cadets of Infantry G. lieved by Assist. Surg. G. N. Cheek.

T. Hamilton and W. S. Sherwill admitted on esJan. 10.--Corps of Engineers. Major James Pec- tab., and prom. to rank of ensign. kett to be lieut. col., from 10th July 1832, v. R.

Surg. Charles Robinson, Ist member of Medical Smith, C.B., retired.

Board, permitted to retire from service on penRegt. of. Artillery. Ist-Lieut. and Brev. Capt. sion prescribed in letter from Hon. the Court of Thomas Hickman to be capt., v. G. R. Scott re- Directors dated 20th July 1831. tired, with rank from 21st Oct. 1833, v. T. Shadwick prom.--2d-Lieut. James Brind to be 1st-lieut.,

The undermentioned officers brought on effecV: T. Hickman prom., with rank from 30th Nov.

tive strength of artillery and infantry on this esta1833, v. W.C. j. Lewin invalided,

blishment, from dates expressed :- Artillery. 2dThe following artillery officers to be capts. by Lieuts. C. Boulton, 21st Oct. 1833, in suc. to Maj. brevet :-Regimental Capt. W. J. Symons, from N. S. Webb dec.; A. C. Hutchinson, 22d Oct., in Ist Sept. 1833 ; Ist-Lieut. T. Hickman, from 15th suc. to Col. M. W. Browne dec.; H. Apperley, Sept. 1833.

18th Nov., in suc. to Ist-Lieut. . Campbell dec.; The following removal and appointment made

M. Dawes, 30th Noy., in suc. to Lieut. w. C. J. in department of public works: -- Lieut B. Y.

Lewin transf, to invalid estab.-Infantry. Ensigns Reilly, corps of engineers, from 13th to 14th or A. E. Dick, 18th Sept. 1833, in suc. to Capt. A. Saugor division, v. Capt. Buttanshaw resigned; McDonald dec.; P. G. Cornish, 19th Sept., in suc. and Lieut. P. W. Willis, of ditto, to 13th or Raj

to Lieut. Col. C. Frye dec.; P. D. Warren, 22d pootanah division, in room of Lieut. Reilly re- Sept., in suc. to Lieut. W. Cole dec. ; R. Inglis, inoved.

25th Sept., in suc. to Capt. J. D. Herbert dec.; T. • Cadet of Infantry W. Y. Siddons admitted on

C. Richardson, 26th Sept., in suc. to Lieut. Col. estab., and prom. to ensign.

S. P. Bishop dec.; J. Murray, 8th Oct., in suc. to

Maj. C. D'Ó. Aplin dec.; S. Pond, 19th Oct., in 1st N.I. Capt. John Bell to be major, and Lieut. suc. to Lieut. W. H. Penrose resig. ed; R. T. Ed. R. H. Miles to be capt, of a company, from 20th wards, 31st Oct., v. G. Durant transf. to pension June 1833, in suc. to P. Teulon retired.--Ens. C.

estab.; John Turner, 2d Nov., v. Ens. J. T. FerJ. Mainwaring to be lieut., v. R. A. Miles prom., gusson dec.; F. Adams, l1th Nov., in suc. to with rank from 30th Aug. 1833, v. J. V. Law Capt. S. M. Horsburgh dec.; G. Parker, 14th transf. to pension estab.

Nov., v. H. A. Cumberlege dec.; C. J. Richards, 28th N.l. Lieut. H. C. Boileau to be capt. of a 14th Nov., in suc. to Capt. H, B. Smith dec. comp., and Ens. T. D. Martin to be lieut., from 26th June 1833, in suc. to J. F. Lowis retired.

Invalid Establishment.-Nov. 23. Lieut. Col. J. 37th N.I. Lieut. A. C. Spottiswoode to be capt. J. Bird permitted to reside and draw his pay at of a comp., v. J. Craigie retired, with rank from Berhampore.-Dec. 19, Ist-Lieut. C. W. J. Lewin, 14th Nov. 1833, v. H. B, Smith dec.-Ens. David regt. of artillery, at his own request, transf. to this Ramsay to be lieut., from 14th Nov. 1833, v. A. C. establishment, Spottiswoode prom.

51st N.I. Lieut. Thos. Roberts to be capt. of a Returned to duty, from Europa.-Nov. 28. Lieut. comp., from 6th May 1833, v. T. Frobisher retired. C. H. White, 8th L.C.-Lieut. W, H. Lomer, 21st -Supernum. Lieut. P. S. Chinn brought on effec

N.I.-Assist. Surg. C. Llewellyn.-Dec. 9. Ens. B. tive strength of regt.

W. R. Jenner, 64th N.I.-19. Lieut. Col. J. A. 74th N.I. Lieut. and Brev. Capt. Andrew Spens

Hodgson, 42d N,I.-Lieut. Col. F. Walker, 61st to be capt. of a com., and Ens. Joseph Chilcott to

N.I.-Capt. H. P. Hughes, artillery.-Capt. John be lieut., from 27th April 1833, in suc. to J. R,

Ludlow, 6th N,I.--Capt. Benj. Ashe, 6d N.I.Stock retired.

Lieut. T. L. Egerton, 66th vs.-2d-Lieut. H.
Rigby, engineers.--Assist. Surg. W. S. Dicken.-

Assist. Surg. A. C. Gordon.-Jan. 3. Maj. Christ. Head-Quarters, Jan. 3, 1834 - The following Godby, 36th N.L-Capt. Thos. Warlow, engineers. removals and postings made:-Lieut. Col. W.Dun- -Capt. Griffiths Holmes, 7th N.I.-Lieut. P. S. lop (qu. mast. gen.), from 49th, posted to 56th Hamilton, _5th L.C.-Lieut. John Cumberlege, NI.; J. A. Hodgson, from 33d, posted to 49th 41st N.I.- Ens. C. D. Bailey, 56th N.I.-10. Lieut. do. ; F. Walker, from 56th, posted to 33d do. Col. John Dun, 67th N.I.-Lieut. F. B. Todd, • The following orders confirmed :-Supernum.

11th N.I.- Ens. D. Seaton, Europ. regt. 2d-Lieut. W. T. Bunce to join 1st company of sappers and miners under 2d-Lieut. Abercrombie,

FURLOUGHS. on his arrival at Hazareebaugh; date 28th Dec.Assist. (iar. Surg. Brassey to act as garrison surgeon

To Europe.-Dec. 19. Maj. Jonathan Trelawny, at Allahabad during Mr. Watson's absence on leave;

51st N.I., on private affairs.--Capt. F. C. Robb, date 23d Dec.--Lieut. Kirke, Sirmor bat., to take

22d N.I., and deputy assist. qu. mast. gen. of charge of 2d company of pioneers; date 12th Dec.

army, for health.--Lieut. W. C. Carter, 34th N.I.,

for health.-Surg. Alex. Scott, for health.-24. Jan. 4 and 6.-Capt. T. Warlow, of engineers, Ist-Lieut. James Whitefoord, artillery, for health. to command corps of sappers and miners, and directed to join.

-Capt. W. Vernon, 330 N.I.--Assist. Surg. E. J.

Yeatman, M.D., for health.--Surg. George Angus, 1. 20-Licut. J. H. Campbell and Supernum. 2d. on private affairs.-Assist. Surg. C. B. Handyside, Lieut. J. S. Phillips, of artillery, to do duty with M.D., for one year, on private affairs.-Col. Thos Asiut. Juur.N.S. Vol.14. No.54.


mas, H.M. anth regt., on private affairs, for two BIRTHS, MARRIAGES, AND years.--27. Lieut. G. c. S. Goodday, left wing

DEATHS. Europ. reg., for health.-Surg. C. M. Macleod, invalid estab., for health, Jan. 3. Lieut. Col.

BIRTHS. Abraham Roberts, Europ. regt., for health. Nov. 11. At Allahabad, the lady of Lieut. the Lieut. F. Winter, 59th N.I, on private affairs. Hon. R. V. Powys, of a son, who survived but Cornet George Jackson, 4th L.C., for one year, three days. on ditto.-Lieut. Col. G. Williamson, 57th N.I.,

12. At Allyghur, the lady of A. C. Plowden, on private affairs.--Capt. John Jervis, 5th N.I. Esq., civil service, of a daughter. un ditto.-1st-Lieut. T. S. Burt, corps of engi. 22. At Patna, the lady of James Clarke, Esq., neers, on ditto.-10. Lieut. Col E. F. Waters,

garrison surgeon of Chunar, of a son. 63d N.I., on ditto.-Capt. W. W. Rees, invalid At Cuttack, Mrs. L. Tiery, of a son. estab., for health.-Lieut. Chas. Ekin, 7th L.C.,

23. At Dinapore, the lady of the Rev. W.O. for health (vid Bombay:-10. Lieut. Col. Thomas Ruspini, district chaplain, of a son. Dundas, 8th N.l., for health.-Capt. A. T. Da- 24. At Barrackpore, the lady of Capt. W. H. vies, 57th N.I., on private affairs.-Ens. E. S. Howard, Europ, regt., of a daughter, Capel, 53d N.I., for one year, on private affairs. At Cawnpore, Mrs. C. C. Greenway, of a

To China.-- Jan. 10. Ist-Lieut. Alex. Humfreys, daughter. artillery, for twelve months, for health (to pro- 25. At Cawnpore, the lady of Lieut, Nuthall, ceed from Mhow, viâ Bombay).

sub. assist. com. gen., of a daughter.

26. At Chirra Poonjee, the lady of Lieut. Col. To Cape of Good Hope.-Dec. 19. Lieut. Col. T. Shubrick, 2d L.C., for eighteen months, for

Thos. C. Watson, of a daughter.

On the river, near Jungypore, the lady of health.-Capt. James Croudace, l1th N.I., for two

Capt. G. R.Carmac, H.M. 3d Buffs, of a daughter. years, for health (also to Van Diemen's Land).-• Brig. Gen. Joseph O'Halloran, C.B., for two years,

27. At Gurrawarra, the lady of Lieut. Col. W.

Vincent, commanding 26th N.I., of a son. for health.

Dec. 4. At Calcutta, the lady of T. Brae, Esq.,

indigo planter, of a son. SHIPPING

Ai Calcutta. Mrs. John Brown, of a daughter. Arrivals in the River.

7. Mrs. Richard Wall, of a daughter. Dec. 2. Israel, Bray, from Boston.-10. Capri

9. At Meerut, the lady of Lieut. Col. J. Hunter, corn, Smith, , and Zoronster, Patten, both from commanding 71st regt. N.I., of a son. Madras.-11. Landais, Maugins, from Bordeaux,

- At Entally, Mrs. J. J. Marques, of a son. &c.; and Richard Bell, Warule, from Madras and 10. At Chirra Poonjee, the lady of Lieut. RiCovelong.-18. Jason, Legrand, from Havre de chard Angelo, 34th N.I., of a daughter. Grace; Alberton, Shuttleworth, from Moulmein; 12. At Dum Dum, Mrs. G. Bates, of a son. and Ruby, Hill, from Madras and Marcanum.

13. At Cuttack, Mrs. Wm. Taylor, of a son. 20. Lawrence, Gill, and Warwick, Gibson, both

14. At Barrackpore, the lady of Capt. R. M. from Liverpool ; and Thalia, Biden, from Ma

Townsend, 31st N.I., of a daughter. dras. – 21. Ocean, Rance, from Marseilles and - At Cawnpore, the lady of John Cracraft WilMonte Video ; Golden Fleece, Greaves, from Liver- son, Esq., civil service, of a daughter. pool; Caledonia, Symers, from Singapore and Pe.

15. At Goruckpore, Mrs. M. A. Threipland, of a nang; and Hall, Hughes, from Madras. - 22. Childs

daughter. Harold, Leach, from London and Cape.-24. John

At Monghier, Mrs. D. O'B. Clarke, of a son, Heyes, Worthington, from Liverpool.-25. Duke

At Calcutta, Mrs, Mark Carapiet, of a son.

16. At Calcutta, the lady of Lieut. Col. Roberts, of Northumberland, Pope, from London; Malcolm, Eyles, from London; and Severn, Braith.

of a daughter. waite, from London and Cape. - 29. Trinculo, 17. At Cuttack, the lady of Wm. Stevenson, Hesse, from Liverpool and Madeira ; and Diadem,

Esq., assist. surg., 33d N.I., of a daughter. Croft, from London, Cork, and Colombo.-31. - At Calcutta, the lady of Capt.R. H. Wiseham,

of a son. Argyle, McDonald, from Marcanum; and Spartan, Webb, from Covelong.- JAN. 1, 1834. Sophia,

- At Calcutta, Mrs. Geo. Wood, of a son. Thornhill, from London, Madeira, and Cape;

18. At Kurnaul, the lady of Capt. J. H. Mat. and Captain Cook, Thompson, from New South

thews, of H.M. 31st regt., of a daughter.

At Bignour, N. D. of Moorshedabad, the Wales.-2. D'Auvergne, Le Hoguet, from London and Guernsey; and Protector, Buttanshaw, from lady of Capt. B. Browne, artillery, of a son. Covelong.-5. Isubel, Gounal, from Liverpool.

19. At Bacca, Mrs. G. D. Elictt, of a son. 8. Gaillardon, Allen, from Mauritius and Ham

At Calcutta, Mrs, M. A. D'Souza, of a son. bantotte.-17. Heroine, MacCarthy, from New

At Kidderpore, Mrs. R. Mortimer, of a son, South Wales --27. Frances Ann, Ramsay, from

20. Mrs. R. Botelho, of a daughter. Liverpool.-28. Roxburgh Castle, Fulcher, from

21. At Rajmehal, the lady of Capt. J. G. Carter, London and Cape.

H.M. 16th Foot, of a son.

At Calcutta, Mrs. John Moore, of a daughter. Departures from Calcutta,

23. At Bareilly, the lady of Cuthbert Finch, Dec. 8. L'Emile, Ducom, for Bordeaux.-9. Kyle, Fletcher, for Liverpool ; and Magnet, Mc Esa: M: Do 13th N. 1.0 of a son:

25. At Dinapore, the lady of T. Sandys, Esq., Minn, for Mauritius.--18. Tauje, Richards, for

civil service, of a son. Persian Gulf; and Westmoreland, Brigstock, for

At Calcutta, Mrs. Carter, of a daughter. Mauritius.

Lord Castlereagh, Tonks, for

27. At Calcutta, Mrs. L. Fraser, of a son. Bombay; and Staffa, Scales, for Mauritius.--29

Mrs. T. E. Mullins, of a daughter, still-born, Drongan, McKenzie, and Swallow, Adam, both for Madras.-JAN, 1. Resource, Smith, for Masu.

28. At Agra, the lady of Lièut. W. Beckett, 9th

N.I., of a daughter. lipatam.-5. Alexander, Saunderson, for Madras,

29. At Calcutta, the lady of Major Monteath, - 14. Richard Wardle, Bell, for Madras.-16. Ca.

commanding 35th N. 1., of a daughter. pricorn, Smith, for Mauritius ; and Bombay Cas

- At Shahjehanpore, the lady of Lieut. John V. tle, Wemyss, for Bombay.-19. Thalia, Biden, for

Forbes, of the 15th N.I., of a son. coast; Belhaven, Crawford, for Madras; and Lawrence, Gill, for Liverpool.–20. Royal Sazon,

- At Cawnpore, Mrs. P. Moseley, of a daughter.

- At Entally, Mrs. J. H. Miller, of a son. Renner, for Liverpool.

30. At Cuttack, the lady of D. Pringle, Esq., of Sailed from Saugor,

a daughter. Dec. 23. Asia, Stead, for Madras and London. Mrs. F. A. Cornabé, of a daughter. JAN. 2. Duke of Bedford, Bowen, for London, 31. At Meerut, the lady of Assist. Com, Gen. -6. Lord Hungerford, Farquharson, for Cape and Major John Taylor, of a daughter. London. – 7. Cornwall, Bell, for London.-8. Jan. 1, 1834. At Calcutta, the lady of W. R. Warrior, Stone, for Madras and London.-14. St. Young, Esq., of a daughter. George, Thompson, for Bristol. - 18. London, 3. Mrs, P. Victor, of a daughter. Wimble, for London.--23. Abberton, Shuttle 4. At Calcutta, Mrs. J. P. Maillard, of a son. worth, for Madras and London.-24. John Heyes, At Calcutta, Mrs. A. Rogers, of a son, Worthington, for Liverpool.-25. Bengal Mer- 5. At Calcutta, Mrs. J. R. Hayes, of a son. chant, Campbell, for London. - 28. Catherine, 6. At Allipore, Mrs. Bowser, of a son. Fenn, and New Grove, Brown, both for London. At Calcutta, Mrs. R. Platts, of a daughter.

7. At Chunar, the lady. of Officiating Garrison Freight to London (Jan. 23). Dead weight, Surg. A. K. Lindesay, of a son. £3. lus. per ton ; light goods, £4, 20s. ; bullion, 9. At Balloo Ghaut, Mrs. James Hill, of a per cent,


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