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civil, ecclesiastical; and military appoint- tures in Toorkistan, 609, 709_his ac-
ments, 238, 393, 524, 790.

count of the language of Tibet, 618.
Madras, Answer of the Governor-in-Coun- Morals, Arabian, prescribed by Abu Zaid,

cil to the memorial of the inhabitants 583.
for providing a Town Hall at, 525– Moth, large, caught at Arracan, 66.
public assembly at, 638-races, 639,


(Lady), rout given by, at Madras,

-miscellaneous and shipping intelli-

(Major J.), his opinion on Pun-
gence, births, marriages, and deaths,

chayets, 715.
85, 238, 395, 525, 638, 792.
Supreme Court-first charge of the Munnipoor taken possession of by Lieut.

Pemberton and Gumbeer Sing, 100–
new Chief Justice to the grand jury,

account of their route from Banskandy
85—Sir R. B. Comyn takes his seat as

to Munnipoor, ib.
puisne judge, 238~Mr. Harris and Mr.
Gorden admitted as attornies, 396.

Mussulmen, their insolence in caricaturing
Apprenticing Society-objects of

the magistrates at Baunspole, 234.
the institution, 639.

Malabar, account of the landed tenures of, Nagahs, a wild tribe in the Burman Em-

Malacca, extent of the territory belonging Napoleon worshipped by the Chinese, 521.

pire, account of, 178, 727.
to, 166-revival of trade in the harbour,
241-circumstances attending the ces-

Nautches, Native, 783.
sion of the settlement, 497-deaths, 241. Nautical notices-discovery of Nederlan-
Malay language, remarks upon, 348– dich Island, 620_description of Roe's
labours of Mr. Marsden and Captain

Coral Bank, in the Bay of Bengal, 761.
Elout, 349.

Nazaroff (Philip), account of his journey
Malay Peninsula, account of, 166.

to Khokand, 352.
Malayan Archipelago, observations on the Necrology--Commodore Joseph Nourse,
different races of horses in, 597.

34-Maj. Gen. Sir David Ochterlony,
Malcolm (Sir John), tribute of the Madras

Government to the “ Instructions' Neelgheries, proposed accommodation for
written by him, 238.

invalids on, 794.
Manufactures, British, exported to Asia Nepaul, account of the religion of, 509.
during ten years, 500.

New South Wales—audacity of the bush-
Manuscripts, Egyptian, 762 Hercula- rangers, 98-average prices of commo-
neum, ib.

dities at Sydney in July 1825, ib.-
Marine, formidable, kept up by the Ptole- account of the penal settlement at Nor.
mies, 385.

folk Island, ib. -testimonies of respect
-see Calcutta, Madras, fc.

to Sir T. Brisbane, 801—Shipping in-
Masonic festival celebrated at Arracan,

telligence, births, marriages and deaths,

390_lodge opened at Bombay, 796.
Mausoleum of Imaum Reza in Persia, Nicobar Islands, report of the expedition
description of, 58.

despatched to rescue the crews of vessels

wrecked there, 241.
Medicine, new doctrine of, 511.

Nuts, a tribe of Indian gypsies, account
Melville Island—inhospitable nature of its

of, 385.
soil, 532.

Meteorological phenomenon observed at
Calonhaven, 64.

Oaths to Natives, Sir A. Buller on the
Meteor, remarkable, observed at Calcutta,

administration of, 779.

Ochterlony (Sir David), notice of his

death, 84-biographical memoir of, 181
Meyannas, depredations committed by
bands of, in Cutch, 89, 399.

-testimony of the high respect in which

his character and services are held by
Military Appointments -

-see Calcutta, Ma- the Indian Government, 225—subscrip-
dras, &c.

tion opened at Calcutta for erecting a
Misrepresentations of the Oriental Herald, monument to his memory, 391, 522.
235, 527, 635, 640.

Oude, another loan advanced to the Com.
Missionaries, their efforts in India consi- pany by, 235.
dered, 441.

Oude Papers, topics of, discussed, 1-
Monkeys, white, seen at Siam, 201.

debate on the subject at the East-India

House, 405.
Moon (Mr.), tribute to the memory of, 91.

Oriental Herald, error in the title-page of,
Moorcroft (Mr.), arrives at Bokhara, 84- 235-nuinerous misrepresentations in,

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notice of his death, 609, 786_his adven- 342, 527, 635, 640.


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-Lines spoken at the first annual exa-
Pagets, a species of cigar pipe, becoming

mination of the Hend School in the new
fashionable in India, 83.

building at St. Helena, 600—The Cara-
Parallelism in the Sacred Writings, 726.

van, 608— Paraphrase from Suidas, 716

-Vox et Præterea, 719-Fatalism Qua-
Parliament -
--see Debate.

lified, 726—The Conquest of Seu, 747.
Parliamentary Papers Relations with Poetry, Hindu, remarks on, 454.

Cutch and Sind, 774—Writers and
Cadets, 775 — Tea, ib.—Silks, 776–

Police, examination of Sir Edward West's
Colonial enquiry, ib.

statements in regard to the system pur-

sued at Bombay, 701.
Passengers of ships to and from India, Pompeii, account of an ancient painting
144, 313, 436, 557, 697, 816.

discovered at, 51.
Pegue, measures said to be in progress for
establishing the independence of, 636.

Poonah, consecration of the new church at,

89_farewell entertainment given to Sir
Penang-arrival of Cochin Chinese war- C. Colville by the society there, 643.

ships, 91-the commanders pay a visit
of ceremony to the Governor, 92-im-

Powell (Capt.), piece of plate voted to him
provements going forward in Province Preaching, itinerant, in India

, 748- The

by the society at Hyderabad, 396.
Wellesley, ib.-arrival of free-traders

Rev. Mr. Warden's defence of the
with military stores for Siam, 93, 401-
apprehensions of an invasion from Que.

practice, ib.
dah beginning to subside, 93, 401-im-

Press, new regulations promulgated at
provements in George Town, ib.-ship-

Bombay for, 90--contentions amongst
building, 241–Cochin Chinese tenacity

the editors of, at Calcutta, 234.
in making bargains, ib. - Commerce

Price Current of East-India produce for
with Siam, 401-arrangements for ma-

December, 146—January, 316—Febru-
naging the conquered districts of Tavoy ary, 440—March, 560—April, 700-
and Mergui, 401-proclamation issued

May, 820.
the inhabitants, 798—births and Privy-Council-appeal before, in the mat-
deaths, 401, 799.

ter of the East-India Company v. the
Persia_description of the mausoleum and

widow and children of the late Nawaub
shrine of Imaum Reza at Meshid, 58–

of the Carnatic, 435.
curious letter from Prince Abbas Mirza Proverbs, Hindoostanee, 215.
to the Rev. Mr. Wolf, 61- the King's Publications, new, and works in the press,
reception of the French Embassy, 243-

145, 432, 517,688, 778.
atrocious murder of Simon Hyrapiet at
Julpha, 402—scarcity, 403-operations

Punchayet, or Hindu form of arbitration;
of the Prince of Khorassan against

observations on, 475-opinion of Major
Mahommud Khan, Prince Kamran,

John Munro on the subject, 715.
and Mahommud Ruheem Khan, 652—

embassy from the Court to the Indian
Government, 796—another earthquake

Races at Calcutta in December, 635, 784

-at Madras, 639, 793.
at Shirauz, 801.
Persian Gulfaccount of a survey of the

Rocket, Congreve, claims of Capt. Parlby.
Arabian shore of, 63.

to have a share in its invention, 595–

entire failure of those sent out to India,
Phenomenon, meteorological, observed in 634.
the forest of Calonhaven, 64.

Review of Books Finlayson's Mission to
Philology, Malayan, 348—labours of Mr.

Siam and Hue, the capital of Cochin-
Marsden and Capt. Elout, 349.

China, 197—Bentley's Historical view
Plagiarism, charge of, against the Asiatic

of the Hindu Astronomy, 205—Moore's
Journal, 745.

Views in the Burman Empire, 212–
Poetry-verses to a Lady, 22— The Chohans

Transactions of the Royal Asiatic Society,
of Delhi, 25—The Suicide, 33– The Bee

vol. I. Part ii., 375–Stewart's Con-
inclosed in Amber, 57- The Visionary,

siderations on the Government of India,
60—From Claudian, 165—To melan-

503—Boys's Key to the Book of Psalms,
choly, 169–From the Hindoostanee of

506_Denham and Clapperton's Nar.
Meer Tuqee, 175— The Voyage to India,

rative of Travels and Discoveries in
176, 358—Mocaddimah from the Bous-

Africa, 613–Barton's Missionary's Me-
tan of Saadi, 332–From a Rissallah of

morial, 737—Wheatley's Letter to the
Şaadi, 341--Indolence, 344-a Hindoo

Duke of Devonshire on Colonization,
song, 351—To a Motherless Infant, 359

755—Grindlay's Scenery, Costumes, and
The Joys of Life, 366 - From Seneca,

Architecture of Western India, 758.
453— Friendship, 470—What is Wo-
man like? 474_Lines to

... on receive
ing some Violets, 496 - African War-
song, 576–Elegy from the Hamasa, 582

Africa, 511.

Rienxi (Chevalier de) visits Bombay, 240.
Runjeet Singh, warlike operations of, 797.
Rüppell ,(M.), account of his travels in

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Russia_death of the Emperor Alexander, country, 650_copy of treaty between

104-state of the mechanical arts in the the Company and the Ameers, 774.
empire before the era of Peter the Great,
329-dimensions of the empire, 762.

Singapore-arrival of trading prahus from

Borneo Proper, 93—arrival of an Ame.

rican student, ib. signal station in the

Straits removed, 94—formation of esta-
Sandwich Islands, arrival there of H.M. ship blishments for building and repairing

Blonde, with the bodies of the late king ships, ib.--increase of cultivation, ib.-
and queen, 532-account of the islands, immorality of the law regarding gam-

bling-houses, 156-speculation in ores
Saracenic remains discovered in France,

of antimony and tin, 241-account of

the numerous species of snakes found on

the island, 386-seizure of an American
Securities, Indian, prices of, 99, 309, 404, ship by H. M. ship Larne, 390-ship-
656, 807.

ment of warlike stores for Siam, 401–
Sepoys, their attachment to the government,

the Resident hoists the British flag on all
395, 742.

the adjacent islands, 529-establishment
Shakspeare (Mr.), his Pont Roulant Mili-

of the Raffles club, ib.-enquiry respect-
taire described, 82.

ing the real founder of the settlement,

550-exports and imports of the settle-
Shipping, notices of_launch of the Am- ment for three years, 583_Deaths, 94.
herst sloop of war, at Bombay, 89

Snakes of Singapore, account of, 386.
loss of the Lotus, Field, on the Sand
Heads, 144, 235—loss of the Aurora, of Societies--Asiatic, of Great Britain and Ire-
700 tons, near Zanzibar, 144.-loss of the

land, 67, 223, 383,515,688,773— Asia-

tic, of Paris, 61, 214,619, 760—Asiatic,
Stedcombe, Barnes, at Melville Island,
ib.-loss of the Nereide cutter, off Ne-

of Calcutta, 213, 509, 618–Oriental Li-
neta river, ib.-loss of the Arab ship,

terary, of Calcutta, 81– Wesleyan Mis-
Fulke, on the coast of the Northern

sionary, for Madras, 396—Marine, at
Concan, ib.-loss of the Betsy and Ca-

Calcutta, 522~ Phrenological, at Cal-

cutta, 522—Madras Apprenticing, 639
roline, off the Texel, ib.-loss of the

- Auxiliary Bible, at Bombay, 649–
Theodosia, on the coast of Ganjam, 239
-loss of the bark Jops, on Cannonier

School-book, at Bombay, 649– Lin-
Point, 314-loss of the Royal Charlotte,

næan, 760—Zoological, 760_Ladies'

at Calcutta, for Native Female Educa.
on Prince Frederick's Shoal, ib.-loss of

tion, 781-Church Misionary, at Bom-
the Rambler, on the coast of Madagas-

bay, 796.
car, ib.--seizure of the American brig,
Governor Endicott, by H. M. ship

Sound, progress of, 510.
Larne, 390—loss of the Nassau, on the Sparrow (J. J.) appointed a provisional
island of Tristan d, Acunha, 437-loss member of council at Bombay, 641.
of the Hope, off Anjeer, ib.-loss of the St. Helena — proposed emancipation of
Hydery, ib.-loss of the Ariel, in Viza. slaves, 403-reduction of port charges,
gapatam Roads, ib.-loss of the H. C.

ib.-lines spoken at the first annual ex.
ship Royal George, at Whampoa, 654 amination of the head-school, 600-
-loss of the Perseverance in Table court-martial on Capt. Cole, 654-im-
Bay, 815.

provements, 801-house of entertain-
arrivals and departures-see Cal-

ment for strangers, 802 – lectures on
cutta, Madras, &c.

chemistry and botany, ib. - theatricals,

Ships trading to India, and eastward of the

Cape of Good Hope, 147, 315, 438, Stamps, unpopularity of the Bengal regu-
818-East-India Company's, trading to

lations with regard to, 523.
India and China, 439, 559, 699, 819. Steam-gun-trial of its extraordinary pow-
Siam, review of Mr. Finlayson's account

of the British mission to, 197—degrad. Stereotype, invention of a new kind of,
ing servility exacted from the Siamese 214.
towards their superiors, 200—pievalence Stewart, (Lieut. Col.), review of his con-
of leucæthiopic habit on the coast, 201 siderations on the government of India,
-manners and customs of the people, 501.
202—trade of the kingdom, ib.

Stocks, daily prices of, for December, 147–
Sickness prevails to a great extent through- January, 316– February, 440—March,

out India, 233, 522, 649—at Arracan, 560—April, 700—May, 820.
244, 404.

Sugar, East-India, meeting of merchants
Silks remaining warehoused in Great Bri- interested in the growth of, 235-en.
tain on 25th March 1826, 776.

quiry respecting its cultivation, 599.
Silk-worm, culture of, revived in Prussia, Sumatra, eruption of a vulcano in the in-

terior of, 577---see also India ( Nether-
Sind, politics, of, 368, 586-account of the lands)
Asiatic Journ., Vol. XXI, No. 126.

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ers, 62.


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Suttees, 33, 389, 522—the practice sanc- Transmigration according to the tenets of

tioned by the law of India in the time the Fo religion, 215.
of Alexander the Great, 347.

Trotter (Mr.), his agency scheme declared
Sweden, trade of, with India, 812.

illegal, 388the scheme said to have re-
Syria-prohibition of the exportation of ceived the condemnation of government,
silk, 98-death of the Christian prelate

M. Gandolfi, ib.-miserable state of the Types, metal, of the Chinese character
inhabitants on the shores of the Eu. lately cast at Paris, 386.

phrates, ib.
Syrian Metropolite, his interview with the
Bishop of Calcutta, 239.

Unitarianism making great progress in

India, 784.
Tamil Country, account of the landed

tenures in, 170.
Tannah, consecration of the new church

Vaccination, effects of, in India, 399.
at, 90_description of the church, ib. Van Diemen's Land-resources of the co.
Taylor (Hon. J.), admitted a member of lony, 801—complaints against the Lieut.
council at Madras, 396.

Governor, ib.-hush-rangers, ib.
Tea, parliamentary papers respect 775.

Volcano, account of the eruption of one in
Telegraphs, letters of Colonel Macdonald

the interior of Sumatra, 577.
to Mr. Barrow on the subject of, 750—

Voyage to India described-leaving Eng-
established in Egypt, 763.

land, 176–Passage to Madeira, 358.
Tenures, account of the ancient system of,

in Malabar, 48—Canara, 50--the Tamil
Country, 170— Telingana, 345,

Weather at Cannanore, 396_at Baroda
Termites, or white ants, mode of destroy-

Belgaum, and Cutch, 529—at Madras,
ing them in South America, 241.

Theatre-amusements at Boitaconnah, 80,

Wheatley (John), review of his Letter to
634—at Chowringhee, 80, 235, 523—at

the Duke of Devonshire on Coloniza-
Bombay, 52y—at St. Helena, 802.

tion, 755.
Thermometer in Nipal in March 1825,

Widows, immolation of, 83, 389, 522.
215—at Madras, 215, 793.

Wood (Major), suicide of, 435.
Thibet, sketch of the language of, 618-

Writers, number of, sent out' to India
variety of letter used in, for familiar and from 1821 to 1825, 775.
religious purposes, ib.

Thoms (Mr.) translation of a Chinese state
paper by, 484.

Zoological Society, its formation, 760–
Toorkistan, account of Mr. Moorcroft's

extract from the prospectus of the So-
travels in, 609, 709.

ciety, ib.


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