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Bibby (Capt.) presented with a silver vase rald, 235, 527, 635, 640-parliamentary

by the underwriters of Liverpool, 435. debates respecting him, 811.
Bidenauth (Rajah), noble donation of, 762. Budhuism-account of the system, 570-
Bintang, doubt as to the cession of that period of its entering China, 621-defi-
settlement to the British, 736

nition of Fo, or Budha, 61.
Births-see Calcutta, Madras, &c.—uncom- Bungalows, staging, ordered to be con-
mon, 528.

structed between Sherghatty and Patna,
Bishop of Calcutta, (Dr. Heber), conse-

crates the new church at Poonah, 88_ Burman Empire_descriptive sketches of
also the new church at Tannah, 90--has the country, 38, 491-account of the
an interview with the Syrian metropo-

tribe of Nagahs, 178, 727—execution
lite at Bombay, 239—embarks for Cey-

of a native, 639.
lon, 240_his visitations there, 400, 529 Burmese War-historical narrative of the
-returns to Calcutta, 521-expected to transactions in Ava, 17-report of the
visit Madras, 792.

occupation of Munnipoor by Gumbeer
Bombay Government (General Orders of) Sing and Lieut. Pemberton, 100-ap-

-services of Lieut. Col. Brooks, 86- pointment of Mung-cra-cro to be gene-
allowances to Brigadiers, ib.-transfer

ralissimo of the Burmese, in lieu of
of duty of paymasters in native regi- Bundoola, 101–disposition of the Bri-
ments, ib.-alterations in the engineer

tish army in Ava, 388_number and po-
department, 397-allowances to acting

sition of the enemy in the neighbour-
adjutants, 398—-political control of the hood of Prome, 403—conclusion of an
fortress of Aseerghur, 525--shares of off-

armistice between Sir A. Campbell and
reckoning fund, 526-uniform of offi- the chief minister of the court Ava,
cers, ib.-alteration in facings of regi-

514, 533–sickly state of our troops at
ments, ib.-claims for unclaimed prize-

Arracan, 244, 404-conduct of the Ben-
money, 641-resignation of Sir Charles gal government in regard to the war,
Colville, ib.-new member of council,

469_operations of Lieut. Neufville, in
ib.staff allowances, 794-mutinies on

Assam, 513, 514-audacity of Siamese
board free-traders, ib.- clerical duties,

pirates on the coast of Mergui, 513–
795-estates of deceased officers ib.

account of the meeting of the British and
civil, ecclesiastical, military, and marine

Burmese commissioners at Nemben-
appointments, 87, 398, 526, 641.

ziek, 533-proposed independence of
Bombay miscellaneous and shipping in-

Pegu, 636_rupture of the armistice by
telligence, births, marriages, and deaths,

the Burmese, 655-transactions which
88, 239, 398, 527, 643, 795.

preceded it, ib.— feelings of the Burmese
Sessions-cases before the court

respecting the war, 656-events which
on 25th July 1825, 87-statements of

followed the breaking of the armistice,
the Chief Justice in regard to the police

689, 804—conclusion of a treaty of
establishment, 701.

Auxiliary Bible Society-annual Burrampooter River, observations upon the
meeting of, 649.

source and course of, 52, 186.
School Society, annual meeting

of, 649.
Church Missionary Society, meet-

Cabul, military operations in, 81, 652.
ing of, 796.

Cadetsdebate at the East-India House

on the subject of their education, 277–
Bonaparte worshipped by the Chinese, 621.

observations of a “ Madras retired offi-
Borneo Proper-death of the Sultan, 93–

cer” on the subject, 370-Dr. Gilchrist's
tyrant conduct and death of his succes-

reply to the observations, 492, 740–
sor, ib.--hostilities between the Dutch

number sent out to India from 1821 to
and the Chinese gold miners, 531-

1825, 775.
death of the Dutch resident of Sambas,

Calcutta Government (General Orders of)


sale of the estates of deceased officers,
Boys (Rev. T.), his Key to the Book of

7?–arrangements for filling up vacan.
Psalms reviewed, 506—letter from, to

cies in the senior list, ib.-grant of ad-
the editor, on parallelism in the Sacred

ditional pay to assistant surgeons, ib.
Writings, 726.
Bridges, Shakspearian, their great utility

formation of an eighth troop of horse ar;
in India, 82.
Bryce (Dr.), his dispute with Mr. Dic-

bills towards the Civil Service Annuity
kens, 234.

Fund, 225—formation of two
Buckingham (Mr.), debate on his case at
the East-India House, 245, 657—the

and services of Major-Gen. Sir David
case decided by ballot, 694-numerous
misrepresentations in his Oriental He-

staff situation, ib. new 'five per cent.

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peace, 764, 806.

new arrangement of the artillery, ib.
tillery, 75-retrenchments of servants'


troops of horse artillery, ib.-character
Ochterlony, ib. period of service ne-
cessary to entitle an officer to hold a

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loan, 233-claims against the Egypt Cape of Good Hope-discovery of coal in a
prize-money, 518—allowances to civil tract of land between the rivers Gam.
servants, ib.-new commander-in-chief, toor and Kromme, 99-arrival of the
ib.-remittance of effects of deceased Enterprize steam-vessel, 104, 243—de-
officers and soldiers, 519-medical ap- termination of his Majesty's Ministers-
pointment abolished, 621-augmenta- to make no alteration in the currency of
tion for the sappers and miners, ibo- the settlement, 696-public dinners given
allowances to officers second in com- to Lord C. Somerset previous to his de-
mand with the six extra regiments of parture for England, 803.
Native infantry, ib.-new member of
council, 622-relief of troops, ib. -con-

Cargoes of Company's ships arrived from

India, 315, 698.
duct of the Governor-General's body
guard, ib.-establishment of temporary

Carnatic, death of the Nabob of, 639, 793.
station hospitals at Barrackpore and Celebes, military operations of the Dutch
Chittagong, ib.- the extra light cavalry in, 511.
regiments, 623-appointment of inspec.

Ceylon—tribute to the memory of the late
tors of hospitals to his Majesty's forces,

Mr. Moon of the Botanic Institution,
ib.—courts-martial, 226, 387, 519-ci-

91-alteration in the currency, 240,-
vil, ecclesiastical, and military appoint-

visitations of the Lord Bishop of Cal-
ments, 75, 226, 387, 520, 623.

cutta, 400, 529—proposals for establish-
Calcutta miscellaneous and shipping in- ing a mission college at Jaffna, 652

telligence, births, marriages, and deaths, Tunnel near Kandy opened, 652--civil
80, 231, 388, 521, 631, 770.

· appointments, 240, 400, 798—births,
Supreme Court-extraordinary re- marriages and deaths, 241, 401, 798.
marks of the Chief Justice after passing

Chess, origin of the game, 620.
sentence on Appah, a Chinese, 628-
case of Caroline Lavinia Wickede v.

China— Account of its dramatic literature,
Luis Jos. Barretto, for a breach of pro-

40-translation of the • Orphan of
mise of marriage, 629—case of Maria

Tchao,' a tragedy, 41, 157—ink-making
Jane Christiana, v. ditto, for the same

ranked among the liberal arts, 215,-
offence, 630—Sir A. Buller on the ad-

translation of a state-paper, being an ad-
ministration of oaths to natives, 779.

dress of the minister Hew-Hang, to
Asiatic Society, proceedings of, in

the Emperor Ching-Tsung, 484-me-
July, September, and November, 213,

thod of making varnish, 510-import-

ance of education, 565—first introduc-
509, 618

tion of Budhuism, 621—the number
Oriental Literary Society -its for-

five, 761-locusts, 762_divination, ib.
mation, 81.

- Danish trade with, 813-see also
Marine Society, its formation, 522 Canton.
-scheme of the society, 782.

Chinese Language, peculiarities of, 720.
Phrenological Society, meeting of,

Cholera Morbus, use of cajeputa oil in the
in September, 522.

cure of, 65—twelve hundred people
Benevolent Institution, tenth re- carried off by it in four days at Colapore,
port of, 235.

90-makes dreadful ravages among the
Ladies' Society for Native Female natives at Benares, 233_a missionary's
Education, public examination of, 781. receipt for the cure of, 386—rages at

Church Missionary Association, Chunar, Jessore, and Dinapore, 522-
second annual meeting of, 781.

also at Baroda and Kaira, 649.
Benevolent Institution, examina- Civil Appointments-see Calcutta, Madras,
tion of, 782.

Campbell (Sir Arch.), with his staff, nearly Civil Service Annuity Fund of Bengal,

lost in the steam-boat between Donabew its numerous subscribers, 81-govern-
and Surrawa, 523.

ment order respecting its establishment,
(Sir Alex.), honourable testimony

225-cases intended to be submitted to
borne to his character by the Duke ot

the Court of Directors, 234general
York, 639.

meeting of subscribers at Calcutta, 521.
Canara, account of the original landed te- Clapperton (Capt.), review of his travels
nures in, 50.

and discoveries in Afriea, 613.
Canton-removal of restrictions on the im- Cochin-China, review of Mr. Finlayson's

portation of rice, 242-account of the account of the British mission to, 197–
forcible entry of European merchants description of Hue, the capital 203—
into the city to present a petition to the

account of the inhabitants, 204-extra-
Viceroy, 591-proclamation issued by ordinary discrepancies between the ac-
the Viceroy on the subject, 653–confia. count of Cochin-China manners given
gration in the city, 654-loss of the by Mr. Finlayson, and the American
H. C. ship Royal George, at Whampoa,

Lieut. White, 205.
654, 800— prices of opium, 801. Colebrooke (H. T.), his reply to the at-

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tack of Mr. Bentley on the subject of Danish trade with China; 613.
Hindu Astronomy, 360, 456.

Davis (Lieut. J. B.) drowned by accident
College, East India, at Haileybury, exami- at Bombay, 88.
nation at, Dec. 2, 1825, 69.

Deathssee Calcutta, Madras, &c.
of Fort St. George, report of the Debates at the East India House, Dec. 21st.
Board of Superintendence for, 70--ad- -expences incurred for support of the
dress of the governor to the students on East India volunteers, 113-half year's
the 11th July, 1825, 72.

dividend, ib.-confirmation of the grant
of Fort William, speech delivered to Mr. S. Arnot, 114-instruction
by Lord Amherst to the students of, on in Hindoostanee, 120-rates of ton-
the 27th July, 1825, 216 — works nage of the Company's shipping, ib.
patronised by the college council, 222. -case of ex-Lieut.-Col. G. Strachan,

in Tasmania, subscription raised 126-government of Lord Amherst,
at Madras for, 525.

and state of India, 129-Jan. 18th.
Colville (Sir Charles) resigns the command-

case of Mr. Buckingham, 245—enquiry
in-chief at Bombay, 641-account of a

respecting the Oude Papers, 272-Jan.
farewell entertainment given to him at

25th.-motion for a new regulation
Poonah, 643-at Bonibay, 646.

respecting the education of cadets, 277
Combermere (Lord) assumes the command-

- salaries to professors, 307—encou.
in-chief in India, 518.

ragement of publications in the Oriental
Comet seen at Calcutta in Oct. 1825, 522

languages, 308—Feb. 8th., Company's
-seen in various parts of the East, 763.

shipping, 405-consideration on the

Oude Papers, ib.-March 22d. enquiry
Congreve Rockets, correspondence respect- respecting the Company's military

ing, 595-entire failure of those sent equipments, 537-return of Sir J. E.
out to India, 634.

Colebrooke to India, 539-East India
Cook (Capt.), dagger with which he was writer's bill, 510—the shipping system,
killed, brought to England, 620.

548_case of Mr. Buckingham, 657—
Coral Bank, discovery of, in the Bay of

election of Directors, 687-May 5. East
Bengal, 761.

India Naval Force Bill, 765_East-
Cotton, travels of a pound of, 23—fecun-

India Writers' Bill, 772—flogging in
dity of the plant, 385.

India, ib.
Court of King's Bench-writ of error from

in Parliament, on India affnirs
the Court of Common Pleas, Mellish ».

Burmese war, 433liberty of the Indian
Richardson, 103—decision, Bucking-

press,_434-affair at Barrackpore, 434
ham, v. Banks, for a libel, ib.

East India Jury Act, 435—exports and
Court Martial on Assist. Surgeon Watson,

imports of Singapore, 533-writers in
32d Bengal N. I., 226—on Lieut.

India bill, 534--juries in India bill, 535,
Ximenes, 20th Bengal N. I., 387—on

694-returns, 535_East-India Naval
Capt. Lane, 7th Bengal L. C., ib-on

force Bill, 808-East-India Writer's
Hannah Fitchett, camp follower, 519-

Bill, ib.-magistrates of New South
on Capt Cole, St. Helena Regiment,

Wales, 810-Lord Charles Somerset,

810, 812–J. S. Buckingham, 811–
Crabs, natural phenomena observed in, 66.

Currency of the Cape, 812.
Cricket revived at Bombay, 399—match

Debtors in India, petition respecting, 814.
-played at Palaveram, 525.

Deccan Prize Money, meetings held at
Crimea, account of the south coast of,

the treasury respecting, 103, 309—copy
from the journal of a Russian officer, 26.

of the treasury minute deciding the case

in favour of a general division, 310.
Cursetjee Manackjee, statement of the case
of, in answer to what appeared respect.

Dickens (Mr.), nature of his dispute with

Dr. Bryce, 234.
ing him in the “ Oriental Herald,”
342—answer of Capt. Moore to some

Directors of the East India Company for
remarks in the foregoing statement, 587.

1826, 687.
Cutch, disturbances in, 88—defeat of a

Divination, Chinese, 762.
party of Meyannas by Capt. Sandwith,

Drama, state of, in China, 40—The
89, 527—politics of the country, 367

Orphan of the House of Tchao, a
-magnitude of the British force order-

tragedy, 41, 157-amateur perform-
ed 10, 399-attack on Nugher Parkur

ances in India, 80, 529, 634.
by the Scindians, 527—abstract of late

Durbar, Governor-General's, 782.
treaty of alliance with the British Go-

vernment, 774.

East India House, debates at, 113, 245,
Damaun-improvements in the territories,

399-arrival of Vicomte Richemont
froin France, 649.

tion of Directors, 536, 687- ballots at,
695-Directors for 1826, 687.

405, 537, 657, 765goods declared for
sale at, 146, 315, 437, 698, 817—elec-

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Education, progress of, in British India, Gerard (Capt.), account of his travels in

317-importance of, in China, 565. the Himalaya Country, 333, 457.
Egyptian antiquities, 66, 620-marine, 385 Gilchrist (Dr.), his reply to a : Madras

-manuscripts, 762—telegraphs, 762. retired officer on the subject of the
Elphinstone (Governor), address of the education of Cadets, 492, 740.

native community of Bombay to, 650. Goods declared for sale at the East India
Enquiry, Colonial, 776.

House, 146, 315, 437, 698, 817.
Enterprize (steam vessel), its arrival at the Grant (Charles), monument erected to, in

Cape of Good Hope, 104, 243—arrives Bloomshury Church, 435.
at Calcutta, 633-purchased by the Grindlay (Capt.) notice of his “

Indian government, 634-departs for Costumes, and Architecture of Western
Rangoon, 785-government letter to India,” 759.

Capt. Johnson on its arrival in India, ib. Gypsies, Indian, account of a distinct caste
Epidemic makes dreadful ravages in India,

of, 385.
233, 522, 649.

Epigram from Audænus, 47-imitation

Haileybury College, examination at, in De-
from Martial, 180.

cember 1825, 69.
Exchange, rates of, at Calcutta, Madras, Hainan, account of the Island of, 15-
and Bombay, 99, 309, 404, 656.

meaning of the word, 156.
Exports to the East and West Indies, com- Hamasa, a collection of Arabic poems,

parative value of, 483-value of British origin of, 580—elegy from, 582—verses
manufactures exported to Asia, during of Abou Noama Katary in, 754.
ten years, 500.

Hastings (Marquess), topics of his contro-
Eyles (Capt.), of the ship Malcolm, piece

versy with Col. Bailey discussed, 1-de-
of plate presented to, by his passengers, bate on the subject at the East India

House, 405—his policy in India, 312-

amount of funds collected at Calcutta
Fables, Hindu, remarks on, 189-speci-

for procuring a picture and statue of his

Lordship, 390.
mens of the tales in the Pancha Tantra,

Himalaya Country, travels of Capt. Gerard

in, 333, 457.
Farquhar (Lieut. Col.) receives a gold
snuff-box from the Emperor of Austria,

Hindoos, specimens of their fables, 189—
536—is presented with a piece of plate

Mr. Bentley's view of their system of
from the Chinese inhabitants of singa-

astronomy, 205-Mr. Colebrooke on
their astronomy, 360, 456-specimen of

their poetry, 454-observations on their
Finlayson (Geo.), review of his mission to
Siam and Cochin-China, 197.

system of Punchayet, or abitration, 475.

Home Intelligence, 103,309,433, 533, 694.
Five number highly regarded in China,

Horses, uncommon fidelity and intelli-

gence of those in Arabia, 215-obser-
Fo,. or Buddha, definition of, 61-tenets

vations on the different races in the
of the religion as regards transmigration

Malayan Archipelago and adjacent
of souls, 215_account of the religion

countries, 597-of Africa fed entirely
570, 621.

on milk, 621.
Fog-compass, Lieut. Lindesay's invention

Hospitals at Arracan, inquiry respecting
of, 385.

certain abuses in; 632.
Foresight, curious species of, peculiar to

Huaco, use of the shrub as a remedy
the Isle of France, 512.

against the poison of serpents, 64.
Frank (Sir John) sworn in a puisne judge
of the Supreme Court at Calcutta, 521.

French Officers in the East, 813.

Imaum Reza, description of the mauso-

leum and shrine of, 58.

India (British)-policy to be adopted to.
Gage (Rear-adm.) appointed to the naval wards the Burmese Court should success
command in the East Indies, 437.

continue to attend our arms, 17-ac-
Gaieties at Calcutta, 80, 634, 748—at

count of the original land tenures of
Bombay, 90, 529—at Madras, 238, 638, Malabar, 48—Canara, 50—the Tamil

Country, 170-and Telingana, 345–

remarks on the determination of Minis-
Gaudama, remarkable image of, discovered
at Arracan, 62.

ters to appoint King's Servants to the

Indian government, 89-ignorance of
Gender of the East India Company, 386.

our countrymen in matters relating to
General Orders by the Indian governments India and to Indian affairs,. 149–
-see Calcutta, Madras, &c.

opinions on the British government in
Generosity, Indian, 235.

India, 154—Col. Macdonald's observa-

pore, 696.

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tions on the policy of extending our Khokand, account of Philip Nazaroff's
empire in the East, 194ấprogress of journey to the capital of, 352.
education in India, 317–on the efforts Klaproth (M.), his remarks on the exist-
of the Missionaries in, 441-conduct of

ing maps of Asia, 65—superiority of
the Government in regard to the Bur- his new map of Central Asia, 621–
mese war, 469—present circumstances his remarks on Mr. Arrowsmith's map
and condition of the East. Indians, or of Asia answered, 717.
Indo-Britons, 561-corrupt character of Koros (M.), account of his travels in Upper
native servants, 601~itinerant preach.
ing in, 748_unitarianism in, 784-

Asia, 763.
Trade with Sweden, 812-progress of

the war with the Burmese, 17-official Land Tenures of India, account of, 48,
despatches which have appeared in the

50, 170, 345.
London Gazettes relative to the war, Language, Arabic, its copiousness, 215.
100, 102, 513, 689, 764.

Lap-dog, Owhyee, 620.
India (not British)-politics of Sind and Lawson (Rev. J.), verses on the death of,

Cutch, 366,586—disturbances at Bhurt- by Bernard Barton, 737.
pore, 521, 631—political agent obliged Lawyers, a Chinese writer's opinion of,
to leave Ajmere, 527-operations of the 620.
British forces before Bhurtpore, 632, 786 Lei, the capital of Ladak, account of

, 471,
account of the Sindian cavalry, 650
-fall of Bhurtpore, 788, 804—warlike

Linnean Society, papers read before, in
operations of Runjeet Singh, 797—force April, 760.
ordered against the Colapore Rajah,

Lions, tame, presented to Lord Amherst,

(Netherlands)-reflections upon the

Loan, new 5 per cent., opened at Cal-
late treaty with the Dutch, and upon

cutta, 233-another advanced to the
their commercial system in the East,

Company, by Oude, 235.
94-acts of the Dutch government at

Locusts, immense flights of, witnessed
Bencoolen, 97–price of commodities near Juanpore, 65—in China, 762.
at Batavia, 98—insurrection against the Lowe (Sir Hudson) attacked at Smyrna,
Dutch authorities in the interior of Java, 813.
98, 242, 402, 590-state of the govern- Lunar Iris observed at Bombay, 240.
ment finances, 242-Bencoolen about
to be placed under the Residency of

Lusus naturæ-a Brahminee bull, 66.
Padang, 401-operations of the new

Dutch Company at Batavia, 402—ac- Macdonald (Col.) on magnetic variation,
count of the insurrection in Java, 451,
530, 800-operations of the Dutch in

54-on the extension of our Indian
Celebes and Borneo, 531-death of the

empire, 194—on the conduct of the
Resident of Sambas, ib.-aspect of

Bengal government in regard to the
affairs in Java in Dec. 1825, 652—

Burmese war, 460-his answer to the
remarks of the Singapore Chronicle

attack of Mr. Barrow on telegraphic
on the subject, 799-ports of Batavia

communication, 750.
opened, 800-marriages and deaths, 242.

Mackenzie (Col.), inquiry respecting his
Indigo exported from Bengal during 1825

literary relics, 482.
and 1826, 784.

Madagascar,-edict of King Radama in
Indo-Britons, observations on their present

order to encourage trade with his do-
condition, 561.

minions, 245.
Ink-making ranked among the liberal arts

Madras Government (General Orders of)
in China, 215.

-sentiments entertained by the Court
Irrawuddy River, several branches of,

of Directors regarding the government
suspected to fall into the Bay of Ben-

of Sir Thomas Munro, 85-tribute to
gal to the Northward of Cape Negrais,

the “ Instructions” written by Sir John
Malcolm, 238-advances to officers suc-

ceeding to half-shares of off-reckonings,
Island, discovered in the Pacific,

392 - allowances to Brigadiers, ib.-

Army allowances, ib.-alteration in the

pay of Adjutants, 393—new organiza-
Japan, dissertation on the literature and

tion of the Artillery, ib.--. Revised Re-
language of, 213.

gulations for His Majesty's forces, 524–
Java-see India (Netherlands).

medical aid to surveys, ib.strength of

native regiments, ib. --formation of eight
Katary (Aboa Noama), his courage and
contempt of death, 754.

locks for the service of the European
Kesitha, account of the Hebrew coin' so

artillery, 788–interest on estates of per-
called, 511.

sons deceased, 789-augmentation to the



companies of drivers and draught bul-

army, ib. - Lieut.-Gen. Bowser, ib.-

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