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afford. In what I am now saying, let me of this presidency, to Eliza, daughter of George not for one moment be supposed as wish,

Garrow, Esq., of the same service.

18. At the Cathedral at St. Thomė, Vindition ing, in the slightest degree, to restrict the Cornet, Esq., to Mrs. M. B. Festing, widow of utmost freedom of speech or argument, in

the late Lieut. John G. Festing, of the Madras

establishment. the discussion of the cases which may now 20. At Bangalore, Mr. J, Gibson to Miss Ellen, come before us, beyond those rules of second daughter of Mr. F. 0. Borel, practice which, in order to ensure regur larity of proceeding, must be adopted and adhered to by every court of justice : June 12. At Areot, Mary Anne, wife of A. F. well satisfied, as I am, and ever have been, Bruce, Esq., of the civil service. that a bold and enlightened advocate is not

17. On the Arracan river, J. Cochrane, Esq.,

M.D., assist.surg. on the Madras establishment. merely one of the best safeguards to the July 7, At Pondicherry, A. Dulaurens, Esq., a purity of justice, but the best friend and

member of council of that settlement. most valuable assistant to those who have

8. At Mangalore, Mr. Henry Craig, clerk in the

Hoozoor cutcherry of the principal collector of to administer it. Whatever, therefore, may


il. At the Neelgherry hills, of a fever, Mr. W. be thought conducive to the interests of

Cameron, surveyor, attached to the revenue dethe client, or as tending to correct any partment. supposed erroneous impression of the

15. In Spur_Tank, Emma, third dạughter of

George Lys, Esq., aged 21. bench, and that can be urged, consistently 20. At Wallajahbad, on the road from Bangawith the established rules and order of pro, lore to Madras, Marian, the lady of Major Stehe

lin, H.M.'s 41st regt, ceeding, I trust will ever be so with the

22. R. Powney, infant son of Mr. Wm. Parr. utmost freedom, and without the slightest reserve. For myself, I am sure, and from the personal knowledge which I have of my colleagues, I think I may with equal

Bombay, certainty for them say, that every argument GOVERNMENT GENERAL so urged will always receive the considera

ORDERS. tion and attention it is entitled to; and if, after all, the court should come to diffe

LATE CHIEF ENGINEER. rent, and perhaps an erroneous conclusion,

Bombay Castle, April 7, 1825. - The (for who amongst us is free from error?) Hon, the Governor in Council is pleased it will, at least, never be for the want of to permit Lieut. Col. Com. William Brooks, an anxious and earnest endeavour, on our

chief engineer, to return to Europe under parts, to arrive at the real truth and justice the existing regulations, retaining the office of the case.

of chief engineer until the period of his “ Mutual forbearance, and mutual in- embarkation. dulgence, at times, we sball all of us re- The services of Lieut. Col. Brooks have quire, and, I have no doubt, readily give been acknowledged with approbation by 10 each other."

this Government in General Orders bearThe calendar contained only two cases; ing date the 29th Nov. 1811, and again one a native accused of uttering counter- on the 13th Oct. 1817, when Lieut. Col. feit money; the other a European soldier Brooks vacated the office of military charged with homicide. The learned judge auditor general, on his succession to the remarked that the latter prisoner should situation of chief engineer; and in reviewhave been tried by a court-martial on the ing the conduct of this officer in that imspot (120 miles from the presidency), portant department, as well as during his agreeably to the Act 4, Geo. IV. c. 81. whole services of forty-two years, the Go

vernor in Council cannot employ more SHIPPING.

honourable and appropriate terms of praise

than those of a former order, which points

him out as having served the Hon. Com-
July 27. Windsor, Heaviside, from London and
Bombay.--Aug. 11. Atlas, Hine, from London. pany with assiduity, zeal, ability, and un-

impeached integrity.
July 19. Madras, Fayrer, for Calcutta. – 22.
H.M. Larne, Kingcombe, for Penang and N. S.
Wales.-30. General Palmer, Truscott, for Lon-


Bombay Castle, July 16, 1825.-The BIRTHS, MARRIAGES, AND

Hon. the Governor in Council is pleased

to authorise the whole of the brigadiers on DEATHS.

this establishment to draw, from the first

of March last, the scale of allowances June 12., At Belgaum, the lady of Lieut. J. sanctioned by the Court of Directors for Taylor, 4th regt., L.C., of a son. 23. At Jaulnah, the lady of Lieut. 4. Fraser,

brigadiers of the first class. quarter-master 45th regt. N.I., of a son. - The lady of T. M. Lane, Esq., of a son.


Bombay Castle, July 21, 1825.- The July 7. At St. Mary's Church, William, eldest

Hon. the Governor in Council is pleased son of W. Gordon, Esq., late of the civil service to resolve that the duty of paymasters in

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nativë regiments shall be conducted from Lieut. R. Woodhouse, 5th N.I., to be line adj. at the first of next month by the quarter

Rajcote, v. Troward prom. ; date 1st July.

5th Regt. N.I. Ens. H. Wood to be interp. in master of each corps instead of the adju- Hindoostanee and Mahratta languages, and quart. tant as heretofore.

mast., v. Woodhouse; date 1st July.

Assist.surg. A. Gibson, to have charge of medi

cal duties of H. C.'s surveying vessel Discovery. CIVIL APPOINTMENTS AND Sub Assist.surg. Bly, to have charge of medical

duties of H. C.'s cruizer Nautilus. PROMOTIONS.

July 15.-Assist.surg. J. Buchart, 8th N.I., to Territorial Department.

take charge of civil medical duties and of Guzerat Aug. 11. Mr. A. N. Shaw, deputy collector of

prov. bat. at Ahmedabad during absence of Assist. sea-customs in the Concan.

šurg. Stewart on med. cert. ; date 27th June.

July 16.-Lieut. Stalker, 19th N.J., to officiate Mr. W. J. Hunter, deputy collector of ditto in Guzerat.

as staff officer to field detachment in Myheek

haunta. Judicial Department.

Lieut. Rebenack, 18th N.I., to act as staff offiAug. 11. Mr. H. Brown, register at Sholapoor. cer to field detachment in Wagor. Mr. W. W. Malet, second register at Ahmedabad. 11th Regt. N.I. Ens. G. Macdonell to be lieut.

in suc. to Paul dec. ; date 7th July. General Department.

13th Regt. N.I. Lieut. C. $. Stewart to be adj., Aug. 11. Mr. J. A. Shaw, assistant to accountant- v. Victor prom. ; date 1st July. ģeneral and civil au litor.

Lieut. Yeadell, dep. commissary of stores at

Surat, to conduct duties of ordnance depart. durThe Hon. the Governor in Council has been ing absence of Com. Capt. Campbell. pleased to make the following promotions in the July 25.- Pioneer Bat. Lieut. J. B. F. Levery to civil service:

act. as adj. during absence of Lieut. W. Lang proJunior Merchants-Mr. James Taylor, Mr. W.

ceeding to sea for health. H. Wathen, Mr. W. J. Lumsden, Mr. John Ken- 8th Regt. N.i. Lieut. R. Sillar to act as adj. to tish, Mr. Robert Boyd, Mr. David Greenhill, Mr. left wing of regt. stationed at Kairah, V. SandThomas G. Gardiner, Mr. John Williams, and Mr. with; date 15th June. Frederick Bourchier, to be senior merchants, from Lieut. Sandwith, attached to 4th extra bat., to 9th May 1825.

perform duties of interp. in Hindoostanee to left Factors, Mr. H. G. Oakes, Mr. J. H. Little, Mr. wing of 8th N.I.; date 15th June. J. L. Reid, Mr. G. Giberne, Mr. Richard Torin, Assist.surg. Ormond, 10th N.I., to officiate as Mr. John Forbes, Mr. Richard Mills, and Mr. E.

gar. surg. at Surat. B. Mills, to be junior merchants, from 2d April

July 28.-The appointment of inspector of hill 1825.

forts in Dooab abolished from this date. Writer:~Mr. D. A. Blane, Mr. Edmund Ho'land, Mr. R. K. Arbuthmot, Mr. H. F. Dent, Mr.

Aug. 1.-Corps of Engineers. Sen. Lieut.Col. S.

Goodfellow to be lieut. col. com., v. Cowper dec.; J. H. Jackson, Mr. Alex. Bell, Mr. Alex. Elphin

Sen. Maj. J. S. R. Drummond to be lieut. col., ston, Mr. John Warder, Mr. G. C. Houlton, Mr.

V. Goodfellow prom. ; Sen. Capt. T. Dickinson to J. H. Ravenshaw, Mr. J. H. Farquharson, Mr. W. Willes, Mr. N. Hornby, Mr. R. K. Pringle, Mr.

be maj.; and Ist-Lieut. C. Waddington to be capt.,

in suc. to Drummond prom.; all dated 29th July. C. Montgomerie, and Mr. William Chamier, to be -Lieut. Col. Goodfellow will take his seat at Mi. factors, from 7th June 1825.

litary Board as chief engineer.

Aug. 4.-Supern. Ist-lieut. H.W. Hardie brought ECCLESIASTICAL APPOINT

on effective strength of artillery regt., in conse

quence of death of Lieut. Blachford. MENTS.

Ist-Lieut. F. D. Watkins to be adj. and quart. July 15.- The Rev. Mr. Robinson, the chaplain

mast. to 2d troop horse artil., v. Blachford dec.; of Poona and Sattarah, permitted to accompany the

date 22d July. Lord Bishop to Calcutta, in capacity of his Lord- Capt. Adair.son, 19th N.I., removed from strength ship's chaplain.

of army, and placed on Pension list. The Rev. Mr. Goode, the chaplain at Kaira, ap- Aug. 9.-19th Regt. N.1. Sen. Lieut. F. Stalker pointed to take charge of Mr. Robinson's duties at to be capt., and Ens. J. A. Echford to be lieut. in Poona and Sattarah during absence of that gentle- suc. to Adamson removed ; date 5th Aug. man.

July 7.- Capt. Lawrence to be commodore on
Surat station for ensuing season, in succession to
Capt. Tanner.

30. Sen. Midsh. H. Warry to be a 2d-lieut., v. T. B. Davis dec.; date 15th July.


PROMOTIONS, &c. Bombay Castle, July 2, 1825.-Capt. F. P. Lester, second deputy, to act as sen. dep. ordnance commissary at presidency, during absence of Capt. A. Campbell. Lieut. M. Law to act for Capt. Lester.

Marine Bat. Lieut. R. Philips, Ist. or Gt. N.I., to be interp. in Hindoostanee and Mahratta languages, and quart, mast., v. Norton proceeded to Europe; 'date 29th June.

July 7. - Medical Department. Assist. surg. Duncan to be vaccinator in Southern Concan, v. Bird, prom.-Assist.surg. Erskine to be surg, at Sholapore, v. Duncan.-Assist.surg, Macdonell to be surg. to political agent in Kattywar.--Assist. surg. Tawse to be surg. in Candeish from 1st Nov. 1825.-Assist.surg Mackell to be surg. at Mocha.

July 9.-Lieut. G. Macan, 15th N.I., to officiate as interp. in Hindoostanee and Mahratta languages to 12th N.I. upon departure of Lieut. Fortune, until arrival of officer nominated to succeed him; daie 4th April

Lieut. W. C. Flarris, corps of engineers, to be draftsman to chief engineer, vacant by Lieut. Bordwine's nomination to Sattarah.

July 14.-Lieut. Rowland, artil., to superintend public buildingserecting at Rajcote, during absence of executive engirreet.

To Europe. - July 1. Corn. T. B. Hamilton, Ist
L.C., for health.

To Sea.- July 14. Lieut. N. Strong, Ist Europ. regt., commanding Resident's escort in Persian Gulf, for six months, for health.-29. Ens. A. D. Malcolm, 3d N.I., for six months, for health.Aug. 11. Lieut. J. Liddell, 230 N.1., for six months, for health.-Assist.surg, W. Taylor, dep. med. storekeeper, north div. Guzerat, for six months, for health.


BOMBAY SESSIONS The sessions commenced on 25th July before Sir E. West and Sir C. Chambers.

Not more than thirteen or fourteen cases



came before the court, of which only three seated, never to rise again. Every possible were of importance. A conductor, named search has been made for the body, but Stoop, was tried on an indictment for the without success. murder of his wife, found guilty, and

All the ships in the harbour presented a sentenced to be executed.

funeral display of their colours during the An artilleryman, for the murder of his

whole of the following day, as a mournchild; but a verdict of manslaughter was ful indication of the melancholy event returned in consequence of the blow, by which has deprived the service of an es. which the child died, having been intended teemed and amiable young officer, whose for its mother. He was sentenced to im- untimely fate must ever be sincerely deprisonment for one year, and to pay a fine plored by his comrades and friends.of one rupee.

[Ibid., July 23. The third was a constable, for assaulting and confining a female named Maria An.

AFFAIRS TO THE NORTHWARD. tonia. His sentence was imprisonment for two years, and a fine of 500 rupees.- We have received letters during last [Bom. Gaz.

week from the northern frontier, which

describe every thing as quiet at present in MISCELLANEOUS.

that quarter. It was reported, however, that the Scindians were collecting a large

force, which, it was rumoured, was desThe Bishop of Calcutta, accompanied tined for Cutch, This we cannot believe. by Archdeacon Barnes, left this presiden- The Government of Scind, from the pecucy for Poona on Monday, the 27th June, liarity of its structure, and the character of and returned here again on Friday, the 8th those over whom it rules, is, perhaps, July. On the 2d his Lordship held a one of the weakest in Asia, and we do not confirmation at Poona, and on Sunday, think it would risk a quarrel with any of the 3d, he consecrated the new church of its neighbours. The power of the state, St. Mary; on which occasion, this zea

divided among the different Ameers, must lous prelate preached a most impressive

want consolidation, strength, and unity and appropriate sermon to a very nume- of action, while the only troops they can rous congregation. The Bishop was pre- bring into the field are composed of the yented, by a slight indisposition, from

feudal and unruly tribes of Beloochistan, participating in the hospitality of the sta

whom it would be impossible to keep to. tion, which also precluded him from see

gether for any time, and who are said not ing much of the late capital of the Prish

to have any great liking for their present wah, or of the surrounding country. On

niggardly rulers, whose only object, since this day the Bishop will proceed to Tan

their accession to power, has been to amass nah, in order to consecrate the church

money, in the pursuit of which, we bethere on Sunday, the 17th. It is his Lord- lieve, they have been remarkably successship’s intention, we understand, if cir.

ful. The Ameers must also feel not a cumstances permit, to proceed to Ceylon little suspicious of their powerful neighearly in the ensuing month, and from

bour Runjeet Sing, who has been making thence to return to Calcutta.

It is now

encroachments on their northern frontier, more than twelve months since the Bishop and who is said to cast a longing look to left Calcutta, and though he has since

the immense treasures they have amassed been constantly engaged in personally during the last thirty years. visiting the principal stations under that

therefore, safely predict 'that no more presidency and Bombay, he can scarcely laurels will be reaped for the present by be said to have as yet visited half of his

our troops to the northward. immense diocese; for, in addition to the

The letters we have alluded to are full Company's territories, we learn that the

of sad complaints on a subject of no small archdeaconry of New South Wales, and importance to those who are stationed on twenty-five chaplains, in that increasing the borders of the thirsty desert, them. colony, have lately been placed under his

selves apparently as thirsty. There is superintendence as Bishop.—[Bom. Cour., nothing but murmurings and sorrowful

anticipations from the banks of the Indus

to the mouths of the Banass. There had LIEUT. DAVIS, OF THE COMPANY'S MARINE.

been a long - continued and universal On the night of Thursday, the 14th drought along the whole line of our norinst., about half-past ten o'clock, as Lieut. thern frontier; and at the date of our J. B. Davis, of the Hon. Company's letters there appeared to be no hope of cruizer, Nautilus, was proceeding towards relief. There had not only been a defi. his vessel from the Apollo pier, in conse- ciency of that simple element which is quence of some difficulty in setting the more particularly necessary for the supsails, the tiller of the boat broke in his port and nourishment of the vegetable hand, when he was precipitated backwards world, but also a great scarcity of some from the washboard, on which he was other fluids which exposure to hot winds


We may,

July 16.


and a vertical sun render essential for the “ In your last you made some allusion purpose of sustaining the strength and re- to the apparent determination of H.M.'s viving the drooping spirits of the sojourners ministers, that no Company's servant of the arid and isolated stations on the should henceforth be appointed to any of borders of Scind. In fact, the usual the Indian Governments. I call the desupply of that beverage which will im- termination apparent, for it is impossible mortalize the name of Hodgson, had not to believe that any class of men, however been received, while the unfavourable ac- elated with power and popularity, and counts which had arrived relative to the however fond of paironage, could be so state of the Bombay godowns, had sickened blind or callous to the interests of the every heart and saddened every counte- country, or so cruelly unjust to a large

This was certainly a miserable body of individuals, as actually to adopt state of things ; but we sincerely trust the resolution alluded to. that an abundant fall of rain, and a co- “ There is a large portion of wisdom pious supply of pale ale, with oher good and good sense, and certainly a more things to boot, have, ere this, dispelled than ordinary sliare of liberality, among the gloom which appears to have invaded those wlio are at present at the head of the northern boundaries of our rising es- affairs, which makes me think that, tablishment.--(Bom. Cour., June 18. though perhaps obstinate in a particular

Native accounts from the northward instance, they could never intend to adopt mention that the Scindians had collected a general rule, in all times to come, that a large force at Rymaka-bazar, which is no Company's servant, however long and on the north side of the Bunny, or Runn, eminent his services, lowever splendid liis and about thirty miles distant from Loony, talents, however extensive his informaon the Cutch frontier. Parties of free- tion, in fact, however well qualified for booters, supposed to be from this force, the appointment, should be allowed to had again iade their appearance in Cutch, rise to the situation of Governor. and plundered iwo villages, the patels of “ If ever such a rule be adopted, we which they carried off. By the last ac- may bid farewell to the progressive imcounts, rain had fallen at Mandavee, so provement of India. Exertion will never that we may suppose there has been a exist without an appropriate stimulus; general fall all over the northern districts. and there ought to be no bounds set to the -[Ibid., July 9.

rewards due to high talent and honourable On the 23d ultimo, accounts were re- exertion, in whatever class of men these ceived at Booj of a party, consisting of qualities may be found. Should a rule be about 200 Meyannas, having crossed the adopted to exclude all Company's servants Runn into that province. On the same from the governments of India, the Roevening, Capt. Sandwith, with a troop of man Catholics at home will have less reathe 1st light cavalry, and the grenadier son to complain, as they will see a large company of the 18th regt., under Capt. body of their Protestant fellow-subjects Worthy, marched in pursuit of them. liable to similar disabilities, and precluded On the following morning, certain intelli- from rising to certain situations, not from gence being obtained of their being near any suspicions of their possessing opinions the town of Nurra, Capt. S. determined and power dangerous to the state, nor to proceed in advance with the cavalry, from a belief of their want of sufficient and completely succeeded in surprising talent, integrity, and experience; but that the marauders, killing thirty of them, the patronage of the Crown, which is raand wounding a number more. Our loss ther cramped in these times of peace, may was, one havildar and two troopers wound- be bestowed on one of its own servants. ed; and one horse killed, and three wound. “ But I again repeat, I do not believe ed. The cavalry on this occasion marched it was ever the intention of the adıninissixty-two miles in less than twenty-four tration at home henceforth to exclude hours, without a man falling in the rear; Company's servants from the Indian go. but, on the contrary, the detachment, on veruments. Mr. Canning, certainly, on coming up with the Meyannas, was in a one occasion, gave a kind of pledge to high state of efficiency. The infantry that effect; but the measure of exclusion marched the same distance in thirty-six is so contrary to the liberality which dishours, leaving only two men behind, tinguishes his character, and, I may add, though a considerable part of the road was to the spirit of the present administration, through heavy sand. These are feats, in that when its injustice and baneful consethe way of marching, which, we believe, quences are taken into consideration, I am have seldom been outdone.-(Bom. Cour., convinced that, if proposed, it will not July 23.

receive the support of any party in the




The following remarks, signed "A Company's Serrant," appear in the Bombay Courier, addressed to the editor :

Asiatic Journ. Vol. XXI. No. 121.

On Monday last, the launch of the Amherst, an eighteen-gun sloop of war,



for the Company's service, took place at too highly of the assiduity with which the the dock-yard. She is reckoned as fine work has been carried on. The design is a specimen as has yet been seen of the purely Grecian, with the addition of an class of vessels to which she belongs.- elegant spire; and we believe we speak [ Bom. Cour., July 23.

the sentiments of the most skilful persons who have seen it, when we say, that, as a

work of art, this church does the greatest We have received letters from the south

credit to the taste and science of Capt. ern Mahratta country. The monsoon had

Tate, the engineer. Situated on the es. set in with some violence at Belgaum. planade, it comes in, from whatever point The cholera had been raging all over the

the view is taken, as an additional orna. country, and still continued, though in a

ment to a spot, which possesses great natudiminished degree. At Colapore twelve

ral advantages, and gives a character to hundred people were carried off by it in

the scene eminently adapted to the feel. the short period of four days, and its ra

ings and associations of Englishımen. We vages had not entirely ceased. The force

are extremely happy to understand that at present at Belgaum, which is described

there is every prospect of this work, under. as very effective, consists of the 4th Ma

taken by Government from such creditable dras light cavalry, a M. G. troop of na

motives, being completed at the expense tive horse artillery, a company of Goolan- originally estimated, and for a sum by no dauze, the 1st Bombay European regt.,

means calculated to discourage the sanc

tion of similar tokens of the honour which the 23d or Walajabad light infantry, and the 49th regt. Madras N.I. It is stated

an English Government is desirous of that the Rajah of Colapore was so sincere paying to religion.—(Bom. Cour., July 23. ly, rejoiced on hearing of our successes at Donabew, that he ordered a royal salute

REGULATIONS FOR THE PRESS. to be fired. -- [ Bom. Cour., June 18..

A Bombay Courier Extraordinary of The cholera has been raging for some June 9th contains a “ Rule, Ordinance, time past in most of the districts subject and Regulation, for preventing the Misto this presidency, and, in some instances, chief arising from the printing and pubin a very bad form. H.M.'s Queen's lishing Newspapers, and Periodical and Royals, and 6th regt., lately arrived, have other Books and Papers, by Persons un, both suffered from it; and within the last known.” It consists of twenty articles. few days it has made its appearance among The rule was passed by the Governor in the natives here; but, as yet, the casual. Council of Bombay, on the 20 March ties have been but few.-[Ibid., July 9. 1825, and registered in the Honourable

We understand that the rains set in at the Supreme Court of Judicature, under Mhow on the 28th June, on which day there date the Ilth March. was a very heavy fall, and that there had been subsequently a sufficient supply for the immediate wants of the country. The On the 3d Aug. a splendid entertainment cholera had also, we are glad to say, was given at Lowjee Castle by Hormuzjee greatly subsided, -[Ibid., July 16. Bomanjec to the mercantilecommunity and

all gentlemen in the shipping interest at

this settlement. A nuinber of gentlemen On Sunday last, the Bishop of Calcutta of the civil, military, and marine service consecrated the church at Tannab. His

were likewise present, together with many Lordship arrived at Mr. Baillie's house on

of the most respectable Parsee merchants ; Saturday evening, and in the morning the

and with the aid of good band of music, compliment of a salute from the fort was

some excellent speeches and appropriate paid him. At the usual hour for divine toasts, the whole entertainment passed off Service, the Bishop was met at the door with great éclat of the church by the principal inhabitants

On the same evening, the officers of of the place, who presented a petition for

H.M.'s 2d or Queen's Royal' regt. of foot the consecration. The petition having entertained the hon. the Governor and been read, his Lordship signified his as

suite,, with the principal officers of the sent, and congratulated the gentlemen statt, at the Mess- Room of the cantonment present on their possessing a building for

on Colabah.-(Bom. Chron. divine worship so singularly elegant and appropriate, The usual consecration ser

SHIPPING vice was then performed, and an excellent and very suitable sermon preached by the Archdeacon.

July 21. Lady East, Talbert, from New South

Wales. - Aug. 6. Asia, Pope, from ditto. -7. This church, now St. James's Church,

Ganges, Mitford, frum Liverpool. at Tannali, was founded on the 1st of

Departures. March 1824, by the Venerable Archdea

July 15. Windsor, Heaviside, for Madras and coir Barnes, and it is impossible to speak China.--26. Royal George, Ellerty, for London,




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