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20th Regt. Ens. H. J. Ximenses to be lieut., v. be lieut., v. Johnston removed. Ens. A. MackenSteward removed. Ens. W. J. Rind removed as zie to be lieut. in suc. to Charlton removed. sen. ens. to 3d extra regt.

49th Regt. Ens. R. F. Macvitie to be lieut. in 21st Regt. Brev. Capt. and Lieut. W. Simonds suc. to White removed. Ens. J. L. Murray reto be capt. of a comp., and Ens. T. H. G. Besant moved as 2d-ens. to lst extra regt. to be lieut., v. Graham removed.

50th Regt. Ens. K. Young to be lieut. in suc. tä 22d Regt. Capt. J. Duncan to be maj. for aug

Thomas removed. mentation, and removed. Brev. Capt. and Lieut. R. Chalmers to be capt. of

51st Regt. Brev. Capt. and Lieut. J. Price to be

comp., and Ens. N. S. Nesbitt to be lieut., v. Duncan prom. and re

capt. of a comp: for augmentation, and removed.

Ensigns C. Baseley and C. Cheape to be lieuts. in moved. Ens. G. Halhed to be lieut., v. Mostyn suc. to Price and Pollard removed. removed.

52d Regt. Ens. J. W. H. Jamieson to be lieut. in 23d Regt. Ens. H. Beecher to be lieut., v. Hall suc. to Menteath removed. removed.

53d Regt. Ens. J. Beresford to be lieut., v. Mer24th Regt. Ens. A. Tweedale to be lieut. for cer removed. augmentation, and removed.

54th Regt. Ens. H. Vetch to be lieut., v. Stewart 25th Regt. Ens. J. A. Wood to be lieut., v. Ken- removed. Ens. R. Hill removed as 1st-ens. to 2d nedy removed.

extra regt. 26th Regt. Ens. H. Johnson to be lieut., v. Ro- 55th Regt. Brev. Capt. and Lieut. J. H. Simbertson removed.

monds to be capt. of a comp., and Ens. E. Meade 27th Regt. Brev. Capt. and Lieut. A. Gerrard to

to be lieut., v. Home removed. Ens. J. Fulton to be capt. of a comp., and Ens. P. Hopkins to be

be lieut. in suc. to Stapleton removed. lieut., v. Murray removed.

56th Regt. Brev. Capt. and Lieut. 0. Phillips to 28th Regt. Capt. W. Hiatt_(dec.) to be maj.

be capt. of a comp., and Ens. R. Nelson to be Brev. Capt. and Lieut. John Thornton Lewis to

lieut., v. Young removed. Ens. F. E. Smith rebe capt. of a comp., and Ens. R. Smith to be

moved as 1st-ens. to Ist extra regt. lieut., v. Simpson prom. Brev. Capt. and Lieut. 57th Regt. Ens. L. Hone to be lieut. in suc. to T. W. Incell to be capt. of a comp., and Ens. W.

Marshall removed. Murray to be lieut., v. Armstrong removed. Ens.

58th Regt. Eris. J. C. Lumsdaine and H. Hunter E. T. Tierney to be lieut., v. May removed.

to be lieuts. in suc. to Williams and Cumberlege 29th Regt. Lieut. C. H. Marley to be capt. of a

removed. comp., and Ens. A. Park to be lieut., v. Foster 59th Regt. Ens. E. Kelly to be lieut. in suc. to removed.

Kinloch removed. 30th Regt. Brev. Capt. and Lieut. W. H. Whin- 60th Regt. Brev. Capt. and Lieut. J. Gouldawke field to be capt. of a comp., and Ens. A. Jackson to be capt. of a comp., and Ens. W. Riddell to be to be lieut., v. Crichton removed.

lieut., v. Norton removed. 32d Regt. Capt. J. W. Loder to be maj., Lieut. 61st Regt. Brev. Capt. and Lieut. B. Maltby to W. F. Steer to be capt. of a comp., and Ens. J. S. be capt. of a comp., and Ens. P. P. Turner to be Davies to be lieut., v. Starling prom. Lieut. J. lieut., v. Wotherspoon removed. Brev. Capt, Campbell removed to 4th extra regt.

and Lieut. J. R. Stock to be capt. of a comp. for 33d Regt. Ens. J. D. Nash to be lieut. in suc. to augmentation, and removed. Ens. H. C. Talbot Bolton removed.

to be lieut. in suc. to Stock prom. and removed. 34th Regt. Capt. M. C. Webber, to be maj., 62d Regt. Capt. E. B. Higgins to be maj., Brev. Lieut. P. W. Grant to be capt. of a comp., and

Capt. and Lieut. B. Ashe to be capt. of a comp... Ens. C. B. Leicester to be lieut., v. Waters prom.

and Ens. H. Beaty to be lieut., V. Roope prom. Ens. W. Alston removed as 2d-ens. to 3d ext. regt.

Ens. W. T. Johnson to be lieut. in suc. to Marshall 36th Regt. Capt. W. Gage to be maj., Brev.

removed. Capt. and Lieut. s. P. C. Humfrays to be capt. of 63d Regt. Brev.Capt. and Lieut. J. B. Smith to be a comp., and Ens. F. G. Nicolay to be lieut., v. capt. of a comp., and Ens. W. F. Grant to be lieut., LeFevre prom. Brev. Capt. and Lieut. G. Chap

v. Anderson removed. Ens. J. H. Blanshard to be man to be capt. of a comp. in suc. to Salmon re- lieut. in suc. to Wroughton removed. moved. Lieut. A. C. Scott removed to 2d ext. regt. 64th Regt.. Capt. I. Maling to be maj., Brev.

37th Regt. Brev. Capt. and Lieut. J. W. Pri- Capt. and Lieut. W. Jover to be capt. of a comp., deaux to be capt. of a comp., and Ens. G. E.

and Ens. F. Knyvett to be lieut., v. Kucke prom. Westmacott to be lieut., v. Buckley removed. Brev. Capt. and Lieut. F. Mackenzie to be capt. of Ens. A. Spottiswood to be lieut., v. Balderston re- a comp., and Ens. C. B. Kennett to be lieut., v. moved.

Davies removed. Ens. C. Prior to be lieut. in suc. 38th Regt. Brev. Capt. and Lieut. S. M. Hors

to Pollock removed. burgh to be capt. of a comp., and Ens. W. J. B. 65th Regt. Capt. F: Walker to be maj., Brev. Knyvett to be lieut., v. Aubert removed. Ens. T. Capt. and Lieut. G. J. B. Johnstone to be capt. of H. Scott to be lieut., v. Brown removed.

a comp., and Ens. D’A. Preston to be lieut., v. 39th Regt. Brev. Capt. and Lieut. J. J. Case

Delamain prom., Brev. Capt. and Lieut. W. Bament to be capt. of a comp., and Ens. W. E. Hay

con to be capt. of a comp., and Ens. G. Urquhart to be lieut., v. Cowslade removed. Ens. W. His

to be lieut., v. Lloyd removed. Ens. L. McD. lop to be lieut. in suc. to Garrett removed.

Kerr to be lieut. in suc. to Roebuck removed. 40th Regt. Capt. C. R. Skardon to be maj.,

66th Regt. Capt. W. Skene to be maj. for aug. Lieut. H. D. Coxe to be capt. of a comp., and

mentation, and removed. Brev. Capt. and Lieut. Ens. G. M. Pilgrim to be lieut., v. Murray prom.

J. Grant to be capt. of a comp., and Ens. W. SouEns. H. C. Wilson to be lieut., v. Cooper removed.

ter to be lieut., v. Skene prom. and removed. 41st Regt. Ens. H. Alpe to be lieut. in suc. to

Ens. J. S. Browne to be lieut. in suc. to R. D. Wintle removed.

White removed. 42d Regt. Ens. R. E. Blackburn (dec.) to be

67th Regt. Capt. T. Barron to be maj., Brev. lieut. in suc. to Stewart removed.

Capt. and Lieut. A. McMahon to be capt. of a

comp., and Ens. H. 0. Frederick to be lieut., v. 43d Regt. Ens. T. Dixon to be lieut. in suc. to Stoneham prom. Brev. Capt. and Lieut. R. S. Home removed.

Phillipps to be capt. of a comp., and Ens. J. W 44th Regt. Ens. J. M. Farnworth to be lieut. in Hicks to be lieut., v. Yates removed. Ens. M. suc. to Sinclair removed.

Huish removed as sen. to 6th extra regt. 45th Regt. Lieut. C. M. Wade to be capt. of a 68th Regt. Brev. Capt. and Lieut. J. Thompson comp., and Ens. H. T. Wheler to be lieut., v. to be capt. of a comp., and Ens. C. S. Maling to Stirling removed.

be lieut., v. Penny removed. 46th Regt. Brev. Capt. and Lieut. W. B. Girdle- 69th Regt. Ensigns G. C. Armstrong and C. stone to be capt. of a comp., and Ens. C. H. Boulton to be lieuts. in suc. to Cumberlege and Whitfield to be lieut., v. Brandon removed.

Sage removed. 48th Regt. Capt. J. Craigie to be maj., Brev.


and Lieut. w. Sage to be capt. of a comp., and Ens. G. Byron to be lieut.. v. Heathcote te

NATIVE INFANTRY. moved. Brev. Capt. and Lieut. J. Bedford to be 1st Ertra Regt. Major G. D. Heathcote, from capt. of a comp., and Ens. E. C. Macpherson to 48th regt.--Capts. G. Williamson, from 19th. D.


Crichton, from 30th. H. Norton, from Goth. J. be interp. and quart, mast., v. Troup rem. to 36th
Brandon, from 46th. N. Penny, from 68th.- regt.
Lieuts. J. M. Sim, from 15th. "J. P. Hickman,

1st L.I. Bat. Ens. R. Nelson, 36th N.I., to be from 4th. W. Brown, from 38th. R. Wrough- adj., v. Steele prom. ton, from 63d. R. R. White, from 66th. R. Garrett, from 39th. J. Pollard, from 51st. R. Steward,

Sappers and Miners. Lieut. J. Thomson to be from 42d. R. Macdonald, from 4th. W. S. Men

adj. teath, from 52d.--Ensigns F. E. Smith, from 56th. Pioneers. Capt. J. Wilkie, 8th N.I., to be comJ. Murray, from 49th (3 vacant).

mandant, v. Swinton. 2d Extra Regt. Major E. Simons, from 2d regt.

8th Local Horse. Loc. Lieut. J. M. Turnbull to -Capts. J. Aubert, from 38th. F. Buckled, from be adj., v. Comyn who resigns situation. 37th. G. Young, from 56th. J. Cowslade, from Assist.surg. Stenhouse, attached to 38th N.I., 39th. J. C. Wotherspoon, from 61st.–Lieuts. T. to repair to Lohargong and afford medical aid to Williams, from 58th. G. W. J. Hickman, from troops at that post during absence of Assist.surg. 2d. G. M. Home, from 43d. A. Mercer, from Smith. 53d. Hon. P. C. Sinclair, from 44th. J. K. McCausland, from 7th. A. C. Scott, from 36th.

June 29.—Assist.surg. J. Smith, at Chunar, to

do duty with 8th extra N.I. at Azimgurh.
E. J. Betts, from 18th. T. W. Bolton, from 38th.
W. L. Hall, from 23d.-Ens. R. Hill, from 54th.
J. Robertson, from 14th (3 vacant).

Fort-William, July 5.-Messrs. J. C. Hannying3a Extra Regt. Major W. Lloyd, from 11th regt. ton, R. Ramsay, C. Corfield, F. Streatfield, W. -Capts. J. Anderson, from 63d. P. Jeremie, from D. Nash, R. S. T. Cunnynghame, F. W. Bur5th. G. W. A. Lloyd, from 65th. J. Davies, roughs, A. H. Shepherd, and w. B. Holmes, 'adfrom 64th. R. Bayldon, from 3d.—Lieuts. J. s. mitted to inf., and prom. to ensign. Marshall, from 57th. E. Marshall, from 62d. R. McPollock, from 64th.

July 8.-16th Regt. N.I. Ens. J. M. McGregor to G. D. Roebuck, from

be lieut. from 1st July, v. Heaver transf. to inv. 65th. G. Kinloch, from 59th. E. Wintle, from estab. 41st. W. G. Cooper, from 40th. W. McGeorge, from 6th. B. Stewart, from 54th. W. E. Robert

34th Regt. Lieut.J.T.Croft to be capt. of a comp. son, from 26th.-Ensigns W. J. Rind, from 20th,

from 1st July, v. Bayley transf. to pension estab. W. Alston, from 34th (3 vacant).

Capt. Shuldham, 30th N.I., to be a dep. assist. 4th Extra Regt. Major H. D. Showers, from 8th

adj. gen. on estab., v. Frye app. to com. of 12th regt.-Capts. W.B. Salmon, from 36th. E.T. Brad

extra regt. by, from 7th. J. Graham, from 21st. R. Forster, Brev. Capt. W. Ramsey, 41st N.I., to be fort from 29th. J.Manson, from 9th.--Lieuts. N.Stew

adj. of Dehli, v. Anderson app. a brig, maj. on art, from 20th. A. Wright, from 12th. J.F. May,

estab. from 28th. A.D.Gordon, from 12th. R. W. Beatson, Maj. F. Walker, 65th N.I., to command 12th from 13th., J. C. Sage, from 69th. D. Balderston, or Rampoorah local bat., v. Hamilton prom. from 37th. J. Campbell, from 32d. C. H. Boisragon, from 16th. A. Tweedale, from 24th.--En

Assist.surg. R. Shaw to perform med. duties of

civil station of Shahabad, v. Simms. signs H. Foquett, from 11th (4 vacant). 5th Extra Regt. Major W. Skene, from 67th

Assist.surg. W. W. Hewett to be 2d assist. gar.

surg. of Fort William, v. Shaw. regt.-Capts. W. A. Yates, from 67th. P. Home, from 55th. R. Armstrong, from 28th. H. R.

Ens. W. H. Campbell doing duty with 28th N.I., Murray, from 27th. J. Price, from 5lst.-Lieuts.

permitted to resign service of Hon. Comp. H. Carter, from 10th. J. Oliver, from 2d. H. Capt. D. McLeod, corps of engineers, to be Patch, from 11th. J. S. Mostyn, from 22d. Hon. superintend. of Nizamut buildings at MoorshedaW. Stapleton, from 55th. E. A. Cumberlege,

bad, v. Buxton dec. from 58th. R. McNair, from 15th. F. Thomas, Corps of Engineers. Lieut. J. F. Paton to be from 50th. G. D. Harvey, from 2d E. R. R.

capt., v. Smyth retired. M. Hunter, from 10th R. regt.--Ensigns Geo. Miller, from 1st E. R. (4 vacant).

6th Extra Regt. Major J. Duncan, from 22d Head-Quarters, July 2.-Removals and postings regt.--Capts. c. c. Smith, from 1st E. R.. W. in Artillery. Capt. H. J. Wood from 2d comp. Ist Stirling, from 45th regt. C. A. Munro,

from 13th. bat. to 1st troop of 3d horse brigade, v. Roberts. J. Johnston, from 48th. J. R. Stock, from 61st. Capt. C. H. Campbell from both comp. (6th or) --Lieuts. A. Farquharson, from 6th. James Bun Golundaz bat. to 2d comp. Ist bat., v. Wond. Istyon, from Ist.

H. Mackenzie, from 17th. A. Lieut. T. B. Bingley, from 4th troop 3d horse briSpens, from 5th. J. White, from 49th. N. J. gade to Ist troop 2d horse brigade. 2d-Lieut. H, Cumberlege, from 69th. A. Charlton, from 48th. De Waal Cockburn (lately arrived) to 1st comp. H. N. Worsley, from 14th. W. D. Kennedy, from

5th bat. 25th. G. W. A. Nares, from 19th.--Ensigns M. Lieut. Bradford to act as adj. to Ist L.C. during Huish, from 67th (4 vacant).

absence of Lieutand Adj. Thornton, proceeding (For formation of 7th, 8th, 9th, 10th, 11th, and on duty to Cawnpore. 12th Extra Regiments, see our last number, p. 700). 7th Regt. L.C. Lieut. F. Angelo to be adj., v.

N.B. By augmentation of two regts. of L.C. and Hunter removed to Ist extra regt. six of N.I. to estab., the following officers become Assist.surg. B. Bell appointed to med. charge of entitled to benefits of off-reckoning Fund :

62d regt. Cavalry. Lieut. Cols. Com. J. Nuthall and M. 2d-Lieut. Boileau, of eng., appointed to corps Fitzgerald.

of sappers and miners at Cawnpore. Infantry. Lieut. Cols. Com. P. Littlejohn, J. July 4.-Capt. Hemming, H.M. 44th regt. to Shapland, w. Casement, M. White, W. Croxton, be dep. judge adv. gen. to eastern div. of arty; and J. R. Lumley.

date Ilth March.

July 5.-Assist.surg. Toke posted to 11th extra Lieut. J. Heaver, 16th N.I., transf. to invalid

regt. at Ghazeepore. estab., and Capt. W. Bayley, 34th ditto, to pen;

Assist.surg. Stenhouse posted to 4th extra regt. sion estab.

July 6.-Capt. G. B. Bell, 68th N.I., to act as

maj. of brigade to station of Barrackpore, as a Head-Quarters, June 28.-Brev. Capt. and Lieut. temp. arrangement. Jones to be adj. to left wing of 5th regt., in room of Lieut. Spens, app. adj. to 7th extra N.I. 34th Regt. N.I. Lieut. J. T. Croft. to be adj., v.

FURLOUGHS. Cowley rem, to 35th regt. Lieut. R. Angelo to be

To Europe. Jure 3. Capt. C. C. Chesney, artil., interp. and quart, mast., v. Marshall rem. to ditto.

for health.-13. Capt. Eyre, royal regt, for health. 35th Regt. Lieut. C. W. Cowley to be adj., v. -17. Quart. Mast. Coates, 54th foot, for health. Croft rem. to 34th regt.

July 1. Ens. R. K. Meares, doing duty with 2d 36th Regt. Lieut. J. R. Troup to be adj., v. Europ. regt, for health.-July 8. Lieut. R. P. Barstow rem. to 37th regt.

Fulcher, 67th N.I., for health. 37th Regt. Lieut. J. A. Barstow to be adj., vi To China.- June 17. Ist-Lieut. A. Campbell, Lloyd rem. to 36th regt. Lieut. C. R. Bellew to artil., for twelve months, for health.--24. Lieut.


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J. Whiteford, 65thN.I., for eight months, for had almost forgot, was maintained, in ap-
health (via Singapore).
To Penang:-July 8. Capt. H. Davidson, 30th

pearance and manner, respectably.
N.I., for twelve months, for health (also to visit To the foregoing piece succeeded the
Malacca and Singapore).

ballet, in which was introduced the dance

in wooden shoes, which went off with FROM HIS MAJESTY'S FORCES. general eclat, as did the fancy dance. To Europe.--May 30, Lieut. Stewart, 47th foot, 4. The Spanish Wedding” went off with on private affairs.--June 6. Lieut. Berham, 45th its usual success. foot, for health.--24. Assist.surg. Campbell, 11th It. drags., for health.-Capt. Heatley, 47th foot,

We are glad to find that the managers for health.-July 4. Ens. Furlong, 20th foot, for have attended to the hint thrown out on a health.-7. Capt. Anderson, 45th foot, forẢealth.

former occasion, and have introduced a To Ceylon.--May 30. Capt. Hilton, 45th regt., for two months, on private affairs.

punkah, which was a great desideratum ;

if it be practicable, and another can be MISCELLANEOUS.

hung, it would, we think, contribute the

more to the comfort of the audience. GAIETIES.

[Hurk., May 17. Boilaconnah Performance. The theatre at Boitaconnah afforded a great treat on Chowringhee Theatre. The frequent sucFriday evening last, in Cumberland's Co- cessful representation in England of the medy of “ The Jew," and the ballet of comedy of “ Pride shall have a Fall,” - The Spanish Wedding.” In the represen.. attached a good deal of interest to it among tative of the Jew we had an amateur who our play-goers here, and, it is possible, has frequently strutted his hour upon the attracted a much larger audience to the stage; this character seems to be his pe- theatre on Friday night than any other culiar' forte, and we question if his per- comedy would have done. But, unfortuformance of Sheva can be excelled, even nately, the heat of the weather, or some by the great talent of our Indian Drury. other cause, threw a damp upon the amaThe accent, the dialect, and appearance, teurs and the audience; the latter conseaccorded so much with the character of an quently were, in a great measure, disapIsraelite, that it appeared doubtful to the pointed, of which disappointment, the great mind that the person was any other than cause, no doubt, was the heat of the weather. a rich money-searching son of Judah. Count Ventoso, half noble and half merThough the thirst for lucre was the ruling chant, fretful, old, bustling, and complain. principle of his mind, he had the consola- ing, was in the hands of an amateur well Lion, in the evening of his days, to reflect, known under the appellation of the “ Fathat he had hoarded up, for the son of his ther of the Calcutta stage,” and he was protector and friend, Don Carlos. There irresistibly comic, forming a strong contrast is something so peculiarly characteristic, in to the general dulness of the play. In the the Jew which Cumberland has drawn, of scene, particularly where he attempts, urged the national traits, and yet of the honesty on by his wife, to address the supposed and uprightness of the land in which he

prince, he kept the house in a roar, and lived, that cannot but admire it

many of his jokes and puns were given in throughout. The representative was suc- that dry humour which cannot fail to cessful in every scene, and drew forth re

please. Lorenzo 'was by the amateur who iterated bursts of applause from the au- performed Brutus, Octavian, &c. and was dience. Sir Stephen Bertram, though much done in his usual excellent style. The out of the line of the amateur who pre- Colonel Pistrucci was pretty good. Major sented it, was supported in a creditable O'Shannon bad but litile to do, and Cornet mamer. Frederic seems improving; his Carmine rather overacted his part. Few last night's performance was pre tolera- characters have been performed better than ble, considering the nature of the cha. that of Torrento, the radical orator of the racter. Charles Radcliffe appeared not in gaol, and afterwards the impostor prince. godd spirits; but in saying this we do not His matchless impudence, his unabashed mean to attach censure to his representa- effrontery when detected and exposed, were tion, Saunders’ droll figure excited much depicted with much skill, and reflect much mirth ; and, with regard to Jabal, we think credit upon the judgment of the amateur, he monopolizes all the applause of the who in no case“ o’erstepped the modesty audience the moment he enters.

of nature.” The Gaoler was very well perthe female part of the performers, Mrs. formed, and the subordinate characters did Radcliffe, was pretty respectable; every as usual, except Lazaro ; the part of the thing considered, Eliza Radcliffe did jus. Countess, a line of character new to the țice to the character, only now and then performer, was one in which she acquitted we thought her rather cool for the young herself very well. · Victoria was what she and winning lover. Mrs. Goodison looked always is; and the remaining female per: rather too young for the personification of former, on this occasion, was not only an old widow, and rather too sprightly; remarkable for her good-natured smiles, but, now-a-days, one would rather


but also for the excellent manner in which pear young than old. Dorcas, whom we she acted. Though last, the serenaders ought


As to





not to be forgotten. Great credit was due to them as to the other amateurs, whose Among the new institutions rising around exertion, it is to be hoped, will not have us is a Literary Society among the class of again to contend against the effects of such Indo-Britons: its existence, however, has a warm night as that of Friday last, which only been announced to the world by some could not fail to have a paralyzing effect of its members complaining, through the both on them and their audience.[Cal. press, that a resolution had passed, forbidJohn Bull, May 30.

ding the proceedings at its establishment

from being published. We are not a little CIVIL SERVICE ANNUITY TUND.

surprised, we confess, at this resolution ; We have much satisfaction in stating, as, of all subjects, the institution of a Liupon unquestionable authority, that of 361

terary Society seems a most legitimate civil servants in the country, 311 have object of publicity; and it is certainly desired to subscribe to the Civil Service unfortunate, for the fair fame of the liteAnnuity Fund. Only eight have declined rary association, that its labours should to contribute, and the answers of forty-two

commence in controversial discussion on (of whom eighteen are at the Cape) have not

such a point. But while we regret this been received. Our readers will bear in

circumstance, we are not among the nummind, that the Civil Service Annuity Fund

ber of those disposed to ridicule the atwas to be established, provided two-thirds tempt of this class of British subjects to of the service consented to contribute to

attain among each other the means of it. That the terms prescribed have been

enlarging their knowledge of literary and agreed to by so large a proportion of the

scientific subjects. We see this attempt service, affords incontestable proof that the

with pleasure; and are willing to hope, liberality of the hon, the Court of Direc

that although the first step appears to have tors on the occasion is properly appreciated.

been at variance with that liberality and -(Ind. Gaz., July 11.

openness which ought to distinguish all literary undertakings, the further progress of the “ Oriental Literary Society will

be creditable to its projectors, and calculated The fourth report of the female depart- to promote the important objects which it ment of the Bengal Christian School So- has, no doubt, in view.-[Cal. John Bull, ciety exhibits a very gratifying picture of May 30. the proceedings of this truly benevolent

[This Society has been adverted to in a institution. The increase of schools from

tone of ridicule in the India Gaxette, six to twenty, and of scholars from one

which has led to some discussion, of rather hundred and fifty to between three and four hundred, is the best proof of the

an angry nature, in the Calcutta prints.] success of its exertions, and the best claim

A BHEESTEE'S PETITION. it can urge to a continuance of public The Humble Petition of Saddoo, Dirwan, support and patronage, of which we cannot doubt that it will receive a liberal

your humble Servant and Bheestee. share, while the labours of Christian phi- did work, with bag upon shoulder, for to

Humbly Sheweth,—That your petitioner lanthropy are respected amongst us.(Cal. John Bull, July 5.

bring water for your worthy worship at your house, for washing every thing, and putting water in gamlah and all jars ;

and your worship's Sircar not paying to We understand that a gentleman, a pas- your servant and humble petitioner his senger in the ship Lady Campbell, has wages for one month and for eighteen days, brought with him a pair of young lions which your worship will please to order from the Cape of Good Hope. They are the Sircar to discharge poor petitioner's 80 tame as to admit the familiarities of salt for the amount due to him for the strangers without evincing the least sign above period, and your petitioner, as in of ferocity. They are intended, we be- duty bound, will ever pray for your health, lieve, to be presented to the Governor. long life, and prosperity for ever.—[Ben. General, and will, no doubt, eventually be Hurk. placed in the menagerie at Barrackpore, where they will, we presume, be visible to those who wish to see them. These ani

Surdar Yaar Mahomed Khan is at Camals are of the twenty-fifth litter of the bool, who, having placed Hubeeboolla pair possessed by Mr. Valette, of the Cape ; Khan under arrest, has taken measures for a circumstance which would appear to be

the permanency of his own authority, against the correctness of the belief in

Shah Mahomood has invested himself culcated by some naturalists, of the infe.

with the dress of a Durvesh, and lives in cundity of some of the feline race.

e.-(Ind. retirement from the world at Herat. Kam. Gaz., July 11.

ran is in possession of Herat, and is said * See vol. xx. p. 350.

to have intimated to the Afghan Chief that Asiatic Journ. Vol. XXI. No. 121.




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he had no view beyond that territory, with every way during the two past months, which he was well satisfied.- Dehli Ukh- and during that time had also been exposed bar, June 27.

to several very severe gales, which tore

up large trees, and levelled many a dwellTHE SHAKSPÉAXIÁN PONT ROULANT ing, yet not the least impression was made

on the rope bridge, even in its exposed Whatever doubts may havé èxisted as to situation, although of 250 feet span, and the stability of this experimental bridge, the framing altogether superficial. In they must yield to the test this extraor

England the scheme of this experimental dinary fabric was put to on Tuesday military structure is yet unknown; but night, during the great severity and long

we have heard that the original Shakspearduration of the North-iester, which has ian, of which a model was sent home, has otherwise done much mischief to every already, at Chathain and Woolwich, been thing within its reach, and even less ex

considered of great importance as applicaposed to its fury than the rope bridge,

ble to the military art. The curious footstanding, as it does; quite unprotected in bridge, constructed entirely of cane, or the middle of the race-course ; and, what is ground rattan, of 100 feet span by five still more surprising, as we have before

and a half, is still standing at Allipore.-stated, is, that all the frame-work is super

[Ibid. June 9. ficial, no part entering the ground, with the exception of half a dozen guy pins át THE SHAKSPEARIAN RUSTIC IN THE LOWER the greatest extremity of either end; that RANGE OF THE HIMALAYA MOUNTAINS. is, forming a radius of two hundred and We learn from a correspondent in these fifty feet cach way, from the centre of the distant regions, that Capt. C. P. Kenbridge, or covering a total span of five nedy, assistant political agent, stationed hundred feet :* the main guys being only at Subathoo, completed in March last the of four inches circumference, the others first of these useful structures, so situthree and a half, similar to the strands of ated, which, in the opinion of a committee the road-way, which stands perfectly liori. of officers purposely assembled, has been zoutal, rather indeed rising in the centre. officially pronounced as admirably adapted

After the storm, numbers went to gratify for mountain torrents, and as, therefore, their curiosity, but none could discover promising to be of great general benefit to that the slightest-alteration or movement the country at large. had taken place in any part of the machi- The situation of the one in question is nery. Can there be a stronger proof of not very distant from Subathoo, and is the jusiness of the principles acted upon ? placed in a most picturesque situation over though these are opposed by some as con- the river Gumber, running between lofty trary to the received maxims of theory. mountains, hitherto impassable for more

It is pleasant to see that the bridge is than six months in the year. all the lounge, daily gaining on the corifi- The dimensions are about 120 feet span dence of the public mind, and that many by six feet broad. The timber used is now sport their steeds across who hitherto cedar and oak; the rope is of a fibre called thought it dangerous so to do, considering moongée. These, and good iron, are althat it is only four feet wide, that the most every-where procurable at a cheap freight from the water (which is about rate, and are admirably adapted to the seventeen feet, and visible through the purpose. bamboo road.way) might alarm their The superintendant-general had sent horses. But it is remarkable with how up by land a large-sized model, and some inuch unconcerý and steady sagacity the full-sized pattern-pieces, which, together generality of horses pass over.- - [Gov. Gaz.

with the plans and drawings, gave every April 21.

facility to the execution of the work By one of those expert manæuvres that completed, it is said, at a very trilling have ceased to excite our surprise, this expense, yet in the most satisfactory mannovel portable structure, seen in full play ner, to the great admiration of the chiefs at the close of Friday evening, was in the of the protected states and of the inhabicourse of that night, notwithstanding the tants, who hail it as a boon bestowed occurrence of a squall and a heavy fall of by the English Government; and which, rain, taken down, and removed from its from its beautiful simplicity and economy, position over the basin, on the race-ground, will disseminate itself in all directions, to where it had been viewed, and tried in the great convenience and safety of the * The guys of the Caramnasa Bridge cover 640

people, and the promotion of commerce, feet: the road-way is 320 feet, by 8; wide, the

even to the frontier of China.—[Cal. Gov. rope-work somewhat stronger.

Gaz., May 5. The span of the Bar Bridge over the Tweed, between the extreme points of suspension, is 470 feet--the road-way 367. Now, if the angles were equal, and the action perpendicular, the span

“ I have just witnessed one of those ivould be 734 feet.

terrific scenes so frequent in, and so pecu

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