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prom. in 6th F. (2 Mar.); Qu. Mast. Serj. W. Mew London to Bengal, 20th Dec.-Duke of Bedford, to be qu. mast., V. Johnstone dec. (16 Feb.)

Tween, London to Madras and Bengal, 16th March, 87th Foot. Ens. P. Ramsay to be lieut., by

lat. 40., long. 15.-Thames, Haviside, London to purch., v. Harley app. to 32d F. (8 Apr.)

Bengal and China, 12th Feb., lat. 6. N., long19. 89th Foot. Ens. R. Lewis, from 45th F., to be

Marquess of Hastings, Ostler, London to N. S. lieut, by purch., v. Macdonald app. to 80th F. (2

Wales and China, 28th Nov., lat. 39. So, long. 24. Mar.); Ens. J. M. Russell, from 12th F., to be

E.-Darius, Bowen, London to Bombay, 4th Feb., lieut., v. Mackie app. to 3d F. (27 Mar.)

lat. 3. N., long. 22. W. 97th Foot. Lieut. V. H. Mairis, from h.p. 6th Dr. Gu., to be lieut. (16 Mar.); and Ens. W. T. Stan

PASSENGERS FROM INDIA. nus to be lieut., v. Macdonald prom. (8 Apr.) ; E. Barton to be ens. by purch., v. Stannus (8 Apr.)

Per General Kyd, from China: S. Paxton, Ceylon Regt. Lieut. T. Nowlan, from 66th F.,

Esq., Bengal C.S.; Mrs. Paxton; Miss A. Paxton,

Miss M. S. Paxton; Miss E. G. Wyatt ; Master to be Ist-lieut. (16 Feb.); Lieut. H. Nason, from h.p., 8th W. I. Regt., to be Ist-lieut. (2 Mar.); A.

H.Wyatt; Master C. Pritchard, from St. Helena. Irvine to be 2d-lieut., v. T. Mylius prom. (9 Apr.)

Per Carn Brea Castle, from Bengal : Mrs. Col.

Morrison; Mrs. Russell; Mrs. Maj. Brook; Mrs. Brevet. The undermentioned cadets of Hon. E.I.

Torrian; Mrs. Pickett; Miss Morrison; Major Company's service to have rank of 2d-lieut. during

Brook; Rev. J. Torrian; G. C. Master, Esq., period of their being placed under command of Lieut. Col. Pasley, of engineers at Chatham, for

Bengal C. S.; J. Stainforth, ditto; J. Anderson, field instruction :-H. B. Turner, T. T. Pears, A.

Esq., A. Anderson, Esq., and R. Evans, Esq.,

merchants; Misses Emma and Jane Russell, Sarah de Butts, E. Buckle, A. Douglas, E. Lawford, s.

and Emma Brook, and Lydia Torrian; Masters Best, R. Henderson, G. B. Tremenheere, F. Pelly, F.C.Cotton, W. H. Graham, G. Patrickson,

J. Campbell, I. Campbell, W. Russell, E. SimpW. S. Smyth, T. M. B Turner (all 8 Mar.)

son, and - Doyle; six European and five native

servants. Alloured to dispose of their half-pay. Lieut. Col.

Per Kellie Castle, from China: Mr. W. Burrows. J. Castle, 6th F.;-Capts. P. Denniss, 41st F.; G. Chambers, 40th F.; H. J. Henley, 14th F.; J.

Per Inglis, from China: W. Baynes, Esq., Mrs. Gardiner, 3d F. ; S. Zobelle, 38th F.-Lieuts. s. Baynes, and two Masters Baynes, from China ; D. Grinsell, 38th F.; J. Kendall, 48th F.; E. T.

Capt. Blast, Bombay Marine; Master Brown; Gregory, 38th F.; J. Bond, 31st F.;-Ens. F. F. Raymond Martinez, a Spanish priest; two ser

vants. Vane, ósd F; A. J. L. Cavie, 14th F. (all 8 Apr.)

Per Larkins, from Bengal: Capt. Swayne, H. INDIA SHIPPING,

M.'s 44th foot; Mrs. and Miss Swayne; Mrs. and

Miss Hawtrey; Messrs. Knyvitt, O'Hanlon, Carter, Arrivals.

and Dyke; Dr. Hamilton, 13th L. Drags.; 48 inMarch 30. Kellie Castle, Adams, from China;

valids.-Col. Hawtrey was landed at St. Helena. General Kyd, Nairne, from China; and Corsair, Per Coromandel, from Bengal: Mrs. and Mrs. Petrie, from Singapore; all at Deal.- April 3. Lord

Ashburner; B.Colvin, Esq.; Capt. Leckies; Lieut. Suffield, Brown, from Bengal 10th Oct.; at Deal. and Miss Taylor; Capt. Everest; Lieuts. Rox-4. Repulse, Paterson, from China ; Bridgewater,

burgh and Anstruther; Ens. Elliott; Mr. C. Paris; Manderson, from China; and Atlas, Hunt, from 3 children of Mrs. Sherlock's (Lieut. Col. Vaughan, Madras and Ceylon; all at Gravesend.-6. Larkins,

and Mr. Mainwaring were left at the Cape).- From Wilkinson, from Bengal; at Gravesend.-8. Inglis, the Cape: Rev. J. Philp, missionary: Mrs. Philp Serle, from China; at Gravesend.-9. Dorothy,

and 3 children; two Masters Reed; 4 European Garnock, from Bombay 20th Nov. ; at Liverpool. servants, and one native servant.-(Mrs. Barlow -10. Waterloo, Alsager, from China; Hereford

died at sea on the 16th Dec., and Mrs. Sherlock on shire, Hope, from China ; Coromandel, Boyes,

the 8th March.) from Bengal 18th Nov.; and James Sibbald Forbes, Per. Waterloo, from China: H. Meriton, Esq., from Bombay 26th Nov.; all at Deal.--10. Vittoria, superintendent of marine, Bombay; Capt. R. P. Southam, from Singapore 22d Nov. ; at Graves- Fulcher, Bengal N.I. ; Mrs. Fulcher and child; end.-10. Mary, Jefferson, from Bengal 19th Nov. ; Miss Turner; Mr. F. Gach ; Mr. E. Mainwaring, at Liverpool.-10. Hannah, Shepherd, from Bom- from St. Helena; 10 invalid soldiers from ditto; 4 bay 19th Dec. ; also Britannia, Bouchier, from servants, European and native. Bombay; both at Portsmouth.-10. Lady Flora,

Per Hannah, from Bombay: Mrs. Clow and 3 Earl, from Bengal 9th Dec.; also Simpson, Simp- children ; Captains Foy and Watson; Lieuts. Tay. son, from Bombay; off Portsmouth.-11. City of

lor and Thomas; Dr. Preston; one invalid, and Edinburgh, M.Kellar, from N. S. Wales and Ba

two servants.--(Capt. Patterson, country service, tavia; off Margate.--11. Phoenix, Dixon, from N.

was left at St. Helena). S. Wales; at Deal.-12. Carn Brea Castle, Davey, from Bengal Ist June; also Sir Charles Forbes,

Per Ceres, from Bombay: Masters Albert, GeFoulerton. from Bengal; at Deal.-16. Rosella,

rald, and Charles Harvey; and three children. Evans, from Sumatra ; at Gravesend.-22. John Per Herefordshire, from China: Master T. H. Biggar, Blair, from Bombay 5th Dec.; at Liver- Brocksley, from Madras. pool.-23. Cambridge, Barber, from Bombay 4th Per Britannia, from Bombay: Dr. Phillips, preDec.; also Ceres, Warren, from Bombay 12th sident of the Medical Board ; Mrs. Phillips and Dec.; both at Deal.--23. Minerva, Probyn, from three children ; Dr. French, 49th regt.; Lieut. Bengal 4th Jan. ; off Portsmouth.-24. Farquhar- Patience, H.M.'s 20th regt. ; Lieut. Wilson, Bomson, Cruickshank, from China 6th Jan. ; at Deal. bay marine; Master Davies. From the Cape : Mr.


Per Dorothy, from Bombay: Mrs. Bird and two
March 23. Nautilus, Haskett, for China; from children; Mr. Stoquileur.
Deal.- April 3. Atalanta, Johnson, for Bombay Per James Sibbald, from Bombay: Mrs. Cowper
from Deal.—4. Dunira, Hamilton, for Bengal and

and four children; Mrs. Mainwaring and two child China; from Cove of Cork.--8. Earl St. Vincent,

dren ; Mrs. Waring; Rev. Archdeacon Barnes; Middleton, for N. S. Wales; from Deal.-9. Hed

Capt. Waring, Queen's Royals; M. Alexander, Esq., leys, Crockley, for Singapore and Manilla; from

surgeon ditto; two European female servants. Portsmouth.-16. Adrian, Brown, for N. S. Wales; from Deal.-17. Chapman, Milbank, for N. S.

Per Lady Flora, from Bengal: Mrs. M. SutherWales; from Deal.--19. Providence, Ardlie, for

land; Mrs. J. W. Sutherland; Capt. J. Cragie, N. Bengal; from Deal. - 19. Palmira, Lamb, and

I. ; Mrs. Waterman; Master T. Waterman; Lieuts, Hooghley, Reeves, for Ceylon (with part of H.

Archer and Rowe, R.N.; Mrs. Maj. Jackson ; Mrs. M.'s 78th regt.); both from Cork.-20. Melpomene,

Commodore Hayes; Mrs. Maisch; Mrs. Greig and

three children; Mrs. M. A. Hungerford; three Johnson, for Ceylon (with troops); from Cork. 21. Tranmere, Wales, for V. D. Land; from Deal.

Masters Woolen; Master Hessing.

Per Simpson, from Bombay: Maj. Elphinstone,

Comp.'s service; Capt. Otway and Lieut. Taylor, SHIPS SPOKEN WITH.

H.M.'s 46th regt. ; Mrs. Jackson and six children: Columbus, London to Bengal, 13th Dec., near

Miss Paucutt; Master E. Colebrooke; one Europ. the Cape of Good Hope.-Royal Charlotte, Dud.

male servant. man, London to Ceylon, 7th Feb., on the Equa- Per Charles Forbes, from Bengal: Lieut. Watt, tor, in 20. W.-Berwickshire, Shepherd, London to Bengal army; Mr. Rowlandson, Madras army: China, 17th Feb., lat. 1. N., long. 20.--Clyde, Mr. Harrison. Asiatic Journ. Vol. XXI. No. 125.

4 U


Per Rosella : Capt. J. Ralph, late of the Mul- March 20. Mr. G. W. Kippen, son of the late grave Castle, from the Cape; Mr. Casper.

Capt. G. Kippen, hon. E. I. Company's service. Per Phoenir, from N. S. Wales : Mr. and Mrs. 23. W. Prowse, Esq., a rear-admiral in the Duncan, and two children; Mr. Fergusson; Dr.

royal navy, in his 74th year. Davis ; Mr. Weller; Mr. M.Donald; Mr. Brown;

April 1. Lieut. J. N. Gregg, H.M.'s 30th foot, Mr. Norborough ; Dr. Goodsir; Capt. Casque,

aged 28. from Bahia.

3. In Argyll Place, G. Stackhouse, only surPer Farquharson, from China : A. H. De C.

viving son of the late H. Tolfrey, Esq., of Cal

cutta. Lawson, Esq., late chief officer of the Royal

At Stirling, William, son of the late Capt. E. George; Mrs. Lawson ; Mr. W. Lane; Mrs. Lane, and Master T. Lane.-From Bombay: Mr.

Graham, Bengal artillery, aged 14. G. G. Jarman; Lieut. Liddel.-From Singapore:

7. At Tours, J. M. Farewell, Esq., aged 29. He Mrs. M. Quiros; Master P. H. Quiros; Master

was on the regular house establishment of the hon. Claude Quiros; R. Aspinall, Esq.—Compte de

E. I. Company, and a captain in the 1st Somerset

Militia. Bocarme, from Anjeer ; four servants.

16. At Camberwell, Mr. W. Ferron, late of the Per Cambridge, from Bombay: Mrs. G. L. Pen

hon. E. I. Company's service. dergast; Mrs. H. Blair; Mrs. w. Nepean; Mr.

18. In Chapel Street, Grosvenor Square, Eliza. Jervis ; Mrs. Fields; Mrs. Johnson ; Miss Baker ;

beth Welch, daughter of Capt. Sanderson, Bengal G. L. Pendergast, Bombay civil service; Lieut.

Cavalry, aged 8 months. Col. Corseillis, Bombay army; Capt. G. H. Gibb,

19. At the Hague, S. O. Wood, Esq., aged 23, Madras army; Lieut. c. Thuillier, Bombay army;

eldest son of Col. S. Wood, C.B,, of Rawdon Lieut. W. Wade, ditto; J. Johnson, Esqı, mer- House, Hoddesdon, Herts. chant; six children; three invalids; seven ser

Lately. At Halle, Professor Vater, the celebrated vants.-(P. Stewart, Esq., of Bombay, and Lieut.

Orientalist. E. Armstrong, Madras army, were landed at the

- At Tarsus, in Syria, whilst on his travels, Cape.-Lieut. W. H. Sparrow died at sea on 25th Mr. W. N. Blane, in his 26th year. Dec.).

Per Minerva, from Bengal: Lady M.Mahon ; Mrs. Fendall; Mrs. Martin; Mrs. Nepean; Mrs. Bird; Mrs. Col. Francklin; Miss D. Ridges;

GOODS DECLARED FOR SALE Miss Budd; Maj. Gen. Sir T. M.Mahon, bart. ; James Money, Esq., civil service ; G. R. Martin,

AT THE EAST-INDIA HOUSE. Esq., ditto ; Lieut. Col. W. Francklin, H.C.'s service; Capt. Whittle, H.M.'s 59th regt.; Lieut. Lellie, H.M.'s 31st regt. ; W. D. Wilkinson, Esq.,

For Sale 9 May- Prompt 4 August. merchant; twelve children; eight European ser- Company's.-Cinnamon-Saltpetre. vants; six native do. ; 73 charter-party passengers. Licensed. - Cinnamon - Cloves - Mace-Nut

megs-Ginger-Pepper-Saltpetre-Sago - Cassia

Lignea—Cassia Buds—Arrow Root-Nutmeg Soap PASSENGERS TO INDIA.

---Cinnamon Oil-Clove Oil-Cassia Oil. Per Providence, for Madras and Bengal: Lieut. Col. Podmore, 44th regt. Madras N.I.; Capt. Fen

For Sale 11 May- Prompt 4 August. ning, 5th regt. Madras Cav.; Capt. Hebgame, 29th

Licensed.-Ore of Antimony-China Camphorregt. Madras N.I.; Lieut. Hawes, 2d Madras Europ.

Lac Dye-Shellac-Gall Nuts-Gum Arabic-Gum regt.; Lieut. Lennox, 43d Bengal N.I.; D. B. Wardlaw, Esq., surg. Bengal estab. ; Mr. C. Yates;

Senega-Bees’-Wax-Terra Japonica-Munjeet

Senna-Safflower. two Misses Yates; Mrs. Lennox and infant son; Mrs. Fenning; Mrs. Blink insop; two Misses

For Sale 16 May-Prompt 4 August. Thompson; two Misses Cave; Messrs. Wilkinson and Studdart, free merchants, Bengal estab. ;

Licensed and Private-Trade. --Tortoiseshell Messrs. Colley, Burt, Cave, and w. Cave, Europ.

Elephant's Teeth-Ivory—Seed Coral—Lacquered residents; Messrs. Blinkinsop, Pinnock, Wollas

Ware-Buffalo Horns_ Mangoes-Wood unrated ton, Gray, Kinlock, Reddie, Lyons, Steele, Gar

-Red Wood-Sandal Wood Sapan Wood. rett, Hunter, Dunmore, Humphries, Mainwaring,

For Sale 17 May-Prompt 18 August. Long, and Farran, cadets.

Company's.-Cape Madeira-Pontac.


For Sale 24 May- Prompt 25 August.

April3. In Cleveland Row, the lady of Capt. For Sale 6 JunePrompt 1 September.
Marryatt, R.N., of a son.
5. At Aberdeen, the lady of Capt. J. Shepherd,

Tea.-Bohea, 750,000 tb ; Congou, Campoi, Pes hon. E. I. Company's service, of a son.

koe, and Souchong, 5,450,000 to ; Twankay and 22. At Great Bookham, Surrey, the lady of the

Hyson Skin, 1,100,000 1b; Hyson, 200,000 tb. Rev. W. Heberden, of a daughter.

Total, including Private-Trade, 7,500,000 tb.

For Sale 14 June-Prompt 8 September.

Company's.-Bengal and Coast Piece Goods. Feb. 7. At Paisley, T. Dykes, Esq., of Calcutta, to Marian, daughter of f. Leishman, Esq., of

For Sale 19 June- Prompt 6 October Oakshaw.

Company's.-China and Bengal Raw Silk. Aprill. At Liverpool, R. Benson, Esq., of Latham Park, county of Armagh, Ireland, to Agnes eldest daughter of the Rev. James Gray, one of the chaplains on the Bombay establishment. 4. At Dumfries, the Rev. J. Smith, A.M., mis

CARGOES of EAST-INDIA COMsionary to the Chinese, to Mary, second daughter

PANY'S SHIPS lately arrived. of Mr. R. Bland, merchant, Dumfries. 13. At St. James's Church, Westminster, G.

CARGOES of the Kellie Castle, General Kyd, Cracklow, Esq., of the hon. E. I. Company's military service, to Suzette, eldest daughter of D.

Repulse, Bridgewater, Inglis, Herefordshire, and Gill, Esq., of Cork Street.

Waterloo, from China ; and the Larkins and 27. T. W. Rundall, Esq., late of the East-India Carn Brea Castle from Bengal. House, to Mrs. Haworth, of Red-Lion Square. Lately. At Kirkcudbright, Capt. Hannah, of the

Company's.-Tea-Sugar-Coloured Piece Goods Duke of Lancaster Indiaman, to Mary, third

Raw Silk. daughter of Provost M'Kinnell, Kirkcudbright. Private-Trade and Privilege.-Tea-Raw Silk

Wrought Silks - Nankeens --Tortoiseshell-EleDEATHS.

phant's Teeth--Coral Beads--Mother-oʻ-Pearl Shells

-China Ware-China Ink-Paper--Vermillion Feb. 15. At sea, on his passage to England, Brig. Marble Slabs-Canes-Bamboos-Mats- Madeira Gen. Morrison, H.M.'s 44th regt.



EAST-INDIA COMPANY'S SHIPS, of the Season 1825-26, with their Managing Owners, Commanders, &c.

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9 0 0


£. &. d. £. &. d. t} 0 2 6 to 0 3 0

£. 8. d. Coffee, Java

£ 8. d. Turmeric, Bengal ..cwt. 1 5 0 to 1 100 cwt. Cheribon


1 15 0 2 10 0

- 2 0 0 Sumatra

3 12 0 Zedoary

2 5 0 2 8 0
Bourbon .

Galls, in Sorts


6 10 0 6 0 0 3 150 Cotton, Surat

6 0 0 Indigo, Fine Blue 1b

.it 0 0 5 0 0 6

Fine Blue and Violet..
0 0 5 0 0 6

Fine Purple and Violet
0 0 5 0 0 6

Fine Purple

0 10 7
0 0 9 0 1 0

Good to fine Violet.... 090 0 10 5
Drugs, &c. for Dyeing.

Mid. to ord.shipping 0 5 6
Aloes, Epatica

0 8 0
.cwt. 15 00 17 00 Consuming Qualities.. 0 4 0 - 0 6 6
Anniseeds, Star.
3 15 0

Madras Extra Fine.... 0 7 6 - 0 7 10 Borax, Refined 2 15 0 3 0 0

Do. Fine and Good 0 5 6 9 6 6 Unrefined, or Tincal 2 10 0

Do. Ordinary & Low 0 36 0 4 6 Camphire, unrefined 9 0 0

Oude Fine...

0 5 3 - 0 6 9 Cardamoms, Malabar.. tb 0 4 0 0 5 0 Good and Middling. 0 3 6

04 6 Ceylon 0 1 0 0 1 3


0 2 9 0 3 3 Cassia Buds cwt. 8 0 0 8 10 0

Bad and Trash..

009 0 2 0 Lignea

5 al 0 6 2 0 Middling ord. & bad ..
Castor Oil
1b006 0 1 3 Rice, White

cwt. 0.15 0 0 180
China Root.
cwt. 1 8 0 1 10 0 Safflower

1 0 0 -
Coculus Indicus
4 10 0 5 0 0 Sago

1 5 0 - 3 12 0
Columbo Root
8 0 0 7 10 0 Saltpetre, Refined

17 6 Dragon's Blood.

5 0 0

30 0 0 Silk, Bengal Skein .Id 0 11 1 Gum Ammoniac, lump.. 30 0 6 0 0


0 14 1 0 19 1 Arabic 2 10 0 5 0 0 Ditto White

0 19 4 Assafætida 2 0 0 7 0 0


0 14 1
40 00 - 50 00 Organzine

1 3 0

3 0 0 8 00 Spices, Cinnamon........1 0 4 2 Galbanum


0 2 6
16 0 0 16 10 0


0 4 7
3 0 0 16 0 0


0 2 8 () 3 10 Olibanum 2 0 0 4 10 0


cwt. 0) 18 6 2 100 Lac Lake.. Ib 0 0 9 0 2 0

Pepper, Black .tb 0 0 4 0 0 5 Dye. 04 0 0 5 0


1) 5 6 Shell, Block .cwt. 2 10 0 5 0 0 Sugar, Yellow ... cwt. 1 5 0 170 Shivered 3 0 0 5 0 0


1 8 0 1 16 0
2 0 0 3 00

Musk, China

OZ. 090

0 16 0
Siam and China

1 80

1 120 Nux Vomica... cwt. 0 12 0

0 130 Tea, Bohea

.tb 0 1 6 0 1 9 Oil, Cassia.

OZ. 0 0 6

0 0 7

0 2 3
0 8 0 ( 9 0


0 3 10
. Ib


0 2 9
0 05 0 0 6 Twankay.

( 3 3
0 2 4 0 2 6


Hyson Skin

0 1 6 0 4 0


0 4 1
Sal Ammoniac cwt. 3 15 'O 4 0 0 Gunpowder
......1 0 0 6 0 2 6 Tortoiseshell

1 50 2 100 Turmeric, Java ....cwt. 1 100 1 15 0 Wood, Saunders Red ..ton 8 0 0

0 131

0 16 3 - 1 6 0 - 0 6 8

0 2 8

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0 3 2 0 411 0 3 4 0 3 10

0 3 4 05 4

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- 900

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From the 21st of March to the 21st of April 1826.
Bank 3 Pr. Ct. 3 Pr. Ct. 3) Pr.Ct. N4Pr.C. Long 3.Pr.Ct. India India
Stock. Red. Consols. Consols. Ann.

Annuities. Red. Stock, Bonds.

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E. Erton, Stock Broker, 2, Cornhill and Lombard Street.

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It is with a degree of astonishment, difficult to express, that we have read and considered the charge delivered by Sir Edward West, Chief Justice of the Supreme Court at Bombay, to the Grand Jury, at the commencement of the fourth Quarter-Sessions for the year 1825. If the extraordinary state ments and the grave accusations which it contains had proceeded from a less authentic source, we should have been disposed, with little hesitation, to class them amongst those misrepresentations which party spirit and private malevolence industriously propagate relative to the administration of British government in India. They are, however, not only authenticated by the respectable form in which they are published, but are founded, in part at least, upon official records. The subject, therefore, claims, as we have already observed, the immediate notice of the Government, in order that, if the magisterial system in the island of Bombay be, as described by Sir Edward West, in its practice so discordant, not only to the principles of justice, but to the system which prevails throughout the rest of India, some remedy may be immediately applied thereto; or, if otherwise, that the statements contained in this charge may not remain uncontradicted.

A police system is essentially of an arbitrary and despotic character. Its two prominent features, secrecy of operation and celerity of punishment, discriminate it from the regular systems of judicial administration, to which it is, or ought to be, an appendage. Its perfectibility, in fact, is irreconcileable with the existence of institutions which protect the rights of individuals in free countries; so that we find a well-organized and perfect police only in those states where arbitrary principles of government permit its free and unobstructed range. Yet, even in the metropolis of the British empire, where there exists such a jealousy in respect to personal restraint, probably not a day passes in which some act is not committed, by the subordinate ministers of our police, in violation, strictly speaking, of the liberty of the subject; although, through Asiatie Journ. Vol. XXI. No. 126. 4 X


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