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gunpowder found on the works, also a number of right hon. the Gov. Gen. in Council, that the jingals not yet collected.

important movement therein contemplated could Brass Gun-1 six-pounder.

not be carried into effect, owing to the enemy's Iron Guns 3 twelve-pounders, 1 two ditto. Ta

superior force and the strength of his positions. ken by the flotilla about a ton of gunpowder, 400 The point upon which the different corps were muskets, and a large quantity of round shot, of directed to move was the village of Watty.goon, different descriptions.

distant from Prome twenty miles, where my inC. HOPKINSON, Lieut. Col. formation led me to suppose a body of only two Com. artillery with the forces. thousand five hundred Shams and Burmese were

assembled, and from the easterly position they Copy of Letter from Maj. Gen. Sir Arch. Campbell, had chosen, with the apparent purpose of ha

K.C.B., to Geo. Swinton, Esq., Sec. to Bengal rassing our right flank in advancing, or of falling Government, dated Head-Quarters, Camp, on into our rear, annoying the garrison of Prome, and the Heights of Napadee, Dec. 5, 1825.

endeavouring to interceptour communication with Sir: In my despatch of yesterday. I mentioned

that place. my intention of attacking the enemy's right wing, For the purpose of dislodging this force (as I under Sudda Woon, posted on the west bank of yesterday did myself the honour of stating), I the Irrawuddy. Having concerted measures with placed two brigades of Madras N. 1. under the his Excellency Commodore Sir James Brisbane, I command of Col. McDowall, directing him to directed Brig. Gen. Cotton to cross the river in the approach the enemy's position at Watty-goon, course of last night, with the division under his with three regts. of N. I, so as to assail his left command, and, if possible, to land above the po- flank, while Maj. Evans with the 22d N.I., was sition occupied by the enemy. This the Brig. Gen. ordered to move upon the front of the position, effected, and I had the pleasure early in the morn

and to attack in concert with the main body; I ing of seeing my orders carried into the fullest also moved forward the 18th N.I. to the ground effect, as detailed in the letter herewith inclosed. left by the 22d, to be in readiness to afford support I have, &c. A. CAMPBELL, Maj. Gen. to the latter corps if required. The uncertain state

of the roads and country did not permit of the Copy of Letter from Brig. Gen. Cotton, to Maj. columns being accompanied by artillery. Gen. Sir Arch. Campbell, K.C.B., commander of

The 22d N.I. came upon the enemy's position at the forces.

Watty-goon, and Maj. Evans, from the firing on Sir: You did me the honour of placing a pro

his right, considering Col. McDowall's column in portion of the division under my command this

the act of attacking, gallantly moved forward to

take his share in the engagement, but finding morning, with orders ro attack and dislodge the

himself mistaken in that point, and the enemy right wing of the enemy's army, situated in a series of stockades on the right bank of the river. The

much too numerous and strongly posted to be as details were as follows:-250 Royal regt.; 270 H.

saulted by a single regt., he deemed it prudent to M.'s 41st regt. ; 260 H.M.'s 89th regt. ; Lt. Comp.

retire, which appears to have been done with 28th Madras N.I.; 100 pioneers.

steadiness and regularity.

The columns under Col. McDowall's immediate This operation was performed in conjunction with the navy and flotilla, and, I am happy to

command, approached the position of Wattyadd, was attended with the most complete success.

goon by the left flank, as directed, and reached The enemy retired from their stockades on the

that point, after a sharp conflict with the enemy's river from the severe fire from four howitzers and

troops in advance, but the apparent strength of some rockets, ably directed by Lieuts. Paton and

the position, and his very superior numerical force, Seton, of the Bengal artillery; but, on taking

did not, in the opinion of the senior officers, war possession of them, it was discovered they had a

rant an assault with the means at their disposal, stockaded work about half a mile in the interior,

and a retreat was determined on, in the course of completely manned and occupied by guns. Brig.

which the 38th N.I., which had been delayed by

unforeseen and untoward circumstances, came in Armstrong, Col. Brodie, and Col. Godwin immediately, moved upon its centre and right, and I

most opportunely upon the enemy's flank, and took the royals to the left, and the work was car

materially checked his following up our retreating

column. ried instantly, the enemy leaving three hundred dead on the field, and dispersing in every direction.

I have to lament the loss of a good and worthy I have sent in several prisoners, and from three

officer in Lieut. Col. Com. McDowall, and several hundred to three hundred and fifty muskets were

other brave officers and soldiers, as will appear by

the list of killed and wounded; but it affords me broken by my men, having been abandoned by the enemy. I have set fire to the whole of their de

peculiar satisfaction to observe by the concurring fences, and have only to add my warmest acknow

testimony of the officers employed, and the official ledgments to Brig. Armstrong, who commanded

reports of commanding officers herewith transmitthe advance; to Col. Brolie, who had charge of

ted, that the troops engaged conducted themselves

with that steadiness and valour which has ever the light companies; and Col. Godwin, who commanded the reserve; and to every officer and man

eminently distinguished the sepoys of the Madras who was engaged. The adj. generals and quart.

army.--I have, &c. mast. general's staff, under Capts. Hitchings and

(Signed) A. CAMPBELL, Maj. Gen. Steele, and my own personal staff, Capt. Wain

Head-Quarters, Prome, 18th Nov. 1825. wright, 47th regt., and Lieut. Wilson, 13th Light Inf., I venture to bring to your notice

for their zeal

To the Deputy Adjutant General to the Forces. on this and every other occasion. The artillery Sir: In conformity with the orders received on taken consisted of one eighteen pounder carronade, the 14th Inst., from the Quart. Mast. General's and five others, from four to six pounders, with a department, I have the honour to acquaint you, for large quantity of jingals.- The operations of this the information of Gen. Campbell, K. C. B., that day naturally connecting me with his Majesty's I moved with the Regt. from our encampment on navy and the flotilla, I hope it will not be con- the Nullah at eight o'clock on the night of the 15th, strued into presumption my venturing to bring to to co-operate with Lieut. Col. Com. McDowall, your excellency's notice the

most cordial co-opera- in a simultaneous attack upon that part of the tion and valuable assistance I derived from his Exc. enemy's force reported to be in the vicinity of, Commodore Sir James Brisbane, who directed per- or at the village of Wattygoon. At twelve o'clock sonally the whole of the boats who cannonaded and

p. m. the guide reported that we were not far cleared the advance of the troops from their dis- from the advance guard of the enemy, on which I embarking above their position to their entering halted till about four o'clock, when I again adthe enemy's works.-I am happy to say this ser- vanced, and at about six came up with a body, vice was performed with the trifling loss of one stated by the guide to be their advanced piquet, man killed, and four wounded.

consisting of about 500 men, on whom I comI have, &c. W. COTTON, B. G. menced à skirmishing attack, following them

through the jungle on either side the road. The following despatches, relating to During this operation we heard a heavy firing in the anterior operations, are not included

front to the right, which conceiving to be Col.

McDowall's column driving in the enemy on his in the Gazette : they are here subjoined, side, 1 expedited my advance, covered by the light from the Calcutta Government Gazette.

company under Capt. Bird.

On coming to an opening in a very thick part To George Swinton, Esq. Sir:- In continuation of my letter of yesterday,

of the jungle, which the guide pointed out as

the entrance to the enemy's position, I found my I much regtet to state for the information of the advance checked by a very heavy fire, on which I

immediately formed the regiment into line in rear for my not having made it immediately on coming of the advance, and as much to the right as the to my ground last evening. I have, &c. jungle would admit of.

(Signed) R. LACEY EVANS, Maj, Conceiving the check experienced by the light

Comg. 22d Regt. M. N. I. company to be caused by a body of the enemy Camp, Secoup 17th Nov., 1825. drawn up for the defence of this entrance to their position, I brought up two companies to its sup

To Lieut. Col. Tidy, Dep. Adj. Gen. port, with a view of forcing the passage, bringing Sir: I have the honour to state for the informamy regt. into line upon their position, and com- tion of the Commander of the forces, that the force mencing an attack, in conjunction with that I

under the command of the late Brig. McDowall, hoped to find Col. McDowall making on their main marched from this on the evening of the 15th at body.

6 o'clock P. M. and had proceeded about 12 miles, On coming up with these two companies I found

when the advanced guard, under Capt. Coyle, 28th myself under a heavy, well-directed, and destruc

Regt , fell in with a party of the enemy, to the tive fire, from what appeared to be a bastion of a fortified position.

number of 100 or 150 men, apparently advancing. I found the leading subdivision of the light com

After the exchange of a few shots, during which

two sepoys were wounded, the enemy were driven pany nearly annihilated, and both the officers of

back with loss, as we afterwards ascertained by that company wounded; that the men of the other

seeing on our return 3 bodies on the spot where the companies were falling in numbers, and perceiving affair took place. no indication that my hopes of a conjoint attack on After crossing a nullah, the troops were halted theother side were correct, together with the guide's

for about an hour and a half, after which we proreport that the enemy were 5,000 strong, supported ceeded forward, and heard a shout from a party by cavalry, I determined to retire.

of the enemy, who had occupied a village about The regt. marched off in good order, and was

4 miles from the spot we had halted at. almost immediately pursued by a strong body of About daybreak a bugle was heard a considerathe enemy.

ble distance to our left, and about half past seven it On gaining some ground, I thought it advisable

was again heard, and shortly after a heavy firing, to reform my line to check their advance. Seeing

commenced from the spot where the bugle sound that the fire from the right wing which was first

was heard, which was then answered by our bugles ; formed had the desired effect, and that the left we then advanced as rapidly as possible for about was well locked up, I resolved on continuing my

the space of an hour, during which the firing march, apprehensive that should the other co

continued on the left, principally musketry, but lumns of attack not have shewn themselves, the

latterly of heavy guns also, when we discovered main body, with the cavalry, might have been

the enemy in front, to which we were advancing ; brought to act against me.

six comps. from the 28th were ordered as a flanking We then continued our march without interrup

party to the right, when a severe conflict took tion, the enemy following with great boldness, and

place-the enemy being in great force and provided galling our rear for about three miles, during which

with jingals and muskets, disputed every inch of operation we suffered severely in killed and wound

ground with great resolution. About this period, ed; those unable to move, with assistance of the

Capt. Coyle was wounded in the arm by a musket latter, I regret to say, we were unavoidably obliged ball, and a contusion on the breast by a spent to leave on the ground.

jingal ball. After proceeding in this manner about The regiment, though considerably exhausted

4 miles, the 43d Regt. was ordered to take the from marching all night, and the operations of the place of the 28th, which was in front of the column, day, marched in good united order till we were and proceeded fighting their way for about a mile, within five or six miles of camp, when unfortu- when they unexpectedly arrived in front of some nately, from the want of guides, all of whom made strong works, from which a well-directed and off at the commencement of the affair, we took a heavy fire was kept up. The Grenadier Comp. wrong road, the direction of which we followed under Ens. Elsey, 43d, was ordered to advance to for about five miles. On retracing our steps we that part of the works from which the heaviest fire met two sepoys of the 18th N. 1. who thinking to proceeded, to endeavour to keep it under, on lead us by a short road into Capt. Ross's camp, which service it advanced with the most deter brought us through a deep swamp and jungle, which mined resolution; but on arriving near caused our having many stragglers, and prevented works, the firing became so heavy and galline our arriving in our position till four in the even- that it was found necessary to return. At this ing, the regt. having been under arms for twenty time, I regret to state, Brig. McDowall was shos hours.

in the head by a musket ball and died immediately t I think it my duty to state to you, for the Gene- and nearly at the same moment, Lients. Manning; ral's information, my entire satisfaction at the con- Ranken, and Ens. Elsey, 43d Regt., were obliger', stancy and perseverance with which the regt. sus- to be brought away, being all severely wounded. tained itself under the very heavy and destructive Lieut. Ranken, I am sorry to say, is since dead of fire from the enemy's work, until they received my his wounds. orders to move off, and the steady manner in which Unprepared as the force was with means for they retired under the enemy's galling fire.

assault, I found it necessary, after taking the adI beg particularly to recommend to the General's

vice of the sen. officers, to direct the retreat to notice the conduct of Capt. Bird and Lieut. Darby,

be sounded, the rear guard commanded by Capt. who were both wounded with the light comp., and

Wiggins, assisted by Capt. McLeod, who, in a I am much indebted to the whole of the officers most gallant and judicious manner covered the for their assistance and support under such trying

retreat, which was made in as regular a mancircumstances.

ner as circumstances and the nature of the country

would admit of, being a complete jungle, and Lieut. Hay, though severely wounded, continued

under a severe and heavy fire from great numbers with his company till the enemy had ceased to in

of the enemy who were in the jungle, and on our terrupt our march.

right and left, nearly surrounding our column To Lieut. and Adj. Bird I feel particularly in. and threatening to cut off our retreat, assisted by debted for the very active and useful aid I derived numerous bodies of cavalry, to the number of 500 from him during the whole of these operations. or 600.

Lieut. D'Monmorency, of the Quart.-Mast. Ge- After a dreadful harassing march of ten miles, neral's department, who conducted my march, dis- which, during the latter part, was rendered stili played much gallantry and zeal in this

affair, being more distressing by the men dropping on the road almost constantly in advance under the enemy's from fatigue having rested only an hour and a fire.

half since their departure from Prome, we at I have the honour to transmit herewith a return

length reached a river, or large nullah, about of our loss, which I am sorry to say is very severe.

nine miles from Prome, which having crossed, I Thirty-seven wounded men were brought into

allowed the troops, for about an hour (the enemy

had left pursuing us), when we proceeded, and camp, although all the dooley bearers, with the exception of one set, ran off during the action.

arrived at Prome at about half past seven last

evening Many of those reported missing fell into the rear from exhaustion during our long and harassing

I am sorry to say, from the want of a greater

number of doolies, and absolute exhaustion of march.

the bearers, notwithstanding the exertion of the The pain I still feel from my wound, and the sepoys and the officers giving their horses to bring amputation of my finger, will, I hope, plead my in the wounded, &c., I was obliged to leave the excuse for any inaccuracy in this report, as well as dead and s me wounded men in the rear.

I feel almost


I feel it the greatest pleasure in making known val had been very heavy, Bow entirely ceased; and to the commander of the forces, that the conduct not being able to ascertain the position of the of both officers and men deserves every praise, detachment, I had no option left but to retreat, especially for their conduct during so harrassing a or permit myself to be surrounded by an overretreat: their exertions were unremitted.

whelming force, without hopes of succour or subI am particularly indebted to Capt. Wiggins, sistence of any kind. I therefore commenced my commanding 43d regt., and Capt. McLeod, for retreat about one o'clock, and as I heard no more the able manner they covered the retreat, also to firing on either part, I trust the diversion made by Capt. White, ass. qr.-mas. gen., and Capt. John- the 38th N. I. in favour of Col. McDowall's de ston, M. B., Capt. Coyle was, I am sorry to say, tachment, suggested and arranged by the comwounded early in the action, whereby I was de- mander of the forces, was effected, although from prived of the service of that valuable officer during the badness of the roads, and the distance being the retreat, and the command of the regt. devol- much greater than expected, not precisely in the ving on Capt. Bell: his conduct and exertions manner dictated to me; the retreat was effected deserve my best thanks. Mr. Assist. Surg. Suther- without any opposition by the enemy, and the land, of the 28th, deserves every praise for his regt. reached the village of Sanagie at 4 P.M., 16th attention to the wounded: in his attention to the inst., halted two hours, and marched into Prome men he was unremitting, as also Mr. Assist. Surg. at 7 o'clock A.M., 17th inst. Cumming, 43d, who was equally so.

The nature of the duty in which the regt. was I reckon the enemy, from the very large bodies employed did not afford an opportunity of dis.. I saw in different parts of the jungle, to amount to tinguishing itself by any shining military exploit, at least to 10 or 12,000 Inf., and every way well except that the light company, under Capt. Dowarmed.

den and Lieut. Willis dashed down upon the eneEnclosed is a list of the killed and wounded, &c. my in a most spirited style, and retreated, and of the two regts. under my command.-I have, &c. ceased firing upon the signal being given, in the

CHARLES BROOK, Lieut.-Col., 28th Regt. most orderly manner, and the whole of the regt. Prome, 17th Nov., 1825.

prepared for action with zeal and alacrity as well

as the best order. I must, in justice to the regt., To Lieut.-Col. Tidy, Dep. Adj.-Gen. of the Forces. beg leave to call your attention to the severe and

Sir: I have the honor to report, for the infor- harrassing march endured by the corps throughout mation of the commander of the forces, that, in the whole affair, in which the officers and men obedience to orders, I marched from camp at bore almost total want of rest for two nights and

Thomba-la, with the 38th Madras N. I. at 7 P. M. one day with the greatest patience and cheerfulon the 15th inst., and arrived near to the village of ness. I have, &c. Saagie, at four o'clock next morning; here the

(Signed) D. C. SMITH, Lieut. Col. Comguides refused to proceed from not being able to

manding 38th N.I. find the road in the dark. and was obliged to wait Camp, near Prome, 17th Nov. 1825. until daylight, and only reached Saagie at 6 A. M. 16th inst., I was induced to make this movement General Return of Killed, Wounded, and Missing in preference to proceeding by the direct route to in the Army under the Command of Major Gen. Wattygoung, in the hope of finding Col. Me Sir Arch. Campbell, K.C.B., in Action with the Dowall's detachment, whose bugles were heard Enemy on the 16th Nov. 1825. near this place, and also on account of my being 22d Regt. Madras N. I. havildar and 16 rank too late to proceed direct to Wattygoung, which I and file, Killed; 1 major, 1 captain, 4 lieutenants, could not hope to reach before twelve o'clock. and 38 rank and file, wounded; 2 havildars, 7 rank

On arriving at the village of Saagie, I heard and file, and 1 bheestee, missing. some firing in the direction of Wattygoung, and 28th Regt. Madras N.1.-10 rank and file killed; which appared about seven miles distant ;-the re- 1 captain, i havildar, and 18 rank and file, ports becoming heavier and more frequent, I wounded ; 15 rank and file missing ceeded towards Wattygoung at seven o'clock, and 43d Regt. Madras N.I.-1 havildar, and 25 rank came up with the firing at twelve o'clock; here I and file, killed ; 2 captains, 2 lieutenants, 1 ensign, observed the enemy in considerable numbers, con- 1 subadar, 5 havildars, 47 rank and file, and í sisting of cavalry, and infantry, with jingals and bheestee, wounded ; 17 rank and file missing. small guns. I directed the light company to ad- Staft-1 lieut. col. commandant killed. vance in front and skirmish with what appeared to Name of Officer Killed-Staff-Lieut. Col. Com. be the rear of the enemy. while the regt. emerged R. McDowall. from the narrow road in the jungle and formed Names of Officers Wounded. 43d Madras N.I, column of companies when they proceeded to the -Capt. H. Wiggins, slightly; Capt. A. McLeod, attack. the light infantry ceasing firing and joining slightly; Lieut. c. Ranken, dangerously, since the regt. ; the enemy were so much taken by sur- dead; Lieut. E. C. Manning, severely; Ens. W. prise that they fled before the regt. could reaɔh Elsey, dangerously; Soobadar Soobramoory, them, having only lost a few men by the firing of slightly the light infantry.

Ž8th Madras N.I. Capt. H. Coyle, severely and The enemy's cavalry having made some move- dangerously ments, which I thought indicated an attack on the 22d Madras N.1.–Major R. L. Evans, severely ; regt., I formed square, and remained for some Capt. c. M. Bird, severely, not dangerously; time in this position, repeatedly sounding the Lieut. J. P. Hay, severely, not dangerously i bugles to attract the attention of Col. Mc Dowall's Lieut. F. Darby, slightly; Lieut. J. Shapland, detachment, but without effect, as no answering slightly; Lieut. M. Poole, slightly. sounds were heard; the firing, which on our arri- (Signed) F. S. TIDÝ, Lieut. Col. D.A.G.



IMPERIAL PARLIAMENT. that the regulations acted upon by the HOUSE OF COMMONS, April 7.

judges in each presidency, with reference

to the selection of jurors, should be trans. Juries in India Bill-On the motion for

mitted to this country. The subject would receiving the report on this bill,

thus be frequently brought under consiMr. Hume said, he wished to make a deration, and could not fail to be producfew observations on the bill. There was tive of good effects. · He would recom. one clause which gave to the judges the mend that the judges should appoint power of selecting natives to serve as juries to assess damages, as was the case jurers. He thought it would be better to here. Something should be also . done enact distinctly that one-half of the jury towards ameliorating the condition of the should be natives, It would be desirable half castés, who were now excluded from almost every situation of honour or of On the 13th April a Court of Directors profit.

was held, when the six new Directors took "Mr. W. Wynn said, he feared that the oaths and their seats. Sir George great inconvenience would arise from Abercrombie Robinson, Bart., and the adopting the suggestion of the hon. mem- hon. Hugh Lindsey were elected Chairber. With respect to a regular return of man and Deputy Chairman for the year the regulations acted upon by the judges ensuing. in each presidency, he saw no necessity for it. It would answer every purpose

if Edward Lawford, Esq. has been apit should be produced occasionally upon pointed Solicitor to the hon. East-India motion. It would not be wise, under Company, in the room of Henry Smith, existing circumstances, to allow natives Esq., deceased. to sit as jurors on the trial of Christians. Though the half castes were excluded CAPT. EYLES.—SHIP MALCOLM. from the Company's service, they were, “ At anchor in the Douns, 20th Feb. 1826. in many instances, taken into the service “ Dear Sir,On the point as we are of of the King, in which some distinguished taking leave of you and your excellent themselves, and rose to the highest rank. ship, after a passage of upwards of four This bill was passed April 10.

months from Madras, we are unanimously April 26.

impressed with the desire of expressing the Affair at Barrackpoor. Mr. Hume

sentiments and good wishes, with which begged to know from the right hon. the your conduct during that period has inspir

ed us. President of the Board of Control, whether he intended to lay before the House any

“Of your character for professional

science and skill, although it has our endetails respecting the despatch of the Commander-in-chief in India, or the investiga- offer an opinion ; but we should do vio-'

tire confidence, we presume not here to tion ordered as to the late melancholy lence to our feelings, if we were to remain transactions at Barrackpoor in India ?

silent on the ubject of your unremitting · Mr. Wynn said he had received such a

watchfulness and attention to the duties despatch as that alluded to, and did not think

of your ship, of the gentlemanlike mildit expedient to place that information on

ness and cheerfulness of your manners, or the table of the House. Mr. Bright inveighed against the prin- fort and accommodation.

of your marked consideration for our comciple on which the Burmese war had com

"" These have been such (particularly menced, and the expense and waste of

when the crowded state of your ship is adblood by which it was carried on.

verted to), as strongly to entitle you to our

warmest sentiments of gratitude, respect MISCELLANEOUS.

and regard

« Permit us then, dear Sir, to assure On the 11th April a ballot was taken you of these sentiments, and do 'us the on the question, that the sum of £5,000 favour to accept, as a further token of their be granted to Mr. Buckingham. The sincerity, a small piece of plate which we question was decided in the negative; the shall have the bonour of presenting to numbers were as follows : ivz. For the question......


“' And now, farewell ! Believe that Against it

436 wherever your active and useful labours Majority against the grant, 279. may lead you, you will carry with you our

On the 12th April a ballot was taken at best wishes for your health and success; the East-India House for the election of and our fervent prayers, that when in due six Directors. * At six o'clock the glasses season, you may bring them to a close, were closed, and delivered to the scruti- they may be crowned with the fullest neers, who reported the numbers to be as measure of that happiness and prosperity follow, viz.

which you so well deserve. James Pattison, Esq. ........... 1736 “ Sensible as we are that we have occaJohn Lock, Esq....... ..1646 sioned much trouble to the officers of the James Stuart, Esq.

1442 ship, you will oblige us by conveying to Charles Mills, Esq...

.1379 them our thanks for the readiness with John Bebb, Esq........ .1306 which they have afforded us their assistHenry St. Geo. Tucker, Esq....1078 ance, and our united good wishes for their James Rivet Carnac, Esq. ......1054 welfare. Believe us, Dear Sir, &c. &c. Charles Mackinnon, Esq.

(Signed) “ Robert Sewell, Major Gen. Sir William Young, Bart....... 618 "John Leslie, Major 69th, l'egt. comm. Whereupon James Pattison, John Lock, • Matthew Jenour, Capt. 69th regt. James Stuart, Charles Mills, John Bebb, “ Richard Brunton, Capt. 13th drags, and Henry St. G. Tucker, Esqs., were “ Jobn Smith, Capt. 69th regt. declared duly elected.

" W. H. Sherlock, Lieut. 69th regt. * For new List of Directors, see page 687.

“ Charles L. Dickson, Licut. 69th regt,

« Peter


you in London.

...... 697

“ Peter Taylor, Lieut. 69th regt. estab. (26 Mar.)-To be Lieuts. Ens. G. L. Chris* W. B. Frizell, Lieut. 30th regt.

tie (25 Mar.); Ens. D. Stewart (26 Mar.); Lieut.

H. C. Amiel, from h. p. 17th L. D. (27 Mar.) ; « Charles Stuart, Lieut. 69th regt. Lieut. N. Ashhurst,

from 46th F. (do.) ; Lieut. P. “ J. E. Muttlebury, Lieut. 69th regt.

Mackie, from 87th F. (do.); Lieut. w. Cain, from

14th F. (do.); Lieut. P. Dore, from h. p._24th F. “ H. D. O'Halloran, Lieut. 69th regt. (do.); Lieut. H. A. Morshead, from 52d F. (do.); “ A. C. Anderson, Ensign 69th regt.

Ens. G. H. Moore, from 94th F. (28 Mar.); Ens.

G. Carr, from 52d F. (29 Mar.); Ens. W. Walsh, “ G. B. Rose, Lieut. and Adj. 69th regt. from 35th F. (30 Mar.); Ens. J. B. Wheatstone, “ Thos. Shoolbraid, Q. Mast. 69th regt. from 53d F. (31 Mar.); T. Shiel late lieut. 7th F., “ J.J. Coghlan, Asst. Surg. 69th regt.

v. Woods (1. Apr.); Ens. M. Barr, by purch., v. Croasdaile prom. (8 Apr.)-To be Ensigns. Ens. J.

Hanna, from Ist R. Vet. Bat. (7 Apr.); R. Turton, LIEUT. COL. FARQUHAR.

by purch., v. Christie (25 Mar.): W. Rainey, v.

Stewart (26 Mar.); P. de Blaquiere, by purch., v. The Chinese inhabitants of Singapore Barr (8 Apr.) lave, through the house of Messrs. Run- 6th Foot. Lieut. T. Duke to be Capt., v. Cox dle, Bridge, and Co., presented Lieut. Col.

dec.; and Ens. W. Warrington, from 67th F., to

be lieut., v. Duke (both 28 Aug.) Farquhar, late resident and commandant of

13th Foot. Lieut. Hon. F. Howard, from h. p., that settlement, with a valuable and very to be Lieut., v. Wilson app. to 520 F. (30 Mar.): elegant piece of plate, as a mark of their Serj. Maj. W. Hutchins to be adj., with rank of

Ens., v. Fenton prom. (13 Sept.); Hosp. As. J. high estimation of his character and govern. Robertson to be assist. surg., v. Mouat app. to 16th ment as well at Malacca as at Singapore. L. Dr. (13 Mar.)

14th Foot. Ens. R. Budd to be lieut. by purch.,

v. White app. to 32d F. (16 Mar.); Lieut. W. CURRENCY AT THE CAPE.

Moir, from h. p. 37th F., to be lieut., v. Cain The Committee of Merchants trading app. to 3d F. (27 Mar.) to the Cape of Good Hope, announce that

16th Foot. Ens. R. J. N. Kellett, from h. p. 24th

F., to be ens., v. Prettyjohn app. to 53d F. (31 a direct communication from the Treasury Mar.) states that his Majesty's ministers have 20th Foot. Ens. R. M‘Dermott to be lieut., v. come to the determination to make no

Moore app. to 15th F.; and F. H. Stephens to be

ens., by purch., v. M.Dermott (both 23 Feb.) alteration in the measures respecting the

30th Foot. T. R. Burrowes to be ens., v. Wilson circulating medium of the Cape of Good

dec. (16 Aug.) Hope.

31st Foot. Ens. W. M. Wetenhall to be lieut. by purch., V. Ruxton prom. (16 Mar.); J. C. Stock

to be ens., v. Minchin prom. (23 Mar.) PROMOTIONS AND CHANGES

38th Foot. Lieut. J. H. Law to be capt., v. IN THE BRITISH ARMY. Birch dec. (9 Sept.); Br. Maj. W. K. Rains, from

51st F. to be capt., v. Woodward, who exch. (8 (SERVING IN THE EAST.)

Apr.); Ens. W. H. Minchin, from 31st F., to be 4th Light Drags. Lieut. G. Parlby to be capt., lieut., v. Law (9 Sept.); Ens. J. J. Lowth to be v. Burrowes dec (30 Sept. 25); Corn. A. E. Brom- lieut., v. Torrens dec. (11 Sept.); T. Jenkins to wich to be lieut., v. Murray dec.; and G. A. Brown- be ens., v. Maclean (2 Mar.); A. Whittle to be low to be corn., v. Bromwich (both 12 Aug. 25). ens., v. Lowth (23 Mar.)

Ilth Light Drags. Capt. J. Tomlinson, from 41st Foot. Capt. J. Corfield, from 77th F., to be 13th L.D., to be capt., v. Wetherall, who exch. (17 capt., V. Borrowes dec. (23 Mar.); 2d-Lieut. L. Oct. 25); Corn. W. Handley to be lieut. by purch., Hay, from Goth F., to be lieut. by purch., v. v. Stewart prom.; and C. R. Hyndman to be corn. Versturme prom. (8 Apr.) by purch., v. Handley (both 8 Apr.)

44th Foot. Ens. E. C. Mathias to be lieut., v. 13th Light Drags.. Capt. R. Brunton to be maj. Gledstanes dec. (16 Aug.); Ens. E. H. Clarke, by purch., v. Higgins prom. (2 Mar.); Capt. Č. from 4th F., to be ens. by purch., v. Langmead Wetherall, from Ilth L.D., to be capt., v. Tom- prom. (4 Mar.); J. D. Young to be ens., v. Malinson, who exch. (17th Oct. 25); Lieut. J. H. Maitland to be capt. by purch., v. Brunton (2 45th Foot. Ens. J. Du Vernet to be lieut. by Mar.); Corn. J. G. Evered to be lieut. by purch., purch., v. Geddes prom. (8 Apr.) ;– To be Ens. by v; Lang, prom. in 8th F. (17 Feb.); Corn. T. F.

purch. G. H. Clarke, v. Du Vernet_(8 Apr.); A. Hart to be lieut. by purch., v. Brown prom.; and M. Tulloch, v. Lewis prom. in 89th F. (9 Apr.) R. Gethin to be corn. by purch., v. Hart (both 8 Apr.)

46th Foot. Capt. R. Martin, from 3d R. Vet.Bat.,

to be capt., v. Miller app. to 24th F. (8 Apr.) - To 16th Light Drags. Corn. E. Guest to be lieut. by

be Lieuts. Lieut. E. J. Bruce, from 1st R. Vet. Bat., purch., v Armstrong prom. (8. Apr.); B. N. Eve

v. Gleeson app. to 90th F. (8 Apr.) ; Lieut. E. W. rard to be corn. by purch., v: Guest (8 Apr.); R. Antrobus, from h.p. 13th F., v. Ashhurst app. Assist.surg. J. Mouat, from 13th F., to be assist.

to 3d F. (27 Mar.)-C. W. St. J. Wall to be ens. by surg., V. Malloch prom. in 46th F. (13 Mar.)

purch., v. Legh prom. (8 Apr.) 1st Foot. Capt. D. Deuchar to be maj. by purch.,

47th Foot. Lieut. A. Campbell, from h.p: 77th v. Graham, who rets. (6 Apr.)-To be Capts. Lieut.

F., to be lieut., v. B. OʻD. Bennett who exch. (30 J. Bland (2 Mar.); Lieut. J. V. Fletcher, by purch., Mar.) v. Deuchar (6 Apr.)-To be Lieuts. Ens. J.W. Butt (2 Mar.); Ens. and Adj. J. Mullen, to have rank

48th Foot. Maj. J. Taylor to be lieut. col., v. (3 Mar.); Lieut. A. L. M‘Leod, from h. p., v. S.

Erskine dec.; Br. Maj. J. T. Moriset to be maj., Sargent, whose app. has not taken place (9 Mar.);

v. Taylor; and Lieut. W. Reed to be capt., V. Ens. A. H. Ormsby, v. Williamson dec. (22 Mar.) ;

Moriset (all 8 June 25). To be Lieuts. Lieut. E. Ens. T. M. Byrne, v. Bichner dec. (23 Mar.);

Griffiths, from 2d R. Vet. Bat., v. Smith app. to Lieut. W. M'Pherson, from 2d W. I. regt., V.

60th F. (10 Apr. 25); Ens. W. A. M'Cleverty, v. Bland (24 Mar.); Ens. A. Mackenzie, by purch.,

Reed (26 Aug.); Ens.' W. Bell, v. Vincent dec. v. Fletcher (6 Apr.)-Tobe Ensigns. Ens. J.

(23 Mar.).- To be Ensign. Ji A. Erskine, v. Bell

(23 Mar.) Ritchie, from Ist R. Vet. Bat. 17 Apr.); Ens. F. Carr, from h. p. 3d W. I. regt., v. Ormsby (22

54th Fot. Lieut. E. Wells, from 2d R. Vet. Bat, Mar.); W. D. Bedford, by purch., v. Mackenzie to be lieut., v. Dalgety app. to 70th F. (9 Apr.); prom. (6 Apr.); A. M. Wilmott, by purch., v.

Ens. H. R. Clarke to be lieut., v. Fenton dec. (16 Campbell app. to 4th F. (7. Apr.); F. Hoskins, v. Aug.); -- Bayley, to be ens., v. Clarke (16 Aug.) Butt (8 Apr.); R. Going, v. Byrne (9 Apr.)

59th Foot. Lieut. J. H. Arnold, from 2d R. Vet. 3d Foot. Maj. C. W. Wall to be Lieut. Col.; and Bat., to be lieut., v. Leslie app. to 720 F.; Ens. Br. Lieut. Col. Cameron to be maj., v. Wall (both W. Fuller to be lieut. by purch., v. Amherst. 25 Mar.) -To be Capts. Br. Maj. A. Bowen, from prom. ; and R. B. Yates to be ens. by purch., v. h. p. 81st F. (16 Mar.); Lieut. W. Woods, v. Ca. Fuller (all 8 Apr.). meron (25 Mar.); Capt. J. Daniel, from Rid.

67th Foot. R. A. Gosset to be ens., v. Warrington


thias (16 Aug.)

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