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shall be addressed to the several depart- of his Majesty's service, and of deceased ments at head-quarters, as heretofore. 'non-commissioned officers and privates of

The existing orders relative to the mode both his Majesty's and the Company's of transacting public business by the heads service derive, in the shape of exchange, a of departments, and all orders issued under considerable advantage at the Company's the authority of his predecessor, Gen. the expense. hon. Sir Edward Paget, G.C. B., are to 6. “ We are of opinion that the King's continue in force.

and the Company's officers should be placed His Excellency the Commander-in- on an equal footing in this respect, and that chief has been pleased to make the follow- in all cases, whether of commissioned or ing appointments :

non-commissioned officers and privates, Brev. Lieut. Col. the hon. J. Finch (half-pay), the rate of exchange should not be such as military secretary.

to involve either gain or loss to the ComCapt. Macan (16th Lancers), Persian interpreter. Capt. F. H. Dawkins (Gren. Guards), Brev. Maj.

pany. E. Kelly. (half-pay), and Lieut. E. Archer (87th

7. “ With these views, we desire that in regt. ), aides-de-camp.

future a reinittance be granted through the Lieut. G. C. Mundy (2d Queen's Regt.), and Capt. W. Agnew (2d Madras N.I.), extra aides-de

Company, in such cases as it may be de

sired, for fees of commissions in his Ma. Assist.surg. W. Twining (Bengal estab.), surgeon. jesty's service, and for the proceeds of the

effects of officers and soldiers of the King's REMITTANCE OF THE EFFECTS OF DECEASED

and Company's service, dying in India ; and that the payments, whether made by

bills drawn in India, or upon application Fort William, Oct. 28, 1825.-The Governor-General in Council is pleased to

by the legal representatives in England, direct, that the following extracts of ge

be adjusted at the same rate of exchange neral letters from the hon. the Court of

as is observed in the re-payment of adDirectors, in the Territorial Finance de

vances inade by the Company for his Mapartment, be published for the general jesty's service in the East-Indies.” information of the army :

General Leiter, dated 26th Jan. 1825. General Letter, dated 25th May 1825.

Para. 2. “ In reference to our despatch Para. 2. “ We have lately had under

in this department, dated the 2d of July consideration the rates observed in the re

1823, we have to acquaint you, that the mittance, through the Company, of the

rate of exchange for bills drawn in reproceeds of the effects of deceased officers, payment of advances to his Majesty's non-commissioned officers, and soldiers, of service in the East-Indies, in the year,

commen the King's and Company's service.

on the 1st of May 1825, and 3. “ In the year 1811 it was arranged has been fixed in concurrence with the

terminating on the 30th of April 1826, that the fees of commission, and the effects and credits of deceased officers and sol.

Lords Commissioners of his Majesty's diers of his Majesty's regiments in India, treasury, at one shilling and eleven pence should be remitted by bills on us, drawn at

halfpenny (1s. 11 d.) the sicca rupee.” “ 2s. the Bengal current rupee, “ 8s. the Pagoda, and

COURT-MARTIAL. - 2s. 3d. the Bombay rupee. 4. “ We do not at present afford any

HANNAH FITCHIT. remittance for the proceeds of the effects

Head · Quarters, Calcutta, Sept. 15, 1825. of the Company's officers deceased. In -At a general court-martial assembled at respect of deceased non-commissioned offi. Meerut, on Saturday the 6th of Aug. cers and privates of the Company's ser

1825, Hannah Fitchit, a British subject, vice, the proceeds of their effects and their and camp follower, wife, or reputed wife, credits are deposited in the treasuries of of private Joseph Fitchit, of No. 2 comthe local governments, by whom state- pany of his Majesty's 14th regt. of foot, ments of the amounts are periodically

was arraigned on the following charge, transmitted to us. Payment is made to viz. the representatives of the deceased in this For having, on the night of the 1st, country, at the following rates of exchange,

or morning of the 2d day of Aug. 1825, viz.

at Meerut, wilfully murdered Alex. Laird, “ 2s.6d, the sicca rupee,

private soldier of the said company and “8s. the pagoda, reckoning 3f rupees regiment, by stabbing him repeatedly with a to the pagoda, and

bayonet, or other sharp-pointed weapon, 6 28. 3d, the Bombay rupee.

thereby causing his, the said Alex. Laird's, 5. “ From the foregoing statement, it is immediate death." Upon which charge, apparent that the representatives of de- the court came to the following decision : ceased officers of his Majesty's service Finding and Sentence.-" The court have an advantage over those of deceased having maturely weighed and considered officers of the Company's service; and the evidence for the prosecution, and for that the representatives of deceased officers the defence, and what the prisoner !

urged in her justification, do find, that tbe Lieut. and Adj. Davies to act as interp. and

quart. mast. to 57th N.I., V. Brev. Capt. Marshall prisoner, Hannah Fitchit, is not guilty of

removed; date 1st Aug. murder, but they find her guilty of man- Lieut. Macdonald to act as adj. and quart. mast. slaugher. The court adjudge the prisoner, to Ist extra regt., in room of Lieut. Moule, adj. Hannah Fitchit, to suffer imprisonment

23d N.I.; date 7th Aug. for the term of two years.”

Sept. 3.-Assist.surg. Harlan to proceed to Dina

pore instead of Cawnpore as formerly directed. Approved,

Sept. 5.-Lieuts. Beresford, of 53d, and Nares

of 6th extra N.I., permitted to exchange corps. Edw. Paget, General, 2d L.C. Lieut. G. St. P. Lawrence to be adj., v. Commander-in-chief in India.

Ponsonby, who resigns appointment.

20 L. Inf. Bat. Lieut. G. Ross to be adj., v. Remarks by his Exc, the Commander- Rutherford app. adj. of 28th N.I. in-chief:

Directed to join Flank Bats. in South Eastern Di.

vision of Army. Lieut. Vernon, 33d regt., and " It appears to the Commander-in-chief, Lieut. Wilson, 24th regt., to join Ist Gr. Bat. at that this case of manslaughter does, in its

Chittagong. Lieut. Savary, 24th regt., to join 1st character and circumstances, so nearly ap

Lt. Inf. B. at Arracan. Capt. Lane, 2d regt.,

Lieut. W. F. Beatson, 54th, Lieut. Blois, 11th, and proach to an act of justifiable homicide, Lieut. Pyne, 32d, to join 2d Gr. Bat. at Chittagong: that his Exc. is pleased to mitigate the

Lieut. F. B. Todd, 11th regt., to joip 2d Lt. Inf.

Bat. at Arracan. sentence to three months' imprisonment.

Lieut. and Acting Adj. Jackson to officiate as “ The foregoing order is to be entered in interp. and quart. mast. to 42d N.I., in room of the general order book, and read at the Lieut. Stewart rem. to 1st extra regt.; date 15th

Aug. head of every regiment in his Majesty's

Sept. 7.-Assist.surg. Steart to afford medical aid service in India."

to Cawnpore div. of artil. in room of Surg. Hough app. to 2d N.I.; date 22d Aug.

Lieut. Swetenham appointed to join 2d L. Inf. CIVIL APPOINTMENTS.

Bat. at Arracan.

4th Local Horse. Lieut. G. N. Irvine, 22th N. Judicial Department.

I., to be second in command. Sept. 15. Mr. R. Wells, secretary to civil commissioner in Dehly territories.

Fort William, Sept. 16. - Infantry. Maj. C. Mr. F. O. Wells, assistant to secretary to ditto.

Bowyer to be lieut. col. from 8th Sept., v. Bucke

dec. General Departnient.

40th N.I. Lieut. S. Corbett to be capt. of a Oct 27. Mr. J. S. Clarke, assistant to sub-trea- comp., and Ens. H. A. Shuckburgh to be lieut., surer.

from 18th Aug. 1825, in suc. to Macgrath dec.

60th N.I. Capt. S. Land to be maj., Lieut. C.

B. McKenley to be capt. of a comp., and Ens. R. MILITARY APPOINTMENTS, Draught to be lieut., from 8th Sept., in suc. tò

Bowyer prom.

Lieut. G. H. Dalby, 68th N.I.,. to be a dep. judge Fort William, Sept. 2, 1825. Capt. F. Grant, adv. gen. on permanent estab., in room of Capt. 39th N.I., to hold a temporary appointment in

J. Stuart app. assist. sec. to Gov. in Military deRajah Gumbheer Sing's levy.

partment. Sept. 9.-12th N.I. Lieut. J. C. Mansfield to be Cadets admitted. Messrs. J. G. Ellis, T. Walker, capt. of a comp., and Ens. J. Remington to be F. E. Griffith, J. V. Snook, and R. P. Alcock, for lieut., from 4th Sept., in suc. to Conroy dec. inf., and prom. to ens.

39th N.I. Lieut. and Brev. Capt. W. H. Earle Lieut. Col. W. Collyer, 67th N.I., permitted to to be 'capt. of comp. from 13th May, v. Cows- retire from H.C.'s service on pension of his rank. lade rem. to 2d extra regt. Ens. J. H. Low to be Assist.surg. B. Burt permitted to resume his melieut., v. Casement dec., with rank from 13th May, dical duties at civil station of Moorshedabad. v. Garrett rem. to Ist extra regt.

Capt. J. Lane, 7th L. C., transferred to Pension Capt. W. R. C., Costley, 7th N.l., to be com- establishment. mandant of Calcutta Native Militia, v. Conroy

Capt. J. D. Parsons, sub-assist. com. gen., to dec.

perform duties of supervisor of establishment at Capt. J. A. Currie, 14th N.I., to be a brig. maj. Hissa. on permanent estab., v. Casement dec.

Cadets admitted. Mr. G. R. Birch, for artillery, Head-Quarters, Sept. 9.-Brev. Capt. Nash to and prom. to 2d-lieut.-Messrs. E. Maybery, G. Å. officiate as interp. and quart. mast. to 62d N.I. ; Brownlow, R, Crawford, W. H. Balders, J. H.

date 26th June. Hatchell, H. Wilkinson, and W. P. Milner, for Sept. 12. — Medical Establishment. Surg: Hall infantry, and prom. to 'ensigns.

appointed to 4th L.C., and Surg. Tweedie and Lieut. the Hon. H. Gordon, 23d N.I., to be an Assist. Surg. Child to 24th N.I. aide-de-camp on Governor-General's personal staff, v. Dalgairns.

Fort William, Sept. 16.-12th N.I. Lieut. W.J. Lieut. C. D. Dawkins, 2d L.C., to be adj. of Thompson to be capt. of a comp., and Ens. W. B. Governor-General's body guard, v. Dyke prom. Holmes to be lieut., from 12th Sept., in suc. to

Transpositions of Officers. Lieuts. 0. B. Thomas Mansfield dec. and C. G. Ross from 6th to 19th N.I. Lieut. D. C.

Sept. 23.-7th L. C. Lieut. C. A. Grant to be Keillar and Ens. H. W. J. Wilkinson from 19th to

capt. of a_troop, from 16th Sept. 1825, v. Lane 6th N.I.

transf. to Pension estab. 6th N.I. Ens. H. W. J. Wilkinson to be lieut. 14th N.1. Ens. P. Innes to be lieut., from 28th from 13th March, v. Drummond prom.

Aug. 1825, v. Chetwode dec.

59th N.I. Lieut. and Brev. Capt. T. Webster to Head-Quarters, Sept. 2.-Lieut. Hickman to act be capt. of a. comp., and Ens. M. Hyslop to be as adj. to 2d extra N. I. during 'absence of Lieut. lieut., from 2d Sept. 1825, in suc. to Woolley dec. and Adj. Hume; date 18th Aug.

Cadets admitted. Messrs. W. G. Beek, C. R. Capt. Walsh, H.M.'s 54th foot, to act as maj. of Griffith, F. C. Marsden, J. C. Drummond, J. D. brigade to 2d brigade south eastern div., during

Wilson, and J. Matthews for inf., and prom. to absence of Brig. Major Burnett.

ensigns.-Messrs. J. 0. Dwyer, T. K. Spencer, and

D. Stewart as assist. surg. 1st-Lieut. Abbott to act as adj. and quart. mast. to Ist bat. of artil. until arrival of Lieut. and Adj. Macgregor; date 12th Aug.

Head-Quarters, Sept. 14.-Assist.surg. Mitchelson



directed to proceed to Cawnpore, and to place sources of Doorjun Saul. A number of himself under orders of superintend. surg.

chiefs have fallen in the late actions : Sept. 16.-Assist.surg. Vignolet to do duty with 45th N.I. at Dinapore.

amongst others a J'hat Sardaur, in the Sept. 19.—Lieut. Macvitie to act as interp. and service of Doorjun Saul. Madlo Sing quart. mast. to 49th N.I. during absence of Lieut. is said to be seriously unwell, which he Macdonald; date 16th Aug.

states as a reason for not beading his Lieut. Parker to act as adj. to 2d extra L.C. during absence of Lieut. Dougan; dated 1st Sept. troops. He has closed the gates of Deeg,

Sept. 21.-Capt. Mason, 49th N.I., to officiate as and mounted guns, prepared to resist an fort adj. at Arracan, during absence of Capt. Ross; date 20th Aug.

expected attack.-[Ibid., Oct. 21.

We have received intelligence from the Assist.surg. Gray to do duty with artillery at DumDum.

Dooah so late as the second week in October, and from it we learn, that the com

missariat had received orders to provide at FURLOUGHS.

Agra and Muttra for an army of twenty. To Europe.-Sept. 16. Ens. W. Frederick, 6th

five thousand men. N.I., for health.---Lieut.Col. Com. T. D. Brough

The Meerut force, it ton, 16th N.I., for health.--23. Capt. R. Seymour, is stated, was in readiness to move at a 26th N.I., for health.

moment's warning. Sir Charles Metcalfe

was expected at Agra on the 13th Oct. FROM HIS MAJESTY'S FORCES.

We also learn the following particulars To Europe. -Sept. 9. Lieut. Stewart, 45th foot; relating to military movements :- The 6th, for health.-17. Quart. Mast. Minchen, 13th L. Dr., on private affairs.--22. Lieut. Malony, 89th 18th, and 60th N. I, were on their march foot, for one year, for health.

to Agra; the 32d, 37th, and 41st to Mut

tra; the 15th to Meerut, and the 31st to MISCELLANEOUS.

Delhi. The corps at Mynpooree, Aligur,

&c. would, it was supposed, be relieved by DISORDERS IN THE UPPER PROVINCES. extra regiments which have moved towards

The rebellion which Madboo Sing, the the field of action. We believe this inyoungest brother of Doorjun Saul, raised telligence may be considered authentic.-at Bhurtporé, has of late become general, [Ben. Hurk. and Madhoo Sing has taken possession of six other places besides that mentioned in

ARRIVALS AT THE PRESIDENCY. our last number; and, from the state of affairs, it has been supposed that the rebel

His Exc. Gen. Lord Combermere, the may, in the course of a short time, bring landed at Calcutta on the 6th Oct., under

new commander-in-chief, with his suite, more places under his subjection.-(Na

a salute of guns. tive Paper, Aug. 27.,

The Hon. Sir John Franks, Knt., Letters have been received from Bhurt. pore, which state that Doorjun Saul, and puisne judge of the Supreme Court, under

landed on the 7th Oct., and was sworn in a his brother, Madhoo Sing, have had a serious action in the field, in which many

the usual salute. lives were lost on both sides.

The Right Rev. the Bishop of Calcutta of the latter were compelled to quit the

landed from his episcopal visitation on the scene of conflict, and seek shelter within

21st Oct. His Lordship arrived with his the walls of Kamur, which was inme- family and suite in the H.C.'s surveying diately besieged by Doorjun Saul, who

ship Discovery, from Ceylon.

Brig. Gen. Morrison arrived at Calhad brought up battering guns against it.

cutta (sick) on the 21st Oct., in the ReThe firing had commenced when the last

search, from Arracan. accounts came away. The report from Bhurtpore received to day is dated the 4th : it appears that on the 2d, Madhoo

CIVIL SERVICE ANNUITY FUND. Sing's troops sallied from the fort of Ka- On the 1st Oct. a very full general mur, drove Doorjun Saul's troops from meeting of the civil service was held at the their batteries, and killed about three hun- Town Hall, with reference to matters of dred men, with a loss of fifty on their own importance connected with the Civil Serside. The troops of Doorjun Saul are vice Annuity Fund. said not to be hearty in his cause.-[Cal. At about half-past ten o'clock, the nuGov. Gaz, Oct. 17.

merous gentlemen assembled proceeded Letters from Agra, dated the 5th Oct., to the transaction of business ; previous to report that Doorjun Saul's troops recover- which Mr Udney was, by the unanimous ed their position before Kamur, which call of the meeting, invited to the chair. place they have again invested with a large The following members of the service force, and the battering has recommenced. were elected managers of the Annuity Fund, Several actions have been fought with va- in conjunction with the four ex-officio marious success, The most severe loss has nagers, is. J. Pattle, C. Morley, H. Serbeen on the side of Doorjun Saul, but geant, H. Mackenzie, and W. H. MacMadhoo Sing's troops are apprehensive naghten, Esqrs. that they will not be able to maintain their By the unanimous vote of the meeting, position against the superior force and re- the following gentlemen were ne

1 Asiatie Journ. Vol. XXI. No. 124.

3 X

The troops




scrutineers to receive the votes of the ser- age, no longer willing to inhabit this vice, and to conduct the elections, viz. T. transitory world, at the loss of her husPlowden, R. Hunter, E. Molony, and band, obstinately burnt herself on the J. A. Dorin, Esqrs.

funeral pile.—[Kowmoody, Oct. 8. The scrutineers, after being closeted An old inhabitant of Sankharytolah, for about two hours, made their return, more than one hundred years of age, bavdeclaring the four above-mentioned civil ing been long afflicted with an old malady servants duly elected.

(that being always the case at old age) A good deal of interesting and animated and being very infirm, died on Tuesday discussion having been gone through, and last, the 18th inst. His wife, not willing the thanks of the meeting being voted to to endure the distresses of a widow at that the chair, the meeting broke up. [Ind. old age (she then being at her ninety-ninth Gaz.

year), burnt herself on the funeral pile

of her husband. - (Somachar Durpun, MR. TROTTER'S PLAN.

Oct. 22. It is said that Mr. Trotter's proposed Agency scheme has received the condemnation of Government, for whose approval There is a beautiful comet now in the and sanction it was submitted by the sub- heavens. We first saw it on Saturday committee appointed at the Town Hall night, about nine o'clock, in the south meeting.– [Columb. Press Gaz., Sept. 14. east, at a point nearly one-third from the

horizon to the zenith. Its tail seemed to point to the north, shooting obliquely up

wards. The appearance was very brilliant We have heard a great deal lately about an institution in embryo here, resembling

last night. -[Cal. Gov. Gaz. Oct. 10. the marine society at home, only that there is to be no house, but merely a ship moored off the Esplanade, on board of Chunar, Sept. 1, 1825.— The epidemic which Christian boys are to be trained up fever has raged here all the last month, as seamen, at the expense of the Ap- neither sex nor age has escaped. It has prenticing Society, who are the originators proved fatal to many natives who took no and promoters of this new establishment. medicine, by having been followed by We understand that there have been meet- bowel complaints and cholera. The heat ings to arrange plans, &c.-[Ben. Hurk., has been most oppressive at Benares, MizaOct. 5

pore, and Ghazeepore. The epidemic has been equally prevalent.--[Beng. Hurk.

Jessore, Sept. 12.— The cholera morbus, A meeting of this Society was held at

late epedimic in Calcutta, has now entered the Hurkaru Library, on the 5th Sept.

with great violence into Kushbah and Dr. Paterson in the chair. The meeting,

several other villages in the zillah of Jesthough not numerously, was very respecta

sore; and scarcely spares the life of such

whom it once attacks. The mimber of bly attended. The following papers were read by Dr. Paterson :

persons that are dying in that zillah has 1. On the organ of poetry.

been estimated to be at an average of thirty 2. On professional education.

a-day.- (Samachar Darpun. 3. On the progress of phrenology in

Dinapore, Oct. 1.- The epidemic, which Europe and America.-[Ben. Hurk.

raged here and at Bankipore so severely, has nearly disappeared, but it has been

succeeded by the cholera morbus, which GOVERNMENT ACCOMMODATION FOR SICK carries off a considerable number in the

bazaar daily.--[Cal. Gov. Gaz. We have much pleasure in announcing, Calcutta, Oct. 4.-We are glad to learn for the information of officers who have that the cholera which has been making come to the presidency for the benefit of such direful ravages in this city, and espetheir health, that that very spacious and cially amongst the native population, is airy house, No. 3, Middleton Row, Chow fast disappearing, and we hope to hear of ringhee, has been rented by Government its having entirely left us.

:-[Beng. Hurk. for their accommodotion, and that they have but to make application to Dr. Adam, TRIBUTE TO SIR DAVID OCHTERLONY. secretary, Medical Board, to obtain ad. The committee appointed at the late mission.-Ben. Hurk., Oct. 15.

general meeting of the British inhabitants of Calcutta, to carry into effect the resolu.

tion for erecting a monument, by public Muddon Mohun Chuckrohbutty, about subscription, to the late Major Gen. Sir fifteen years old, inhabitant of the Twenty- David Ochterlony, met on the 30th Sept., four Pergunnahs, having lately died, his agreeably to notice, and passed the followwidow, a little girl only twelve years of ing resolutions:





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1st. That Lieut. Col. Bryant be request. bination to oppose the law, by agreeing ed to officiate as secretary to the committee. not to accept stamped hoondies.-[Beng.

2d. That subscription papers, with copies Hurk. of the resolutions and proceedings of the general meeting, be transmitted to the

SIR ARCHIBALD CAMPBELL. principal civil and military authorities on A letter from Rangoon, of the 15th this establishment, with a request, that Aug., mentions that the steam vessel (with they will circulate them for the purpose of Sir Archibald Campbell and his staff on raising funds for the monument.

board), returning from Rangoon, was 3d. That the subscription be open to all nearly lost on her way up to Prome, the native inhabitants of whatever rank or having unfortunately got into a whirlpool description, and that the amount be ap- between Donabew and Surrawa. Through propriated to defray the expense of the the strength of her engine she had the best column to be erected in the capital of part of her hull over the whirlpool, but her British India.

stern having got into the vortex, she swung 4th. That these resolutions be submitted

round and round with great violence for to Government, by the deputy chairman, several minutes, and all on board, it is and the secretary, with a respectful request, said, despaired of her getting out safely. that permission be given to erect the pro. A Mr. Ventura, who was a spectator at a. posed column in a suitable spot in Cal- small distance, in a boat, bastened towards cutta,

the whirlpool to save what lives he could in 5th. That a committee be appointed in case of accident. Luckily the paddles of England, for the purpose of assisting this the seam vessel were outside the verge of comınittee in carrying the preceding reso- the vortex, and Mr. Darwood, the enlutions into effect, and that the following gineer, put the greatest power of the steam gentlemen be requested to act :-viz. to the test, which brought her off; but Major Gen. Sir John Malcolın, G.C.B., poor Mr. Ventura, with his boat, went Lieut. Col. Pennington, Lieut. Col. Camp- down, and was seen no more!-(Ind. Gax. bell, Lieut. Col. Rose, Lieut. Col. Yule, J. S. Brownrigg, Esq., Major Morrison,

The paragraph copied from the and any others they may please to elect. Calcutta John Bull in our number for

6th. That the coinmittee be authorized February, p. 235, headed “ Misrepresentato collect subscriptions in England, and tion," was, we understand, impugned in to co-operate with the committee in India. the Oriental Herald for December, of

7th. That the committee will be thank- which we were not aware, ful to any gentleman who may favour them with plans and elevations for the proposed column, and request that the same may

SHIPPING be delivered in on or before the first of

Arrivals in the River. January

Oct. 3. Thalia, Biden; Thomas Grenville, Man8th. That a subscription paper be left for

ning ; Marquess Wellington, Blanshard; and Wood

ford, Chapman; all from London.-4. Childe Ha. signature at the Town Hall, and that the rold, West, and Coldstream, Hall, from London.şecretary be requested to make any ar

5. Africa, Skelton, from London.--7. Mediter

ranean, Gibson, from Muscat, Ceylon and Ma. rangement he may deem proper to promote dras.-10. Carnbrea Castle, Davey, and Broxbournethe objects of the foregoing resolutions. bury, Fewson, from London.--13. William Miles, ALEXANDER GIBB, Chairman.

Beadle, from London.--16. Columbia, Chapman, from Liverpool, and Minerva, Probyn, from London.--20. Albion, Weller, from London.-21. John Taylor, Atkinson, from Liverpool.-31, Elizabeth, Gautherin, from Bordeaux.--Nov. 4. Mary Ann,

O‘Brien, from London. We are sorry to hear that there is little or no hope of the Chowringhee theatre

Departures from Calcutta." being opened this season. Death, as our

Oct. 3. Carnatic, Simpson, for Penang and Lon

don.-13. Lord Suffield, Dean, for London.-16. readers know, has been busy amongst some Larkins, Wilkinson, and Coromandel, Boyes, for of the greatest ornaments of the stage here,

London.-30. Madras, Fayrer, for London. and some other performers have withdrawn themselves, so that the few left are in

BIRTHS, MARRIAGES, AND sufficient, we understand, to get up a

DEATHS. play, and owing to certain defects in the system of management, auxiliaries are not


Sept. 1. At Meerut, the lady of Capt. W. P. disposed to come forward to supply these Cooke, dep. judge adv. gen., of a son. vacancies.- [Beng. Hurk.

4. At Saugor, the lady of Lieut. Weston, dep. judge adv. gen., of a son.

10. At Chinsurah, Mrs. John Mendes, of a son.

11. At Tanjore, the lady of Capt. Tweedle, of It would appear from the John Bull, At Ghazeepore, the lady of Capt. Orchard,

Europ: Regt., of a son. that the late regulatious of Government,

15. At Saugor, the lady of Lieut. H. Forster, with regard to stamps, do not enjoy much commanding Řungpore Local Horse, of a son.

18. At Patna, Mrs. C. F. Bow bear, of a son. popularity; and that the native merchants

At Belaspore, the lady of Lieut. Hobson, of at Benares have entered into a sort of com

3 X 2




a son.

a son.

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