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cholera began to abate; and the heavy magistrate, as may be supposed, for they rains which fell in the beginning of Sep- were given out to be such, of the Baraset tember contributed to increase the salu. magistrate, in which zillah the village is brity of the atmosphere. The number of situated. He is represented as with his carcasses brought down by the swollen aumlahs and sheristadar receiving a petiriver is described as presenting a horrible tion. One of the witnesses, an European, sight: some were floating about, others is standing before the magistrate fainting cast on the bank a prey to dogs and car- at the judges severe reprimand. On the rion birds. Some of the public writers second effigy the judge is represented quite have hinted the possibility of the sick in a different attitude receiving an order Hindus being occasionally sacrificed to the from the Court of Appeal to reverse his superstitions of their brethren, by being sentence, and to punish the petitioners : brought to the Ganges before life was visages of the difference of situation of parextinct: we trust this conjecture is ground. ties are also pourtrayed. In these visages less.

one of the parties is running away; the At Benares, the excessive heat and ab- whole of this insulting scene, reflecting on sence of rain produced similar effects. the Motussil Court and its proceedings, The sickness in the city has been most ex- was actually carried through a number of tensive, so much so, as to produce a panic villages, and even to the Thannah, where amongst the natives. At Ghazeepoor and it was greeted with a due share of apChunar they have suffered greatly, as well plause, Whether this will hereafter be as at Futtyghur.

noticed remains to be seen; but if such scenes are suffered with impunity, it must

be evident that the situation of the officers Contentions still rage amongst the edi.

of justice cannot be enviable. In this case tors of the Calcutta papers. Since the

the malice goes much further than the affair between Mr. Macnaghten and Mr.

mere mockery of the simple transaction to Greenlaw, these gentlemen have seceded

which they must have intended their allufrom the editorship of their respective here held up to the ridicule of an infu.

sions. , The magistrate and his officers are papers. The duration of the Hurkaru (with which the Scotsman is now incorpo

riated mob, whilst the orders are also held rated) is undertaken by Mr. Dickens, a

up in a such a form of caricature, as to

create in the minds of these ignorant pergentleman of the Calcutta bar. Thie John Bull is ostensibly edited by Mr. Mei

sons nothing but contempt of that authoklejohn, brother-in-law of Dr. Bryce, a

rity which should be our pride to uplold. principal proprietor of that paper. Mr.

A British magistrate painted in effigy, and Dickens and Dr. Bryce appear to have

his orders carried about as a subject of been previously friends; but soon after the

contempt!!! Baunspele is in Hobrah former became editor, terms of reproach allusion to the disturbances in that neigh

Thannah, or else very close to it, and the and recrimination passed between the two papers, and Mr. Dickens called Mr. Mei

bourhood too contemptible to notice. The klejohn to the field, where he received his pected to be at the bottom of this act.

Sheristadar of the court is strongly susantagonist's fire, and discharged his own pistol in the air. This meeting, so far

Beng. Hurk. Sept 1. from quieting discord, exasperated former animosities. Dr. Bryce was charged with

CIVIL ANNUITY FUND. suffering, and, in fact, encouraging his relation to take up, in this unchristian

We are credibly informed, that a notice

will be published (under the authority of manner, a quarrel not his own, since it

the Government and of the Committee for originated in some obnoxious reflexions

the Civil Service Annuity Fund), to acupon Dr. B. This imputation the reverend gentleman has disproved. The sub- ing of the subscribers for the purpose of

quaint the subscribers, that a general meetject has deluged the various prints with electing five managers, will be held at the polemical articles, evincing a state of

Town Hall on Saturday, the 1st of October angry feeling at Calcutta, which it is lamentable to perceive its press is rather

next. Also, we understand, it is in the inclined to exasperate than allay.

contemplation of the Government (at the suggestion of the Committee) to recom

mend to the indulgent consideration of the MUSSULMAN INSOLENCE.

Court of Directors the case of all indivi. The following is a specimen of Mussul. duals who may be precluded by ill health, man insolence, and will shew at once to from continuing in this country for the full what length these people will go when un

period required by the regulations, for a restrained :

reduced grade of annuity, calculated with At the village of Bauspool the people reference to the period they have resided in brought out on the 26th instant, being the the country, and without any specific limilast day of the Mohurrum, their gowar

tation of time. In all cases, however, it rah, on which was stuck two etligies of the will be expected that the certificates of


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bealth, and other rules to be observed, him seized on the way by the sheriff's shall be so strict and particular in all their officer. The son of the Moha Rajah, stipulations, as to prevent all possibility of Rajah Rajnarain Roy Bahadoor, being this very humane and liberal indulgence informed of this circumstance, immedibeing perverted. The Honourable the ately sent the above sum (900 rupees), and Court of Directors will likewise, it is said, thus freed the Goshy from the debt.--be solicited to permit that the terms of Kowmoody, June 25. students passed at Hertford college after the age of 17, and not exceeding 19, may be considered equivalent to actual residence in India, and to form a part of the quali

We are given to understand that his fication for the benefits of the furlough and

Majesty the King of Oude has come forannuity provisions. ---India Gaz.

ward with a loan to the Supreme Government of one crore of rupees, and that

thirty lacks are daily looked for from MaWe are glad to hear that a meeting of

dras. -Beng. Hurk. Aug. 13. the merchants interested in the growth of, and trade in East India sugars, has lately been held here, and a committee formed The annual meeting took place on to communicate with the association at Saturday morning. We have only space home, having the same object in view.- to say, that the theatre is neither to be sold Cal. John Bull.

nor shut up The former managers were re-elected, and they are authorized to effect

such arrangements as they may deem best, BENEVOLENT INSTITUTION. The Tenth Report of this Institution

for the purpose of getting up performances contains evidence of great good effected,

during the ensuing year. - Beng. Hurk. and at the same time a serious complaint

July 19. of want of funds. The managers have been obliged to relinquish the school at Serampore. Those at Dacca and Chittagong

The East India Company's transport, still continue, and the two schools at Cal. Lotus, Capt. Brown, was lost upon the cutta. In the latter, at the close of 1824, Saugor sand, on the 22d of July. The the number of children in the school for vessel left Rangoon on the 5th with boys amounted to 161, and the number some troops, and several British officers of children in that for girls was 96, as passengers. Some of the crew escaped forming, in the whole, a total of 257. Of from the wreck in the boats, leaving the these, sixteen were descended from British rest of the crew and passengers on the parents, either on oncor both sides; ninety- wreck. Part of them made their escape five were Portuguese; three were Arme- on a raft, and the remainder were taken nians; twenty-one, Hindoos; six, Mus- off by the Mermaid brig. sulınans; ten, Chinese; and four Malay youths. Thus the Institution is still, as

MISREPRESENTATION. it has been from the beginning, an asylum The following paragraph is from the in which youth of all nations and all reli- Calcutta John Bull of March 21. we gions may take refuge ; and while no con- have kept it back in expectation of seeing dition is imposed on them beside those of

the statement explained or denied. . As it regular attendance and quiet behaviour, has appeared in an English paper (the they have an opportunity of obtaining that Telescope) without being, to our knowknowledge which may open to them the ledge, impugned, we think it incumbent path to useful life.

upon us to publish it.

“ We have at length received the SepINDIAN GENEROSITY.

tember number of the Oriental Herald. On Thursday last, the 23d instant, the .We find that its motto is again changed ; funeral rites of the late Moha Raja Rani- whether from any conviction that the chunder Roy Bahadoor were celebrated; foriner one was inappropriate we do not on which occasion an immense multitude know; but since so very much attention of beggars collected from different quar- is bestowed on the title-page, we cannot ters, and received ample donations. Ainong but wonder that an error, connected, too, other deeds of charity and goodness we with its conductor, of some importance, may observe, that a respectable Goshy, should be suffered to have remained so who had a debt of 900 rupees, had been long. We allude to the “ Member of the invited to attend on the occasion of the Asiatic Society in Bengal.” Why Mr. celebration, and was accordingly coming Buckingham chooses to continue this deto appear before the assembly. His cre- signation is best known to himself. He ditor knowing, that such an opportunity is not, and was not for some period prewould happen, had previously procured a viously to his departure for England, a warrant from the Supreme Court, and had member of that body. It is suflicient to

make cutta. The lady of P. Jordan, Esq., of the firm of At Lucknow, Lieut. F: W. Bireh, 41st N.I., Agabeg and Co., of a son.

à son.

make this statéinent-comment is unne. 23. At Entally, Mrs. G. Jessop, of a son.

Mrs. J. Castello, of a son. cessary,

24. Mrs. Sam. Smith, of a daughter.

25. Mrs. S. P. Singer, of a son. SHIPPING.

26. The wife of Mr. J. Forsyth, H.C. marine, of Arrivals in the River.

At Patna, the lady of Maj. Lockett, dep. sec.

to gov. in military depart, of a son. July 2. Hope, Flint, from London.-26. Madras,

27. At Berhampore, the lady of Capt. J. Steel, Fayrer, from London.-28. Lady

Blackwood, Rus

41st N.I., of a son. sell, from Coast of Mexico and Singapore.-Aug.

28. At Lucknow, the lady of Mordaunt Ricketts, 2. Charles Grant, Hay, from London.-3. Tiger,

Esq., of a daughter: Kent, from London and Ceylon.-5. H.M.S. Boa

Mrs. W. K. Ord, of a son. dicea, Commodore Sir J. Brisbane, from Madras,

Aug. 3. The lady of Assist.surg. John Douglas, and Ann, Worthington, from Mauritius. 17. brig

of a son. Indian, Shamear, from Liverpool, and brig Buf

Mrs. M. Portner, of a son. fon, Garnat, from Bordeaux.-20. Harmonie, Au.

- At Dacca, the lady of C. W. Steer, Esq«, of verng, from Bordeaux.–Sept. 2. Warren Hastings,

a daughter. Mason, and Minerva, Probyn, from London.-3. Sir Charles Forbes, Foulerton, from Sydney, and Be

At Ballygunge, the lady of Capt. William

Bruce, Bombay marine, of a daughter, verly, Whitney, from New York.-4. Robarts,

4. At Malda, the lady of J. W. Bateman, Esq., Roe, and Zenobia, Wilson, from Madras.-6. Jane,

of a daughter. Maitland, from New York.

8. The lady of the Rev. W. Morton, of Bishop's Departures from Calcutta.

College, of still-born male twins.

9. At Hazzareebaug, the lady of Capt. H. L. July 17. Palmyra, Lamb, for London.-19. Lord

Playfair, of a son. Amherst, Lucas, and Grenada, Anderson, for Lon

The lady of Capt. C. D. Aplin, assist. adj. don.-25. Theodosia, Kidson, for London.- Aug. gen., of a son. 5. Boyne, Lawson, for London, and brig Envoy, - At Ballygunge, Mrs. Thacker, of a daughter. Cabot, for Philadelphia.-6. Earl Kellie, Edwards,

11. The lady of H. Wood, Esq., civil service, of for Madras.-18. Alexander, Dickie, for Penang, a daughter. Batavia, &c.-21. King George the Fourth, Hul

12. At Cawnpore, the lady of Capt.C. King, 16th lock, for Madras, and Crown, Pinder, for Liver- Lancers, of a daughter. pool.-22. Hope, Flint, for London, and Bengal,

13. At Howrah, Mrs. W. S. Blackburn, of a M‘Leod, for Liverpool.--23. Georgian, Bancroft, daughter. for Philadelphia, and Pagoda, Brewster, for Bos

The lady of R. Alexander, Esq., of a son. ton.-Sept. 4._Rockingham, Beach, for London,

At Barrackpore, the lady of Capt. Haslam, of and Ninus, Frye, for Boston.-6. Tiger, Kent,

a daughter. for London.

14. Mrs. C. Cornelius, jun., of a daughter.
15. At Benares, the lady of Dr. A. Ross, 37th

N.I., of a daughter.
Passengers proceeding to China and

In Chowringhee, the lady of c. K. Robi. Europe.

son, Esq., of a son. Per Waterloo.-To China : Mr. G. S. Jackson, a

16. At Chandernagore, the lady of J. V. New. volunteer in Bombay marine.--To Europe : Lieut,

ton, Esq., of a daughter. R. P. Fulcher, 67th N.I.

At Gorruckpore, the lady of Maj. E. Simons,

9th extra N.I., of a daughter. Per Bridgewater.:-To China: John Templeton,

20. Mrs. Charles Rice, of a son. Esq.,, of the firm of Messrs. Blaney and Co.; Mr. C. Blight, of China; Mr. C. M.Leod, a merchant of

21. At Dum-Dum, the lady of Capt. C. Gra. Bombay; and Mr. V. J. Fernandez, a resident of

ham, commanding rocket troops at Prome, of a Macao. Per General Kyd.-To China: Messrs. R. C.

23. The lady of W. Davis, Esq., of the custom Plowden, and E. C. Ravenshaw, civil servants on

house, of a son. this establishment.--To China, and eventually to

The lady of W. H. Oakes, Esq., civil service,

of a daughter. England: Mrs. Wyatt; Mrs. Paxton, Mr. S. Pax. ton, a civil servant on this establishment; Capt.

At Dum-Dum, the lady of Dr. B. Macleod, H. Davidson, 30th N.I.; Master H. H. Wyatt;

of a daughter. Miss Wyatt, and Miss Anna Paxton.

26. At Allipore, Mrs. J. Moore, of a daughter. Per Hythe.To China : Mrs. Whiteford; Lieut.

27. Mrs. G. A. Turnbull, of a son. Wbiteford ; Mr. George Chinnery:-To Europe:

The lady of J. Carey, Esq., attorney at law, Mrs. S. A. Chesney; Capt. C. C. Chesney, Bengal

of a daughter. Artil.; Ens. R. K. Meares, 2d Europ. Regt. ;

Mrs. M. Martin, of a daughter. Masters A. Hutchinson, M. Chesney, and F. R.

29. Mrs. F. A. Cornabé, of a daughter. Chesney.

The lady of Capt. James Eckford, 6th N.I., of a son.

Mrs. G. Strafford, of a son. BIRTHS, MARRIAGES, AND

The lady of the Rev. W. Adam, of a daugh

ter. DEATHS.

Mrs. C. Esperança, of a still-born daughter.

Mrs. T. Palmer, of a son.

30. The lady of Capt. W. Cunningham, of 4 June 13. At Sultanpore, Oude, the lady of W. S. Charters, Esq., M.D., 2d N.I., of a daughter.

Sept. 4. Mrs. John Urquhart, of a son. 27. The lady of Mr. Jonas Vaughan, of a son.

The lady of Capt. G. Young, of a son. July 6. At Kurnaul, the lady of Capt. C. J. 5. At Chowringhee, the lady of Maj. W. S. King. 4th L.C., of a son.

Beatson, of a son. 8. At Dinapore, the lady of Capt. R. S Phillips, 67th N.I., of a son. 11. At Moorshedabad, Mrs. G. Burnett, of a son.

MARRIAGES. 14. At Meerut, the lady of Col. Edwards, 14th July 6. At Meerut, Capt, W. Bertram, 16th Regt., of a daughter.

regt., to Miss C. B. L. Delle Lapeyne. At Barrackpore, the lady of T. A. Shaw, At Patna, Mr. G. M. Francis, third son of Esq., civil service, of a son.

Lieut. Col. R. Francis, to Miss M. Jadowin, eldest 16. At Banda, the lady of A. W. Begbie, Esq., daughter of T. Jadowin, Esq., merchant of Cal. civil service, of a daughter.

to Jean, only daughter of the late John Walker, 17 At Howrah, Mrs. T. Payne, of a daughter. Esq., Bengal C. S. Mrs. John Wood, of a son..

12. At the H. C.'s Botanic Garden, Lieut. H. 18. At Banda, the lady of G. Mainwaring, Esq., Debude, corps of Engineers, to Jane Anne, second civil service, of a son.

daughter of the late Capt. W. H. Royle, H.C.'s 20. At Colingah, Mrs. Capt. Davidson, of a son. military service. 21. The lady of Mr. F. Picard, of a son.

14. At the Cathedral, G. Dawson, Esq., R.N., 22. The lady of Capt. J. J. Denham, latc of the to Marianne, relict of the laic Capt. Kinsey. ship Iłashmy, of a son.

16. At St.John's Cathedral, Capt.W.T. Poynton,




country service, to Anne Catherine, daughter of 15. At Kurnaul, James, the infant son of Capt. Capt. R. Dickie, same service.

J. D. Parsons, assist. com. gen. 22. At the Cathedral, Mr. W. H. Tydd, indigo - At Arracan, Ens. Hutchinson, 42d regt. planter, to Miss A. C. Mackenzie.

16. At Prome, Capt. H. Parsons, H. M.'s 47th 23. Mr. J. H. Lewis, to Miss A. M. Smith.

regt. Mr. P. D'Souza, to Mrs. M. Fernandez.

- Elias Minos, Esq,, aged 82. 25. Mr. J. H. Benwah, to Miss M. Kent.

19. Ilmo Senhor Barao de Sam Joze do Porto 27. At St. John's Cathedral, Mr. T. Freeborne, Alegre, an inhabitant of Macao. to Miss M. Hamlaine, only daughter of the late At Arracan, Capt. A. Bannerman, 20th N.I., Capt. Hamlaine, of the Mahratta service.

and assist. com. gen. - Lieut. J.Robinson, 61st N.I., to Miss Cooper, 20. John Dick, Esq., civil service, aged 28. daughter of the late Lieut. Col. Cooper, of this Mrs. P. D'Silva, aged 32. establishment.

At Arracan, Lieut. R. J. Birch, sub-assist. 29. At Howrah, Mr. C. Jansen, to Miss Sophia com. gen., and lately attached to 1st Lt.Inf. bat., Guthrie.

aged 25. 30. Mr. E. D'Cruz, to Miss E. Hard.

At Ramree, Ens. G. M. Pilgrim, 40th N.I., - At Bauleah, H. de C. Lawson, Esq., to Miss aged 21. M. Vibrat, daughter of Col. Vibrat, H. C. service. At Mahatee, near Arracan, Capt. Randall,

Aug. 1. At St. Andrew's Church, R. Eglinton, adj. of_16th Madras N.I. Esq., merchant, to Miss M. Dun,

fourth daughter 21. Ens. H. Ussher, H.M.'s 44th regt. of R. Low, Esq., cashier of the Dundee Banking At Gusserah, Matilda Jane, youngest daughCompany,

ter of Mr. B. Barber, jun. - At the Cathedral, R. Shaw, Esq., of the me- 23. Mrs. N. Wince, aged 38. dical staff, to Laura, widow of the late Lieut. G. Proctor, Esq., secretary to Medical Board, Darby, and youngest daughter of the late Col. aged 45. Scott, H.M.'s 6th regt

At Arracan, Mr. Graham, Commissariat de4. At Chandernagore, Capt. V. L. Palmer, to partment. Miss P. Imbert.

24. Mr. Francis Pereira, late interpreter to the 6. At St. John's Cathedral, Lieut. J. R. Talbot,

chief justice. interp. and quart, mast. of 59th N..., to Miss S. At Berhampore, E. E. Stuart, infant daughGillanders.

ter of the Rev. H. R. Shepherd, district chaplain. 9. At the Cathedral, R. L. C. M'Cutchan, Esq., 27. At Coel, Mr. Menzies. to Miss E. Hollingbery.

Ens. W. Michell, 22d N.I. 13. At the Scotch Church, H. Marshall, Esq.,

28. At Cawnpore, Anne, infant daughter of 33d Madras N.I., to Miss A. Andree, eldest daugh- Capt. R. Home. ter of Maj. Andree, 7th Bengal N.I.

On board the ship Lady Campbell, of fever, 16. At Moorshedabad, A. C. Maclean, Esq., to Mr. J. H. Maud, midshipman. Mary Elizabeth, daughter of H. T. Travers, Esq., 30. At Allipore, C. Henry, only child of c. civil service

Stuart, Esq., of the firm of Davidson and Co. 17. At St. John's Cathedral, Mr. E. Townsend, 31. At Kidderpore, Mr. John Frederick, writer, to Mrs. M. Mudie, widow of the late Mr. J. Mudie, Judge Advocate General's office. indigo planter, Berhampore.

Aug. 1. At Benares, Frances Isabella, youngest 20. At the Cathedral, Lieut. H. C. Talbot, 61st daughter of R. Richardson, Esq., commercial reN. I., to Miss J. Anderson.

sident of Commercolly. 22. At St. John's Cathedral, Capt. T. Dundas, - At Cawnpore, the infant son of Assist.surg. to Eliza Georgiana, eldest daughter of Major Bris- Sievwright, H.M.'s 59th regt. tow.

2. At Ghazeepore, the lady of Maj. A. Brown, - At St. John's Cathedral, Mr. G. Bond, of the

1st Europ. regt. Bengal marine, to Caroline, second daughter of 3. Arratoon, infant son of Aviet Agabeg, Esq. the late Mr. J. A. Williamsi

- At Gurrawarrah, Ens. T. Irving, Ist Bengal - At St. John's Cathedral, Mr. A. Nonis, to N.I. Ann Elizabeth, daughter of the late Mr. J. Mack- 4. Capt. J. Madigan, H.M.'s 46th regt., aged 39. lir, H.CO's Marine.

- At Dacca, H. W. Money, Esq., collector of 29. At the Cathedral, G. H. Smith, Esq., civil government customs and town duties. service, to Louisa, second daughter of J. Atkin- 8. At Allahabad, Anne, infant daughter of H.G. son, Esq.

Christian, Esq., civil service. Sept. 1. At the Cathedral, Capt. A. Davidson, 9. Mrs. F. Paschoud, aged 23. assist. political agent, N. E. frontier, to Diana W. R. Jones, son of Mr. J. B. Jones. Stroughton, daughter of the late B. Turner, Esq. 10. C. Sophia, eldest daughter of Mr. M. Jones.

3. At the Cathedral, A. D. Rice, Esq., to Jane - 14. C. Greenwaller, Esq., aged 31. Harriet, third daughter of the late R. Blechynden, The infant son of R. Alexander, Esq. Es7.

15. Malcolm, infant son of M. McKenzie, Esq., indigo planter, Jessore.

- At Chowringhee, Mary Anna, daughter of DEATHS.

Lieut. Col. Bryant, judge adv. gen., aged 1 year June 1. At Mundlaisir, Mary Thomson, infant and 10 months. daughter of Lieut. Lermit, adj. Mundlaisir local 16. Maria Barretto, infant daughter of L. J. corps.

Barretto, Esq. At sea, on board the H. C.'s ship Charles 17. Delphine Sophia, infant daughter of the late Grant, John Hay, Esq., 2d officer.

H. Tyler, Esq. 22. At Arracan, Capt. w. Swan, commander of - At Meerut, Mary Eliza, infant daughter of the transport ship Lady Macnaghten.

T. Jackson, Esq., H.M.'s 14th regt. - At Lucknow, J. C. De Verinne, Esq., aged 49. 18. Mr. Samuel D'Anselme, aged 30.

24. At Arracan, Mr. Assist surg. Wilson, Bengal 19. At Ballygunge, the lady of W. Thacker, artillery.

Esq., aged 25. 29. At Futtyghur, Mr. J. Grimaut, late of Dy- 21. Capt. Dipnall, commander of the ship Lord poor factory, aged 44.

Suffield, aged 31. July 2. Ai Arracan, Mr. $. W. Beggle.

At Banda, the infant daughter of W. Fane, 5. At Arracan, Lieut. c. Armstrong, of the

Bombay marine, and in charge of the Flotilla.

Mr. V. Gonsalves, aged 48.
At Arracan, Mr. Kerr.

22. H. Manning, Esq., civil service, aged 27. 7. At Arracan, Capt. Bowring, commander of At Dacca, J. G. Railey, Esq., indigo planter. the brig Colonel Young.

At Lucknow, P. Treves, Esq., civil service. - At Arracan, Mr. Corner, chief officer of the At Fort William, Capt. W. Mountgarret, H. brig Colonel Young:

M.'s 87th foot. 8. M. C. Eliza, infant daughter of Mr. J. Pi. 23. Mr. G. Serrað, provisioner, aged 45. cachy, aged 9 months.

Mr. Edw. Bagshaw, aged 28. 9. At Cawnpore, the infant daughter of Mr. D. 25. Eliza L. Paschoud, infant daughter of Mr. O'B, Clarke.

F. Paschoud. 10. At Sultanpore, Benares, Lieut. Col. Lucius Ens. J. D. Montague, recently arrived in the R. O'Brien, C.B., commandant of the 8th Bengal H.C.'s ship Charles Grant. L.C.

- M. A. Lindsay, infant daughter of D. W. H 14. At Arracan, Lieut. C. Hutchinson, 42d N.I. Speed, Esq:

15. At Moisgunge, the insant son of Lieut. and 26. Mr. Henry Roberts, aged 25. Adj. Holmes, 7th N.J.

John Charles, the infant son of Mr. C. Rice.

26 Asiatie Journ. Vol. XXI. No. 122.

2 H

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20. Mr. R. P. Reynolds, aged 28.

Col. J. Noble.-Maj. J. H. Frith.-Capts. J. N. Mr. G. J. Thomson, aged 23.

Abdy, A. L. Murray, C. Patton, H. Gregory, C. - Mr. J. Dick, trader Mangoe Lane.

Hosmer.--Ist-Lieuts. H. S. Foord, P. Hammond, 27. At Howrah, Mr. J. R. Thompson.

G. Alcock, T. Baylis, R. C. Moore, F. Burgoyne, The infant daughter of Mr. G. H. Poole. J. H. Gunthorpe, C. W. Rolland, H. Watkins, H. 28. Lieut. R. Chetwode, 14th N.J., aged 25. Newman.-Adj. T. Baylis.-Quart. Mast., Interp,

Mr. C. S. Meller, son of the late Capt. J. and Paymast. H. S. Foord.-Surg. W. Mackenzie. Meller, Bengal Military estab., aged 24.

---Assisi.surg. (vacant). - At Hutteah, Mr. J. Abraham, apothecary, H.C.'s service, aged 30.

4th (or Golundause) Bat. Col. Sir J. Sinclair.

Licut. Col. J. J. Mackintosh.-Maj. W. M. Burton. - The infant daughter of Mr. C. Martin. 29. The Rev. J. Maisch, Missionary of the

-Capts. J. G. Bonner, W. T. Brett, T. T. Paske,

D. H. M.Kenzie, C. F. Symes.-1st-Lieuts. W. S. Church Missionary Society, aged 27.

Hele, W. S. Carew, J. Horne, T. D. Whitcombe, 30. Mrs. D'Rozario, relict of the late Mr.P.D'Ro

J. Booker, J. T. Baldwin, T Ditmas, A. J. Begzario, of Dacca, aged 54.

bie, M. Watts, J. G. M'Nair.--Adj. W.S. Hele Sept. Capt. J. Campbell, formerly of the Harbour Master's departinent, aged 69.

Quart. Mast., Interp., and Paymast. W. S. Carew. 3. Of cholera, Emma, the lady of Edward Bird,

-Surg. J. Jeffries. - Assist.surg. T. Thornton. Esq., barrister at law, aged 24.

4. In Fort William, Mrs. Mary Picard, the lady of Capt. Picard, H.M.'s 47th regt., aged 66.

LAW. 4. At Allipore, Capt. L. Conroy, commandant of the Calcutta native militia.

SUPREME COURT, AUG. 19. 3. Capt. T. Lyons, Pension estab.

The Hon. Sir Robert Buckley Comyn, tj. At Entally, Elizabeth, relict of the late Mr. W. Howard, aged 77.

Kt., took the oaths and his seat on the Lately. At Patna, Lieut. Col. Willoughby, of bench as a Puisne Judge of the Court, the H.C.'s service. On board the Rose, on his way to the Cape

under a salute of 15 guns from the fort of Good Hope, John Shakespear, Esq,, of the battery. civil service.

On the same day, W. Bathie, At Sydney, N. S. Wales, Capt. J. J. Casement, brigade major on this establishment.

took the usual oaths, and was admitted as a Barrister of the Court.




The following tribute to the admirable Aug. ll. Mr. R. Rogers, register to Provincial instructions, written by Sir John MalCourt of Appeal and circuit for southern division.

colm, is as just as it is flattering :

Revenue Department. — Minute of the MILITARY APPOINTMENTS, Honorable the Governor in Council, 25th. PROMOTIONS, &c.

March, 1825.- The hon. the Governor Head-Qrarters, Bangalore, Aug. 16, 1825.-Off. in Council had thought it desirable that cers of the corps of artillery are posted as follows: some rules should be framed for the guiHorse Artillery.

dance of the officers of government with 1st Brigade. Col. (Lieut.Col. Com.) J. Limond.

the natives of India. This has been ren-Lieut. Col. W. G. Pearse.--Maj. W. Morrison.- dered unnecessary by Sir John Malcolm's Capts. N. Hunter, J. J. Gamage, G. Conran, F. F.Whynyates, R. S. Seton.-st-Lieuts. W.Brooke,

instructions to his assistants and the offi2. Sheriff, J. Pinchard, M.Campbell, E. Amzinck, cers acting under his orders, dated 28th G. W. Onslow, T. R. Gelle, T. K. Whistler, P. June, 1821, in which he states fully and Anstruther, T. Lavie.-Adj. W. Brooke-Quart, mast., interp., and paymast. J. Pinchard.-Surg.

clearly every thing that can be wanted for M.S. Moore. -Assist.surgs. J. Lamb, J. Macfar- the object in view. land, D, Falconer, D. Archier.

The directions which follow are ex2d Brigade. Col. (Lieut. Gen.) R. Bell.-Lieut. Col. E. M. G. Showers.--Niaj. W. Cullen.-Capts.

tracted from that paper : they can hardly J. Harrison, T. Y. B. Kennan, P. Montgomerie, be perused without advantage; and the W. F. Lewis, J. M. Ley.-1st-Lieuts, C, Taylor, J. H. Steill, A. G. Hyslop, A. E. Byain, E. S.

Governor in Council cherishes the hope Burchell, N. H. Fsh, S. S. Trevor, G. Hall, W. that every public officer, for whose use H. Brotherton, G. Briggs.---dj.C. Taylor.-Quart. they are intended, will be guided by the Mast., Interp., and Paymast. A. G. Hyslop:Sury. J. Dean. - Assist.súrgs, J, Smith, J. Ricks,

spirit which pervades them. E. Finnerty, D. Vertue,

By order of the hon. the Governor in Foot Artillery.


D. HILL, Chief Sec.
Ist Pat. Col. Maj. Gen.) T. Clarke.Lieut..
Col. S. Cleaveland.-Maj. T. S. Watson.--Capts.

J. Ketehen, T. H. J. Hockley, T. Biddle, R. G.
Polwhele, J. Chisholine.--Ist-Lieuts. F. Blundell,

The Hon. the Governor left the presiJ. Anderson, R. D, Patterson, C.H. Best, J. Back, T. H. Humuffreys, J. W. Croggan, W. H. Miller, dency on the 24th August on a visit to the T. A. Ashton, G. A. Goldingham.--Adj. J. Ander- provinces, under a salute of nineteen guns, son.--Quart. Mast., Interp., and Paymast, F. Blundell.-Surg. W. Wilson.-Assist.surg. (vacant),

from the fort battery.
2d Bat. Col. (Maj.Gen.) T. Hayes.--Lieut.Col.
C. Hopkinson. - Maj. J. Wilkinson. - Capts. A.
Crawford, F. Derville, F. Bond, J. Lainbe, J.

Dickinson.-ist-Lieuts. J. Wynch, T. ('ussans, I.
Aldritt, R.S. Yolland, C. Grant, J. G. Patterson,

The public assembly of Monday evenG. Middlecoat, P. J. Begbie, J. G. B. Bell.-Adj. ing is considered to have outvied all the J. Aldritt.-Quart. Mast., Interp., and Paymasi. foriner, both as to numbers and attrac(vacant).--Surg. R. Sladen. Assist:surg. R. Oli

tion at the same time it was generally phant. 3 Brt. Col. (Maj. Gen.) J. G. Scott.Lieut. admitted, that the present building did


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