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20th N.I. Lieut. W. Briggs to be interp. and Arracan. J. V. Law to 2d Europ. regt. at Dina. quart. mast., v. Brey. Capt. Stewart rem. to 4th pore. A. B. Nesbitt to 50th N.l. at Nusseerabad. extra regt.

A. B. Ogilvie to 27th at Dacca. . W. H. W. MidEuropi. Invalids. Lieut. R. W. Beatson, 4th ex- ford to 37th at Benares. E. T. Spry to 28th at tra N.I., to be adj. and quart. mast., v. Wiggers Berhampore. D. Ramsay to 43d at Saugur. W. prom.

C. Campbell to 30th at Midnapore. R. H. Seale July 15.--Lieut. M'Donald, of artil., to officiate

to 38th at Keitah. C. Vardon to 56th at Nussee

rabad. as adj. to details of artil at Rangoon, from 12th

G. D. Dawes to 54th at Kishengunge. S. Feb.

R. Wallace to 39th at Dinapore. Y, Lamb to 51st

at Jubbulpore, J. T. Gordon to 15th at PertaubEns. J. H. Phillips removed from 69th and post

gurh. W. James to 31st at Mirzápore. J. Fisher ed to loth N.I.

to lst at Gurrawara. A. L. Willis to 23d at Futteh

gurh. W. Platt to 18th at Secrora. C. Wyndham Fort William, July 22.Cavalry. Lieut, Col. F. to 35th at Meerut. R. M. Campbell to 33d at J. T. Johnston to be lieut. col. col. com., and Maj. Muttra. R. Ramsay to 10th at Nusseerabad. C. H. Hawtrey to be lieut. col., from 10th July, v. Darby to 520 at Jemalpore. J. G. Whitelock to O'Brien dec.

44th, Sylhet frontier., F. W. Burroughs to 17th at 4th L.C. Capt. C. P. King to be maj., and Lieut.

Bhopalpore. C. Corfield to 69th at Benares. W. J. D. Dyke to be capt. of a troop, from 10th July,

B. Holmes to 12th at Loodhiana. A. Horne to 62d in suc, io Hawtrey prom.

at Arracan. W. D. Nash to 46th at Assam. D. 35th N.I. Ens. W. Gibb to be lieut. from 8th

Ogilvy, to 9th at Bareilly: C. C. Hannyngton to

24th at Delhi. G. Hamilton to 53d at Kurnaul. July, in suc. to Grose transf. to pension estab.

A. H. Shepherd to 14th at Allahabad. R. S. T. 68th N.I. Ens. S. Grove to be lieut. from 15th Cunynghaine to 25th at Penang. Jas. Skinner to July, v. Twemlow dec.

61st at Barrackpore. F. Streatfeild to 3d extra 2. Extra N.1. Ens. R. Hill to be lieut. from 9th regt. at Mynpoorie. R. Steuart to 20th N.I. at July, in súc. to Hall removed.

Barrackpore. R. M. Milas to 5th at Muradabad. Mr. J. G. Whitelocke admitted to inf., and

H. C. Gilmore to 59th at Banda. C. Apthorp to

41st at Etawah. St. G. D. Showers to 4th extra prom. to ensign. 7.

regt, at Allahabad. J. R. Lumsden to 63 N.I. at Lieut. A. Irvine, of engineers, to be offic. super- Goorgaon. W. Moultrie to 57th at Assam. J. E. intend. engineer, south-west-frontier, during ab- Orange to 26th at Arracan. W. W. Jones to 3d at sence of Lieut. Paton.


Benares. J. Wemyss to 2d extra regt. at Cawn. : Lieut. W. H. Howard, 1st Europ. regt., to offi- pore j. 'Graham to 62d regt. N.I. at Arracan. W. ciate as executive officer, 4th or Ghazeepore div., Frederick to 6th at Lucknow. J. L. Taylor to during absence of Brevi Capt. Carter.

64th at Nusseerabad. W.C. Hicks to 67th at Barrackpore. W. E. Andrews to 5th extra regt. at

Benares. ' A. F. Maginniss to Ist Europ, regt. at Head-Quarters, July 18.

Lieut. Heaver posted Ghazeepore. H. H. Hill to 36th N.I. at Muttra. to lst bat. of nat. invalids at Allahabad.

J. C. Macleod to 2d at Sultanpore (Oude). H. W. Brev, Capt. Tomlinson to act

as adj. to Glst N.I., Leacock to 6th extra regt. at Dinapore. F. Seaton v. Stock removed; datę 8th July.

to 48th N.I. at Saugor. Alex. Mackenzie to 11th July 19. Lieut. Deare to officiate as interp. and

at Lucknow.. G, Timins to 34th at Seetapore. J.

King to 13th at Cuttack. J. Woods to 32d at quart, mast, to 69th regt. ; date 11th July.,

Cawnpore. H. A. Shuckburgh to 40th at Cheduba. Removal of Enş. Bluett, from 45th to 630 N.I., J. H. Hatchell to lst extra regt. at Futtehgurh. cancelled at his own request.

W. H. Nicholetts to 28th N.I. at Berhampore. R. Ens. W.Alston removed from 3d extra regt, and T. Sandeman to 12th at Loodhiana. J. T. Geils posted to 68th N.L.; and Ens. E. T. Erskine from to 60th at Cawnpore. G. Short to 45th at DinaIlth, and posted to 630 N.1.,

pore. To Taly 20.2 Lieut: Coveritry to act as interp. and quart. mast. to 6th L.C., v. Parker rem. to 2d

Fort William, July 29.-Cornets to be Lieuts. to extra 4th July.

fill existing vacancies. T. Moore, 1st L.C.; G. P. Capt. J. Craigie, 37th N.J., to raise a levy of re- Lloyd, 2d ditto; R. S. Trevor, 3d ditto ; B. Pead, cruits its for regts. of line at Dinapore.

4th ditto; all from 13th May. July 22.-Appointments and Removals in Artillery Mr. J. Anderson admitted to artil., and prom. to in consequence of the new organization - Horse 2d lieut.-Messrs. G. Short, D. F. Evans, N. Vi. Artillery Lieut. d. Mackay to be adj. and quart. cary, and J. Nunn, admitted to inf., and prom. mast. to 1st brigade. Lleut. J. Johnson (now adj. to ensigns.-Messrs. G. G. Brown and D. M. Q. Ist bat.) to be adj. and

qaart. mast. to the 2d brig. Gray admitted as assişt.surgs. Lieut. G. Pennington (now adj. and quart, mast. Capt. J. Robeson, 24th N.I., permitted, at his to horse artil.) to be adj. and quart.

mast. to 3d own request, to resign service of Hon. Company. brig.- Foot Artillery, Lieut. R. G. MacGregor to be adj. to Ist bat. Lieut. T. D’Oyly (now adj. 2d

Assist.surg. J. Adam to be secretary. to medical

board, v. Proctor, dec. bat.) to 2d bat. Lieut. T. Sanders to be adj. to 3d hat. Lieut. R. Horsford to be adj. to 4th bat.

Assist.surg. A. R. Jackson to be assist. marine Lieut. T. A. Vaprenen (now adj. 3d bat.) to be adj.

surg., V. Adam. to 5tk bat.

Assist.surg, J. Nicholl to be surg. from 22d Geddes appointed riding-mast. at July, v. Proctor, dec. Dum Dum.

July 23.--Removals of Oficers for purpose of level- Head-Quarters, July 23.-Lieut. Clarkson, 6th ling the several Regimento. Cavalry. Lieuts. W. N.I., to act as adj. and intery. and quart. mast, to W. Apperley from 2d extra regt. to 4th L.C. W. 2d extra N.I.; date 1st July. B. Reade ftom 7th to 1st L.C. D. G. A. F.H. 11 Lieut. M'Nair to act as adj. to 5th extra regt. ; Mellish from 2d to 2d extra L.C. A. W. W. Fra- date 13th July. ser from 3d to 8th L.C.-Infantry. Ens. J. Sutherland from 42d to 69th N.I.

Lieut. J. Butler to act as adj. to 3d N.I.;'v.

Soady prom.; date 11th July, Cornets and Ensigns posted to Corps. Cornets B.

Lieut. Stewart to act as interp. and quart, maste Pead to 4th L.e. at Kurnaul. T. Moore to ist at Bhaugulpore. - G. P. Lloyd to 2d at Neemuch.

to 42d N.I., during absence of Lieut. Polwhele;

date 3d July. n. s. Trevor to 3d at Muttra.-Ensigns J. Ferris to 20th N.1. at Barrackpore. J. Remington to 12th

July 25.--Lieut. Benson to act as quart, mast. at Loodhiana. W. H. Dyke to Goth at Cawnpore.

to 4th L.C., v. Dougan removed to 2d extra regt. ; D. T. ddy to 2d extra regt. at Cawnpore. H.

date 7th July. T. Tucker to 8th N.I. at Baitool. W. Michell to July 26.--Ensigns poster. Ramsay to 10th NJ. 22d. Sylhet frontier. G. Farmer to 66th at Cawn- at Nusseerabad: Burroughs to 17th at Bhopalpore. A. Lee to 68th at Barrackpore. R. Boyd to pore. Corfield to 69th at Benares, Holmes to 65th at Penang. J. Ewart to 55th at Neemuch. i2th at Ludhiana, Hannyington to 24th at Delhi. W. Elliot to 58th at Agra. M. E. Loftie to 7th, Shepherd to 14th at Allahabad. Streatfield to 3d Sylhet frontier. F. C. Elwall to 49th at Arracan. extra N.1. at Mynpoorie. Nicholetts to 28th N.I. W. Buller to 19th at Hansi. T. Pluunbe to 23th at at Berhampore. Sandeman to 12th at Ludhiana. Neernuch. R. K. Meares to 21st at Agra. E. A. Geils to 60th at Cawnpore. Short to 45th at Dinas Munro to 4th at Loodhiana. W. Jervis to 42d at pore. Andrews to sth extra NJ. at Bonales, Asiatic Journ. Viij. XXÍ. No. 12%.

2 G


Lieut. W

Hill to 36th N.l. at Muttra. Seaton to 48th at charge of detachment at Lohargong; date 18th Saugur. Timins to 34th at Seetapore. Woods to July.-Assist.surg. Stenhouse, when relieved, to 32d at Cawnpore.

join 4th extra regt. July 28.-Lieut.C.Grant to act as adj. and quart. Aug. 2.-Surg.Phillips to do duty with 67th N.I. mast. to detachin. of horse artil. at Prome during Aug. 3.--Lieut. E. M. Orr to act as interp. and absence of Lieut. Timings on med. cert.; date quart. mast. to 58th N.I., v. Williams transf. to 2d 25th June.

extra N.I.; date 18th July. Lieut. A. G. Ward to act as adj. to 68th N.I. Brev.Capt. Campbell to act as interp. and quart. during absence of Lieut. Marshall on med. cert. ; mast. to 21st N.I., v. Simmonds prom. ; date 16th date 22d July.

July. Assist. surg. Harris to assume medical duties Lieut. Tweedale, 18th L.C., to act as post adj. at Sylhet in room of Assist.surg. Morgan; date at Lohargong; date 18th July. 13th July.

Assist.surg. W. Miller posted to 42d N.I. Assist.surg. J. C. Paterson removed from 34th

Lieut. P. Gerard to officiate as adj. to Ist Nusand posted to 56th N.I.-Assist.surg: Gold posted seree bat. during absence of Lieut. Nicolson. to 34th N.I.-Assist.surg. T. E. Baker posted to 2d extra L. C. at Meerut. — Assist.surg. T. E.

Aug. 4.-Ens. G. Hamilton directed to join 53&

regt. at Kurnaul. Dempster appointed gar. assist.surg. at Buxar, and to have med. charge of 12th extra N.I.. V. Baker Ensigns A. Lee and Wm. James allowed to exremoved to 2d extra L.C.

change corps, the former being removed to 31st

and the latter to 68th N.I. July 29.-4th L.C. Lieut. W. Benson to be interp. and quart. mast., v. Dougan rem. to 2d extra

Ens. John Graham removed from 62d and posted regt.

to 55th N.I. 6th L.C. Lieut. F. Coventry to be interp. and Aug.5.-2d Extra L.C. Lieut. R. F. Dougan to quart, mast., v. Parker rem. to 2d extra regt.

be adj. 7th L.C. Lieut. E. B. Backhouse to be interp.

6th N.I. Lieut. R. Stewart to be interp. and and quart. mast., v. Duffin prom.

quart. mast., v. Farquharson rem. to 6th extra regt. 2d N.I. Lieut. H. Smith to be adj., v. Oliver

35th N.I. Lieut. J. Hay to be interp. and quart. rem. to 5th extra regt.

mast. 7th N.i. Lieut. H. Templer (now interp. and

67th N.I. Lieut. T. Smith to be adj. v. Brev. quart. mast.) to be adj. v. Brev. Capt. Holmes

Capt. Phillips prom., and Lieut. G. Hit to be inprom. Lieut. H. Hudleston to be interp. and

terp. and quart. mast., v. Brev. Capt. McMahon quart. mast., v. Templer.

prom. 21st N.I. Lieut. 0. Lomer to be interp. and 1st Extra. N.I. Lieut. R. Macdonald to be adj. quart. mast., v. Brev. Capt. Simonds prom.

Lieut. Codrington, 40th regt., to be major of bri28th N.I. Lieut. R. Smith to be interp. and

gade to light inf. brigade serving in Arracan. quart. mast., v. Wilkinson prom.

Aug. 6.- Interp. and Quart. Mast. Lieut. Angela

to act as adj. to 34th N.I. on departure of Lieut. 39th N.I. Lieut. J. Roxburgh to be interp. and quart. mast., v. Garrett rem. to lst extra regt.

and Adj. Cowley to join 35th regt. ; date 20th July. 69th N.I. Lieut. P. Deare to be interp. and quart. mast., v.Cumberlege rem. to 6th extra regt.

Fort William, Aug. 12.-40th N.I. Ens. C. J. C. 5th Extra N.I. Lieut. R. MacNair to be interp.

Collins to be lieut. from 26th July, v. Pilgrim dec. and quart. mast.

Assist.surg. W. Twining to officiate as 2d perSaharunpore Prov. Bat. Lieut. J. W. V. Stephen,

manent assist. at presidency General Hospital, v.

Jackson. 41st N.l., to be adj., v. Twemlow dec. July 30.--Lieut. Garstin to act as adj. and quart.

Col. A. Knox, of cavalry, to have command of mast. to 2d L.C.; date 22d June.

western division of army from 11th July, with

rank of brig. gen. Lieut. Trimmer to act as adj. to 50th N.I., v. Lewes app. extra sub-ass st. com. gen.; date 1st

Surg. J. Savage to be a presidency surg., V. Proc

tor dec. June. Fort William, July 29.-Infanty. Lieut. Col. W.

Head-Quarters, Aug. 8.-Officiat. Assist.surg. A. Burgh to be lieut. col. com. from 14th July, v. Sir

Beattie directed to proceed to Arracan, and to place D. Ochterlony, Bart. dec. Maj.C. Ryan to be lieut.

himself under orders of superintend. surg. col. from same date, v. Burgh prom.

Lieut. G. Ross, 20th N.I., to act as adj. to Mug 12th N.I. Capt. Alex. McLeod to be major,

Levy during absence of Lieut. and Adj. Fairhead;

date 8th July, Brev. Capt. and Lieut. T. Lamb to be capt. of a comp., and Ens. the Hon. R. V. Powys to be

Lieut. Cornish, dep. judge adv. gen., appointed lieut., from 11th July, in suc. to Ryan prom.

to western division. By death of Maj. Gen. Sir D. Ochterlony, Lieut. Aug. 9.--Removals and Appointments in Medical Cols. Com. W. Comyn and J. Rose becoine enti- Department. Surg. Hough from artil. at Cawntled to benefits of off-reckoning fund.

pore to 2d N.I.-Assist.surgs. Charters from 2d to Aug. 5.-24th N.I. Lieut. W. H. Terraneau to

53d N.I. Palsgrave from 530 N.I. to Sirmoor bat

talion. B. Wilson to artil. at Kurnaul. Buchan to be capt. of a comp., and Ens. T. Mackintosh to be

Mhairwarra local bat. lieut., from 1st Aug., in suc. to Robeson resigned.

Hardie to do duty with

artil. at Nusserabad. 42d N.I. Ens. C. Campbell to be lieut. from 14th July, v. Hutchinson dec.

Appointment and Removals in Ordnance CommisMr. T. Fraser admitted to cav., and prom. to

sariat. Capt. E. P. Gowan, com. of ord., to Cawn

pore magazine. Capt. Cartwright, com, of ord., cornet.-Messrs. F. C. Elwall and J. Peers admitted

to expense magazine. Assist.Com. G, Bachman to to inf., and prom to ensign.- Mr. Alex. Beattie app. temporarily to do duty as an assist.surg.

Allahbad magazine. Dep. Com. W. Claxton to

Nusserabad do. Dep. Assist. Com. P. Carey to Maj. Gen. Jasper Nicolls, H. M.'s service, ap- Chunar do. Dep. Assist. Com. E. Parsons to Agra pointed to general staff of presidency of Fort St. do. George,

Aug. 10.—Lieut. Bingley, horse brig., to act as 64th N.I. Lieut. F. Candy (now adj.) to be in- brigade to western div. during absence of Lieut. G. terp. and quart. mast., v. Pollock rem. to 3d extra c. Smyth; date 1st Aug. N.I. Lieut. A. Wilson to be adj., v. Candy.

adj. and quart. mast. to artil. at Kurpaul, in con. H ad-Quarters, July 30.- Assist.surg. Harrison sequence of augmentation to detachment ; date directed to place himself under orders of super

13th July. intend. surg. at Arracan.

Surg. G. O. Gardner to do duty with 29th N.I. Surg. Harding app. to artil, at Cawnpore.

at Barrackpore. Aug. 1.-Lieut. Robe to act as adj, to 26th N.I. ; Assist.surg. Pullar to do duty with troops in Ardate 27th June, Lieut. Holmes to act as adj, to right wing of 23d

29th N.I. Lieut. D. Simpson to be adj., v. Mar. N.I. during Lieut. and Adj. Platt's absence; date

ley prom. 17th July.

34th N.I. Lieut. J. Gibbs to be adj., v. Croft Lieut. T. Smith to act as adj. to 67th N.l. in prom. room of Capt. Phillips prom.; date 27th July. 56th N.l. Lieut. D. Thompson to be adj., v. Officiating Assist,surg. Barker to have medical Brev. Capt. Phillips proin.


Aug. 25.-Offc. Assist.surg. Turkington directed Aug. 12.-Lieut. Becher to act as adj. to right to proceed to Arracan, and to place himself under wing of 23d regt. until arrival of Lieut. Holmes; orders of superintend. surg. datë 17th July

Lieut. and Adj. May to officiate as interp: and Lieut. Darvall, 57th N.I., to act as adj. to Di- quart. mast. to 4th extra regt. until arrival of Brev. nagepore local bat. from 20th July, as a teinporary Capt. Stewart; date 12th Aug. arrangement.

Lieut. Carleton to act as interp, and quart. mast.

to 36th N.I. ; date 5th Aug. Fort William, Aug. 19.-20th N. I. Brev. Capt. Aug. 27.- Ensigns appointed to do duty. A. G. and Lieut. H. James to be capt. of a comp., and Miller, A. C. Dewar, and F. Cookney, with 16th Ens. J. Ferris to be lieut. from 19th July, in suc. N.I. at Barrackpore. T. G. Mesham and D.Shaw, suc. to Bannerman dec.

with 20th ditto at ditto. 24th N.I. Ens. J. C. Hannyngton to be lieut. in Brev. Capt. Durie to act as adj. to Kemanoon to Birch dec., with rank from Ist Aug. 1825, V. local bat. until arrival of Lieut. and Adj. Irvine ; Robeson res.

date 1st Aug. Messrs. A. G. Miller, A. C. Dewar, F. Cookney, J. D. Mantague, T. G. Mesham, and D. Shaw, admitted to inf., and prom to ensigns.

FURLOUGHS. Lieut. Col. J. Swinton, Inv. estab., to have To Europe.- July 11. Ens. J. Lang, 30th N.I., charge of invalid Thannahs in Bhaugulpore and

for health.-22. Lieut. Col. C. Peach, 16th N.I. Tirhoot districts.

(to proceed from the Cape of Good Hope).--29.

Capt. R. Ross, 18th N.I. (to proceed from St. HeHead-Quarters, Aug. 16.--Lieut. and Act. Adj. lena).-Aug. 12. Lieut. A. Tweedale, 4th N.I., for Moule to officiate as interp. and quart. mast. to 1st

health.-19. Lieut. Col. Com. J. M. Johnson, 30th extra regt., from 6th June.

N.I., for health.-24. Capt. A. M‘Mahon, 67th Lieut. Stewart to officiate as interp. and quart.

N.I., for health. mast. to 6th regt., in room of Lieut. Farquharson To Penang: July 29. Lieut.Col.Com. Penny, 33d rem. to 6th extra N.I. ; date 29th July.

N.I., for six months, for health.-Aug. 11. Lieut. Lieut. Murray to act as adj. to 28th regt., v.

C. Burnett, 8th N.I., for six months, for health.Smith app. interp. and quart. mast. ; date 2d Aug.

12. Assist.surg. C. Abel, apoth. to Hon.Comp., for

three months, for health. Lieut. and Adj. Beatson to act as detachment staff at Juanpore; date 1st Aug.

To Cape of Good Hope.-Aug. 17. Lieut. R. B. Lieut. Wise to act as adj. to 29th N.I., v. Mar

Wilson, regt. of Artil., for twelve months, for

health.--25. Superintend.surg. A. Ogilvy, for fif. ley prom. ; date 19th July.

teen months, for health. Lieut. Shell to act as adj. to 35th N.I. until arrival of Lieut. and Adj. Cowley; date 17th July. 2d-Lieut. J. Anderson posted to 1st comp. 5th

FROM HIS MAJESTY'S FORCES, bat. of artil. at Dum-Dum.

To Europe. - July 12. Lieut. Smyth, 87th regt., Capt. J. A. Currie, 14th N.1., to act as major of

on private affairs.--21. Lieut. Matthew, 38th regt., brigade to troops at Barrackpore.

for health.-Aug. 1. Lieut. Col. Cimatiere, 48th

regt., for health. --Surg. Hamilton, 13th regt., for Aug. 17.–Lieut. Col. G. H. Gall re-appointed to

health.—Lieut. Kelly, 54th regt., for health.-8. 8th L.C.

Paym. Mundell, 69th regt., for health.-Brev.Capt. Aug. 18.-Assist.surg. N. Morgan, late with field Conner, 20th regt., on private affairs.-Ens.Clarke, hosp. at Sylhet, directed to proceed to Arracan, 54th regt., for health.--Lieut. King, 89th regt., for where he will place himself under orders of super- health.-16. Lieut. Teasdale, 13th Lt. Dr., for intend. surg. with S. E. Div.

health.--Brev. Capt. Lukis, 59th regt., for health. Lieut. and Adj. McNair to officiate as interp. -Lieut. M.Donald, late of 59th but now of 97th and quart. mast. to 5th extra N.I. ; date 15th July. regt., for health.-Lieut. Coote, 59th regt, for Lieut. Talbot to act as adj. to 8th N.I.; date

health.-19. Lieut. Col. Mallett, 89th regt., for health.-23. Lieut. Edwards, 31st regt., for health. -27. Lieut. Frizell, 30th regt., for purpose of re

tiring on half-pay.---Lieut. Taylor, 38th regt, for Fort William, Aug. 19.-Lieut. G. B. O'Brien, health. H.M.'s 28th regt., to be dep. assist. quart. mast. gen. on general staff of expedition under Sir A.

To Ceylon.-Aug. 16. Brev. Capt. Forbes, 45th Campbell, v. Waterman proceeded to Europe.

regt., for two months, for health. Capt. H. Piper, H.M.'s 38th regt., to be dep.

To Sea.-Aug. 27. Lieut. Brownrigg, 18th regt., assist. adj. gen. to div. of Bengal troops serving in

for four months, for health. Ava.

Cancelled.-Aug. 8. Lieut. Hill, 87th regt.; to Aug. 26.-Mr. J. Turkington, surg., appointed,

Europe. temporarily, to do duty as an assist. surg. Head Quarters, Aug. 22.--Assist.surg. T. Clemi

MISCELLANEOUS. shaw posted to 6th extra N.I. at Dinapore.

ADDRESS TO THE LATE MR. ADAM. Lieut. and Adj. Hunter to officiate as interp. and quart, mast. to 1st extra L.C.; date 2d Aug.

The following is a copy of the address Aug. 23.-3d L.C. Lieut. J. L. Tottenham to be of the British residents of this presidency interp. and quart. mast., v. Smyth appointed to to the late Mr. Adam, which was forgeneral staff:

The 8th N.I. Lieut. G. R. Talbot to be adj., v. Brev.

warded to England by the Asia. Capt. Hall prom.

signatures attached to it are those of per32d N.I. Lieut. H. V. Glegg to be adj., v. Steer sons of the first éminence and respectabiprom.

lity. This document, therefore, is a 25th N.I. Lieut. R. E. J. Kerr to be interp. and quart. mast., v. Marshall rem. to 3d extra regt.

pretty strong indication of the genuine 66th N.I. Lieut. R. Delamain (now adj.) to be

feelings entertained at Calcutta of this interp. and quart. mast., v. Grant prom.; and lamented gentleman's worth, talents, and Lieut. M. G. White to be adj.. v. Delamain.

public services. Aug. 24.-_Lieut. Whinfield to act as adj. and

“ Hon. Sir : Under the influence of the quart. mast. to 2d brigade of artil. until arrival of Lieut. Johnson; date 21st July.

same feelings which induced us, ou the late Lieut. Col. G. Cooper removed from 34th, and occasion of your retirement from the high posted to 46th N.I.

office of Governor-General of the British Lieut. Burford to act as adj. to 26th N.I. during absence of Capt. Johnstone; date 10th Aug.

possessions in India, to testify our sense of Capt. Pemberton, 56th N.I., to act as major of the principles which had directed your

2 G 2


Ist Aug.

conductin' the administrations of its public and private virtues, it is with feel-. duties, we consider it to be equally incum- ings of unfeigned sorrow that we contembent on us at the present time, when the plate the necessity which has interrupted relation which then connected you with the brilliant career of your exertions in the Government of India no longer exists, the public service, and prematurely withand when every personal consideration of drawn you from the bosom of a society hope or fear has therefore ceased to ope- which you have equally adorned by your rate, to renew the expression of our un. talents, and instructed by your example: altered sentiments of cordial esteem and and while we cherish the anxious hope, approbation.

that, with the blessings of recruited health, “ At a moment when, in unison with you are destined to experience, in the enthe general feelings of the Indian com- joyment of your native land, the full meamunity, we were indulging the anxious sure of happiness which they are calculated hope of seeing you resume, together with to afford, we venture, at the same time, the blessing of invigorated health, the dis- to indulge a confident expectation that charge of those functions in the Supreme your eminent public services, in this reCouncil of the empire, which you have mote but valuable portion of the British so long exercised with distinguished ho. empire, will receive, in the approbation nour to yourself, and with eminent ad- of a discerning sovereign and a grateful vantage to the public interest, we lament country, their just and most appropriate to find ourselves called upon to perform reward. the duty of addressing you, not in the “ Calcutta, Muy 2, 1825." language of exultation which the realiza

(Signed) tion of that hope would have inspired, but

Edward Paget

Thos. Frobisher, Capt.

Samford Whittingham H. H. Nizam's service with expressions commemorative, no less R. H. Sneyd

J. Cullen of our private grief at the still impaired James Donnithorne F. Gresley

J. Low, junior

J. P. Larkins condition of your health, than of our

W. L. Watson, Lt. Col. Simon Fraser public sorrow at the necessity which de- T. Bolton, Captain R. Browne, M.D.

T. E. Baker prives us, under circumstances of peculiar

J. Forbes Royle

J. Gerard, Major W. B. Bayley exigency, of the future benefits of those

R. P. Nesbit

Henry Shakespear vigorous and enlightened councils, which

H. Douglas

G. J. Gordon
J. Sandford

C. Trower have so long contributed to the prosperity,

Tho. Wheeler Broadbent D. Ruddell the safety, and the glory of the state. George Boyd

M. G. Smith
C. Cardew

W. Brodie “ After a long course of honourable

J. Thomson, Captain J. Atkinson service, during which ample opportunities

R. Brooke

Holt Mackenzie have been afforded of appreciating the Neil B. E. Baillie W. Ainslie

Robert Morrieson D. Clark qualities of your character, as they have

Robert Sevestre

Geo. Swinton been exemplified in the various relations J. Llewelyn

H. W. Money of public and private life, it will be grati. Andrew Wright G. Hutchinson

S. Parlby, Captain R. Syme fying to you to receive from those amongst Edward Gardner

Wm. Hiatt whom the largest portion of that life has Jas. Wm. Douglas A. Lockett been consumed, this deliberate and so

Edmund Cartwright, Lt. G. P. Baker

Hugh Forbes lemn record of the atfectionate sentiments Wm. Towers Smith W. S. Greene of respect, esteem, and confidence, which James Parlby, Lt. Col. T. Mitchell

R. Martin

M. Gisborne the recollection of it has inspired.

R. Morell, Lt. Col. R. Walpole “ In the intercourse of private life your J. Simpson, Major H. P. Robinson deportment has been characterized by a

Thos. Lawtie, Captain W. H. Tyler

William Bull, Captain G. C. Master happy union of the amiable and endear- A. Stewart, Captain E. P. Smith ing qualities wbich constitute the charm

J. W. Ilogg

J. A. Dorin
W. L. Melville

R. Downey, Capt. Artil. of social existence, with the possession of

F. Magniac

Charles Druem distinguished rank, and with the ascen- A. Smelt

Charles Druem, junior Ralph Smith

J. S. McLaren, Capt. dancy of superior intellectual attainments;

John Savage

William Storm while in the exercise of the arduous duties G. T. Taylor.

E. C. Ravenshaw

H. Carter belonging to the exalted public station

Wm. Tulloh Robertson

J. Bartleman, Lieut. Wm. Russell which you have been called upon to fill, you M. Wilson

Charles Paton have exhibited, in the elevation of your F. Goldsbury

N. Wallich

J. Henderson views, in the clear integrity of your prin

J. Macdougall, Lieut. N. Smith

D. A. Com. Gen. ciples, in the wisdom and decision of your S. T. Cuthbert

G. W. Trail measures, and in the sacrifice of every Henry Lewis

Wm. Watson, Surgeon James Shaw

Thos. M. Munro, M.D. personal consideration to your sense of the

Thomas Yeld

Robert W. Poe exigencies of the public weal, a bright

James Wemyss

D. Smith example of those great and good qualities

G. H Murray, Lt. Col. G. N. Cheek
16th Lancers

W. Watts which, as they are the main constituents

G. Mackillop

J. Mostyn, Lieut. of public virtue, are also the most appro.

R. B. Lloyd

J. H. Cave, Major

John Adam, M.D. J. Cheap priate objects of public respect and honour.

R. Tytler, M.D. George Cheap, junior “ Entertaining this opinion of

Jas. Bryce, D.D. Chap- Wm. Pringle
la in

H. P. Russell racter, and animated with these senti

Ceo. Baillie, surgeon to George Saunders ments of high respect and esteem for your

I. M. of Oude Robert Saunders


your cha.

W.J. Clark
Mark Roforth,

J. Dres

William Price
Percy Eari
R. N. M. Thomson

J. Carter

J. W.J. Ouseley
R. J. Taylor

D. Scott

H. Todd A. C. Meiklejohn C. S. Barberie

N. I. Halhead

George Wande
W.C. Leugh
G. King

W. P. Okeden

John Kerr, Lieut.
John Lowe
F. Nepean

Andrew Spiers

W. Turner, Captain
Wm. Troser
H. S. Mercer

James Charter

H. L. Barnett, Captain W. Colville D. Erskine

Henry Cock

A. Roberts, Captain,
Thos. Colville

Charles Bayley
A. Beveridge
W. Ogilvy

J. Hayley, Assist. Surg. E. Lee Wamer
W. Dick
H. S. Oldfield

By Government Orders, dated 18th Geo. Franco

J. Hunter
Thos. Hall, Major
T. Macan, Capt.

August 1825, the public officers at the
R. Hawkes
H. Hay, Capt.

presidencies, native courts, &c., are au. D. Downing

F. Champagne, Captain thorized to receive subscriptions to a new G. Kennaway

J. A. Hodgson, Major
J. Menzies
R.H. Scott

five per cent. loan, in cash, bills for ar, E. D. P. Towhshend H. Lushington

rears of salary, bills of exchange on the W. Beckett

P. Starling, Major
Thos. Sanders
W. L. Gardner

public treasuries, treasury notes, and all J. Satchwell A. Ogilvie

authorized public demands. The notes of Rt. Stevenson, Lt. Col. P. M. Hay, Captain

this loan are not to be paid off before G. Chester

W. W. Cowell
Ed. Barnett
S. M. Boulderson

26th April 1832, nor after that date withJas Calder H. S. Boulderson

out a previous notice of three months, J. Bryant

Par. Starling
C. Lushington
H. V. Glegg.

Proprietors of notes of this loan to receive
John Trotter
W. Mitchell

payment of interest, at their option, in J. D. Loch, Nizam's ser- S. Swinton

cash, or bills (not less than £25) on home, vice

Ariel Simson Jas. Loch, Lucknow C. Dawes

at 2s. 6d. per sicca rupee, payable twelve Wm. Casement L. Magniac

months after date. C. Pattenson

D. Todd
Chas. Cornwallis Ches- A. N. Forde
ney, Captain
Geo. Lindsay

Francis Pemble Strong F. A. Weston
J. MacInnes
W. Bell, Surgeon

It appears from the Calcutta papers,
C. Morby
J. Robson

that great sickness has prevailed at that Chas. Mackenzie James Robson W. Walters E. J. Honeywood

presidency, and at Benares, and other Alexander Colvin J. Manson

places, arising chiefly from the excessive J. Dewar J. D. Herbert

heat of the weather. The cholera morbus R. Colebrooke, Lieut. T. H. Maddock 1. Maling

has made dreadful ravages amongst the F. Wilder N. R. Vos E. Sterling

natives. Up to the 1st September, it was John Collie

P. Breton
D. Campbell
J. H. Hooper

computed that 6,000 Hindus and MusulJohn Storm H. Osborn

mans had been carried off. The epidemic Richard Smith Chas. B. Greenlaw

raged most amongst the latter class; the F. C. Harvey

S. Osborne W. C. Blaqueire J. Bathgate

dissipation, fatigue, and exposure attendPeter Andrew T. Milner

ing the celebration of the Mohurrum fesD. Andrew W. Fendall

tival, may probably, it is imagined, acE. Stirling

W. H. Stalkartt Avelyn M. Gordon Alexander Brown

count for this circumstance. W. D. Oehme Geo. Wint

With respect to the character of the Simon Lee

Peter Warden Grant, Lt.
Wm. Cameron
W. A. Livingston

disorder, it was at first considered to be P. Saunders John Moore

only of the sporadic sort; but subsequentBrough Maltby, Capt. James Coull

ly, it seems to have become spasmodic and W. G. Glasgow, Lieut. Joseph Ives W. Durham R. H. Rattray

epidemic. Europeans were principally G. Proctor M. I. Tierney

attacked by a smart fever, quickly runC. Cornelius, junior W. R. Gilbert, Lt. Col. J. R. Lumley, Lt. Col. John D. Syers, Lieut..

ning its course, and rarely exhibiting se. J. Pattle

Wm. Hoggán, Lieut. rious symptoms. The natives were assailW. B. Martin P. S. Johnson

ed first by the fever, on the subsidence of H. Wood

Wm. Lowther R. D. Colquhoun A. Prinsep

which, cholera supervened, and proved Alexander Speirs C. T. Metcalf

fatal. The districts in Calcutta where the Chas. Carmichael Smyth A. Ramsay L. Kennedy F. B. S. Wilder

disorder raged (for some spots were une T. Wood, Lieut.Col. C. S. Fagan, Lieut.Col. visited) were those remarkable for filth, A. D. Gordon

H. Sandys, Captain luxuriant vegetation, and stagnant tanks, T. T. Metcalf

F. W. Fitzroy
Charles Hogg
A. Trotter

The unwholesome food of the poorer
J. Ahmuty
E. S. Harington

classes is assigned as another cause, or a Charles Carey

H. M. Pigou
W. C. Chalmers
J. Stewart

promoter of the disease; and from the William Lambert N. Morgan

want of attention to each other, common George Bayley

G. Gordon Thos. Brown, Maj. Gen. B. Bygrave

amongst the natives, many are supposed T. G. Gunter H.J. Harding

to have perished for want of proper aid. J. Mackenzie, Captain Archd. Campbell

It is stated in one paper, that the funeral S. A. Stud

John Neave
William Fleming
John Campbell

piles at the ghauts could not be lighted Charles D'Oyley S.P. Stacy

fast enough to consume the bodies brought J. B. Eliott Chas. Haldane

for cremation. J. R. Elphinstone J. Jeffreys, Surgeon J. Marjoribanks Henry Swetenham

The thermometer on the 22d August C.F. Fergusson G. Wellesley

stood at 90°, at Garden Reach, so late as William Smyth F. Raper R. Willoughby

nine o'clock p.M., without a breath of air. Geo. Vanzette R. M. Tilghman J. Lushington

Towards the latter end of August, the


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