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currency, in consequence of over-coinage,” is the same as printed in the second part of the Society's Transactions, p. 255, just published. Amongst the most striking subjects of these extracts, are the following :-“ Malversations in office.” “ On the Emperor's putting off his journey to Tartary."

“ Forbidđing the possession of fire-arms to the common people.”

" Petition from a sick and aged minister, to retire permanently from office.” Forging the current coin." Plundering inroad of Kassacks or Cossacks, on the Russian frontier," &c. The second extract, respecting the Emperor's journey into Tartary, is a special edict, written with the vermilion pencil, published on the 1st moon, 20th day (19th Febrúary). The following is the concluding paragraph :

“ The civil and military officers of Chih-le ought to fashion their hearts by mine. Let them punish and repel every thing that is irregular and bad; let them advance and encourage the worthy and capable. Every measure that is profitable for the people, let them pursue with all their hearts; let them extend the principle of soothing and compassionating, in order that my little children may be saved from the extremity of distress, and from being scattered abroad without a resource: thus seconding my sincere wish to cherish them in proportion to the necessity of the times.”

Mr. Davis observes; in a note : “ The above is a curious specimen of the cant by which the empire of China is, in a great measure, governed."

January 21.-The Society met this day, at the usual hour ; Henry T. Colebrooke, Esq., Director, in the chair. The minutes of the last meeting were read and confirmed.

The following donations were presented :-

From Robert Grant, Esq., the substance of a Speech delivered in the Court of East-India Proprietors, on the motion respecting Haileybury College.

From the Astronomical Society: Part 1, Vol. i., of their Memoirs.

From the Horticultural Society : Parts 1 and 2 of Vol. vi. of their Transactions. List of Members, and Report of Garden Committee.

From the Proprietors: Nos. 1, 2, 3, of the Annals of Oriental Literature.
From the Rev. S. Weston : Notices of Greek cities which have struck coins.

George Parkhouse, Esq. was introduced and admitted'a Member of the Society.

Frederick Leman Rogers, Esq., was elected a Resident Member, and Professor William Freytag, a Foreign Member of the Society.

The reading of a paper, by Capt. James Delamaine, entitled “ Of the Srawacs or Laity of the Jains," was commenced.

Capt. D. considers the Srawacs to be the only considerable remnant of the Arhatas in India. As, however, they principally follow the trade of Banyas, most of the twelve brits (vratas) refer to their particular calling, nor does the author think that they formed a part of the older Jain institutes, as they are quite unsuitable to any purpose of government. They have no longer the distinction of castes ; but they do not hesitate to employ the services of the Brahmans at marriages, &c. Capt. D. gives an account of the following sects, the Dravér, the Jápalya, the Káshta Sankis, the Nichik Sankis, the Teú Pant'hés, and the Tárana Pant'his, all belonging to the Banya class. The continuation of this paper was deferred to the next meeting of the Society, on Feb. 4th.

The second part of the first volume of the Transactions of the Society was published this day, and copies were distributed to the members, Erratum.-In the report of the Proceedings of the Society for December 17, Robert Birks Pitman, Esq., was erroneously designated Licut.. Col.


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This melancholy event took place on the

morning of the 15th inst, üt Meerut, whi. GOVERNMENT GENERAL ther he had proceeded for the benefit of ORDERS.

change of air.

On the eminent military services of

Maj. Gen. Sir David Ochterlony it would Fort William, General Department, June be superfluous to dilate: they have been 30, 1825 - The Civil Service Annuity acknowledged in terms of the bighest Fund being now established, notice is · praise by successive governments; they hereby given, that the civil auditor has been justly earned a special and substantial redirected to retrench four per cent. from

ward from the Hon. East-India Company; the bills of all those members of the ser- they have been recognized with expressions vice who have intimated their assent to the of admiration and applause by the British plan, or who may hereafter be admitted to Parliament; and they have been honoured the fund, commencing from the 1st May with signal marks of the approbation of last.

his sovereign.

With the name of Sir David Ochterlony AUGMENTATION TO THE HORSE ARTILLERY.

are associated many of the proudest recollecHead- Quarters, Calcutta, July 8, 1825.

tions of the Bengal army, and to the re- The Commander-in-chief is pleased to

nown of splendid achievements he added, direct, in pursuance of G. O. by Govern by the attainment of the highest honours ment of the 24th ult., that two new troops

of the Military Order of the Bath, the sinof horse artillery be formed at Meerut, from

gular felicity of opening to his gallant the Ist inst. These will be numbered the

companions an access to those tokens of Sd troop of the 2d horse brigade, and the royal favour which are the dearest objects

of a soldier's ambition. 2d troop of the 3d horse brigade. The commandant of artillery will give David Ochterlony were not less conspi

The diplomatic qualifications of Sir orders for the non-commissioned officers and bombardiers required for the new

cuous than his military talents. To an adtroops being draughted in due proportions mirably vigorous intellect, and consumfrom the other European troops of horse

mate address, he united the essential reartillery, and for their places being sup

quisites of an intimate knowledge of the plied by promotion in the usual manner.

dative character, language, and manners.'

The confidence which the government reThe supernumerary non-commissioned offi. cers and bombardiers for the horse artil

posed in an individual gifted with such lery, in Maj. Whish’s detachment, are to be and responsible situations which he succes.

rare endowments was evinced by the high included in the number posted to the new troops, and will thus be brought on the sively filled, and the duties of which he effective strength.

discharged with - eminent ability and adLieut. Col. Stark, commanding the horse

vantage to the public interests.

As an especial testimony of the high artillery at Meerut, will likewise direct

respect in which the character and services such number of gunners to be removed to the new troops as he may consider ex

of Maj. Gen, Sir David Ochterlony are

held, and as a public demonstration of pedient. They will be completed from the men draughted from the companies of neral in Council is pleased to direct that

sorrow for his demise, the Governor-Gefoot artillery by G. O. of the 25th ult., minute guns, to the number of sixtya and by the detachment proceeding to the Upper Provinces, under Maj. Whish.

eight, corresponding with his age, be fired Lieut. Col. Stark will complete the new

this evening at sunset, from the ramparts

of Fort William. troops with horses from the supernumerary remount horses, now attached to the horse artillery. The usual establishments of all descriptions to be hired from the 1st

Fort William, Aug. 12, 1825.- The inst.

right hon. the Governor-General in Coun,

cil is pleased to direct, that the provisions SIR DAVID OCHTERLONY.

of G. 0. under date the 31st Jan. 1823, Political Department, July 28, 1825. prescribing the period of service necessary The right hon. the Governor-General in to entitle an officer to hold any situation on Council has learnt, with great sorrow, the the general staff of the army, be extended demise of Maj. Gen. Sir David Ochter. every

civił situation to which a military lony, resident in Malwah and Rajpootana. officer is eligible.


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his duty.




these proceedings, because he does not I ASSIST. SURG. J. A. D. WATSON.

conceive that a reprimand is at all proHead-Quarters, Calculla, Aug. 17, 1825.

portioned to conduct pronounced by the - At an European general court-martial court, “an evasion of public duty, and held at Cawnpore, on Tuesday the 12th of highly prejudicial to the service." July 1825, of which Lieut. Col. Murray, But if he were even of a different opiC.B., H.M.'s 16th Lancers, is president, nion, His Exc. could not confirm the Assist.surg. John Alex. Davidson Wat- sentence, as the court have inadvertently son, of the 32d regt. N. I., was arraigned exercised an undue power in sentencing upon the undermentioned charges, viz. a prisoner “to be reprimanded by His “ That Mr. Assist.surg. John Alex.

Exc. the Commander-in-chief.” The exDavidson Watson, on being ordered, about

tent of a court's power, in such a case, is the 14th of May last, to proceed in medi

to award a reprimand to be pronounced in.

such mode as His Exc. should direct. cal charge of the light wing of the 11th regt. N.I., on its march from Allahabad to Assist.surg. J. A. Davidson Watson is Lucknow, reported himself sick, thereby to be released from arrest; and return to subjecting himself to the report of a medical committee, that there was not found any existing active disease to interfere with his, Mr. Assist.surg. Watson's, performing the

CIVIL APPOINTMENTS. ordinary duties of his profession, and caus.

Judicial Department. ing the wing of the 11th regt. to proceed June 30. Mr. C. G. Udny, an assistant in office on its route without a proper medical offi.

of register to Courts of Sudder Dewanny Adawlut

and Nizamut Adawlut. cer, such conduct being a disgraceful eva- Mr. H. Pidcock, assistant to magistrate and to sion of public duty, and highly prejudi. collector of district of Moradabad. cial to the service."

Mr. F. H. Robinson, assistant to ditto ditto of

district of Barreilly. Upon which charge the court came to July 28. Mr. c. T. Sealy, a puisne judge of the following decision :

Courts of Sudder Dewanny Adawlut and Nizamut

Adawlut. Finding of the Court." The court,

Mr. G. C. Master, first judge of provincial having deliberately weighed all the evi- courts of Appeal and Circuit for division of Caldence adduced in support of the charge, together with what the prisoner has brought

Mr. F. Law, second judge of ditto ditto of

Dacca. forward in defence, is of opinion, that he

Aug. 4. Mr. W. Lowther, Judge of zillah Chitlais guilty of the charge, with exception of gong. the words on being ordered, about the Mr. W. Blackburne, magistrate of ditto. 14th May last, to proceed in medical charge 11. Mr. T. B. Beale, assistant to magistrate and

to collector of Furruckabad. of the left wing of the 11th regt. N.I.,

26. Mr. H. Shakespear, a puisne judge of Courts on its march from Allahabad to Lucknow,'

of Sudder Dewanny Adawlut and Nizamut Adaw. in the former, part of the count, and of the lut. word disgraceful, in the latter part of

Commercial Department: the count, of which the court acquits July 28. Mr. H. S. Lane, assistant to commer. him."

cial resident at Cossimbazar. Sentence.--" The court, having found

Political Department. the prisoner guilty of so much of the July 29. M. Ainslie, Esq., agent to Governor charge; ;' viz., of having reported himself

General in Bundlecund. şick, thereby subjecting himself to the re

Aug. 26. Sir Chas. T. Metcalfe, Bart., resident

and commissioner at Delhi, and agent to Governor. port of a medical committee, that there General for states of Rajpootana. was not found any existing active disease Mr. W. B. Martin, resident Hyderabad to interfere with his, Mr. Assist.surg. Wat- Mr. G. Wellesley, resident at Indoor, and agent

to Governor-General for affairs of Malwa. son's, performing the ordinary duties of his

Lieut. Col. J. Delamaine, political agent in profession, and causing the wing of the Nimar. 11th regt. to proceed on its route without a Mr. A. Edmonstone, extra assistant to resident proper medical officer, such conduct being at Hyderabad. an evasion of public duty, and highly pre

Maj. W. G. A. Fielding, first assistant to resident

at Gwalior. judicial to the service, which being in

Capt. J. D. Dyke, second assistant to ditto. breach of the Articles of War, the court

Territorial Department. doth sentence him, Assist.surg. John Alex. Davidson Watson, to be reprimanded by

Ang. 4. Mr. J. B. Biscoe, collector of Purneah.. His Exc. the Commander-in-chief.”

Mr. J. S. Clarke, assistant in office of secretary

to Board of Revenue in Lower Provinces Disapproved.

General Department. . (Signed) Edw. PAGET, General,

Aug. 11. Capt. W. G. Mackenzie, of sth regt. Commander-in-chief in India. N.I., resident at Malacca. Remarks by His Exc. the Commander

Secret Department. in chief.

Aug. 12. Mr. T. C. Robertson, agent of Gover

nor-General on south-east frontier, and commisThe Commander-in-chief disapproves of sioner in Arracan.


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MILITARY APPOINTMENTS, do. to 2d extra regt. R. Pitman 'new prom.) to PROMOTIONS, &c.

45th N.I., V. Popham dec. C. S. Fagan (new

prom.) to Ist extra regt. W. S. Heathcote (new Fort William, July 8, 1825. Infantry. Sen. prom.) to 3d extra regt. T. D. Broughton (new Lieut. Col. P. Byres to be lieut. col. com,, and Sen.

prom.) to 16th N.I.-Col. J. W. Adams from 16th Maj. G. D. Heathcote to be lieut. col., from 13th

to 4th extra regt.-Lieut. Cols. Com. M. Boyd June, in sucito Campbell dec.

(new prom.) to 65th regt. T. Penson from 65th to 18t Extra N.I. Capt. G. Williamson to be maj.,

5th extra regt. J. MacInnes (new prom.) to 61st Brev. Capt. and Lieut. J. M. Sim to be capt. of a

regt.-Major Gen. Arch. Fergusson from 61st to 6th comp., and E. F. Smith to be lieut., from 13th

extra regt. - Lieut. Cols. Com, P. Byres (new June, in suc. to Heathcote prom,

prom.) to 50th N.1. G. Carpenter from 50th to

31st N.I., v. Garner dec.---Lieut. Cols. F. A. Wes: 28th N.I. Capt. S. Swinhoe to be maj., and ton from 8th to 5th N.I., v. Pitman prom. Jos, Lieut. C. D. Wilkinson to be capt. of a comp., Nesbitt (new prom.) to 8th do., v. Weston. John from 14th June, in suc. to Hiatt dec.

Pester (new prom.) to 13th do., v. T. Garner prom. 34th N.I. Lieut. G. H. Robinson to be capt. of Chas. Peach (new prom. to 16th do., X. Brougha comp., and Ens. W, C. Carter to be lieut., from ton prom. S. H. Todd (new prom.) to 19th do, 19th May, in suc. to Walkinshaw dec.

. v. Heathcote prom. S. P. Bishop (new prom.) to 420 N.I. Ens. C. Hutchinson to be lieut., from

3d extra regt." Jas. Delamain (new prom.) to 50th 11th June, in suc. to Blackburn dec.

N.I., v. Byres prom. A. Stoneham (new prom.) 54th N.I. Lieut. J. Kerr to be capt. of a comp.,

to Ist extra regt. B. Roope (new prom.) to 49th

N.I., v. Smith rem. P. LeFevre (new prom.) to and Ens. A. Learmouth to be lieut., from 18th

36th N... W. H. Wood from 36th to 6lst N.I., June, in suc. to Hayes dec.

v. MacInnes prom. J. Simpson (new prom.) to Lieut. G. Grose, 35th N..., transferred to pen- 2d extra regt. J. Bryant (new prom.) to 65th N I., sion establishment.

v. Boyd prom. C. W. Hamilton (new prom.) to Mr. H. Donaldson, surg., admitted to do duty 64ih do., v. Harriot. J. S. Harriot from 64th to (temporarily) as an assist. surg.

66th do. S. Nation from 66th to 23d do., v. Fagan July 12.-Capt. Pogson, 69th N..., to be a dep.

prom. T. Murray (new prom. to 40th do. F. assist. adj. gen., v. Showers prom.

V. Raper from 40th to 39th do., v. Alexander Lieut. G. C. Smyth, 3 L.Č., to be a brigade

removed. P. Starling (new prom.) to 32d do., v. maj., v. Pogson.

Campbell prom. E. F. Waters (new prom.) to 4th

extra regt. N. Bucke (new prom.) to 26th N.I., Messrs. J. T. Geils, R. T. Sandeman, and w. v. D’Aguilar inv. G. D. Heathcote (new prom.) H. Nicholetts admitted to inf., and


to ens. to 33d N.I., v. Fergusson retired. Mr. W. Stevenson admitted an assist.surg.

Removals made to equalize Regiments. Lieut. W. July 15.-Lieut. H. Todd, 21st N.I., to be an

1. Hall from 2d extra regt. to 36th N.1.-Ensigns examiner in College of Fort William.

Lang from 30th to 36th do. Swinton from 18th to Sen. Ens.' to be Lieuts. J. Powell, 28th N.1.';

32d do. Powell from 17th to 28th do. Fisher from A. R. Swinton, 32d ditto; A. Fisher, 34th ditto; 9th to 34th do. Sharpe from 60th to 54th do. and J. "Lang, 36th ditto, all from 9th July, to Innes from 8th to 15th do. J. Campbell from 29th complete establishment.

to 13th do Gould from 21st to lith do. Bluett 35th N.I. Lieut. A. G. F. J. Younghusband to from 45th to 63d do. Fitzgerald from 2d Europ. rank from 21st April, v. Dalzell dec.

regt. to 6th N.I. W. F. Campbell, from 50th to 61th N.I. E. T. Erskine from 27th to 11th do.

Hamilton from 23d to 36th do. C. Erskine from Head-Quarters, July 7.--Brev. Capt. Mackinlay, 63d N.I., to act as detachment staff to troops as

33d to 2d do. Montmorency from 52d to Ist Eusembled for service in Bickaneer, from 15th Jan.,

rop. regt. Greene from 44th to 34th N.I. till period of their separation.

July 11.-Medical Department. Surg. E. Mus65th N.I. Lieut. R. Taylor to be interp. and

ton removed from 2d gr. bat. to 42d N.I.-Assist. quartimast., V. Johnstone prom.

surg. Birmingham directed to do duty with 2d gr.

bat.-Assist.surg. Harrison, and Offic. Assist.surg, July 8.--Lieut. A. Arabin, 7th N.I., directed to

H.Donaldson directed to proceed to Arracan, and to join pioneers.

place themselves under orders of Superintend.surg. Lieut. G. S. Lawrenson, of artil. regt., to act as of Eastern Division. Assist.şurg, Clemishaw diadj. to detachment with Sir A. Campbell

during rected to place himself under orders of Superinemployment, on other duty, of Lieut. Rawlin- tend.surg. at Dinapore.--Assist.surg. Guthrie, 59th son; date 4th July.

N.I., directed to proceed to Allahabad, and to place Lieut. Fraser to act as interp. and quart.mast. to

himself under orders of Lieut. Gen. Marley. Ist L.C., in room of Lieut. Bontein prom.; date Capt. J. O. Clarkson, 42d N.I., to act as "dep. Ist July.

assist. adj. gen. to Benares div., in room of Capt. Lieut. and Adj. Fraser to officiate as interp. and

Frye nominated to command 12th extra regt. ;

date 30th June. quart. mast. to 46th N.I., in room of Lieut. Waldron próm.; and Lieut. Guthrie to act as adj. Lieut. Thomson, horse brigade, to act as adj. during period Lieut. Fraser is employed in duties to detachment of Beng. horse artil. and rocket of interp, and quart, mast. ; date 17th June.

troop serving in Ava; date 15th Feb. Brev. Capt. Mavor, 19th N.l., to act as maj. of July 12,-5th L.C. Lieut. E. M. Blair to be inbrigade to light brigade lately formed with south, terpand quart. mast., V. Brev. Capt. Burges eastern division; date 19th June.

prom. July 9.-Capt. Shuldham, dep. assist. adj. gen., » Ist Extra LC. Lieut. 5.0. Hunter to be adj. i! appointed to eastern division.-Capt. Bayldon, dep. 2d Extra L.C. Lieut. T. Skipton to be interp. assist. adj. gen., directed to proceed to Benares, to

and quart, mast. which division he is posted. -- Capt. and Brig. Maj. Campbell removed from Nusseerabad, and ap

15th N.I. Lieut. W. Hunter to be interp. and pointed to Muttra and Agra frontier, and Lieut.

quart. mast., v. Thomas appointed to stud de. G. C. Smyth, 3d L.C., appointed to act as maj. of

partment. brigade at Nusseerabad,

22d NI. Lieut. T. E. Sampson to be adj., v.

Brev. Capt. Chalmers prom.

27th N.I. Lieut. G. M. S. Robe to be adj., v. Light Cavalry Lieut. Cols. Com. A. Cumming

Colebrooke rem. to 26th regt., and Lieut. W. (new, prom.) to 4th L.C. L. R. O'Brien from 4th Grant to be interp. and quart. mást., V. Brev. to 8th do. Ř. Houston from 8th to Ist extra regt. Capt. Johnstone rem. and prom. A. Watson (new prom.) to 7th L.C. M. Fitzgerald 28th N.I. Lieut. W. Rutherford to be adj.,' v. from 7th to 2d extra regt.-Lieut. Cols. G. H. Gall May rem. to 4th extra regt. from 8th to Ist extra regt. H. Thompson (new 43d N.I. Lieut. H. Mackintosh to be adj., V prom.) to 2d extra regt.“ W. Dickson (new prom.)

Home rem. to 2d extra regt. to 7th L.C., v. Watson prom. James Kennedy

44th N.I. Lieut. J. Woodburn to be adj., v. "(new prom.) to 5th do. K. Swettenham from 5th to 1st do., v. Cumming prom.

$. Reid (new

Mackintosh rem. to 43d regt. prom.) to 8th do. W. Harper (new prom.) to 4th 46th N.I. Lieut. J. Jones to be adj., v. Fraser ; do., v. Stirling dec.

and Lieut. W. Fraser to be interp. and quart. Native Infantry. Lieut. Cols. Com. T. Garner

mast., v. Brev. Capt. Waldron prom. (new prom.) to 13th N.I. M. White from 13th 58th N.I. Lieut. E. M. Orr to be interp., and

quart. R. Powney to 13th comp. Č. R. Kennedy, 3d. T. well-Lieut. Col. H. Faithful.-Maj. W. S. Whish. Croxton, 11th. E. P. Gowan, 5th. J. Cartwright, -Capts. S. Parlby to 1st troop. G. E. Gowan, 4th 7th. - Ist-Lieuts. O. Baker to 2d comp. J. S. Rotdo. E. Biddulph, 3d do. T. Lumsden, Ist do.

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quart. mast., V. Brev. Capt. Williams rem. to 24 R. Maidman, Ist do. G. 5. Lawrenson, 3d do. extra regt.

C. McMorine, 2d do. J. W. Wakefield, 2d do. 61st N.I. Brev. Capt. J. Tomlinson to be adj.,

J. Alexander, 2d do. T. P. Ackers, 4th do. T. v. Brev. Capt. Stock rem. to 6th extra regt. and

P. Hotham, 3d do.--2d-Lieuts. W. S. Pillans, Ist prom.

troop (4 vacant). 1st Extra N.I. Lieut. R. Garrett to be interp.

Foot Artillery. and quast. mast.

1st Bat. Col. or Lieut. Col. Com. T. Hardwick. 2d Extra N.I. Lieut. G. M. Home to be adj., Lieut. Col. J. A. Biggs.--Maj. R. M. O. Gramand Brev. Capt. T. Williams to be interp. and shaw.-Capts. J. Tennant, to Ist comp. C. H. quart. mast.

Bell, Ist. G. Brooke, 4th. P. G. Mathison, ed. 3d Extra N.I. Lieut. R. McPollock to be adj., G. H. Woodrooffe, 3d.--Ist-Lieuts. G. R. Craw, and Brev. Capt. J. S. Marshall to be interp. and furd, 2d comp.

E. R. Watts, 3d. B. Browne, quart, mast

4th. W. J. Symons, Ist. A. Abbott, 2d. P. T. 4th Extra N.I. Lieut. J. F. May to be adj.,

Cautley, 2d. J. R. Revell, 3d. E. H. Ludlow, and Brev. Capt. N. Stewart to be interp. and

1st. R. G. McGregor, 3d. J. Edwards, 4th.

2d-Lieuts. G. Ellis to 3d comp. J. Abbot, 2d. J. quart. mast.

D. Shakespear, Ist (2 vacant). 5th Extra N.I. Lieut. J. Oliver to be adj.

20 Bat. Col. or Lieut. Col. Com. W. Hopper.6th Extra N.I. Lieut. N. J. Cumberlege to be Lieut. Col. J. F. Dundas.-Maj. W. H. L. Frith, adj., and Lieut. A. Farquharson to be interp. and

-Capts. G. Everest to 1st comp. E. Hall, 4th. quart. mast.

J. Rawlins, 3d. C. Smith, lst. 'T. Blair, 2d. Dinagepore Loc. Bat. Capt. G. W. A. Lloyd, 3d Ist-Lieuts. E. S. Sotheby to 1st comp. T. D'Oyly. extra N.i., to be commandant, v. Maj. Waters J. S. Kirby, 3d. C. G. Dixon, 2d. J. D. Cromprom., and Lieut. W. M. Ramsay, 628 N.I., to melin, 9th. H. Rutherford, 2d. J. W. Scott, be adj., v. Brev. Capt. Chapman prom.

4th. E. C. T. Hughes, 2d. F. Brind, Ist. G. H Saharunpore Prov. Bat. Lieut. S. Twemlow, Dyke, 4th. - 2d-Lieuts. H. M. Lawrence to 3d 68th N.I., to be adj., v. Brev. Capt. Louis prom.

comp. S. W. Fenning, 4th. J. Fordyce, Ist. A. Kemaoon Loc. Bat. Lieut. G. Irvine, 33d N.I.

Cardew, 3d. J. H. Daniel, 2d. (adj. Bundlecund prov. bat.), to be adj., v. Kerr,

3d Bat. Col. or Lieut. Col. Com. A. Hetzler.

Lieut. Col. A. Lindsay.--Maj. S. Shaw. - Capts. prom.

W. Curphey to 1st comp. 1. Pereira, S. Lieut. Deare, 69th N.I., to act as adj. to 5th

Coulthard, 3d. P. L. Pew, 2d. C. C. Chesney, extra regt. ; date 1st July.

Ist.--1st-Lieuts. E. Huthwaite to 3d comp. G. R. Corn. J. Mackenzie to act as quart. mast. to 8th Scott, 2d. T. Sanders, 3d. H. P. Hughes, lst. L.C., v. Skipton removed; date 1st June.

T. H. Middleton, 2d. G. Emly, 4th. P. A. Lieut. Nash to act as adj. to 4th L.C., v. Cor- Torckler, Ist. C. Dallas, 3d. E. S. Wade, 4th. nish app. der. judge adv. gen. ; date 26th June. S. N. Pepper, 3d.--2d-Lieuts. 0. D. Scott to 3d Lieut. Skipton to act as interp., quart. mast.,

comp. F. K. Duncan, 1st. E. D. Todd, 4th. T. and adj. to Ist extra L. C. ; dates 220 and 233

E. Sage, 2d (1 vacant). June.

4th Bat. Col. or Lieut. Col. Com. J. D. Sher. Brev. Capt. Ramsey, 41st N.I., to act as adj.,

wood.-Lieut. Col. G. Pollock.-Maj. J. M‘Dowell. Interp., and quart. mast. to 3d extra N.I.; date -Capts. J. Brodhurst to 2d comp. R. B. Fulton, 27th June.

Ist. T. Marshall, Ist. H. Ralfe, 3d. W. Oli

phant, 4th.-1st-Lieuts. R. C. Dixon, 3d_comp. Capt. Pogson, dep. assist. adj. gen., appointed to Meerut division; and Capt. and Brig. Major G.

G. Twemlow, 4th. J. H. Jarvis, 2d. W. T. Gar

rett, Ist. A. Wilson, 2d. A. Campbell, 2d. R. C. Smyth attached to Rajpootana field force.

Horsford, 3d. E. T. Day, 4th. P. B. Burlton, Assist.surg: Stevenson directed to proceed to 3d. E. Madden, ist.--2d-Lieuts. G. E. Cookson, Arracan, and to place himself under orders of 3d comp. F. B. Bazely, 2d. A. P. Begbie, 4th. superintend. surgeon.

J. Brady, 4th (I vacant). July 13.-Lieut. Oldfield to act as interp. and 5th Bat. Col. or Lieut. Col. Com. A. M‘Leod. quart. mast. to 5th L.C. in room of Brev. Capt. Lieut. Col. M. W. Browne. Maj. W. Battine. Burges prom. ; date 1st July.

Capts. H. L. Playfair to 3d comp. T. Chadwick, Lieut. Smith to act as adj. to 28th N.I., in room Ist. J. E. Debrett, 4th. T. Timbrell, Ist. G. of Lieut. May removed to 4th extra regt.; date G. Dennis, 2d.lst-Lieuts. H. Delafosse to Ist 7th July.

comp. R. B. Wilson, 2d. T. A. Vanrenen. W.

Counsell, 3d. G. H. Rawlinson, 4th. P. Jack POSTINGS IN THE ARTILLERY.

son, 3d. R. G. Beddingfield, Ist. J. Turton, 2d. The following postings are to take place in the

J. R. Greene, 4 h. J.T. Lane, 20.-2d-Lieuts. regiment of artillery, consequent to the new for

T. H. McDonald to 4th comp. C. W. Humph. mation—The Golundauze battalion becoming now

reys, 3d. G. H. Swinley, 2d. T. Gaitskell, Ist. the 6th instead of the 4th bat. of foot artillery :

J. Trower, 2d.
Horse Artillery.

6th Bat. Col. or Lieut. Col. Com. J. A‘hmuty.

Lieut. Col. C. Parker.-Maj. N. S. Webb.-Capts. 1st Brigade. Col. or Lieut. Col. Com. A. Cald.

ton. L. Burroughs, 14th. R. Jackson, 9th. W. R. Roberts, 2d do.lst-Lieuts. R. S. B. Morland,

J. McVitie, 10th. S. W. Bennett, 8th. H. Clerk. 2d troop. H. Timings, Ist do. D. Mackay, 3d H. Humfrey, Ist. J. L. Mout, 6th, H. B. do. R. G. Roberts, 2d do. T. Hickman, 4th do. Dalzell, 18th. -2d-Lieuts. E. Buckle to 13th comp. G. McLean, 4th do. D. Ewart, 2d do. C. Grant,

F. A. Miles, 12th. C. S. Reid, 15th. H. De W. Ist do. W. Anderson, 3d do. W.C. J. Lewin, 3d Cockburn, 20th (1 vacant). do.-2d-Lieuts. W. E. J. Hodgson, 2d troop. T. B. Boileau, 3d do. G. T. Graham, Ist do. (2 va

July 14.-Lieut. Hunter to act as interp. and cant).

quart. mast. to 15th N.I., v. Thomas; date ad

July. 2d Brigade. Col. or Lieut. Col. Com. G. Pen.

Removals of Ensigns with a view to equalise nington.- Lieut. Col. H. Stark. Maj. J. Rodber. -Capts. C. Graham to 2d troop. J. C. Hyde, Ist

Regts. Ensigns Montmorency from Ist Europ.

regt. to 65th regt. N.I. Greene from 34th to 48th do. J. J. Farrington, 4th do. G. Blake, 3d do. H. .C. Baker, Ist do. - 1st-Lieuts. J. Johnson, 3d

N.I. Phipps from 24th to 35th do. Hamilton

from 530 to 34th do. Graham from 25th to 32d do. troop. R. R. Kempe, 4th do. C. R. Whinfield,

Moir from 20th to 28th do. Sutherland from 26th 2d do, T. B. Bingley, Ist do. J. Paton, 2d do.

to 42d do. Charlton from 46th to 1st Europa J. Cullen, 4th do. H. Garbett, 1st do. C. H. Wiggens, 3d do. E. Blake, 2d do.-2d-Lieuts. J.

regt. B. Backhouse, 3d troop. F. Dashwood, ist do.

6th L.C. Lieut. G. Watt to be adj., v. Coventry G. Campbell, 2d do. F. Grose, 3d do. (2 vacant).

who resigns appointment. 3d Brigade. Col. or Lieut. Col. Com. C. Brown.

8th L.C. Lieut. J. Mackenzie to be interp. and -Lieut. Col. G. Swiney.-Maj. J. P. Boileau.

quart, mast., V. Skipton rem. to 2d extra regt. Capts. C. H. Campbell to Ist troop. J. Scott, 2d do. 3d N.I. Lieut. J. Butler to be adj., v. Soady, "G.N. C. Campbell, 4th do. W. Bell, 3d do. H. prom. J. Wood, ist do. Ist-Lieuts. W. Geddes, 1st 13th N.I. Lieut. G. H. Edwarded to be adj., T. troop. T. Nicol, 4th do. · G. Pennington. w. Brev. Capt. Thornton prom.

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