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Catalogue of Important Works.

the Preface to the Facsimile of M.S. Wise (T. A., M.D., Bengal Medical SorNo. 17 in the Library of Her Majesty's vice). COMMENTARY ON THE HINDU Hoine Government for India, which SYSTEM OF MEDICINE. 8vo. pp. XX. and contains a portion of the MANAVA-KAL 432, cloth, 7s.6d, PA-SOTRA, with the Commentary of Young (ROBERT, F.E.S.L.). GUJARATI KUMARILA-SWAMIN. Imperial 8vo. Pp.

EXERCISES ; or a New Mode of Learn268, cloth, 129.

ing to Read, Write or Speak the GujaManava-Kalpa-Sutra; being a rati language, on the Ollendorffian

portion of this ancient work on Vaidik System. 8vo. pp. 500, sewed, 125. Rites, together with the Commentary


A NEW RUSSIAN the MS. No. 17 in the Library of Her Kelsyeff (Basil). Majesty's Home Government for India.

GRAMMAR, based upon the phonetic With a Preface by THEODORE GOLD

laws of the Russian Language. 8vo. STÜCKER. Oblong folio. pp. 268 of letter

(In the Press press, and 121 leaves of facsimiles.

ZEND. Cloth, £4 4s.


THE ZEND LANGUAGE. Rig Veda Sanhita. A Collection

By MARTIN of Ancient Hindu Hymns, constituting

HAUG, Dr. Phil. sro,

Pp. 82,

sowed. !4s. 1861. the Fifth to Eighth Ashtakas, or Books of the Rig Veda, the oldest authority

ESSAYS ON THE SACRED LAN. for tho Religious and Social Institu GUAGES, WRITINGS, AND RELIGION OF tions of the Hindus. Translated from THE PARSEES. By MARTIN HAUG, the original Sanskrit by the late Dr. Phil., Superintendent of Sanskrit HORACE HAYMAN WILSON, M.A., F.R.S., Studies in the Poona College. Svo. etc. Edited by JAMES R. BALLANTYNE, Pp. 278, cloth, 21s. 1962, LL.D., late Principal of the Government Sanskrit College of Benares.

Vols. IV., V., aud VI. 8vo., cloth, Colleccao de Vocabulos

[in the Press. Frases usados na Provincia de S.

Pedro de Rio Grande do Sul no Brazil. Select Specimens of the Thea. tre of the Hindus, translated from

16mo. pp. 32, sewed, 2s. 6d. the Original Sanskrit. By HORACE Evangeliarium, Epistolarium HAYMAN WILSON, M.A., F.R.S. Second

et Lectionarium Aztecum, sive Edition. 2 vols. 8vo., cloth. Pp. Ixx.

Mexicanum, ex Antiquo Codice Mexiand 384, 415. 158.

cano, nuper reperto, depromptum cum

praefatione interpretatione adnotationiCONTEXTS.

bus Glossario edidit BERNARDINUSVol. I. Preface-Trentide on the Dramatic Sys. BLONDELLI. Folio. Pp. 1. and 574.

tem of the Hindus-Dramas translated 1858. (Only 400 copies printed, on
from the Original Sanskrit-The
Mrichchakati, or the Toy Cart-Vik-

stout writing-paper. Bound balf Morama and Urvasi, or the liero and the rocco, gilt top, uncut edges). £6 68. Nymph-Uttara Ramá Cheritra, or The very interesting Codes of which the above

continuntion of the Iristory of Ramá. is a careful reprint, was discovered in Mexico by Vol. II. Drainas translated from the Original Beltrami, in the year 1826. It is composed in the

Sanskrit - Maláti and Madhava, or the purest and most elegant Nahuati, that was ever
Stolen Marriage-Mudra Rakshasa, or

writton, by Bernardino sahagun, a Spanish Franthe Signet of the Minister-Retnávala, ciscan, assisted by two princes of the royal house orthe Necklace-App ndix, containing

of Anahuac, one the son of Montezuma, the other short accounts of different Dramas.

the son of the Prince of Tezcucomand purports to

be a “postilla''(post illa scilicet textus verba) on Wilson, WORKS BY THE LATE HORACE the Gospels and Epistles. Sahagun arrived at H. WILSON, M.A., F.R.S., Member of the

Mexico in the year 1529, and lived and lal oured

with great success in at country for fully sixty Royal Asiatic Societies of Calcutta and

years. Mr. Blondelli luas accontpanied Sahagur's Paris, and of the Oriental Society of text by a Latin version, has added a copious VocaGermany, etc., and Boden Professor of bulary. Nahuati and Latin, and, by his introducSanskrit in the University of Oxford.

tory observations, has thrown considerable light

not alone upon the Nahuati language, its affinity Vol. I. Also under this title, Essays to other families of languag 8, its gramatical AND LECTURES, CHIEFLY ON THE RELI. peculiarities, but also upon the traditions, instituGION OF THE HINDUS. By the late H. tions, and inonument of the Aztecs-thus furming H. WILSON, M.A., F.R.S., etc. etc. the ancient Aztecs.

a complete treasury of everything appertaining to Collected and Edited by Dr. REINHOLD ROST In two vols. Vol. I., containing

POLYNESIAN. "A Sketch of the Religious Socts of the Grey. MAORI MEMENTOS ; being a SeHindus." 8vo. Pp. 912, cloth, price rics of Addresses, presented by the 10s. 6d.

Nutive People to His Excellency Sir The Series will consist of twelve volumes. A GEORGE GREY, K.C.B., F.R.S., With detailed Prospectus may be had on upplication. Introduction, Remarks, and Explana

Trübner & Co., 60, Paternoster Row. .


tory Notes. To which is added a small Russian

Syriac. Collection of LAMENTS, etc. By CHARLES



OLIVER B. DAVIES. 8vo. Pp. 227, 12s.



Williams. First Lessons in the Maori

Slavonic (Old).

Wallachian. Language, with a short Vocabulary. Sorbian (or Wendish). Wendish (or Sorbian). By W. L. WILLIAMS, B.A. Square 8vo. Swedish.

Zend. Pp. 80., cloth. London, 1862. 3s. 6d. A Latin, English, Italian, and

Polyglot Anthology, with a va. POLYGLOTS.

riety of Translations and Illustrations. Triglot. A COMPLETE DICTIONARY,

To be published once a year; designed

to contribute to the cause of classical ENGLISH, GERMAN, AND FRENCH, on an entirely now plan, for the use of the

learning, as well as to forward the culThree Nations.

tivation of the English language and In Three Divisions. One vol, small 4to, cloth, red edges.

literature in Italy, and that of the

Italian in Great Britain, America, and 10s, 6d.

Australia. Edited by JOHN SPAGGIARI. Tetraglot. New UNIVERSAL DICTION Oct. 1801. No. 1, oblong 4to. 2s. 6d.

ARY OF THE ENGLISH, FRENCH, ITALIAN, AND GERMAN LANGUAGES, 'arranged A Handbook of African, Aus. after a new system. Small 8vo, cloth.

tralian, and Polynesian Phi. 7s. 6d.

lology, as represented in the Library

of His Excellency Sir GEORGE GREY, Grammatography. A MANUAL OF K.C.B., Her Majesty's High Commis

REFERENCE TO THE ALPHABETS OF sioner of the Cape Colony. Classed,
Based on the German Compilation of GREY, and Dr. H. J. BLEEK.
F. BALLHORN. In one vol. Royal 8vo. Vol. 1. Part 1. South Africa, 8vo. pp. 186. 7s. 6d

Vol. I. Part 2. Africa (North of the Tropic of Pp. 80, cloth, price 78, 6d.

Capricorn), 8vo. pp. 70. 29. The “Grammatography" is offered to the Vol. I. Part 3. Madagascar, 8vo. pp. 24. ls. public as a compendious introduction to the Vol. II. Part 1. Australia, 8vo. pp.iv., 41. Is. 6d. reading of the most important Ancient and Vol. II. Part 2, Papuan Languages of the LoyModern Languages. Simple in its design, it will

alty Islands and New He. be consulted with advantage by the Philological

brides, comprising those of the Student, the Amateur Linguist, the Bookseller,

Islands of Nengone, Lifu, the Corrector of the Press, and the diligent

Aneiteum, Tana, and others, Compositor.

svo. pp. 12. 6.

Vol. II. Part 3. Fiji Islands and Rotuma (with ALPHABETICAL INDEX.

Supplement to Part 2, Papuan Afghan (or Pushto). Greek (Archaic).

Languages, and Part 1, AusAmharic. Gujerati (or Guze

tralia), 8vo. pp. 31. 18. Anglo-Saxon.


Vol. II. Part 4. New Zealand, the Chatham IsArabie. Ilieratie.

lands, and Auckland Islands, Arabic Ligatures. Hieroglyphics.

8vo. pp. 76. 38. bd. Aramaic. Hebrew

Vol. II. Part 1 (continuation). Polynesia and Archaic Characters. Hebrew (Archaic).

Borneo, 8vo. pp. 77 to 154. Armenian. Hebrew Rabbinical).

38, 60, Assyrian Cuneiform. Hebrew (Judæo-Ger The above is, without exeeption, the most imBengali.


portant addition yet inade to African Philology. Bohemian (Czechian). Hebrew (current hand). The amount of materials brought together by Bügis. Hungarian.

Sir George, with a view to elucidate the subject, Burmese. Illyrian.

is stupendous; and the labour bestowed on them. Canarese (or Carna Irish.

and the results arrived at, incontestably estabtaca). Italian (Old).

lish the claim of the author to be called the Chinese. Japanese.

father of African and Polynesian Philology. Coptic. Javanese.

OPINIONS OF THE PRESS. Croato-Glagolitic. Lettish.

" We congratulate the Governor of the Cape Cufic. Mantshu.

on the production of a most important aid to the Cyrillic (or Old 'Sla Median Cuneiform. study of the twin sciences of philology and ethvonic).

Molern Greek (or nology, and look forward to the completion of Czechian (or Bohe


the catalogue itself as a great and permanent mian). Mongolian.

step towards the civilization of the barbarons Danish. Numidian.

races whose formation, habits, language, reliDemotic.

Old Slavonic (or gion, and food, are all, more or less, most careEstrangelo.


fully noted in its pages. "-Leader. Ethiopic. Palmyrenian.

* It is for these substantial reasons, that we Etruscan. Persian

decmed it worth a brief notice to call attention Georgian.

Persian Cuneiform. to these excellently-arranged catalogues (with Gernian. Phữuicial.

important notes), describing the various works Glagolitic. Polish.

in the library of Sir George Grey, and by which Gothic.

Pushto (or Afghan). this great philanthropist will greatly uid in Greek.

Romaic (or Modern civilizing the numerous peoples within the limit Greek Ligatures. Greek).

of the colony of the Cape of Good Llope." Brighton Gazette.


Catalogue of Important Works.

Natural History, Ethnology, etc.

Agassiz (Louis). AN ESSAY ON CLAS C. Nort, M.D., Mobile, Alabama , and BIFICATION. 8vo, cloth. 12s.

Geo. R. GLIDDOX, formerly U.S. Consul

at Cairo. Plates. Royal 8vo. Pp. 738. Blyth and Speke. REPORT ON A

Philadelphia, 1854, cloth. £1 5s. ZOOLOGICAL COLLECTION FROM THE SOMALI COUNTRY. By EDWARD BLYTH, Nott and Glddon. The same, in Curator of the Royal Asiatic Society's

4to. £1 16s. Museum, Calcutta. Reprinted trom the

INDIGENOUS RACES OF THE Twenty-fourth volume of the Journal Earth ; or, New Chapters of Ethnoloof the Royal Asiatic Society of Bengal; gical Inquiry: including Monographs with Additions and Corrections by the on Special Departments of Philology, Collector, Capt. J. H. SPEKE, F.R.G.S.,

Iconography, Cranioscopy, Palæonto. &c., 8vo. Pp. 16. One Coloured Plate. logy, Pathology, Archæology, Compa2s. 6d.

rative Geography, and Natural History, Dana (JAMES D., A.M., Member of the

contributed by Alfred Maury, Francis Soc. Cæs. Nat. Cur. of Moscow, the Soc.

Pulszky, and J. Aitken Meigs, M.D. ; Philomatique of Paris, etc.) A SYSTEM

presenting Fresli Investigations, DocuOF MINERALOGY: comprising the most

ments, and Materials, by J. C. Nort, recent Discoveries; including full Des

M.D., and GEO. R. GLIDDON. Plates and criptions of Species and their Localities,

Maps. 4to. Pp. 656. London and PhiChemical Analyses and Formulas, Ta

ladelphia, 1857, sewed. £1 16s. bles for the Determination of Minerals, Nott and Gliddon. The sanie, royal with a Treatise on Mathematical Crys. 8vo. £1 5s. tallography and tho Drawing of l'igures of Crystals. Fourth Edition, re-written, Pickering. THE GEOGRAPHICAL Dis

TRIBUTION OF ANIMALS AND PLANTS. re-arranged, and enlarged. Two vols. in one. Illustrated by 600 woodcuts.

By CHARLES PICKERING, M.D. 4to. Svo. Pp. 800, cloth. £I 45.

Pp. 214, clotla, 1854. £1 Ils. 6d.

Sclater. CATALOGUE OF A COLLECTION Supplements to ditto, 1 to 8. Is. each.


Lutley Sclater, M.A., Ph.D., F.R.S.,

&c. The figures will be taken from including Observations Mines,

Typical Specimens in the Collection. Rocks, Reduction of Ores, and the Ap


With Twenty Coloured Plates. plications of the Science to the Arts ;

£1 10. designet for the use of Schools and

[In Preparation.

The Ibis, A MAGAZINE OF GENERAL Colleges. Now edition, revised and enlarged. With 260 Illustrations. 12mo.

ORNITHOLOGY, Edited by Philip LUTPp. xii and 456, 1860. 78. 6d.

LEY SCLATER, M.A. Vol. I. 1859. 8vo,

cloth. Coloured Plates. £1 129. Nott and Gliddon. TYPES OF MAN

Vol. II., 1860. £1 12s. KIND; or Ethnological Researches based upon the Ancient Monuments, Paint.

Vol. III., 1861. £1 69. ings, Sculptures, and Crania of Races, The Oyster: Where, How, and When and upon their, Natural, Geographical, to Find, Breed, Cook, and Ext it. 12mo. Philological, and Biblical History, by J. Pp. viii. and 96. Is.


Medicine, etc.

Althaus (J., M. D.). A TREATISE ON | Catlin (GEORGE). THE BREATH OF

MEDICAL ELECTRICITY, THEORETICAL LIE. (Manugraph.) 8vo, with IllusAND PRACTICAL. Svo, cloth. 7s. 6d. TRATIONS. 28. 6d.


ANÆSTHETICS; their History and Uso [In the Press.

during Childbed. By JOHN CHAPMAN,

M.D. 8vo., sewed, ls.


By JOHN CHAPMAN, M.D. 8vo., sewed, ls.

Trübner & Co., 60, Paternoster Row.


Dunglison (ROBLEY). A DICTIONARY of print, this new edition -- the third -- has been OF MEDICAL SCIENCE; containing a

uwiertaken by the present proprietors of the copy

rizht, with the view not only of meeting the nuConcise Explanation of the Various microus demands from the class to which it was Subjects and Terms of Anatomy, Phy- prinutily addressed loy its learned author, but also siology, Pathology, Hygiene, Thera- for exteiling its circulation to the general reader, peutics, l'harmacology, Pharmacy, Sur

to whom it had, heretofore, heen all but inaccess

ible, owing to the peculinr mole of its publicagery, Obstetrics, Medical Jurispru- tion, and to whom it is believed it will be very dence, Dentistry, &c.; Notices of Cli- aceeptable, on account of the great and growing mate, and of Mineral Waters; Formule interest of its subject-matter, and the elegant and for Officinal, Empirical, and Dietetic

successful treatment thercof, The volume is a

verhatim reprint from the second edition ; but its Preparations, &c. ; with French and

Value has been euhancel by the addition of a other Synonymes. By ROBLEY DUN. paper on * Child-Pilgrimaires, never before GLISON, M.D., LL.D. Revised and very translated ; and the present extition is therefore greatly enlarged. 8vo. pp. 292. 18s.

the first and only one in the English language which contains all the contributions of Dr.

Hecker to the history of medicine. Hecker (J. F.C., M.D.) THE EPIDEMICS

OF THE MIDDLE AGES. Translated by Parrish (EDWARD). AN INTRODUCTION G. B. BABINGTON, M.D., F.R.S. Third TO PRACTICAL PHARMACY; designed as Edition, completed by the Author's

a 'Text-Book for the Student, and as a Treatise on CHILD-PILGRIMAGES. 8vo,

Guide for the Physician and Pharmacloth, pp. 384, price 98.

ceutist. With many Formulas and PreCONTENTS :-The Black Death-The

scriptions. Second edition, greatly EnDancing Mania- The Sweating Sickness

larged and Improved. With Two Hun. -Child Pilgrimages.

dred aud Forty-six Illustrations. 8vo.

pp. xxi, and 720, 1861. 158. This volume is one of the series publisheil by the Sydenham Society, and, as such, originally issued | Sick Chamber (THE). 18mo. Pp. 60, to its meinbers only. The work having gone out cloth, ls. 1846.

Practical Science.


POUNDS; or, A Practical Treatise of INC, DYEING, AND BLEACHING, including Calcareous and Hydraulic Cements, Silken, Woollen, and Mixed Goods, their Preparation, Application, and Practical and Theoretical.

With coUse. Compiled fron the highest au pious references to original sources of thorities, and from the Author's own information, and abridged specificaexperience during a long period of pro tions of the Patents connected with fessional practice. To which is added these subjects, for the years 1858 and Information on Limes and Cements. 1859. By CHARLES O'NEIL. 8vo. Pp. By JAMES GARDNER AUSTIN. 12mo. XII., 408, 18s.

[In the Press. Calvert. ON IMPROVEMENTS AND PRO


DRAWING. With a course of ProgresSpecimens of Printed and Dyed Fa

sive Plates. By CAPTAIN W. PATERSON, brics. By Dr. F. CRACE CALVERT,

Professor of Military Drawing, at the F.R.A., F.C.S. A Lecture delivered

Royal Military College, Sandhurst. before the Society of Arts. Revised

boards. and Enlarged by the Author. Pp. 28, sewed, Is.




Allibone (Austin S.) A CRITICAL Dic- Berjeau (F. PH.) CANTICUM CANTI

TIONARY OF ENGLISH LITERATURE, AND CORUM. Reprinted in Facsimile from BRITISH AND AMERICAN AUTHORS, from the Scriverius Copy in the British Muthe Earliest Accounts to the Middle seum; with an Historical and Biblioof the Nineteenth Century(Vol. I. is graphical Introduction. In folio, 64 pp: now published.) Two vols. imp. 8vo, Only 150 copies printed, on stout tinted cloth. To Subscribers, £1 168. : to Non paper;

bound in the antique style. subscribers, £2 8s.

£2 2s,


Catalogue of Important Works.


production of WILLIAM Caxton's GAME TURE OF AMERICAN A BORIGINAL LANOF Chess, the first work printed in GUAGES. With Additions and CorrecEngland. Small folio, bound in vellum, tious by Professor WM. W. TURNER. in the style of the period. Price £1 ls. Edited by NICOLAS TRÜBNER. 8vo, fly Frequently as we rend of the works of Car

and general Title, 2 leaves; Dr, Ludeton, and the early English Printers, and of their

wig's Preface, pp. v.-viii; Editor's black letter books, very few persons have ever Preface, pp. iv-xii; Biographical Mehad the opportunity of seeing any of these pro moir of Dr. Ludewig, pp. xiii, iv; and ductions, and forming a proper estimate of the ingenuity and skill of those who first practised

Introductory Bibliographical Notices, the "Noble Art of Printing."

pp. xiv-xxiv, followed by List of Con

tents. Then follow Dr. Ludewig's BibThis reproduction of the first work printed by Caxton at Westminster, containing 23 woodcuts,

liotheca Glottica, alphabetically aris intended, in some measure, to supply this

ranged, with Additions by the Editor, deficiency, and bring the present age into some pp. 1--209; Professor. Turner's Addiwhat greater intimacy with the Futher of En

tions, with those of the Editor to the glish Printers.

same, also alphabetically arranged; pp: The type has been carefully imitated, and 210-246; Index, pp. 247--256; and list the cuts traced from the copy in the Britishi of Errata, pp. 257, 258. One vol. handMuseum. The paper has also been inade expressly, as near as possible like the original.

somely bound in cloth, price 10s. 6d.

This work is intended to supply a great want, Delepierre. ANALYSE DES TRAVAUX now that the study of Ethnology has proved that

DE LA SOCIÉTÉ DES PHILOBIBLON DE exotic languages are not mere curiosities, but esLONDRES. Par OCTAVE DELEPIERRE.

sential and interesting parts of the natural history

of man, fornuing one of the most curious links in Small 4to., laid paper, bound in the

the great chain of national affinities, defining as Roxburgh style.

[In the Press.. they do the reciprocity existing between man and (Only 250 copies will be printed).

the soil he lives upon. No one can venture to HISTOIRE LITTERAIRE write the history of America without a knowledge Des Fous. 12mo, cloth. 5s.

of her aboriginal languages ; and unimportant as

such researches may seem to men engaged in the Edwards (EDWARD). MEMOIRS of Li- least acknowledge that these records of the past.

mere bustling occupations of life, they will at BRARIES, together with a PRACTICAL like the stern-lights of a departing ship, are the HANDBOOK OF LIBRARY ECONOMY. Two Inst gliminers of savage Jire, as it becomes ab. vols.royal Svo. Numerous Illustrations, sorled or recedes before the tide of civilization. Cloth. £2 8s.

Dr. Ludewis and Prof. Turner have made most di

Tigent use of the pablic and private collections in Ditto, large paper, imperial America, access to all of which was most liberally Svo. £4 4s.

granted to them. This has placed at their disposal

the labours of the American Missionaries, so little Gutenberg (Join). FIRST MASTER known on this side of the Atlantic that they may

PRINTER, His Acts, and most remark. be looked upon almost in the light of untrodden able Discourses, and his Death. From ground. But English and Continental librarica

have als been ransacked; and Dr. Ludewig kept the German. By C. W. 8vo, pp. 141.

up a constant and active correspondence with 10s. 6d.

scholars of " the Fatherland," as well as with men

of similar tastes and pursuits in France, Spain, and Le Bibliomane. No. I., 8vo, pp. 20; render his labours as complete as possible. The

Holland, determined to leave no stone unturned to No. II., pp. 20. 2s. each.

Voluine, perfect in itself, is the first of an enlargel

edition of Vater's Linguarum totius orbis InNouvelles Plaisantes Recher- dec.". The work has been noticed by the press of ches D'UN HOMME

GRAVE SUR QUELQUES butl. Continuents, and we may be permitted to refer FARCEURS. 8vo. Pp. 53. 10s. 6d.

particularly to the following

OPINIONS OF THE Press. Ur echea (EZEQUIEL, Dri, de Bogota, * This work, inainly the prolaction of the late Nueva Grana la). MAPOTECA COLOn Herr Ludewig, a Gorman, naturalized in America,

ly devoted to an nccount of the literature of the BIANA: CATALOGO DE TODOS LOS MAPAS,

ahoriginal languages of thot country. It gives an PLANOS, VISTAS, ETC., RELATIVOS A LA

alphabetical list of the various tribes of whose lanAMERICA-ESPANOLA, BRAFIL, E ISLAS guages any record remains, and refers to the works, ADYACENTES. Arreglada cronologica- papers, or manuscripts, in which such information mento i precedida de una introduccion

may be found. The work has evidently been a

labour of love; and ax no pains seem to have been sobre la historia cartografica de Ame. Apared by the editors, Prof. Turner and Mr. Trübrica. One vol. Svo, of 232 pages. 6s. ner, in rendering the work as accurate and com

plete as possible, those who are ruost interested in Van de Weyer. LES OrusCULES DE

its contents will be best able to judge of the Intwur M. SYLVAIN VAN DE WEYER de 1823 à

and assiduity bestowed upon by author, editor,

and publisher."- Athencerom, 5th April, 1858. 1861. Première Scrie. Small 4to., printed * This is the first instalment of a work which with old face type, on laid paper, ex will be of the greatest value to philologists; and is pressly made for the purpose. Suit

a compendium of the aborignal languages of the ably bound in the Roxburgh style.

American continents, and a digest of all the kuown literature bearing iyon those language.

Mr. [In the Press. Trübner's hand has been engaged pussim, and in (The Edition will consist of 300 copies only). his preface he lays claim to about one-sixth of the

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