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Heburgh Ochsenhausen, Knight of the be formed by a line to be drawn from Perle ay Lolden Fleece, Grand Cross of the Order the Canten of Tholey, froin ihe rest of the de

har as Fremorsilorf, or by that which suparates of St. Stephen, Grand Eagle of the Legion partiment of the Moselle. of Honour, Knight of the Russian Orders 4. In the Departnent of the Sarre, the Canicos of St. Andrew, St. Alexander Neusky, and Saarbruck and Arnwal shall remain

to France,

as well as that part of the Canton of Lebaci, St. Anne, of the 1st class, Knight Grand which is situated 10 the South of a line to be Cross of the Prussian Orders of the Black drawn along the confines of the villages of Heand Red Eagle, Grand

the Or

relenbach, Vebechosen, lii-back, and Hall

(leaving these different places, without the der of St. Joseph of Wurtzburgh, Knight of French frontier) to the point where, taken from the Order of St. Hubert of Bavaria, of that Querelle, (which belongs to France) the line

which separates the Cantons of Arnwal and of the Gold Eagle of Wurtemberg, and Ouweiler, reaches that which separates those of many others; Chamberlain, actual Privy of Arnwal and Lpbach; the frontier on this Councillor, Minister of State, of Confer-side still be formed by the line above markud

ont, and then by that which separates the Canton ences, and for Foreign Affairs, of his In- of Árnwal from tbat of Bliescastel, perial, Royal, and Apostolic Majesty; and 5. The fortre:s of Landau having, prior to the Count John Phillipe de Stadion Thann-France reinins beyond her frontiers a part of the

year 1792, formed an insulated point in Germany, hausen and Warthausen, Knight of the depariments of Nont Tonnerre and the Lower Golden Fleece, Grand Cross of the Order Rhine, in order to join the fortress of Landau and

ils aistrict to the rest of the kingdom. The new of St. Stephen, Knight of the Russian Or- denarkation proceeding frem the point where, ders of St. Andrew, St. Alexander Nensky, at Oversteinbach (which remains without the and St. Anne of the 1st class, Grand Cross French tronuer), time frontier enters the depart

ment of the Moselle, and ipat of Mont Tonnerre, of the Pussian Orders of the Black and joins the department of the Lower Rhine, shall Red Eagle, Chamberlain, Privy Coun- Rolos the line which separates the Cantons of cillor, Minister of State and Conferences to France) froin the Cantons of Pirmasens, Dalm,

Weissenburgh and Bergzabern (on the side of his Imperial, Royal, and Apostolic Man and Anweller, (on the side of Germany to the jesty; who, after exchanging their full point where these limits, near the village of

Watnersheim, touch the ancient district of the powers, found to be in good and due form, fortress of Landau. Of this district, which rehave agreed upon the following Articles : mains as it was in 1792, the new frontier shall

Article 1. There shall be, reckoning from this follow the arın of the river Queich, which, in date, peace and friendship between his Majesty leaving this district near Queichhein (which the King of France and Nivarre, on the one part, rests with France), pauses near the villages of and his Majesty the Emperor of Au via, King of Merlenheim, Kniltelstein, and Beiheim (also Hurgary and Bohemia, and his Allies, on the reinaining French) in the Rhine, which thence other part, their heirs and successors, their respec

continues the boundary hetween France and tive States and subjects in perperuiny.- The high Germany. As to the Rhine, ile Thalveg, or contracting parties shall apply all their cares to

course of the river, shall form the boundary; the maintain, not only between themselves, but also changes, however, which may occur in the course as far as depends on them between all the Sia:es of the river, shall have no efiect on the property of Europe, the good agreement and understand- of the isles which are found there. The posses. ing so necessary to its repose.

sion of these isles shall be replaced under the Article II. The Kingdom of France preserves

same form as at the period of the Treaty of L«the integrity of its limits, such as they existed at

neville. the period of the 1st of Jan. 1799. I: shall re

6. In the Department of the Doubs, the fronceive besides an augmentation of territory com

tiers shall be drawn so a: to commence above la prised within the line of demarkation fixed by the Ranconniere, near the Loell, and follow the Tollowing article:

crest of the Jura between Cerneaux Pequignot Art. III. On the side of Belgiuin, Germany, and the village of Fontenelles, so far as that and Italy, the ancient frontier, such as it existed sumınit of the Jura which lies about seven or on the Isi Jan. 1792, shall be re established, the eiglit miles to the north-west of the village of Da same commencing from the North Sea, between Brevine, where it will turn back within the anDunkirk and Niewport, even into the Mediter- cient limits of France. ranean between Cagnes and Nice, with the fol- 7. In the Department of the Lema, the fron. lowing ratifications;

tiers between the French territory, the Pais de 1. Ju the Department of Jemappes, t'e Canton Vand, and the different portions of the territory of Dour Merbes-le-chateu, Beaninont and Chi- of Geneva (which shall make a part of Switzera may, shall remain to France the line of demarka-land), remain as they were before the incor. tion, where it touches the Canton of Dour, poration of Genera with France, But the Cane shall pass between that Canton and those of ion of Frangy, that of St. Julien (with excepBoussu and Paturage, as well as, farther on, be tion of that part lying to the rorth of a line io tween that of Morbes-le-Chateau, and those of

be drawn from the print where the river of La Binch and Thuin.

Laire enters near Chancey into the Genevese 2. In the Department of the Sambre and territory, along'oe borders of Seesegui", bán Meuse, the Cantons of Valcourt, Florennes, conex, and Socneuve, which shall remain 'withBeauing, and Gedume, shall belong to France ; out the lid is of France), the Canton of Regnier the demarkation, "pon reaching this deparimant, (with iception of that portion which lies pasta shall follow the line which separates the fore- würd of a line following ilie borders of the M11mentioned Cantons, from the departurient of me raz, Bussy, Pers, and Cornier, which shall be mappes, and from the rest of that of the Sambre without the French limits), and the Canten of and Meuse.

La Rorlie (with exception of the places named 3. In the Department of the Moselle, the nerv La Roche and Armanay, with their districts), deparkation where it differs from the old, shall shall rest piin France. The froptier shall fol.


low the limits of those different Cantons, and I dencies shall belong, in full possession and sove. the lines separating those portions which France reignty, to his Britannic Majestv. retains from those which she gives up.

Äri. VIII. His Britannic Majesty, stipulating 8. In the Department of Mont Blanc, France for himself and his Allies, engages to restre to shall obtain the Subprefecture of Chambery bis Most Christian Majesty, witbin periods af(with exception of the Cantons de l'Hospital, si.terwards to be fixed, the Colonies, Fisheries, Pierre d'Abigny, La Rocette and Monimelian), Facteries, and Establishments of every kind the Subprefecture of Annecy, with exceprion of which France possessed on the Ist of January, that part of the Canton of Faverges, situated to 1792, in the seis, or on the continents of Ainethe east of a line pa-sing between Ourechaise rica, Africa, and Asia, with the exception, nevers and Marilen on the Freoch side, and Marthod theless, of the islands of Tobago, Si. Lucia, and and Uging on the opposite side, and which then the Isle of France and its rependencies, namely follows the crest of the mountains to the frontier Rodigrue and the Sechelles, all which his most of the Canton of Thones. This line, with the Christian Majesty cedes in full property and 10Jimits of the aforenamed Cantons, shall constitute vereignty to his Britannic Majesty, as also that the new frontier on this side. On the side of piirt of St. Domingo ceded to France by the the Pyrenees, the frontiers remain as they were Peace of Basle, and which his most Christian between the two kingdoms of France nnd Spain, Majesty retrocedes to his Catholic Majesty, in on the 1st of January, 1792. There shall be full property and sovereignty. appointed on the part of both, a mutual Com- Art. IX. His Majesty the King of Swelen and mission to arrange their final demarkation. - Vorway, in consequence of arrangements entered Frauce renounces all claims of sovereignty, su-linto with his Allies, and for the execution of the premacy, and possession over all countries, disa preceding Article, conssents that the island of tricts, towns and places whatsoever, situated Guadaloupe be restored to. bis No Christian without the above stated frontier. The princi- Majesty, and cedes all the rights which le miglit pality of Monaco is replaced in the same situa- have to chut island. tion as on the 1st of January, 1792.- The Allied Art. X. Ilis most Faithful Majesty, in conse. Courts assure to France the possession of the quence of arrangements entered into with his principality of Avignon, the Venaissin, the Allies, engages fő restore 1) lis Most Christian county of Monibealird, and all the inclosed dis Majesty, without a period bereafier tixed, French tricts once belonging to Germany, comprised Guyana, such as it ivas on the lst Jan. 1792. The within the above indicated frontier, which had etteat of the above stipulation being to revive the been incorporated with France before or after dispute existing at that period as to limits, it is the 1st of January, 1792.- The Powers preserve agreed that the said disparite should be termi, mutually the full right to fortify whatever point nated by an amicable arrangement, under the me: of their States they may judge fitting for their diation of his Britannic Majesty, safety.–To avoid all.injury to private property, Art. XI. The fortresses and forts existing in and to protect on the most liberal principles the the colonies to be restored to his Most Christian possessions of individuals domiciliated on the Majesty, in virtue of Articles VIII. IX. and X. frontiers, there shall be named by each of the shall be given up in the state in which they shall States adjoining France, Commissioners, tó pro

be at the time of the signature of the present ceed jointly with French Commissioners, to the treaty. demarkation of their respective boundaries. So Art. XII. His Britannic Majesty engages to soon as the affice of these Commissioners shall cause the subjects of his Most Chrisiian Majesty be completed, instruments shall be drawn up, to enjoy, in regard to cominerce, and the secusigned by them, and posts erected to mark the rity of iheir persons and properties, within the mutual limits

limits of the British Sovereiguty on the Coulie Art. IV, To secure the communications of the nent of Iudia, the sale facilities, privileges, and town of Geneva with the other parts of the Swiss protection, which are at present granted to the territory on the Lake, France consents that the most favoured nations. On this side, his Must roads by Versoy shall be common to the two Christian Majesty having nothing more at heart countries. The respective Governments will have than the perperity of the peace between the 'an amicable nnileistanding on the means of pre- two Crowns of France and England, and wishventing muggling, the regulation of the posts, ing to contribute, as much as in him sies, to re: and the maiotenance of the roads.

move' henceforward such points of contract he's Art. V. The navigation of the Rhine, from the tween the two nations as might one day alter a point where it becomes navigable to the sea ansi goo: muiual understanding, engages not lo erect back, shall be free, so as to be interdicted to no any work of fortification in the establishmenis 19

rson. Principles shall be laid down at a future be restored to him, and which are situated with Congress, for the collectio of the duties by the in the limits of British sovereignty on the ContiStates of the Banks, in the manner most equal nent of India, and to place in those establish. and favoord ble to the commerce of all nations. ments vply ine pinber or troops necessary for It shall be ab? enquired and ascertained at the the maintenance of the police. same Congress, what mode, for the purposes of Art. XIII. As to the French right of fishery more facile commiication, and rendering nations on the grand bank of Newfoundland, on the " continually le s strangers to each other, this dis- coasts of the isle of thąt naine and the adjacent position may be extended to all rivers, that ip isles, and in the Gulph of St. Lawrence, every their navigable course separate or raverse diffe-thing shall be restored to the same footing as in rent States.

1792. Art. VI. Holland, placa.d under the sovereign Art. XIV. The colonies, factories, and estaty of the House of Orange, shall receive an in- blishments to be restored to his Most Christian crease of territory. The title, and the exercise of Majesty by his Britannic Majesty or his Allies, its sovereigoty, cannot, under any circumstance, shall be given up, viz. those in the seas of the belong to a Prince wearing or dispated to North, or in the seas and on the Continents of wear å foreign crown. The German Sian's shall | America and Africa, within three months, and be independent, and united by a federat vil those beyond the Cape of Good Hope within six Jeague. - Independent Switzerland shall conti months after the ratification of the present nue under its own Government. Italy, withont treaty. the limits of the countries which shall returo to Art. XV: The high contracting parties having Austria, shall be composed of Sovereign States. reserved to themselves by the 4th Article of the

Art. VII. The Island of Malta and its depen- Convention of April 23, the regulation in the

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present Braziijve Treaty of Peace, of the fate and the Freuch autiorities, both for supplies of the reals and vessels of war, axined and not and legal wbligations. arunon, which are in maritime fortresses, surren- Art. XX. Tie irigh Contractin Powers, imdered wy France in execution of Art. 11. of the mediately afier the exchange of the ratifications said Convention, it is agreed tiat the said vessels of the present treaty, will appoint Commissaries and ship of war, armed and not arined, as also to regulate and effectuate the execution of the the naval artillery, the naval stores, and all the

whole of the ineasures contained in Articles materials of construction and armament, shall be XVIII. and XIX. These Commissaries shall divided between France and the country where employ themsclves in the exainination of the the fortresses are situated, in the proportion of claims mentioned in the preceding Article, of the two-thirds to France, and one-third to the liquidation of ine stims claimed, and of the mode powers to whom such fortresses shall appertain. which the French Government shall propose for The vessels and ships which are building, and paying them. They shall also be charged with which shall not be ready for launching in six the giving up of the titles, obligati us, and doweeks after the present treaty, shall be consi. cunents relative to the debts which the high dered as materials, and as such divided in the contracting powers inutually renounce, in such proportion above assiyned, after being taken to way, that the ratification of the result of their pieces, Commissaries shall be mutually appoint- labours shall complete this reciprocal renunciaed to arrange the division, and draw up a tion. statement thereof, and passports shall be given Art. XXI. The debts specially hypothecated by the Allied Powers, to secure the return to in their origin on the countries which cease to France of the French workmen, seanen, and belong to France, or contracted for their in. agents. The vessels and arsenals existing in the ternal administration, shall ren in a charge on maritime fortresses which shall have fallen into these same countries. An account shall in con: the power of the Allies anterior to the 234 of sequence be kept for the French Government, April, are not included in the above stipulations, commencing will the 2?d December, 181, of nor the vessels and arsenals which belonged to such of those dels as have beco converted into Jlolland, and in particular the Terel ileet. The inscriptions in the_great book of the public debt French Governinent binds itself to withdraw, of France. The titles of all such as have not or canse to be soli, ali that shall bılong to it been prepared for the inscription), nor have been by the above stated stipulations, within the pe- yet inscribed, shall be given up to the Governriod of three months after the division has been ments of the respective countries. Statements ellected. In future, the Port of Antwerp shall of all these debts shall be drawn up by a mixed be solely a port of Com:nerce.

cominission, Art, XVI. The high contracting parties wish- Art. XXII. The French Government, on its ing to place and cause to be placed in entire side, shall remain charged with the repayment oblivion the livisions which have agitated Eu- of the suns paid by the subjects of the aboverope, declare and promise, that in the countries mentioned countries into the French chests, restored and ceded by the present treaty, no

whether under the head of cautionments, des individual of whatever class or condition shall posits, or consignments. In like manner French be presecuted, harassed, or disturbed in his per subjects, servanis of the said countries, who son or property, under any pretext, or for liis have paid sums under the head of cautionments, attachment either to any of the contracting par-deposits, or consignments, into their respective ties, or to Governments which have ceased to treasuries, shell ise taithfully reimbursed. exist, or from any other cauf, unless for debts Art, XXIII. Tie titulars of places subjected contracted to individuals, or for acts posterior to cautionment, wlio have not the handling of the to the present treaty.

money, shall be repaid with interest, until the Art. XVII. In all the countries which may or full payment at Paris, by fifths and annually, shall change masters, as well in virtue of the commencing froin the date of the present Treapresent treaty, as of arrangments to be made ty. --With regard to those who are accountable, in consequence thereof, ihe inhabitants, both the payment shail take place, at the latest, six natives and foreigners, of whatever class or months ałter the presentation of their acronais, condition, shall be allowed a space of six yaars, the case of malversation aivae exccpted. A reckoning from the exchange of the ratifica- copy of the last accoan: shail ba transmitted to tions, in order to dispose, if they think proper, the Government of their country to serve it for of their property, whether acquired before or information, and as a starting point. during the present war, and to retire to what- Art. XXIV. Toe jadicial deposits and con ever country they plea-c.

signments, nade into the chest of the sinking Art. XVIII. The Allied Powers, wishing to fund in execution of the law of the 28ch Nivoise, give his most Christian Majesty a new proof of year 13 (18th of January-1805), and which hea their desire to cause to disappear as much as lies long to the inhabitants of the countries which in their power, the consequences of the period France ceases to possess, shail be restored withof calamity so happily terminated by the present in a year, dating from the exchange of the rapeace, renounce, in tota, the suns which the titications of ine present treaty, into the hands Government had to re-demand of Franca, by of the authorities of the saill countries, with the reason of any contracts, supplies, or advances exception of such deposits and consigaments as whatsoever, made to the French Government in French subjects are interested in; in which the diferent wars which have taken place since case, they shall remain in the chest of the sink. 1792. -- Ilis Most Christian Majesty, on his side, ing fund, not: be restored but on proofs resulta renounces every chain waica he might make on ing from the decisions of the competent authoria the Allied Powers on similar grounds. In exe- ties. cution of this Article, the high contracting par

Art. XXV. The funds deposited by the comgics engage mutuali y to give up all titles, bonds, munes and public establishments in tre chest of and documents relaling to devis which they have service and in the criest of the sinking, fund, or reciprocally renounced.

any other government chest, shall be repaid to Art. XIX. The French Government engages them by tifths from year to year, reckoning from to cause to be liquidated and paid all sums the date of the present treaty, with the dedicwhich it shall find itself bound in duty to pay in tion of advances which shall have been made to countries beyond its territories, in virtue of con- them, and saving the regular claim: made upon tracts or other formal engagements entered into these funds by creditors of the said communes between individuals or private establishments, and public establishmenis.

Art. XXVI. Dinting from the 1st of January, , affixed theretó the seal of their arms. Dove at 1814, the French Government ceases to be Paris, this 30): h Muy, 1811. charged with the payment of any pension, cisil, (L. S.) (Sigiied) The Prince of BENEVENT. military, or ecclesiastical, pension of retire- (1. S.)

The Prince of METTERNICH. Beat, or half-pay, to any individual, who is no (LS.)

Coout STADION, longer a french subject.

The same day, at the same time and Art. XXVII. The national domains acquired for a valuable coosideration by French subjects

, place, the same Treaty of Definitive Peace in the ci-devani departments of Belgium, the left was concluded between France and Rus, ancient limits of France, are and remain gua- between France and Prussia; and signed, bank of the Rhine and of the Alps, without the sia ; between France and Great Britain; ranteed to the purchasers.

Art. XXVIII. The abolition of the droits, viz. The Treaty between France and Rus. d'aubaine, detraction, and others of the same na

sia ; ture, in the countries which reciprocally stipula

For France by M. Charles Maurice Talleyrand lated it with France, or which had been ante

Perigord, Prince of Benevent (ut supra); and cedently annexed to it, is expressly confirned. Art. XXIX. The French Covernment engages Privy Counselor of his Majesty the Emperor

for Russia, by M. M. Count Rasoin virky, to cause to be restored the obligations and

of all he Russias, Knight of the Orders of si, etter tities which shall have been seized in the

Andrew, St. Alexander Newsky, Grand Cross provinces occupied by the French armies or ad.

of that of St. Volodimir of the lot class; and ministrations; and in cases where restitution cannot be made, these obligations and titles are and Charles Robert Count Nesselrode, Privy Counremain annibiiatel.

sellor of his said Majesty, Chamberlain, Secretary Ari. XX. The suns which shall be due for of State, Knight of the Order of St. Alexander all works of public utility not yet terminated, or

Newsky, Grand Cross of that of St. Wolodimir of

the 20 class, Grand Cross of the Order of Lene termita:ed pesterior to the 31st of December, 1812, on the nine, and in the departments de Bold of Austria, of that of the Red Eagle of tached from France, by the prosent treaty,

Prussia, of the Polar Star of Sweden, and of the

Golden Eagle of Wurtemberg. shall pass to the charge of futitre possessors of the teüriiory, and sirall be liquidate it by the The Treaty between France and Great commission charged with the liquidation of the Britain :---debts of the district.

For France, by Charles Maurice Talleyrand Art. XXXI. All archives, charts, plans, and rerigord, Prince of Benevent (ut supra); and documents whatsoever belonging to the coun- for Great Britain, by the Right Hon. Risbert tries ceded, and connected with their adminisa Stewart, Viscount Castlereagh, Brivy Counsellor tration, shall be faithfully restored at the same of his Majesty the King of the Uniied Kingdom time with the countries; or, if that be imprac. of Great Britain and Ireland, Member of his ticable, within a period not more than six Parliament, Colonel of the Regiment of Lone months after the surrender of the said countries. donderry Militia, and his Principal Secretary of This stipulation is applicable to archives, charts, State for Foreign Afairs, &c. - George Gordon, and plans, which may have been carried off in

Earl of Aberdeen, Viscount Formartin, Lord countries for the moment occupied by the dif- lladdo, Tarvis, and Kellie, &c, one of the 16 fcrent armies.

Scotch Peers, Knight of the most ancient Order Art. XXXII. Within a perind of two months, of the Thistle, and'nis Anibassador Extraordinaall the Powers who have been engaged in both sides in the present war, shall send Plenipoto.. and Apostolic Majesty; William Shaw Cathcart,

and Plenipotentiary to his Imperial, Royal, tiaries to Vienna, in order to regulate, in ? Viscount Cathcart, Baron Cathcart and Greenock, General Congress, the arrangements necessary Counsellor of his said Majesty, Knight of the for completing the dispositions of the present Order of the Thistle, and nt several Russian Treaty. Art. XXXIII. The present Treaty shall he

Orders, General in his Armies, and his Am

bassador Extraordiary and Plenipotentiary to ratified, and the ratifications exchanged within

nis Majesty the Emperor of Russia; and the Hon. a fortnight, or sooner, if practicable.

Charles William Stewart, Knight, of the most In tesiimony whereof the respective Plenipno 110gourable Order of the Bath, Member of his tentaries have signed the same, and affixed there. Parliament, Knight of the Prussian Orders of the in the seal of their arms.

Black and Red Eagle, and of many others, and (L. S.) (Signed) The Prince of BENEVENT. L. S.)

his Envoy Extraordinary and Minister PlenipoThe Prince of METTERNICH. tentiary io his Majesty the King of Prussia. (L. S.) J. P. Count STADION,

The Treaty between France and Prus: ADDITIONAL ARTICLE.

sia : The High Contracting Parties, wishing to efface For France, hy M. C. Talleyrand Perigord, all traces of the wofortunate events which have Prince of Benevent, (ut supra.).–And for Pruisa weighed heavily on their people, have agreed sia ly M. M. Charles Augustus Baron Hardenexplicitly to annul the effects of the Treaties of berg, Chancellor of State to his Majesty the King 1805 and 1909, in as far as thry are not already of Prussia, Knight of the Orders of the Black and actually annullas by the present Treaty:. ! Red Eagle, and of many other Orders, ond consequence of this reclaratinn, I}is Must Chris-Charles William Baron Humboldt, Minister of tian Maje.ty engages that the decrees vued State of his said Majesty, and Envoy Extraordiagainst French, or repiited French subjects, nary and Minister Plenipotentiary in his Impebeing, or having been in the service of his I'mpe- rial, Royal, and Apostolic Majesiy. rial and Raval Apostolic Majesty, shall remain wiihout effect, as well as the juigments whic!

With the following additional articles: may have heen passed in execution of these de. ARTICLE ADDITIONAL TO THE TREATY crees. The present additional Article shall have

WITH RUSSIA. the same force a::deflect as if it had been issert- The Duchy of Warsaw having been under the ed in the patent Treaty of this date. It shall be administration of a provisional council established Tarified, and the ratification shall be exchanged at hy Russia ever since that country was occupied by the same time. In festimony whereof, the re- her arms, the two high contracting parties have *pective Plenipotentiaries have signed it, and agreed to appoint immediately a Special Com


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mission, composed on both sides of an equal desirous to establish the mrst amicable relations nuinber of Commi-saries, who shall be charged between their respective subijecis, reserve with the examination and liquidation of their themselves a promise to come to an understandi.. respective claiins, and all the arrangements rela- ing and arrangeinent as soon as possible, on their tive thereto.- The present additional article shall commercial interests, with the intention of uphave the same force and effect, as if iuserted ver- couraging and augmenting the prosperity of the in þatim in the patent treaty of this date. It shall respocliv States. The present additional artibe ratified, and the ratifications exchanged at the cles shall have the same force and validity, as if same time: In testimony whereof the respective they had been inserted in those words in the Plenipotentiaries have signed and same, and aflix- treaty of this day. They shall be ratified, and ed thereto the seal of their arıas.

the ratifications shall be exchanged at the same Done at Paris, this 30ih day of May, 1814. time. In faith of which the respective Plenia (L.S.) (Sigsed) The Prince of BENEVENT. potentiaries have signed them, and affixed the IL.S) ANDREW Count RASUMOUFFSKY seal if their arms. (L.S.) CHAS. ROBERT Count VESSELRODE Dated and signed as above.


witu PRUSSIA, Article 1. His Most Christian Majesty, parti:

Though the Treaty of Peace concluded at cipating without reserve in all the sentiments of Bişle the 8th of April, 1795; that of Tilsit, ut his Britannic Majesty relative to a species of the gin July, 1807, the Convention of Paris, of comerce, which is equally repugnant to the the 20th September 1808; as well as all the principles of patyral justice, and ihe lights of the Convention and acts whatsoever, concluded since times in which we live, engages to unite, at a fu- the peace of Basie between Prussia and France, ture Congress, all his efforts to those of his Bri- are already virtually annlled by the present tannic diajesty, in order to cause all the powers Treaty, the High Contracting Powers have neof Christendom to proclain the abolition of the vertheless thought fit to declare rxpressly that the Slave Trade, in such manner that the said irade said Treaties cease to be utegatory for all their may cease universaily, as it shall cease definitive articles, both paient and secrei, and that they ly, and in all events on the part of France, within mutually renounce all right, and release thenia period of five years, and that besides, pending selves from all obligation which might result the duration of this period, po frader in slaves

from thero. shall be at liberty to import or sell them esse

His Mast Christian Majesty promises that the where, but in the colonies of the state to which he deciees issued against French subjects, or rebelongs.

puted Frenchmen, being or having been in the Ari. II. The British Government and the service of his Prussian Majesty, shall be of no French Government will immediately appoint fect, as well as the judgments which may have Commissaries to liquidate their respective ex

been passed in execution of those decrees. pences for the maintenance of prisoners of war,

The present additional Article shall have the for the purpose of coming to an arrangement on

same force and effect, as if it were inserted, the manner of paying off the balance wiichi shall

word for word, in the patent Treaty of this day. be found in favour of either of the two powers.

It shall be ratified, and the ratifications exArt. III. The prisoners of war respectively changed at the same time. In faith of which the shall be bound to discharge, before their depar- respective Plenipotentiaries have sigued it, and pure from the place of their detention, the private

allired their seals. debts wiich they raily have there contracted, or

Dated and signed as above. at least to give sausfäctory security.

Art. IV. i here shall be on boih sides, imme. AMERICAN War. But we are at war diately after ratification of the present Treaty, a yet. It is the Continent only which has Teinoval of the sequestration which, since the year 1792, may have been placed on the funds, reve- 1 got peace. We have a finger in the pye pues, dems, and all other effects whatever of the in Portugal, a collation in Spain, a high contracting powers, or of their subjects: tid bit in Sicily, and a good thumping war The same Commissaries mentioned in Art. II. shall employ themselves in the examination and with America as a standing dish. This mpen the French Guvernment, for the value of bour of Hercules, the toughest of all. It Jiquitation of the claims of his Britannic Majesty war promises to be to us, like the last laproperty moveable or immoveable unduly confiscated hy the French authorities, as well as for does not appear to be very easy the total or partial loss of their debis or other to get any foreign troops to fight for our property, urduly detained under sequestration since the year 1792. -- France engages to treat money in that country. The distance to in this respect the subjects of England with the send horses, with their hay and straw, is same justice that the subjects of France have experienced in England ; and the English Go- pretty considerable. When I first heard vernment wishing on its part, to concur in of a camp of Russians being about to be this new testimony that the Allied Powers have formed in my neighbourhood, I destined given to his most. Christian Majesty of their desire 10 remove entirely the consequences of the

them for America; but, it seems, from epach of mi-fortune, so happily terminated by what I see in the newspapers, that they the present peace, engages on its side (as soon as complete justice shall be done to its subjects,)

are merely coming as a guard to the Emto renounce the whole amount of the excess peror, and are to go home in their own flect. which may be found in its favour, relative to the That the object of the American war is, maintenance of the prisoners of war, so that the ratification of the result of the labours, of the

however, hecome rather serious, would apandersigned Commissioners, and which shall be pear from the Report of a speech of Sir adjudged to belong to the subjects of his Pri- JOSEPH YORKE, in the House of Comannic Maje ty, shall render its renunciation cumplete.

mons, Wednesday, the 1st instant, in the Art. y. The two Ilighi Co ting Powers, following words, as taken from the Courier

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for us

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