The Irish Question Considered in Its Integrity: With an Introduction, and Prefatory Remarks on the Conduct of the House of Peers

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Longman, Brown, Green, and Longmans, 1844 - 238 pages

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Page xcv - Fillet of a fenny snake, In the cauldron boil and bake; Eye of newt and toe of frog, Wool of bat and tongue of dog...
Page 223 - 2. Can the Pope or Cardinals, or any body of men, or any individual of the Church of Rome, absolve or dispense with his majesty's subjects, from their oath of allegiance, upon any pretext •whatsoever?
Page 223 - Majesty's subjects from their oath of allegiance, upon any pretext whatever? " 3. Is there any principle in the tenets of the Catholic faith, by which Catholics are justified in not keeping faith with heretics, or other persons differing from them in religious opinions, in any transaction, either of a public or a private nature?
Page cxxiii - Moses' chair, yet they can never speak tanquam auctoritatem habentes (as having authority), because they have lost their reputation in the consciences of men, by declining their steps from the way which they trace out to others. So as men had need continually have sounding in their ears this saying, Nolite exire (go not out); so ready are they to depart from the Church upon every voice.
Page 223 - Principle in the Tenets of the Catholic Faith, by which Catholics are justified in not keeping Faith with Heretics, or other Persons differing from * them in Religious Opinions, in any Transaction, either of a public or a private Nature ? The Universities answered unanimously, 1.
Page 223 - The Universities answered unanimously— 1 . That the Pope, or Cardinals, or any body of men, or any individual of the Church of Rome, HAS NOT any civil authority, power, jurisdiction, or pre-eminence whatsoever, within the realm of England.
Page 133 - Here's another letter to her : she bears the purse too ; she is a region in Guiana, all gold and bounty. I will be cheater to them both, and they shall be exchequers to me ; they shall be my East and West Indies, and I will trade to them both.
Page lviii - If once my Lord his graceful balance loses, Or fails to keep each foot where each horse chooses ; If Peel but gives one extra touch of whip To Papist's tail or Protestant's ear-tip — That instant ends their glorious horsemanship ! Off bolt the sever'd steeds, for mischief free, And down, between them, plumps Lord Anglesea ! THE LIMBO OF LOST REPUTATIONS.
Page cxxiii - ... whilst they deal with the secular states in all liberty and resolution, according to the majesty of their calling, and the precious care of souls imposed upon them, so long the church is situated...
Page cxlii - Great Britain. I cannot employ words of sufficient strength to express my solicitude that His Majesty's government should fix the deepest attention on the intimate connexion marked by the strongest characters in all these transactions between the system of agitation and its inevitable consequence, the system of combination, leading to violence and outrage ; they are, inseparably, cause and effect ; nor can I (after the most attentive consideration of the dreadful scenes passing under my view,) by...

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