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392, 586

Wise 175, 196, 586, Woodward 92 Wyatt 48, 149, 285, Yelverton 496
Woodyear 195

510, 662

Yeomans 197
Wiseman 306, 628
Woolfitt 498

Wybrow 193 York 486
Wishart 177
Woollcombe 595 Wye 190

Abp. 17
Witherby 109, 157 Woolmer 336 Wylde 6631

D. 488, 546
Witherspoon 91 Woolridge 493 Wynch 285

Wittenoom 387 Woone 661

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Witts 382

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Wiysel 184

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Worcester, M. 71 526, 576, 658 Young 94, 181, 188,
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481, 526, 55), Wrenson 171

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Woodthorpe 196, Wroughton 590 Yeats 492
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Yeeles 665


BEACONSFIELD Church, 105 Lichfield Cathedral, 403
Bermondsey Abbey, 513

Mepal Church, 9:
Antiquities in, ib. Seal Ring, 322
Botanic Garden, Plan of, 113

Shelton Oak, 305
British Museum, new Gallery at, 209 Stuntney Conreh, 9
Brixworth Church, Monuments in, 321 Theydon Gernon Chnrch, 601
Hornsey Church, &c. 17

Whittington Rectory-house, 217
Hucks Barn, near Ludlow, 305

Revolution-house at, 609

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shall fly,

Being u Looking-Glass for rich Misers, wherein they may see (if they be not blind)

how much they are to blame for their penuricus Housekeeping; and likewise an
Encouragement to those noble-minded Gentry, who lay out a great part of their
Estates in Hospitality, relieving such Persons as have Need thereof.

Who feasts the poor, a true Reward shall find,
Or helps the old, the feeble, lame, and blind.
To the Tune

“The Delights of the Bottle."
ALL you that to feasting and mirth are Themselves to refresh and their horses to
[your mind :

Come, here is good news for to pleasure Since that he must be Old Christmas's
Old Christmas is come for to keep open Nay the poor shall not want, but have for


relief Plum-pudding, &c.
He scorus to be guilty of starving a
Then come, boys, and welcome, for diet Now Mock-beggar-ball it no more shall
the chief

stand empty,

[and plenty;

But all shall be furnish'd with freedom
Plum-pudding, goose, capon, minc'd The hoarding old misers who used to
pies, and roast beef.


(poor starve,
À long time together he hath been for- The gold in their coffers, and see the

[the pot; Must now spread their tables, and give
They scarce could afford for to hang on them in brief-Plum-pudding,&c.
Such miserly sneaking in England hath

The court and the city, and country are


As by our forefathers ne'er

to be Old Christmas is come to cheer up the
But, now he's returued, you shall have Broad pieces and guineas about now

in brief, – Plum-pudding, &c.
The times were ne'er good since Old And hundreds be losers by cogging a dies
Christinas was fied,

Whilst others are feasting with diet
And all Hospitality hath been so dead,

the chief — Plum-pudding, &c.
No mirth at our festivals late did appear, Those that have no coin at the cards for
They scarcely would part with a cup of

to play,
March beer:

May sit by the fire, and pass time away,
But now you shall have, for the ease

And drink off their moisture content-
of your grief, Plum-pudding,&c., ed and free,

[is to thee:'
The butler and baker, they now may be “My honest good fellow, come, here

[have been bad; And when they are hungry fall to their
The times they are mended, though they relief - Plum-pudding, &c.
The brewer, he likewise may be of good Young gallants and ladies shall foot

[and beer;

it along, [sick shall throng,
He shall have good trading for strong ale

Each room in the house to the mu-
All trades shall be jolly and have for re-
lief Plum-pudding, &c.

Whilst jolly carouses about they shall

[his lass;
The holly and ivy about the walls wind, And each country swain trip about with
And shew that we ought to our neigh- Mean time goes the caterer to fetch
bours be kind,

in chief, -- Plum-pudding, &c.
Inviting each other for pastime and The cooks and the scullion, who toil

[do resort :

in their frocks, (mas box;
And where we best fare, there we most

Their hopes do depend upon their Christ-
We fail not of victuals, and that of the

There is very few that do live on the
Plum-pudding, &c.


[or mirth;
The cooks shall be busied by day and by But enjoy at this time either profit

[light; Yea those that are charged to find all re-
In roasting and boiling for taste and de- lief -- Plum-pudding, &c.
Their senses in liquor that's nappy they'll Then well may we welcome Old Christ-

[sleep :

mas to town, [quor so brown,
Though they be afforded to have little

Who brings us good cheor, and good li-
They still are employed for to dress us in To pass the cold Winter away with de-
brief,.-- Plum-pudding, &c.

light :

Although the cold weather doth hunger We feast it all day and we frolick all

provoke, [neys do smoke, Both hunger and cold we keep out with
"Tis a comfort to see how the chim-

relief, - Plum-pudding, &c.
Provision is making for beer, ale, and Then let all curmudgeons who dote on

For all that are willing or ready to dine.

their wealth, [than their health,

And value their treasures much more
Then haste to the kitchen for diet the

Go hang themselves up, if they will
chief -- Plum-pudding, &c.

be so kind, [come shall find:
All travellers as they do pass on their old Christmas with them but small

They will not afford to themselves
At gentlemen's halls are invited to stav,

ont grief --- Plum-puddi:


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NEW BOOKS, printed for J. NICHOLS and SON,

Red Lion Passage, Fleet Street, London. 1. The Sixth Portion of the History and Antiquities of the COUNTY of LEICESTER, containing the Hundred of GUTHLAXTON.

The SECOND EDITION. Embellished with LXIX Plates,

Price 51. 58.; or on Royal Paper, Price 6s 6s.
*** Of this Volume only 150 Copies are printed, of which 100 are
wanted to complete the Setts already in the hands of the Publick;
and FIFTY COPIES are all that are printed on the chance of a
separate Sale; as this and every preceding Portion, describing a
separate Hundred, may be considered in some degree a complete
and independent Work. --The concluding Portion (the Hundred
of SPARKENHOE) is so far advanced in the Press, that it may
certainly be expected very early in the Summer of 1811; and will
++ Any Gentleman who may not be disposed to continue the

Work, or is inclined to sell the Volumes already published, may receive for them A LIBERAL ADVANCE ON THE QRIGINAL PRICE,

provided they are returned undamaged. II. THE GENUINE WORKS of WILLIAM HOGARTH, illustrated with Biographical Anecdotes, and a Chronological Commentary, By JOHN NICHOLS, Esq. F. S. A. LOND. EDINB. & PERTH ;

and the late GEORGE STEEVENS, Esq. F. R. S. and F. S. A. A new Edition, in Two Volumes, demy 4to. Price 10l. 105. boards;

or on Royal paper, with proof impressions, price 211. boards.

*** The Works of the inimitable HOGARTH have not only beensought for with avidity in his native country, but have been admired by every civilized nation in the world. Since his death, various Editions of his Works have, from time to time, been offered to the Publick, But, without attempting to depreciate any of the former Editions, it is presumed that the present Work will, from its elegance and cheapness, stand unrivalled. - It may be proper, however, to add, that these Volumes contain one HUNDRED AND SIXTY Plates, many of which

are not in any other Collection of HOGARTH's Works. III. THE WORKS of the Rev. JONATHAN SWIFT, D. D. Dean of St.

Patrick's, Dublin. Arranged by THOMAS SHERIDAN, A. M. with Notes, Historical and Critical. A new Edition, corrrcted and revised by JOHN NICHOLS, F. S. A. LOND. EDINB. & Perth. In 19 vols. vo. price 9l, boards.

*** A small neat Edition, in 24 vols. Royal 18mo. price 41. 48. IV. LETTERS on VARIOUS SUBJECTS, Literary, Political, and Ec

clesiastical, to and from WILLIAM NICOLSON, D.D. successively Bishop of Carlisle and of Derry, and Archbishop of Cashel; including the Correspondence of several eminent Prelates, from 1683 to 1726-7, inclusive. Faithfully printed from the Originals, and illustrated with Literary and Historical Anecdotes, by JOHN NICHOLS, F. S. A.

Lond. EDINB. & Perth. In Two Volunes 8vo. price 16s. boards. V. THE EPISTOLARY CORRESPONDENCE of Sir RICHARD

STEELE; including his Familiar Letters to his wife and Daughters. To which are prefixed, Fragments of Three Plays; Two of them undoubtedly Steele's, the Third supposed to be Addison's. Faithfuliy printed from the Originals; and illustrated with Literary and Historical Anecdotes, by JOHN NICHOLS, F. S. A. Lond. EDINB. & PERTH, In Two Volumes Svo. with a Portrait, price 16s. boards.

"NICHOLS and Son, Printeise Red Lion Passage, Fleet Street, London,

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